Reviews for How Fallout changed us
sandgrain12 chapter 6 . 4/6
This chapter broke my heart... I know they will catch the woman, all I hope, is that they do it soon. She has put a lot of young women thru hell :/

Hope you update soon, I really want to see what Ethan will say once they find Ilsa. Though they didn't kiss in 'Fallout', the scene at the end, how he touched her face . Luther has been right from the start, Ethan cares a lot about her and we know that she cares about Ethan a great deal, too.

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sandgrain12 chapter 5 . 4/6
I think the mission is interesting, a woman taking Ilsa for those purposes, I never see it coming , but I must confess that I prefer to read about relationships.

English is not my first language either, I am not good at spotting mistakes, what I do can say is that the chapter is clear and easy to understand.

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sandgrain12 chapter 4 . 4/6
She's been taken! Wow, didn't see it coming. Figured something was going to happen, but not this.

Oh, Benji! You are smart and you mean good but, sometimes, you mess up a little, just like when Ethan was going after Walker.

Nice chapter, need to know what's gonna happen!

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sandgrain12 chapter 3 . 4/6
Well, Ethan said it, he didn't trust anyone outside that room (Benji, Luther & Ilsa). In my opinion, they are the best team yet. But it will also make things harder, if at some point they (Ethan & Ilsa) choose to pursue a romantic relationship.

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sandgrain12 chapter 2 . 4/6
At the end of the movie, they kind of 'told us' that Ilsa would be joining IMF, or at least, that is what I understood. Don't know what the next movies will bring, but I like your take on what might happen.

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sandgrain12 chapter 1 . 4/6
Great start! I really like how you wrote Ethan and Ilsa, perfectly in character!
Can't wait to find out what's coming up.
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PattyComments chapter 1 . 2/6
I like your narrative style! Good mix of dialogue and description. Plus Ethan and Ilsa are in character :) Looking forward to keep reading your story!
Guest chapter 3 . 12/23/2020
Great story
Arcent chapter 1 . 12/12/2020
Interesting stories, can't wait the next !