Reviews for February Blues
Thisisfunwhattooksolong chapter 1 . 6/12
Diana Raven

Greta's made of air - I imagine a shockwave sneeze would be more than irritating to her.

Ignoring Kon's not entirely Kryptonian physiology for a moment they can get sick. Not easily but it's possible. Then again, this is Kon's ego they have to deal with here.

Ah, Clark's less than consistent presence in Kon's life again. Which is unfortunate because if it is a Kryptonian thing I daresay Clark would instantly figure out what was wrong. Or at least narrow it down to one of a few options – trace amounts of Kryptonite, a curse of some kind, red sun exposure… I feel like I've missed at least one.

Yeah, when Slobo is telling someone they're sick it's usually a good indicator that they are in fact sick.

OK, at first I thought the 'It's for everyone' bit referred to the Wendy episode.

Of course Superboy's using his own merchandise to mark his room.

It's important to remember this was a five star establishment. I find it hard to believe any of the bedrooms didn't come supplied with televisions unless it was abandoned a lot longer than I thought.

Ah, of course, a red sun lamp isn't necessary to weaken him if he's not getting enough yellow light to start with.

Wonder Woman footie-pajamas? Joke-present from Cassie? (Or was that canon and I've forgotten?)

Um, I don't know what first aid courses he took but that is not how I was taught to check for fevers (well, I do know cos I've read Tim's first Robin mini but you get the point and I don't remember that being in it). The problem is that he would need a sufficient control test of how hot other people's foreheads feel when he kisses them to get a worthwhile result. (I'm now imagining Tim asking the others if they'd mind helping – Bart and Cissie are probably cool with it, Cassie would agree if she got to double-check Kon herself at the end, Anita probably won't mind in the 'at this point who cares' sense if it's after her run of her teammates seeing her naked, but I doubt Slobo would agree to it, Greta can't, Traya… not sure, and I have no idea whether Raymond would or not.)

And Ray hasn't heard him say 'tactile telekinesis' nearly so often as the others…

Some of them are capable of force-feeding Kon, especially while he's weakened, but of course he can't resist Traya. I'm not sure what I think about it being Slobo to win the bet though.

So I'm guessing Alfred is making the soup.

Kon annonying Greta is hardly new. That said, after a week I'm surprised they hadn't tried checking for curses, Kryptonite et cetera.

Ah yes, sunlight deficiency after all.

I'm trying to work out who that other Hawaii-based hero is? I feel like I should know it but, it's not coming.

Well, it's Kon, so chances are he's going to be on the same sunny beach that e.g. Ocean Master decides to raid.

Um, I'm pretty sure Cassie and the others will want to come along too. Of course they should have school but then, so should Tim.

OK, well, it was a nice feel good story about Young Justice that included almost all of them (I think only Red and Snapper were missing?) which I like and nobody seemed out of character.