Reviews for Metagaming?
Kalstorm99 chapter 31 . 3/23
Great chapter!
LongSelfindulgentReviews chapter 31 . 3/23
Sally Whitemane is basically just Cersei Lannister with super powers.
federermod chapter 31 . 3/23
First Augment Gothic now Metagaming... yeesh.
evilstatistic19 chapter 31 . 3/23
Good chapter looking forward to the next one guess Xal really wants to die horribly if she wants to go to that universe
kano547 chapter 31 . 3/23
So Harry's about to be responsible for creating a fifth Chaos God(Sixth depending on what you consider the Emperor.) that should be fun and I can't wait to see either the omakes or the full story of that going on. Also I'm wondering when someone's going to point out that Harry is the Protector of Azeroth not the beings living on it. Really I think they would understand his decision making a lot better once they realize that
Diego Yr M chapter 31 . 3/23
Demonios drogadictos...

Estamos ante el nacimiento del narcotráfico demoniaco en wow? XD
elixirmaster chapter 31 . 3/23
I like where this is going.
Falzyker chapter 31 . 3/23
Azshara is awesome as fuck.

She truly is fem!Harry.
TheGreatBubbaJ chapter 31 . 3/23
Dick down the Dirk.
harry uzumaki chapter 31 . 3/23
Himeragiyukina12 chapter 31 . 3/23
Didn't care much for the weapon thing. Seemed kinda out of left field so to speak. I guess the author is going to try to use this to power harry up by learning azshara's magic? I just feel like there would be better ways to accomplish that. Also, lol at the people losing their fucking minds about Jaina. Nothing is even set in stone yet and y'all are rioting. Also, who cares. Let's try to get the plot moving again.
Guest chapter 31 . 3/23
Not okay with these developments with Jaina. It’s literally the only aspect of this story that I am invested in. Harry has barely struggled with anything the entire story, except for her. Things get tough, and he just says “oh Nevermind”?
marlastiano chapter 31 . 3/23
funny :)
Azurom chapter 31 . 3/23
I am going to put my back with a target and comment that the description off the eldritch abomonation prety mutch matches the sucubus from the autor derpixon! the feeding on misery being the only significant point in divergence as the succubus feed on both misery and life force/tantric energy
Torir chapter 31 . 3/23
Idk why people are suprised, this guy always wrote cuck Harry, especially with Adrastia but even Luna cucked him in GoT.
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