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Devilhunter748 chapter 10 . 5/17
Is possible for him to manipulate the quirk? He can manipulate atams, and the cells in a human body. So that intels that he manipulate the quirk genom, to a point he can manipulate quirk factor with study of course.
Apollodorus13 chapter 12 . 5/15
It makes sense you keep nerfing him because you want
Your story go be “exciting” even though you put OP in the description, but for all his genius. You really make him look like an idiot.

He should be completely untouchable within his range. Like even in just this fight vs the fightinng coach, he could have just used wind to redirect attacts, could have shifted the floor slightly to throw someone off balance, could have just hardened the air to use it to step and out maneuver someone while jumping around like Mordo in the MCU.

The fact that you have him constantly gelping others with their quirks and how to use them but have him be this buffoon with his own broken quirk is getting irritating. It wouldnt be so bad if you didnt write in multiple times about what a genius he is who over thinks every possible use for any quirk he encounters but then goes on to neglect his own and he really is.

He hasnt even tried to address his biggest problem yet which is his own mind and nervous system. Upgrade those and his life would be infinitely easier but no, cant do that because then he would be too OP to write about.

Its a fun story overall, just doesnt make sense to make a genius level Midoriya with a quitk obsession like in canon. Only to have him never actually put all those qualities to use with his own quirks.
Apollodorus13 chapter 8 . 5/14
He should really consider just severing tendons at a touch with villains. Theyll be fairly easy to heal and can quickly incapacitate
Apollodorus13 chapter 6 . 5/14
If he gets OFA and then it continues to pass down for more successors, theyre all gonna basically be pseudo Superman with matter manipulatipn lmao

OP as fuck in that universe
HP-DG-AP-PN-RG-NR chapter 17 . 5/7
I hope that you decide to come back to this story soon. It's a great one so far.
Anti-Virtue chapter 17 . 5/1
well damn, appears to have died at a perfectly infuriating cliffhangar both here and on AO3, sadge
exomatt chapter 17 . 4/16
What an incredible story! I really enjoyed it, and will remain optimistic about it's eventual return.
If you do not update, you will be surprised by a
Detsella Morningdew chapter 1 . 3/31
Yeah, MHA quirks not being Manton limited really makes for some impressive munchkining. Even if his quirk never grows stronger, he's one of the most dangerous people already.

(Just in case you don't know about Worm, the Manton limit basically means that a power can either affect things inside a body, or nonliving things, depending on the power, never both. And even powers that work internally either work on the user only, or others only. It stops some very common power exploits.)
RyokuSC chapter 13 . 3/22
Me encanta, el mejor fic de MHA que he leido en toda mi vida aparte de MHA: Horizon. Original, creativo, sin necesidad de guionazos para los poderes sino solo mirandolos desde otra perspectiva y ayudando a personajes secundarios con esa misma perspectiva retorcida. Simplemente maravilloso (me alegra ver a mi personaje favorito, Kaminari tan fuerte, con tanto protagonismo y poder aqui, siempre pensé que era un personaje muy desaprovechado y aqui se cumplen mis deseos sobre él)
Kaguya's feet chapter 4 . 3/12
1 ton of gold is 63million euros. And that 1 ton wont even budge global gold economy. He will need months of work to even create that gold. There is no way he is crashing an economy.
Tronic2158 chapter 17 . 2/18
I know your profile says sometimes you stop doing stuff, but I hope this story is something you don't stop for good (it has been a while now, though). Either way, it has been a great story so far. If there's more, I'm looking forward to it.
KINGShaheed chapter 17 . 2/12
Looking forward to more
KINGShaheed chapter 15 . 2/12
Did you know bungee gum has both the properties of rubber and gum?
KINGShaheed chapter 8 . 2/12
I really like how that fight flowed
Asuran Indrath chapter 17 . 2/4
Cant wait to see Izuku's Domain Expansion
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