Reviews for Yu-gi-oh Arc V Evolution
Sydney chapter 23 . 10/13
An amazing story so far !
Let the next chapter come soon ! ;)
Guest chapter 23 . 10/11
My, my. Really, really good chapter !
In this story you can feel so much.
Keep going with this great work ! :)
Luna Dragneel chapter 23 . 10/8
Their old lives... slowly coming into their current lives... very true.
Very good Duels, and interesting situation with that Angels and Dragons. I guess, this is one of the main parts which will make this an even better story then that of HereIcome !
Keep it up ! I look forward to more !"
Nanoha chapter 23 . 10/6
Amazing !
Keep it going !
Summoner of ARC chapter 22 . 10/2
Gota go here !
This is one heck of an story !
Keep it going !
Guest chapter 18 . 10/2
A really good story consinder it is your very first one. Your chapters have a good lenght, and the plot is easy to understand. You should definitely continue with it, and you should take your time with it.
I look forward to read more !
That is it. Until next time :)
Guest chapter 11 . 9/27
Nanoha chapter 11 . 9/26
This story is really good.
Honestly, it is even better than the one of HereIcome !
Since this is a re-writing, I look forward to the brand new chapter ! But you did great work so far !
Until than :) !
Luna Dragneel chapter 11 . 9/26
Another re-write huh ?
Well, it really sounds better with Brody as the name for the main standard charakter.
I really love this story and I look forward to more ! So keep it up and have fun writing !
Lilly chapter 6 . 9/25
Amazing !
Keep it going !