Reviews for Case Insolvent
mrspencil chapter 81 . 11/29
Not the only reason to be tetchy about the referendum, but an uplifting epilogue:-)
mrspencil chapter 80 . 11/29
Oh…well done:-) Loose ends tied up as well as they ever are in life, and congratulations on such a well thought out explanation for events in the series :-)
elbafo chapter 79 . 11/27
Hooray! Multiple Sherlolly cuddle time :D Well-written as always, in-character with light-hearted moments to break it up a bit. Loved Molly’s scrambling to remove the evidence!
Those comments by Angelo are now so apt, LOL. The water incident was from the unaired pilot, wasn’t it?
Probably for the best to postpone the dinner. They all still need to process things in their own way. I really hope Eurus and Sherlock can heal the rift between them and Mycroft.
I’m glad the conversation between Eurus and her mum went well. I was on tenterhooks the whole time.
Ooh, do we get to meet John’s new Mary?
Also, Sherlock Rosie adorableness
kaoruca chapter 81 . 11/17
Hahahaha. Sorry for the spoiler. I knew it! Great ending to a marvellous story.
It's incredible how much Sherlock has changed and healed.
Thank you so much.
WayTooEasilyObsessed chapter 81 . 11/17
sad to see this end, but it was really well done and completely fun to read. p.s. even though I'm not British I enjoyed learning about Brexit and its implications, the state of the NIH in a different country, and really enjoyed all the subtle reminders/ encouragement for vaccinations.
eagerly anticipating your next story and look forward to that ride!
thank you again for sharing your talent and imagination!
Analena chapter 80 . 11/17
Hooray! At last they've put Rudi Vernet's evildoing behind them all and can now move on with their lives without any shadows hanging over them. And John will find someone else eventually. Thank you for this intriguing and unusual story, nice to see Eurus treated so compassionately.
kaoruca chapter 80 . 11/16
Oh, that was great! The scenes between the siblings really warmed my heart. All of them had a terrible time, and I love that finally the younger ones start to accept their eldest. My poor Mycroft. Despite his actions, I have a soft spot for him somehow.
I'll wait for the epilogue for sure. And was there an indication of a future pregnancy?
Thank you so much for your wonderful story!
MizJoely chapter 80 . 11/16
epilogue? Yessss (Please say it's Molly meeting Sherlock's parents, I was so dearly hoping it would be in this magnificent chapter)

Mycroft's breakdown was a long time coming and I'm glad the Holmes siblings can forgive and begin to trust each other once again.
WayTooEasilyObsessed chapter 80 . 11/15
it's funny how life works out sometimes. normally I see your updates in the mornings, but today I had to have a tough discussion calling some people out in a group project and was quite irritable, while trying to distract myself from stewing I saw your update and suddenly I was fine!

absolutely adore how the siblings are growing and healing together, mad respect for Dr Matthews and am so glad new mary left: the absolute gaul of that woman!
thank you for this lovely story, I'll be sad to see it go but thankful I was able to catch it !
Analena chapter 79 . 11/12
I agree with MizJoely, I'll never be able to hear that song without a little smile from now on. ;)
Another excellent chapter, with the Holmes family slowly beginning to recover from the traumas of the previous 30 years. Though, there will be a lot of therapy involved before they are all reconciled. Only one more chapter! Well done you, for going ahead with it and giving us a much better ending to Eurus' story. :)
senkihazi chapter 79 . 11/11
i really really liked it. but this wasn't too explicit at all :D looking forward to the grand finale xxx
WayTooEasilyObsessed chapter 79 . 11/11
while I'm happy everything is working out I'm kind of sad for poor mycroft. he really got the short end of the stick. E is afraid of him (understandable but like C said something that needs to be worked on ASAP), I dont think mama homes is ever going to be nicer to him, and Sherlock is being petulant and stubborn (again I understand his reluctance, but this needs working on).

also it's the penultimate chapter! I really enjoy this work (I have already re-listened to it several times) and would be sad to see it finished . again I understand why but now it's my turn to be petulant! lol
MizJoely chapter 79 . 11/11
I'll never be able to listen to that song the same way lol. A lovely chapter and I'm not sad it's not the end yet. (And trust me, you are not even close to the Worst Smut Writer award, lovely job!)
elbafo chapter 78 . 11/8
I enjoyed the very cute conversation between Molly and Sherlock, and I like seeing Sherlock (and especially evidence of his emotional development) through Molly’s eyes. I was very apprehensive about the presence of the WI entourage, but I’m glad the interactions were fairly painless. But oh, the conversations between Siger and Sherlock just keep getting better and better!
And Eurus’s empathetic gene is really kicking into high gear, too! The chauffeur, how thoughtful of her.
My eyes stung at the reunion. That moment was short and sweet, but packed an emotional punch. Wow! Things are looking up for the family and all those complicated little emotions! I’ll be sorry to see this one end, but also excited for your future writing endeavours.
elbafo chapter 77 . 11/8
Okay, I can live with implied Sherlolly in the beginning... just leave it to my imagination :D
That’s rather a comprehensive list of the impact incarceration had on Eurus, something Mofftiss gave no thought to, I’m sure, when they created her as a monster. I’m so glad you’ve taken the time to humanise her. That list of very specific items was heart-breaking to read.
So thoughtful of Sherlock to inform his dad first, giving him forewarning, letting things sink in and enabling Sherlock to support him in private without having Maura’s reaction overshadowing everything. But his dad has real insight into Sherlock’s every emotion and motivation, doesn’t he!
“drowning man”... “tidal wave of emotion” Awesome choice of words.
Such a turning point, as you said, for the family, and especially Siger’s role in it. Eve’s post-mortem would’ve been great for Sherlock to hear.
You’ve left no stone unturned! Charlotte’s explanation of events sounds plausible. Good work there!
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