Reviews for Solitude
Di92 chapter 8 . 7/22
I hope there is still a continuation to this fanfic. I am really intrigued as to where it goes and how it ends. I really hope there's an update at some point soon and if you had some kind of writer's block, you may find some kind of inspiration to finish this lovely piece.
unstable.fujoshi chapter 1 . 6/9
11 years. Its been 11 years. Please tell me you haven't given up on this yet. Just 1 more chapter please
Marineth chapter 8 . 3/2
bitina ani uyyy
purelilymaid chapter 8 . 5/2/2017
Please update this story, onegaishimasu~! Love this pairing and this is totally not OCC at all!
Guest chapter 1 . 2/3/2017
A decade later and I'm still waiting. I need to get a life.

And no, I didn't just discover this fic. I really first read this 10 years ago.
watashiwaZUR chapter 8 . 7/10/2016
please update sooooon~
bluegreenferriswheel chapter 8 . 5/26/2016
hohmygaaaaaaaaaaaad hohmygad! this is great love it where's the rest please?
Tarawiel chapter 8 . 2/13/2016
Soooooo goooood~ this had me laughing until tears (Ryoma playing dead was simply incredible XD) and now this suspense! Aaahhh!
jovysanchez17 chapter 1 . 1/12/2016
I've been reading a lot of your stories and I'm so glad I managed to find a great author as you! :D

I love this first chapter, I can really feel Ryoma's confusion about his feelings and well I hope things will end well for him :)
emmeline08 chapter 8 . 11/30/2015
Im crying at sadness that this isnt completed T-T but im going to pretend that the ending came and they all lied happily ever after hahahaha
But at lteast this last chapter was cute and sweet. And finally ryoma confessed. And what a hot way to confess.
I loved this whole fic, your words and flow are very beautiful. Youre very articulate :))
Thank you for this!
Lunas-paradox chapter 8 . 8/16/2015
plz update im dying here
Hinayo chapter 8 . 3/28/2015
My God what an ending for a chapter! Anyways, I luvd it like you dont have any idea. Please post the next chapter as soon as possible if you can do it! I would appreciate it sooo much!
gemma chapter 8 . 12/16/2014
darling... will you ever update i'll cry if you don't. :'C
Natsuko457 chapter 8 . 9/26/2014
malakingkahon chapter 8 . 7/25/2014
I can't believe it's been seven years. Seven years of waiting for this fic to be updated. I'm about to graduate from college now, for God's sake lol. Please have mercy on your readers. It's not fun to read this again and again only to be met with that cliffhanger.
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