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ladyqueerfoot chapter 39 . 4/13/2021
i cant believe senn velasquez won to coda! congrats
Remus98 chapter 38 . 4/8/2021
Honk honk! Is the train still running?

Micah: this boy. I started off loving him, he was one of my very first favorites, and though he’s been slipping in the ranking for me since his intro these last three chapters has definitely reminded me of why I had such a soft spot for him way back when. Reading it all in one day is probably what made his death his me so hard. This is so freaking sad, and not what he or Inara deserved. I’m sobbing; I blame you, Momo.

Milo: actually Milo, I think she’s going to be number four. Ooooh. Anyway, scrap everything good I’ve said about him in the past two chapters because leaving like that was a dick move. He warned Micah that he wasn’t a bad person but I, like the clown I am, chose to agree with Micah that there was something worth caring for beneath the surface. I’m a fool. This man has betrayed me and I cannot forgive him, bye.

Inara: when I said she was going to be number four I didn’t actually know if I believed that she would be. She’s always know what to do just when it needs to be done, and so I thought that maybe she’d find a way to escape Milo’s clutches. Of course not. At least she went out on her terms. And she threw the shoe. SHE THREW THE SHOE! We loved a full-circle moment. She will forever be an icon because of that alone.

Ambrose: how is he still alive? I’m honestly surprised that he’s made it this far, but how he escaped from that train shows that he’s still got some fight left in him. A lot of it, if he pushes himself hard enough. Of course, pushing himself will come with consequences because of his wounds, but if he manages to kill the others before he goes down then it might be worth it. Can’t believe he’s in the top three, so proud of him.

Ilaria: ending it like this feels very fitting, with the mannequins at all. I always envisioned Ilaria to be here, she’s one of the people I saw making it to the finale from the very beginning, and she’s very deserving of being here as well. I’m rooting for her, as well as for Ambrose. Milo can burn for all I care.

Honk honk! Looks like it’s time to get off :(
Remus98 chapter 37 . 4/8/2021
Honk honk! We’re making progress!

Milo: are you trying to make me feel sorry for him? Well, you’re succeeding. I really don’t want to like them because I know they’ll have a painful ending, but how can I not? They’re the pair I never knew I wanted. Ugh, I’m such a clown, I already feel attached. What’s wrong with me? Why don’t I ever learn? Also I’m with a friend rn and she read ”the scrape of footsteps” as ”the escape of lobsters” so there’s that.

Ambrose: the thought of him getting out of the games without his voice is actually heartbreaking. I’d rather he died than live an eternal hell, that’s for sure. But then, he’s one of my favorites left so I wouldn’t mind him winning. Ugh, I’m so conflicted. I just want him and Jasper to have a happy life away from his father with a room in which Ambrose can spend his day making music. Is that too much to ask? It is? Is it?

Micah: STOP MAKING THEM ALL CUTE. Geez, this really is a torture fest. I hate it I hate it I hate it. Ok that’s a lie, I love their interactions, but I can’t enjoy it because I know it will result in pain that I’m not ready for nor will ever be ready for. Idk when my reviews became this ranty but we’re here now and idk what to about it. ”Micah doesn’t think he could leave at this point even if he wanted to.” I won’t recover.

Inara: she’s not having an easy time either, is she? It seems that the gamemakers are really starting to push for the finale, and if Micah’s POV is anything to go by it will take place at the mansion. Unless they want a reunion between Micah and Inara before the final fight happens. Omg are they going to be forced to kill one another? I’d say it was too evil but is there such a thing as too evil in the hunger games? I’m scared.

Ilaria: ok so Inara is definitely not the only tribute being herded by the fire. The gamemakers seem to be growing impatient for the end, because they’re quite forceful in collapsing buildings to get their message across. One wrong step and I feel like they’d kill Ilaria rather than guide her in the right direction. Maybe they don’t mind. Anyway, I wonder who she saw. Will she fight someone before the finale happens?

Honk honk! We’re almost there!
Remus98 chapter 36 . 4/8/2021
Honk honk! I’m boarding the catching-up train!

Inara: never before have I been so happy for someone to find a pair of new shoes. That foot injury, and how you described the skin peeling off when she removed the boots, is haunting me still. The visual just… ew ew ew. Not about it. Hopefully she can move a little easier in these new ones, or throw them at someone. I don’t mind. Chuck them in their face and maybe they won’t see you coming to kill them. Idk.

Milo: these two really are being clowns, aren’t they? This is not the time to become attached, boys. Micah might have been a fool for healing his toughest competition left, but Milo is being an even bigger fool by letting him stick around. Micah might not be a physical threat to him, but he’ll become more of an emotional one for the longer Milo keeps him around. And I know you’ll hurt me too in the process. So evil.

Ilaria: I am a little salty she didn’t get the opportunity to kill Velcra, I have to admit. It would have been such a nice end to their arc. But then, knowing how she would have killed her, I’m glad Milo did it instead. Velcra got what she deserves, and Milo dished it out better than Ilaria ever could. Still, I’m interested to see what her storyline will be now that Velcra is gone. That’s been such a big focus of hers before. What now?

Micah: he really does have a death wish, doesn’t he? I know that he’s been through a lot, and I have a lot of sympathy for him, but making demands like to someone as crazy as Milo isn’t a good move. Yes, you saved his life, but he’s got no obligation to save yours, even if I hope he doesn’t end up killing you. Why am I talking to him like he’s real? I’m not emotionally stable enough to read Micah being killed by Milo ok.

Ambrose: why are you making this so painful. It hurt plenty to see him slumped in that restaurant, unable to get up, but did he have to cry too? I guess I’m happy that he’s gotten up and out of that place, but he’s obviously not doing very hot right now. His injuries don’t give me a lot of hope for his chances, but if he wouldn’t make it further I feel like he would be dead already? I’m hesitantly optimistic, for now.

Honk honk! Looks like we’re nearing a station.
Alice Kingsleighs chapter 10 . 4/7/2021
I'd die for devarrik that's the tea
also how the fuck did mazzen know that velcra would BE chosen or is he just such a fucking dumbass he took a chance for the heck of it? LIKE WHERE IS YOUR LOGIC SIR
I'm fucking behind lmao what's the news
still wondering why Ali was obsessed with cal?
dyloccupy chapter 38 . 4/6/2021
i feared this moment.

micahs death hurt so good i’m still in mourning. the gradual acceptance, telling milo that he’s a good person, meeting back up with inara to share his final moments before she merch killed him? bye.

milo being so impacted by micah’s words was super beautiful? like he’s kinda rethinking everything? yet still accepting he’s a pos? bruh this was just TOO GOOD!

and then milo absolutely yeets inara! i admired inara’s drive, but i didn’t expect her to survive this fight. especially after milo’s “you’re #5” line lmao.

ambrose almost getting squashed by a train is tea. did not expect this king to make it this far after getting shredded, but his drive is super admirable? curious to see if he can actually pull it out.

UGH AND THEN THIS POV? my fucking queen. ilaria getting the upper hand is amazing, we love that. and then acknowledging the irony in this being the final she’s always wanted to avoid the spotlight, but now she has to somewhat embrace it. yet, she’s determined to do it her own way...not as the girl everyone expected, but as someone that she can learn to love? BYE! BYE! WHAT THE? IM SO? EMO? momo you truly have exceeded any expectations. tysm for doing such wonderful things with my girl ;-;

okay finale predictions:
3) ambrose - sorry king, i just think you’re too fucked.

okee i literally have no clue who will pull it out? i mean obvi i would love if ilaria won, but i stan milo so hard?! and he’s gone through such a transformation? but so has ilaria? IDK WHATS GONNA HAPPEN, BUT I KNOW ITS GONNA BE AMAZING! ICONIC! AND HEARTBREAKING!

can’t wait xoxo
dyloccupy chapter 37 . 4/6/2021
no bc this absolutely crushed me?

milo/micah finding their way to the mansion? the morbid banter? im sorry but i really do love them together...such a perfect balance!

the ptsd ambrose has from the mutt attack is so realistic? idk if i’ve ever seen it be actually addressed in other stories? ugh so good. and he’s still determined despite his throat being wide open! good for him.

YAS inara escape the burning building! QUEEN!

fuck. this ilaria POV? they’ve been so gorg and perfect, but this one really hit home my lordt. the theme of fire has always been strong in her povs, so this felt like a full circle moment. and wanting to just curl up in the flames? use it to hurt those that burned ilaria? THIS WAS JUST SO? ugh. and then seeing a ghost? is she going crazy? probably. love that for her.
dyloccupy chapter 36 . 4/6/2021
micah/milo is so cursed yet so soft? pairing them up rn makes so much sense? even tho it shouldn’t? idk the talent POPPED OFF!

ambrose comparing himself to a broken doll was so gorgeous and heartbreaking?

inara got shoes yay!

ilaria my bby omg...she’s honestly me tho, like i expected such a big fight between velcra and ilaria and now? what the hell is going happen? you captured the feeing of being lost and without purpose SO WELL! AND THE VELCRA MANNEQUIN? babe is absolutely losing it xoxo
dyloccupy chapter 35 . 4/6/2021
ok im going back to actually review these chapters bc i now have time!

no bc this was so sick of you! this deathly threesome ruined me, i’m still not over it!

casi’s death def hit me the hardest...and then losing my last hubby mere seconds later...brb crying again xoxo

MILO POPPED TF OFF THO like?! he not only knocked off d11, but the evil queen herself? crown him

fucking hell micah i’m-
Josephm611 chapter 38 . 4/6/2021
i already know this chapter will suck. imma just say i hate it here in advance

Micah... oh no he's gonna die isn't he
GAH. THIS IS SO SAD. But not in a way that makes me want to riot. It was so... terribly peaceful. and depressing. and now Micah's gone. He's GONE. I don't feel outraged, the way I do when someone dies in a fight. I just feel... like I really lost someone important. And I hate it. I hate it so much. GAH. When Milo left I thought he was going to die alone, but at least Inara was there? But Inara killed him. And just uGH what's Milo gonna think? He's gonna kill Inara, isn't he. UGH I hate it.

Milo... oh no Inara's gonna die isn't she
Now I'm not sure. This seemed to be a build up for Milo... which could be meant to give his character some closure before he dies, or maybe Inara still dies like I predicted; she has the next POV after all. At this point I just want to get through the chapter and avoid the pain. just gah.

So my initial prediction was right. Inara didn't really have the plot momentum going in her favor to carry her to the finale, and so I found myself more invested in her out of obligation than because I was genuinely invested in her story. And that leaves Milo, Ilaria, and Ambrose. Huh. Ambrose is still here somehow. I don't expect him to win but we'll see.

Ambrose... oh hey. i don't expect you to die today. maybe next chapter.
Yep. What did I say. Two deaths in a chapter is more than enough this late into the game. Idk what to say anymore. Maybe I'm just tired today. sorry.

Ilaria... oh hi. more info on velcra mannequin?
nope. maybe the mannequin was just her imagination. That's what I always assumed, but then someone suggested tribute resurrection and i hate the idea so it has a decent chance of happening. I still don't have much to say. Just.

My favorite out of the three is Ambrose, lowkey, but I don't expect him to win. I could see either Milo or Ilaria? Ilaria feels like a regular SYOT victor, but that could swing either way. Milo was villain for a hot sec, but then Micah happened and I can see him winning again. I just dk.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 38 . 4/6/2021

hello momo its me reviewing fuck we are at the final 3 did u know im stressed out? bc i am...

okay was i ever a micah stan? not really but like... ouchies ugh mercy kills always hurt me bad and also micah thinking that milo is a good person? pls i am crying in the club rn i turned off my camera in class bc i looked quite sad :((( pls

and milo scares me bye... like i feel no remorse yes sweetie u are a piece of shit im so glad you real eyes'd that. okay and then when he's inara "you're about to be number five" BYE i screamed... wtf? i hate men sm ouch

inara really went brr yet she was no match for the miloster... sad sad indeed bc like... ouch i knew she was fucked but i was still pulling thru for her yet alas alas, miss thang got destroyed and i was so sad bc i thot she could do it i really truly did like just get away even if she died eventually but alas alas ugh im sad

...ambrose is out here moving? okay um i don't want him to win but like good for him for moving and shiT! lord he's still so fucked tho

ALRIgHTY hello miss gucci i am glad to see u here god that's so scary the finale setup im... afraid. and she's a mess right now but i believe in her so hard

ilaria victor or nobody wins thats all this chapter fucked thanks for writing BYEEEE
Axe Smelling God chapter 37 . 4/5/2021
Milo- this relationship is so cute and Micah has another big bro figure. He found one in Hosea who was his protector and now he has Milo. This is interesting because it is the final five and they’ve decided to come together. I love this so much and Milo has changed a lot since being with Micah in this short time.

Ambrose- it’s kind of poetic in a sense that so much was taken away from him. That he also took so much from others like Devan. He silenced all of them and now he’s silenced. It’s a nice turnaround from what we’ve seen before. Also I’m still shocked that he’s still around and I know that he’s in for something big if he’s still around after having been bleeding out for this long.

Micah- I’m a little surprised that Micah has taken a liking to Milo after him almost killing him. I wonder if he will find Inara again and the relationship between the two will change. I’m genuinely curious and I hope he gets some supplies for his injuries. He might be in some serious danger if he doesn’t get any help soon and I’m excited to see where you take him.

Inara- I can see that she is breaking and that’s not a good sign especially since we’re this close to the end. I wonder what we can expect if use gets out of this smoke and actually can breathe some fresh air. It’s starting to get to her from the looks of things. Also she literally has the shoe ready to throw, this was a funny
Moment and I can’t believe she took that seriously.

Ilaria- woah so we have another crazy int he group. I can see that these both are starting to falter a little bit. I can see Ilaria making it to the end she’s a victor in my eyes if my girl doesn’t get to that point. Pull through Ilaria if Inara can’t make it back to her babies.
Axe Smelling God chapter 36 . 4/5/2021
Inara- so my girl is doing okay for now. I see that she’s starting to spiral but not too bad it’s understandable in the state she’s in. Also I can see that this fire is starting to get worse in a different way with smoke inhalation and etc. also the shoes were a nice touch. She’s been wanting them and now they’re too small and useless. It was a calling card which I like that people are rooting for her and she needs to keep it up. The note was hilarious and honestly I would’ve been a little pissed if I got that note. I’m excited to see where you take her from here and I hope it’s to victory.

Milo- this was so strange to see that Milo was being weak for a split moment. It’s kind of like a lamb playing with a lion. This relationship is so dangerous but it has its tender moments and restraint. Like I knew that Milo was gonna try and kill him but Micah stopped him from doing it. Which is something that I’m excited to see and how he was able to do it for himself and this was a great thing for Milo to realize that he can be human again. I wonder how this relationship will work with only five of them left.

Ilaria- I can see that she has this inner strength that I love about her. If my girl doesn’t make it out I wouldn’t mind for Ilaria to take her place. I also loved how she said it wouldn’t be easy to kill evil. She isn’t wrong because Velcra went out in such a harsh way that I wouldn’t want to wish that in anyone. I think I see where you’re taking her and I wonder if it will all be clear isn’t he next chapter.

Micah- well this was definitely a turn of events and I wonder if he will find Inara. Will there be tension between them if he finds them or will Milo kill Inara and then kill Micah. I’m on the edge of my seat now trying to find out what we can do to get done. This is what I need to see where you are taking these characters and I’m excited to see what you do with them.

Ambrose- I’m so surprised that he hasn’t died yet form his injuries and I love this sense of determination that he has. That he is still hanging on I don’t have much faith that he will last any longer but I hope that when he goes is quick.
Josephm611 chapter 37 . 4/4/2021
I'm scared. But I'm here. Let the pain begin.

The dynamic between Milo and Micah... I really dig it. I love how Micah's kind presence kinda knocked a lot of the psycho outta Milo, brought him back to reality in a good way and stirred up the dying humanity in him. I still can't bring myself to root for a Milo victory, but I hope Micah (or someone "on Micah's side") will win. It's such wishful thinking but I stan Micah so much that it's all I can do at this point. I know it's going to bring me pain. But I don't care. Micah is too good for humanity and he needs to live.

Ambrose... and he's still not dead. i keep waiting for it to happen, but it hasn't. i feel like he might have a chance at winning if he keeps up this streak? plus the entire idea of a muted songbird is so poetic.
The more I read of him, the more I feel like he really could win. Like I can't believe I'm saying this, but he's giving off odd vibes that might be victor vibes. And I wouldn't mind? But I feel like it could equally be he's the last one alive, but then he dies too and there's no victor. So... Idk.

Oh. My. Goodness. Micah makes my heart soft. He really doesn't want to be alone. He really just doesn't want to be alone. Could I please give him a hug? He needs a hug. And a lot of medical attention. But I can't do medicine so I'll just give him a hug. He's also so perceptive of how others are feeling and stuff. Gosh I love him. But he's so close to dying? And it's going to break my heart? Please... don't let Micah die for Milo. That would hurt.

Inara... oooh is she going to do stuff again?
ok, at least she's coming out of hiding. either she's gonna die real soon, or she'll get in a scuffle that gives her the plot weight to have a shot at victor. I'm still really torn on her. I want her to win for Hosea and Micah's sake (assuming Micah doesn't win), but I'm also not as engaged with her story at the moment... we'll see. or is she dying this chapter.

Ilaria... are we hearing more from the mannequins. i hope not.
GAH. I KNEW ILARIA WOULD SEE INARA. And I was so scared that one of them would die. But they're not dead! So I guess I'm okay? For now? But Ilaria's obviously not dead. She's... also going crazy. Like everyone else. And it's depressing. Gosh, this entire thing is just depressing.
Alice Kingsleighs chapter 8 . 4/1/2021
I'm screaming why does cal have such " I drink monster energy drink" vibe
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