Reviews for To Coda
potatoshavings chapter 4 . 7/16/2021
Hale: He's an interesting character! I love the fact that he is-or, was, I guess-a firefighter. That's an industry I haven't seen before, but it makes a lot of sense, especially in the districts more focused on agriculture. He's incredibly bitter in this section, and I don't blame him-his situation is absolutely shitty. Still, there's an undercurrent of kindness under all the hostileness, and it's clear to see, despite his actions, that he does care deeply about Glenna. I'm figuring that money is going to be his reason for volunteering, which is absolutely gutting.

Velcra: Hmm...I'm not sure how I feel about her. She irritates me and I'm not sure why. But she's definitely entertaining to read, and I'll bet that she will be fun to read interacting with other tributes. Right now, though, she's just...whiny, I guess is the best way to put it. Again, though, I don't think that I have seen a tribute with this premise, so that's nice at least! She might grow on me eventually!

Licia: I feel awful for her. Her reasonings for volunteering are solid, but I still can' help but think that he's making a mistake. I don't doubt the abilities she claims to have, but her age is still an overwhelming factor in her chances of surviving. It seems like a mistake for her to volunteer. Noble, sure, but out of this chapter she's definitely the one with the lowest odds of coming back, and that doesn't bode well for her little brothers. I like her as a character, though, and it's nice to see a twelve-year-old with a calm head on her shoulders. I'm just...not looking forward to seeing how her story unfolds, because I can't think of any ending that isn't tragic.

Milo: Wow, another hard-hitting POV. I feel terrible about his circumstances, and I don't feel good about the fact that his sisters will potentially be losing their parents and their older brother in such a short timespan, either. The mention of Armina-she's the other tribute for Two, right? And she lost her twin sister in the same accident that killed Milo's parents? I'm looking forward to seeing how the two of them approach that subject, if they do at all. It's a morbid connection, but a connection nonetheless.
Remus98 chapter 53 . 7/16/2021
Hi! I’m back sooner than I expected. Seems I missed this story even more than I thought.

Hosea: the descriptions of District Ten at the beginning of this POV were BEAUTIFUL. Ugh, nature things are my favorite things and you wrote it so well like damn, even the field mice got me excited. Then we had the reunion, and god knows those makes me emo af. I’m that person who watches youtube videos of people (and animals) being reunited after a long time and CRIES FOR HOURS. So, uh, yeah. Galvin and his mom better not let Hosea out of their sights.

Velcra: people better keep their devices away from her. I’m sure she has like 0.5% good intent with doing “research” but I don’t trust the 99.5% remaining. Also, who allowed her to start calling Ilaria that nickname. The name Ria has a soft spot in my heart, stop playing with my emotions Velcra. She’s evil. I don’t like her. Can she please go away? Thank you.

Veles: well, this is awkward. Both in the sense that his family is a mess, and that I didn’t find him as unlikable as I usually do. What’s wrong with me. If I knew going away from this story as long as I have would result in me justifying this moron’s behavior than I would have been back way sooner. Anyway, Iva is the only valid Altobelli in history, and that’s that. They’re going to tear each other down now that their dad isn’t there anymore. To be honest, I’m not opposed.

Ilaria: continuing to watch that screen is only going to do more damage - someone snatch the remote. I’m glad Cal is there and all, but what’s the point of him just sitting idly by as Ilaria relieves her trauma? Emmi seems to be the only one who sees any sense right now, so I’m glad she’s there. Everything will hopefully get better when she’s back with Ceto.

Oksana: okay this is adorable. It makes me happy knowing that she was allowed to stay whilst Ambrose did his surgery, and even happier to know that it went well. Micah being there for support was just so wholesome as well. This particular group is so cute it kills me. I’m so excited for Oksana and Ambrose going back to One together one day :plead:

Another chapter, another review. Let’s continue (soon-ish)
potatoshavings chapter 3 . 7/16/2021
I like Seren! Interesting to see how the mentoring will work this year, with them not locked to their districts (at least that's what I inferred with the mentioning of people taking certain districts). I imagine it mustn't be easy for them all to be back when they thought that they had gotten out.

Looking at the cast list, I'm surprised at some of the ages of these tributes! Particularly the 12 and 13 year old! :O I would have assumed that the cast would skew old, so I'm definitely intrigued about these two!
potatoshavings chapter 2 . 7/16/2021
Ooh, Head Gamesmakers. I really like Ferrox and Cambria. Again, they're more human than a lot of the characters that you see in Hunger Games stories. I like that, a lot. Still, though, there's that awareness that they have commanded and were complicit in hosting Games before, which is interesting.
potatoshavings chapter 1 . 7/16/2021
Starting this even though it has already been completed is...daunting, but I've been dying to read this for a while and now that I finally have an account I decided to take the plunge.

I loved this prologue. It'll make for a really interesting Games with everybody having volunteered to be there. And, I'd imagine, some creative backstories for outer district volunteers at least because I can't imagine that there will be many kids scrambling to volunteer.

Pandora actually seems like a nice president. A lot more human than some of the others I've seen, anyway. I hope I don't end up eating those words.

I know this is a short review, but hopefully they'll get a bit longer as the story goes on! :)
Josephm611 chapter 54 . 7/15/2021
another one tonight? more likely than you think.

cal... yeah boiii
of course he's being his wonderful self. stoic and calm, but i like that. not everyone nice is gushy about it. i wish i had more to say but literally my primary thought is i'm in awe as how well you... fill up space on the page? idk how to put it, because that sounds bad and this is a good thing. this is literally a 5 min thing and you turn it into like a thousand words. idk where it comes from. i'm literally analyzing this bc i always struggle with being overly brief.

varrik... oh dear dem d4s
WAIT THIS IS SO PRECIOUS I LOVE IT. Devan's matured a ton since we first met her, and though I wouldn't ever celebrate what they went through, I can't say I dislike this character growth. AND VARRIK this is just so lovely? THEIR FRIENDSHIP I SIMPLY LOVE and I really hope they reunite soon because i love a good friendship.

lisse... oh hi girl
oh dear. what are y'all up too. why are penny and lisse like this. they are even more brainless than the d4s at this point i can't with them. and just. penny had a good braincell. and then lisse started talking. and now they have zero braincells between them. addition only subtracted the net braincells smh. just smh

ren... d9s :pleading_face:
AWWW this is so sweet! mari's been reunited with her boyfriend! i love happy reunions! and even better is how ren is so nice and precious, there's no worries of jealousy or anything like that. he's such a good person and such a good friend.

heck now i'm scared what you're gonna do since there are ten chapters left and that's plenty of time to wreck everything again

alexa... hiiiiiiii
ok this is nice. alexa development! i do enjoy this. i love how she's finally talking to him. like we all knew this would come eventually, but it's so /satisfying/ and the payoff feels so good. she's finally allowing herself to cave in and do/be things she doesn't like to allow herself, and this good. lowkey varrik has grown on me so much this is crazy.

sorry i do not have energy for review 3
Josephm611 chapter 53 . 7/15/2021
oh dear that title is rather foreboding

hosea... hello my boy i have missed you dearly
ok yep i had forgotten my love for him but it is back in full force because hosea is such a good person. i honestly don't care if nothing more drags him back into the story and he just gets to live out the rest of his life with his family and friends because that means nothing bad will happen to him again and he deserves it. hosea deserves all the good things in the world. there's something about reuniting with parent scenes that always kills me inside, and this is no exception. tbf this is only the second time i've seen one of my kids do it (other being rafe) but i'm still making the pleading face.
gosh i try not to show favoritism but. I'M SORRY OK. I'M TRYING BUT I HAVE SO MUCH TO SAY ABOUT MY BOY AND I'M SORRY

velcra... eww get away
ok never mind, i don't mind detective!velcra. i could see this becoming such an interesting anti-hero arc, where though she's... well, /velcra/, she's using her powers for something good. i also rather enjoy seeing velcra not in charge. she's much scarier when she has power, information, etc., and here she has to play nice with people, which is such a welcome change. maybe i can tolerate you for now.

veles... oh dear i want growth for him but i'm not counting on it
GOSh why is his family so dysfunctional, i hate them so much. he needs a better environment if he's going to show any kind of growth, and... this ain't it, chief. reading this section has me seriously worried that veles is gonna up and murder someone and i am really not here for that.

ilaria... hola ms victor
oh gosh. there's something about the way she refuses to give up that i respect so much. she's taken on this responsibility upon herself, whether out of a sense of obligation or distrust in the capitol, or both. i still respect it a lot. as always, i love ilaria and cal time together because they are precious and deserve good things.

oksana... YESSS
ok the line "micah powers" made me smile because he has such kindness powers? i love him? but i love how he's waiting with oksana too. and i love how she's waiting for ambrose and his surgery. and their talk is so precious and sweet and it makes me smile every time.
Linds Pt. 1.5 chapter 65 . 7/15/2021
a bit of what i wrote for the last review was cut off so here

𝗩𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗿𝗮 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝘁: Her being demonized after the Games made complete sense, but I understood her hurt about basically being treated like a monster. That’s not fun for anybody, and I felt bad that her genius was for the most part ignored, even though it could have actually been beneficial in this situation. Velcra’s arc ended the best way it possibly could have, with her finally being “useful,” to the Capitol, finally seen for her brain and not her violent past. While some people wouldn’t call it one, I think that through trying to help Panem, Velcra got her redemption arc, and she’s finally in a position of power that’s helpful instead of hurtful, and while she’s not completely unsupervised for the most part, she’s heading in the right direction and I have no doubts that she will eventually fully recover from the madness of her life, and just be even more successful.

𝗠𝗮𝘇𝘇𝗲𝗻: Unlike Velcra, I really didn’t like Mazzen. I get why he was upset with her over Otto’s death, but to me, it seemed like that was only because he didn’t have anybody else to blame. I could for sure see why Velcra was so pissed off at him, she hardly felt any responsibility here, and rightfully so. I was even relieved when she killed him, since it made perfect sense and he was never designed to outlive her. In post-Games, he proceeded to annoy me with his anti-Velcra rhetoric, even if it made sense since she literally killed him, he was just more irritated about it than anybody else in the cast, in my opinion. I guess it was cute of him to go to therapy, but I can’t bring myself to care about anything that happens next to him.
Linds Pt 1 chapter 65 . 7/15/2021
*Sigh* Hello To Coda review box, my old friend. You know, it feels weird that for once in my life, I’m not here to shitpost, but alas I must actually take this review seriously, since it is my last one for this gigalith of a story, and it is what Momo deserves. Now before you go and say “But Linds, I like your shittposts,” please know that I love my shitposts too, but sometimes I feel bad for not offering anything insightful about the story, and my review patterns were awful early on in the fic, so maybe this is me making up for it? But also, I have so much to say, and this is the time where I will say it.

Now, I’m not the first and I definitely won’t be the last to say this, but damn… what a fucking story. When I read the first prologue, I wasn’t really sure what I was getting into with To Coda. I just saw that your channel had a lot of traffic on discord, and while you (and like half of the other readers of this story to be honest) intimidated the shit out of me, you seemed to get a kick out of the jokes I made regarding submitted escorts, and while I was still so afraid, I considered subbing. So I read the first prologue, thought something along the lines of “This bitch Pandora is interesting and a milf!” and waited a bit. I still hadn’t subbed, because to be honest, I was worried about keeping up with another story since my fic had just begun and I wanted time to write that… and I was still scared, because of course I was. And then Corey kept talking about Micah in the channel and how he was a “mormon” from District Eight, and we made a few musical theatre jokes and eventually he said something along the lines of “DM me if you want the honor of being Micah’s District Partner,” but more Corey-ish, and because I didn’t understand his sarcasm, I DM’d him and told him I’d been working on an idea for a circus girl, but hadn’t committed to sending her anywhere. He was sort of like “Okay then…” but then he told me to DM you, so I did and I sent over a backstory though it was tailored to District Five, but I wanted to change it to Eight because I for some reason had this desire to be with Corey and you said something along the lines of, “This is way too happy,” because there didn’t seem to be a reason as to why she volunteered, so I said “Fuck it, let’s add in some child abuse for her to escape,” and just like that we were golden… almost. Again, she was supposed to be from District Five so she had the lowkey filler name Phoebe Albright, and you told me a polite version of “That name makes me suicidal,” so I changed it to fit District Eight better. The “better” name I came up with was… Peplum Priestley, which you (rightfully) told me you fucking hated (or I think you said it was “too on the nose,”) but you picked up that I wanted alliteration, so you suggested the name Penelope, or Penny for short, and I liked it enough that I completed the form an hour or so later.

And then Penny got in. Lowkey, I was really surprised, and in hindsight, I honestly have no clue as to why I was surprised, since your form was short enough that all I had to do was not be a piece of shit who doesn’t read the worldbuilding and have a semi-valid volunteer reason to be accepted, but regardless I was. I looked at the blog later that day and my ego was immensely boosted at the fact Penny’s predicted placement was 7th, because I thought that actually meant something, which I now know is clown behavior for a myriad of reasons. As somebody who now puts little effort into predicted placements myself, I understand what you were doing. And I also now understand that Micah and Oksana were predicted to be the first two deaths, solely as a means to fuck with Corey and Z. I really did grow to understand you better as the story went on, and while you still admittedly scare the living shit out of me every once and a while now, I’d like to think that we’re good enough friends now, and I value that. I think one of the reasons I’m so upset to say goodbye to this story is because of the friendships it forged, even though we’ll still talk every day and it’s dumb to think that whole friend group revolves solely on To Coda. Still, I’m definitely going to miss the plethora of TC related prompts on Quiplash that confused the fuck out of Ali’s friends, and I’m going to miss all of the other nonsense related to these children, even though we’re seeing them again in the AU because the clownery never fucking ends apparantley. Because of how… I guess the only word to describe it is long, TC was, I really was able to get a feel for these characters, and they honestly feel like friends to me at this point, and I guess I’m glad this isn’t my final goodbye to them, but it definitely feels like the end of an era, and that’s because it is. While I never read any of your previous stories, though I did try to read Mayday Parade for a day before I got busy, the overall sense of closure to this verse was eminent in the story, and I didn’t understand all of the references, but still I can tell how much love you’ve put into this verse, and I’m glad I got to be a part of it, even if it was just one story.

Because really, To Coda was such a prominent era in my life, which may be a hyperbole since I’m only eighteen and it literally just happened, but I do in all honesty think that even years from now, I’ll be able to look back on my time reading this story with fond memories. Hopefully, we’ll all be talking to some extent then, too, you guys are too important to lose. Okay, that was supposed to be a short prelude to the madness to come, but I just spawned a thousand words of rambling, and I guess it’s best I get started with the actual meat of this review. I really have no clue how I’m going to format it, but I’m thinking epilogue thoughts followed by character thoughts, followed by thoughts for every section of the story. But that could change, you never know with me. Alright, I’ll end this preliminary ramble now before it’s too late.

I remember you said when you first finished this that I would royally lose my shit and have so many emotions that I can’t really distinguish and well… you were correct. If you’ve seen the video of me reading the chapter, you know that I very much experienced this, and I’ll touch on this more when I discuss the post-Games as a whole, but wow was this a brilliant way to end the story, and your verse as a whole. Genuinely, I wasn’t sure what to expect when you said it was over 30,000 words, but this was better than any theory I had regarding what we’d be in for with this chapter. I assumed we’d hear from the twenty-four living children (bless!) and your other survivors, but instead we heard from each of the kids twice, and honestly that did even more wonders to giving us more closure than we deserved. Seriously, you pulled off this incredible feat of somehow giving two dozen Tributes full arcs, and I’m wildly grateful to have beared witness to this stunning close.

Now, If I talked about each POV individually, I’d quite literally never finish this review, so for the sake of my own sanity, I’ll discuss some of my favorite bits of the epilogue, since I’m going to be discussing each Tribute individually anyways. Though, I definitely did have a lot of favorite bits.

First off, my daughter Penny. A while ago I mentioned something dumb like “She hasn’t had her hair cut in so long, she’s probably annoyed since she likes it to be cleaned up regularly,” and I was for the most part, joking, but regardless, I was so pleased to see my girl getting a haircut, and in the form of an adorable little scene with her and Lisse. Honestly, their dynamic has probably been one of my favorite parts of post-Games, and this interaction was just so wholesome. It was like for a moment, the two of them were normal kids who hadn’t experienced the numerous traumas they did, and I just adored how tender and lighthearted it was. The idea of the two of them starting a circus together is so precious, and I love the concept of Penny happily performing now instead of feeling like a bird trapped in her father’s cage. Lisse as ringleader is equally brilliant, and I’m just over all so optimistic for both of their futures, and I’m just so glad she has a friend to accompany her in all of her chaos. The little reunion they had with Marigold was equally lovely, and I’m glad that the three of them will likely all remain in contact, it’s brilliant of them.

I obviously also was a giant whore for the Micalo content we received in this overall blessed epilogue. I’ll touch more on why I adore them later, but seeing them both go on with their normal lives and then returning to one another with open arms was just so precious. They’re soulmates, they really are, and I just can't get enough of this ship (something tells me that could change after the AU though). Seeing Micah become less of a crutch for his siblings to rest on and grow into an independent figurehead while still maintaining his tender heart and altruism has been one of the highlights of TC, and I really can’t stress enough how perfect Milo was for this growth, and of course Micah was just as perfect for Milo’s growth. I just love the love and security between these two, and the way they’ve both chosen to face their individual needs instead of ignoring them, and this epilogue was a perfect example of that. Both of them sought much-needed closure from their families, but in the end, they were able to have one another, and it’s proof chosen family is just as important, if not more so than biological. Seriously, I’m so obsessed with them, thank you so much for this blessed pairing.

All of the reunions in the epilogue were joyous. I already talked about how much I loved Penny and Lisse’s visit to District Nine, but Ren and Marigold reuniting was equally entertaining. When she was trying to get him to dance, I just kept on cracking up. I adore their friendship, even if Ben and Remus are insistent on them turning romantic. On the note of great friendships, the District Four reunion was phenomenal. Like just about every reader of this story, Varrik and Devan have my heart, and seeing them back on their… well, back on their bullshit to be blunt about it, brought the biggest smile to my face. And then there was the addition of Lex, who opened up over the course of the story and slowly broke down her emotional barriers, and her hugging Varrik was so precious. I know it’s not much compared to the other ships, but still it’s a step in a positive direction, and the slow-burn of Varexa makes a lot of sense for who they are as people. Additionally, I loved Calister and Ilaria’s friendship and how it persisted when they arrived back in Six. Ilaria especially has gone through so much over the course of this story, and I’m glad she has somebody to rely on besides Ceto (and Rivian). I’m glad they’re both still concerned for Licia, not as a parent but as a friend, and I’m still eagerly awaiting the District Six Full House spinoff. Overall, I loved watching these children interact once more after they hadn’t in quite some time. It felt fresh and exciting, and overall just made me quite happy.

But all of that aside, my favorite part of the epilogue had to be the development shown with Rex. I’ve always found him to be an extremely captivating character, and the entirety of his post-Games arc really elevated him and gave him the good things he truthfully deserved his whole life, since he never really got anything good for his whole life. But post-Games changed that, and that’s all due to how splendid his relationship with Shoah was. Rex always needed a valid parental/mother figure in his life, and the way she so naturally filled that role in his life was phenomenal. Yet it somehow got better, when Rex was able to move in with her, and for the first time in his whole life, he felt wanted. That’s just so important to me, this poor and helpless child getting his happy ending and finally being able to feel safe. Of all the sections of the epilogue, Rex’s made me the closest to crying, and a lot of it was simple things. Being allowed to decorate his room however he wants, realizing it doesn't matter what his father is up to because Shoah is his family now, all of that was just exquisite, and again, what Rex deserved. I remember saying that I wanted Shoah to adopt him, and now that it’s happened, I’m just so glad, because really Rex is so young and so impressionable, and now that he has Shoah, I think he genuinely has a chance at having a good rest of his life.

Then came the ending, Ferrox waking up once more and shutting down the Gamemaker Center once and for all. Because it’s all over, this verse, this fic, and the Games as a whole. It felt very fitting in a story all about closure and finality that it would end with the final nail being placed in the Games’ coffin. And now he gets to go back to his normal life, with Cambria and their family they’ve built together. After years and years of evading death, Ferrox is now finally able to rest, and for real this time. Because he’s “going home,” as you put it. Everything messy about his life is gone, and while he still has mental scars for sure, he’s going to heal. A very strong finish, that’s for sure, and probably the best way for the story to end.

Again, I could go on and on about this even more, but I’m definitely going to be citing the epilogue throughout the rest of my review, so I’ll just once again say, it was brilliant, and the perfect finish to the story. Genuinely, Momo, you really popped off with this one, and even though it was ridiculously long, I didn’t notice that it took me a whole hour to read it, and it was just enjoyable overall. Thank you so much.

When I saw your form and how short it was, I was genuinely baffled as to how you could make so much content while not being given much information, but now that I’ve experienced the full story, I’m just so impressed with you. The succinctness of the forms was important in making sure all these kids fit in with your verse, and it made for an overall seamless reading experience. When I gave you Penny, I had no clue what you would do with her or how you would portray the strengths and weaknesses I provided, but somehow you did a perfect job. All of these characters were entirely fleshed out, and that’s an impressive feat so again, I commend you and all of your brilliance. Now for my thoughts on each individual Tribute.

𝗢𝗸𝘀𝗮𝗻𝗮: Okay, so you already know that I think Oksana is fucking precious, and such feelings of Oksana supremacy have only developed as I continued to read. She’s somebody who really deserved love and a sense of community, and her friendship with Micah perfectly fulfilled that need. But then again, of course two soft babies would be brilliant together, so it was great to see her evolve even more throughout her arc with Ambrose. The two of them are both so deserving of love and of one another, and I loved seeing her caring nature shine through as she took care of him during his recovery and began a life with him back home in One. She finally got her happy ending, her flowers that were carefully picked from her, and her happiness makes me so so happy.

𝗔𝗺𝗯𝗿𝗼𝘀𝗲: Up until post-Games, I wasn’t the biggest fan of Ambrose. I never had any doubts that he wasn’t a solid character, but I thought he was a bit offish, and I didn’t like his repetitive betrayal of his allies in the Games, but his post-Games arc of finding his voice again and continuing his quest for musical perfection was nothing short of heart-warming. Him losing his voice in the area was quite brilliant of you, and just this starry-eyed musician that is Ambrose Clarion seems to have stolen my heart. He’s such a perfect boyfriend to Oksana, his muse and I can only assume future music inspiration, and I also get the feeling that there’s going to be so many good things in his future. I really enjoyed his family dynamic as well, it was quite wholesome which we don’t really see that much of in Panem. Overall, I’m glad I decided to stan Ambrose, as he’s genuinely a great guy.

𝗗𝗼𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗮: Even if it’s not to Dawn’s degree, I for sure would consider myself a fan of Donatella, and to this day I feel like a clown for not figuring out the reveal, since Armina really was so suspicious. Anyways, Tella’s journey of self-reflection and discovery and the way she was able to separate herself from her tragic past was enjoyable to read. The struggles she endured as she had to live a double life were beautifully portrayed, and I found it impossible not to root for this poor girl who was just trying to have a life beyond living in Armina’s shadow. And luckily she had Casi to draw her out of this shadow, and make her feel loved for who she is, and not pitied for who she isn’t. It was really important that Tella had somebody love her the way Casi does, and seeing her flourish with the confidence she’s been given throughout their relationship was incredibly blessed content. I think the two of them living on their own and getting away from the drama that is life is what they both deserve, and I’m glad Tella never has to live in a mirror ever again.

𝗠𝗶𝗹𝗼: So, I completely and totally hated Milo, until I didn’t. While his motives for helping his sisters were valid, I couldn’t help but dislike him throughout the arena. From weaponizing the fact that he knew Tella’s identity to hurt her mentally to overall losing his shit, I found Milo to be my least favorite character for quite some time, even if his downfall made for a good read. And yes, part of my dislike for Milo came from the fact he killed Velcra, Tella, and Casi, just so we’re both clear. But then post-Games happened, and I fell in love with the way Milo grew. The mental turmoil he had to face when he saw all these people who he’d killed in the flesh once more was clear, and I did sympathize with him a great deal, and hurted for him when he claimed he felt like a monster. And this just made his redemption more successful in my eyes. He was so broken and so upset, but he was able to heal through his relationship with the kindest person in the world, Micah, and the two of them truly were the most perfect of matches. Milo was able to express his feelings with words instead of violence, and he really changed for the better and became such a good person because of Micah, even though they both benefitted. Seeing him insecure and nervous for the first time when he would talk to Micah about his feelings was so sweet, and I just cannot stress enough how good this arc was. He went from my ultimate least favorite Tribute to without a doubt, a favorite of mine, and that couldn’t have happened without your brilliant post-Games. So thank you for redeeming Milo and showing that even the darkest people can change.

𝗩𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗿𝗮: Well, I shall now attempt to discuss my beloved wife Velcra Leight without screaming. Let’s see how this goes… You already know this, in fact I think everybody knows this, but Velcra is the love of my entire life, and has been since she was introduced. Her reasoning of volunteering to escape prison was an incredibly hot concept, and only got better from there. Her confidence and sureness about her capabilities was refreshing, especially because for the most part, she had every right to be confident, she really did pop the fuck off in that arena. She had her entire alliance laying under her fingertips, and she was quite successful, well at least she was until she wasn’t. The game of cat chases mouse she played with Ilaria was so satisfying and fun, and while I wish Ilaria would’ve been the one to kill her, that unresolved conflict and closure in the arena between the two of them was a smart move to up the tension post-Games. Combined with hilarious dialogue and inner monologuing, reading Velcra’s POVs was a consistently enjoyable experience. Her being demonized
Remus98 chapter 52 . 7/15/2021
Hi! I’m here, can you believe it?

It’s been such a long time since I’ve read this story, apologies for that, but it’s the only one in my backlog now so hopefully we should get through this relatively quickly.

Casimira: oh yeah, I remember them talking about sending kids home secretly! Still curious about what qualifies someone as a priority, but seems like Hale is one of them. I’m happy for him, as he finally gets to see his brother again. Bittersweet for Casi though, I don’t think she was as ready to take farewell as she tried to seem. At least she has Tella.

Oriol: he provided a very interesting perspective here, about weighing what he’s “supposed” to feel against what he’s actually feeling. It felt very mature of him, which I like. Another sad farewell, though, with Hosea and Inara. Well, we didn’t really see him interact with Inara, but enough was implied. Ugh, I’m not ready for them all to leave each other.

Inara: she’s with her kiddos again! Like with Hale, they are people who we’ve heard so much about but seen very little off (except in her intro and and the final eight chapter, obviously). It was so sweet seeing them interact nonetheless, and with Soran there to protect Inara in case those horrible women came to protest. They’ll have a good life now, I hope.

Rex: one of the kids I’m glad aren’t going home. I like the idea of him staying with Shaoh for a while, but I don’t think that will be long term if she doesn’t adopt him? Which I guess she could, but I don’t know if that’s something she would like to do. She has a lot on her hands already. We’ll see what happens to him. He better get some sort of family.

Milo: here we go with these boys. I’ve missed them, for multiple multiple reasons. One being the frustration of Milo trying to push Micah away when they are obviously meant for each other. Come on, now. Very few things could separate at this point, so might as well embrace whatever’s going on between them. A kiss wouldn’t hurt, me thinks.

That’s that, one review closer catching up! I’ll see you with another one soon.
sock-feet-and-stirring-sand chapter 65 . 7/15/2021
if I write a real review i’m gonna cry and lex would never forgive me so: I love you, i’m so proud of you, what a tremendous story, beginning to end. congrats on reaching coda.

you did it dude.
Josephm611 chapter 52 . 7/14/2021
I have not read any fics in a long time (last time I read anything was corey's tof i think?) so ig i'm rusty? but we shall see. this feels so strange now sitting down to /read/ something heh imagine reading.

so uh. sorry if my memory is rusty. and if i have forgotten how to talk about things. because idk how much i'll have to say. being able to talk about something for paragraphs is an art. one that i have forgotten how to do (not that i was ever very good at it)

AWWWWWWWW CASI AND HALE SOFTNESS I AHHHHHHHHH I LOVE IT. THE HUG. AND THEY'RE FRIENDS. AND SHE MISSES HIM I LOVE IT. hale's always been my favorite of the 4 so this is sweet. tho whisking them back to the districts in the middle of the night? suspicious much? what's happening? we still have 10 more chapters i am nervous.

yesss hosea gets to go home! don't drink yourself okay boy? and saying goodbye to oriol is such a sweet move and totally one he'd do. I love the way oriol has developed. he's still somewhat annoying but he's grown and he's better now and he has a nice friendship that's really nice to see.

YOOOOOOOOOOO INARA'S BACK WITH HER KIDS. i love the way her fear and worry builds up until she's afraid to go do the thing she's been waiting to do for so long. but then her kids come tumbling out and it's the sweetest thing ever! i love them :pleading_face:

rex... uh oh
AWWW WHAT THE HECK. I DID NOT EXPECT WHOLESOME REX BUt that is now apparently a thing? and I am one hundred percent on board because i love wholesomeness and growth arcs and positive development. thank you momo for blessing us.

yoooo i love this too. this chapter has just been happiness. what a great first chapter to return to after not reading for so long. micah is of course adorable as always and i love him so much. and milo is. milo. and he's getting better though, so i'm happy. all in all, just. happiness.

lol i started this at midnight and now it's been 37 mins. i blame the geography games. going to bed for now but i will hopefully do more catching up soon? you're first on the backlog, at any rate.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 65 . 7/13/2021
(im working on a real review, i had written parts of it but hated it and started over and now i'm 1.2k words in and just now getting to discussing the story, but it feels wrong for me to not shitpost one last time)

penny circus gorl... i am so proud of she AND VELCRA she is so employed and sexy and hot and like YES mmmm district 6 is good licia is good PENNY HAIRCUT WAS SO GOOD! im... love she sm, ew straight wedding but it is what it is, micah you are so GAY! milo you are so GAY! tella you are so GAY! casi you are so gay! man this cast is gay ambrose is good at singing i can't believe lex got a hug MAZZEN I HATE U! veles u are alright i guess... REX HAS A HOME! I AM SO GLAD! REX POSTGAMES SUPREMACY! mmm i love district four so much! very good fic i had fun and so did ferrox bc he's alive again welcome home biotch. games are over PERIOD! penny went on a train lol and she didn't wear a dress bc she was gay. I SHIP DALE! hmm when i think to coda my brain goes talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, show stopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it


(phew, had to get that off my chest, real review coming this week)
BamItsTyler chapter 65 . 7/13/2021
32k words...

You're actually fucked...lool.
darthnell chapter 62 . 7/11/2021
Micah... alone? ;-; be not alone challenge.. omg Micah running away from his problems and shit jfjdjd baby.. it’s kinda funny tho ;-; /but yeah him staying for this is good and I love it/ ok moving on.. Pennyyy babe LOL BYE THEIR SILENT CONVERSATION IM WHEEZING FHFJFJ.. They’re so cute I adore their relationship ;-; Pffft Micah knowing the PK’s routine enough to sneak around by now.. (I feel like everyone who’s left all does, they should do a better job with that. But also Don’t.) “The girls are sleeping.” SOFT, BYE ;-; They do that a lot but still ;-; it’s just normal now and I love it. Also Micah sneaking down to Two, also normal ;-; R i p he woke Milo up.. not that Milo is really gonna be upset about that jfjfdj. HDHDJD Milo just smirking and Micah going beet red I’m crying hfhf they’re so cute though ;-; “Are you leaving, staying, or going to stare at me until I wake back up?” Jdjdjdj Milo pls omg. Ofc he’s staying, that’s literally what he’s here for lolll.. omg Micah being a blanket hog maybe? Perhaps fjdj. They’re so precious.. I love them like. Learning to be comfortable around each other as this all goes on, it’s so good ;—; “They have time for whatever this is.” HELL YEAH THEY DO ;-;

Ambroseee aw, he’s a lil discombobulated there, babe ;-; Man, shit really do be happening so fast for him, one second he’s here and he and Oksana are smooching and the next he’s on a flight home, poor dude must have whiplash wheeze.. Oksana being there with him through all of this though.. ;-; it’s good shit. Ahhh shit, him being like too out of it to play piano even with a trademark Oksana Hug ;-; WAIT AMBROSE TEACHING HER THATS SO CUTE OMG STOP ;-; “She could do it, he knows. Oksana could do so many things.” STOP IM SOFT ;-; ahh and they’re tackling this together, I love that. It’s Good ;-; Ambrose having no clue how his family’s gonna react though a h that’s so nerve-wracking ;-; Aw I like Ambrose acknowledging that him kissing Oksana won’t fix everything, it’s true.. That won’t, but having Oksana by his side through all the tough moments to come.. that might help ;-; O H Omg her checking for Dimara before coming back to give him a kiss before going to say goodbye to Micah that’s so damn cute I’m ;-;

Oh shoot Licia, I’ve been wondering how things are going for her ;-; Not as peachy as she wishes, it seems. Aw rip Licia hating that she got killed by accident hdhdhdh she’s. She’s valid tho ;-; hard to be mad at Micah for killing her in the face of that. O h she got her brothers though bless ;-; Ohhh no her brothers having bruises and shit.. :C damn good thing she’s back home then and uhhh not dead. Also them bruising easier than her bc she’d gotten used to it a h ;-; Oh ouch the peaches, and the kid dropping them by accident and expecting to be hit ;_; Yeah glad they’re Away from shit mom now. Ahh fuck and of course shit mom decided to come back and say hi or. Whatever.. Hdhdhd Licia is ready to square tf up bye. Good yess tell her off Licia she doesn’t need this shit in her life ever again. Lmao “can I fix this” nice try. Licia is just like ma’am I wanna hit you so bad hfhf. Good yes slam the door on her face yes.. ohh shoot the lines at the end of her POV damn.. “This is what she /died/ for. It took death for her mother to feel sympathy, and it took death for Licia to be able to shut the door, finally.” I love her ;-;

R e x.. Rex and Shoah are so good.. Aww him not daring to think about what comes next until Shoah started bringing it up.. ;-; And him thinking that no one else will want him except for Shoah ;-; might be true now, but also Shoah is what he needs for the moment. I love how he like.. appreciates how she genuinely cares for him now ? Like he’s so unused to it and it’s so sad but. He’s forcing himself to change because of it and it’s just, it’s really good ;-; and him not wanting to participate in violence anymore since there’s no need for it.. no more hammers for him hfhf. A w “They took care of him in a way Rex wasn’t sure he deserved.” Buddy.. ;-; LOL Rex and Varrik there, that’s an odd combo.. Them being friends would be interesting though :0 Ok but yeah Rex committing himself to being better and not doing the murder things anymore.. love that for him. I wonder if he’ll actually be able to keep it a secret until he dies though.. If anyone can, it’s him, I bet.

Rip Hosea.. back at it again :skull: LOL everyone when he was at the Capitol working together to get him dry hdhdhd that’s funny.. Aw his mom ;-; working to have something to do, that’s valid. Hdhdhd Hosea and Galvin getting absolutely Plastered though r i p.. Also rip Galvin’s poor tolerance and Hosea sleeping on the floor, o o f. AWWW “You /only/ hugged me like half a dozen times./ GOOD YES HUG UR FRIENDS ;-; Ohh no, Hosea being like.. Aware that his alcoholism will be the death of him someday.. ahh ;-; Hm yeah now he’s actually Thinking about it and being like “hm you know what? I actually Don’t like that idea.” Jdjdj honestly like. I’m glad. It’s Excellent development, and like now that he’s been given this second chance at life, why would he want to throw it away by drowning himself in alcohol? Ohhh and Galvin helping him with it ! Good, yes! ;-; I love that for them, like nothing’s Perfect, but they’re actively working towards being Better, just like Rex (though alcoholism is a distinctly different problem than murderous tendencies hdhdh).

Ah, Mazzen.. ok good he’s got a therapist at least wheeze.. it’s the least they could do for him. Glad they went through the effort of getting him a good one too though. Aw he’s getting better too.. slowly, but surely. Ooh omg hdhd Synen thinking that Mazzen was in love with Otto and Mazzen just being like, “You know what? I actually have no fucking clue.” Hdhdhd.. Whatever kind of love Mazzen felt for Otto, it was clearly strong enough to make him go this far. Ooh, their spot being just a little bench behind the schoolyard.. that’s better than a graveyard at least, I feel. Oof, “talking about how they’re almost through with all of this. And they were, apparently. They really were.” Ouch.. yeah not in the way either of them thought. Rip Mazzen talking to himself as if he were talking to Otto.. y’know like I might call that crazy but I think it’s helping him here so we’re just gonna let him be jdjd. Yeahh it is.. I’m glad for that at least ;-;

VARRIKK he went for Devan’s phone number ;—-; Jdjdjd him being careful about this too.. it’s Important to him, fuck.. LOL him stealing Rory’s phone, I love that for him. Also like.. him needing this to be Private, ahh.. Omg he’s never made a phone call before stopp.. ;-; oh shit he’s so nervous about this because “a lot of people leave, after all, when they decide they owe him nothing.” STOP I HATE IT.. but this is Devan, Devan ain’t like that no sir. LOL the chaos at the other end is absolutely Devan energy I love that.. A H HES READY TO CRY AT DEVANS VOICE BRO SO AM I ;—; fuck.. I miss them togetherrr they’re so good for each other ;-; Oh my god “Varrik was absolutely /fine/ and definitely /not/ having a crisis about possibly never speaking to her again.” Jjdjdj buddy ;-; Yeahh phone talking for them has totally different vibes than being able to be around each other in person but hey next best thing ;-; Both of them not being able to do the small talk thing though aw ;-; Also Varrik being like two minutes away from crying during this whole conversation, fuck.. I’m really feelin it man ;-; Varrik going home eventually though, fuck.. I Want It. And him and Devan crying when they see each other out of happiness it needs to happen as much as they say they won’t, like we know they will ;—; and it’ll be really good ok ? ;-;

Casiiiii.. God the idea of her life back in Eleven is just so fucking sad to me I hate it for her ;-; A w Donatella being her safety net though.. babes ;-; They’re just.. They’re so soft. “She had someone truly on her side, no questions asked.” God I love that for them ;-; Aw Casi just chilling in the balcony and vibing, that’s a mood jfjf. LOL “According to her father, she wasn’t mature or reasonable, so perhaps she didn’t have to feel it.” Byeee that’s fucking hilarious jfjfj. Ooh Blair omg.. o h no Casi being hit with the fear of falling right out of the blu ;—; yes indeed trauma at its finest ;-; A w and her liking Two’s balcony better bc it’s closer to the ground, babe.. ;-; she’s valid.. and also her wanting to work on moving up and getting over the height thing but on her own time.. ;-; Ooh jdjdjd her subtly scouting out places to live by asking Blair and him being all “lol nah girl you’d hate it there” rip. (Ok but East coast small town I vibe w that it sounds lovely ;-; ) Fuck, Casi’s wondering bc she and Tella can literally go Wherever ;-; I love that it’s what they Deserve.. Ooh Blair saying that they should stay nearby (in the Capitol maybe..?) :0 It sounds so nice.. o h and she wants it, bless.. Babes.. ;-; Also like.. I kind of like how you had this POV focus more on Casi than her and Tella, cus as lovely and wholesome as they are together, there’s more to both of them than them being a couple and. Idk it Works ;-; And then of course they’re planning on spending their second chance lives together and helping each other over the roadblocks that came with dying and the reasons they’d signed up to die in the first place and.. yeah there’s still room for them to grow, but they’re able to do that now, with each other and out of the environments that were shrinking them ;-; Anyways, just very good stuff and I love it ;-;

I love how you’re wrapping up their stories here, it just feels so realistic but also wholesome, like they’re all on track to something better and they’re being handed the tools they need but each survivor has to put in their own work to be better, and whether that’s by themselves or with the help of someone else, like.. it never would’ve been able to happen without these last Games ;-; (of course now they’re all #traumatized, but hey, win some lose some hdhhd)
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