Reviews for Domestic Tranquility
optimisms chapter 46 . 11/10/2021
LMAO i was gonna do a different story today but i spun the wheel and it said DT so lets just finish things off today. i think i’ll just be reviewing this last chapter and not the other epis, bc they were all fine and good but i rly just wanna talk about this last one so yeah.
i almost don’t wanna write too much bc if anyone else ever reads this story i want the Hesson review to be the top one but. this one also deserves a lot of praise so whatever. and Sapphira deserves it lbr.
she wasn’t my character so i don’t have *as* strong of a connection and as much love for this arc as I do for Hesson’s because, perfection honestly. but how could I not acknowledge how amazing this ending was?
Sapphira was always such a fantastically flawed woman, with her seemingly sky-high levels of confidence and love for the spotlight that really just masked the depths of her insecurity and her desire to be truly seen by someone. She always thought that if she could just have a little more, achieve a little more, then she would be happy. And several times throughout her life, she got everything she ever thought she wanted (and more), but it was never enough. It’s so tragic how, as she gets older, she can look back on her life and see the emptiness that persisted during her youth, no matter how much fame she achieved and how perfect her life seemed, and yet she’s still unable to recognize the fundamental void that permeates her existence today. And in this story, she made an irreversible decision and was never truly able to recover. In murdering Opal, she symbolically killed the old Sapphira, but she also killed the current Sapphira. Her wife is now scared of her and doesn’t know how to act around her. If the public finds out what she did, she’ll lose any semblance of public goodwill she still has, becoming a pariah at best and a criminal at worst. And worst of all, she can no longer pretend that she’s the good guy. I personally see a lot of goodness in her, but the choices she’s made recently must feel fundamentally incompatible with the self image she’s constructed over the years. And sadly, despite everything she’s been through and everything she’s overcome, despite everything that she has, the little family she’s built, the people who love her... it’s not enough to overcome the demons and the darkness that has always followed her around, the self-doubt and the insecurity and the desperation. In my interpretation, her death was neither a completely deliberate choice nor a drunken accident. I think it was somewhere in the middle. I think she just...couldn’t find it in her to care anymore, and was willing to leave it up to chance. If someone found her, and saved her, then maybe that meant life was worth living. But if not, at least she got to fly one last time. And we fade to black.
This was a beautiful end to the story, and a truly wonderful arc for a character who has meant so much to you. You should be very proud.
optimisms chapter 43 . 11/3/2021
joseph inspired me so lets do another one
PLS Checkers is so cute. they would get along if they were worms it’s true. worms are the best friends uwu. oh shit i forgot this oops. dammit Hesson. why u gotta kill my faves. cant believe i was just vibing talking about how much i love them, fully forgetting my son was gonna kill them in like five minutes. i really am a clown.
Hesson i fuckin hate ur dumbass u stupid little bitch son. okay but like blaming the system? a good fucking way to rationalize bad actions. its like goldie said, there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, so we have to cut ourselves *some* slack. maybe it’s the sociology talking but damn we really do live in a society hmm? i think i am becoming more and more of a cynic and a nihilist the more i learn about international development. but i am also *the* optimisms so, i will always be an idealist. i contain multitudes. anyway. gosh he’s just the best. i love him so much. he deserves the final 8 :)
Saia ;-; baby. he’s been waiting this whole time to prove his worth and finally get a kill and now he finally did it! but he can’t take the guilt. i also find it particularly interesting and telling that he’s still comparing himself to Ludo and Cyra, like before he was comparing their kill counts and now he’s comparing their reaction to the kills. it just shows how insecure he is about this particular aspect of being a Career.
oop saido kiss. it would feel unrealistic if it was anything more than that, esp for Careers who know so well what the stakes are and esp considering Ludo already has someone else he cares too much about, so that’s cute.
honestly i kind of always thought Lumi’s story might end this way. i mean the odds of her not getting killed by another tribute were always low – most tributes in an SYOT will die at the hands of another – but there’s almost always one or two that die in other ways and i kinda thought Lumi would be one of them, and that if she did it would be by suicide. she’s just so full of self-loathing and genuinely can’t find anything good within herself worth preserving, and though going into the Games did save the life of whoever was Reaped, it was inevitable that she would probably hurt others in the Games, which would only increase the self-hatred. and then considering what she did end up doing...yeah this isn’t very surprising. i wish it made me sadder tho, she was one of my faves at the beginning but i just don’t care about her as much now compared to some of the others.
OOP Bubba has arrived and that’s um unfortunate. i’ve been thinking about why i like Bubba so much and i think it’s because of this little bit right here at the end of his arc where he breaks his own moral compass. people who do terrible things repeatedly always have a rationale for why it’s okay in their specific circumstance, because you have to find a way to make it okay in your own mind, no matter how twisted. and for him, it’s always been that he was killing people who wronged him first. but now, he can’t use that rationale anymore because there’s no similarity between Lobo and the others. so his worldview just breaks. and now not only does he feel guilty about Lobo, but he has to start doubting all the things he did before too because his rationale for those is gone as well. it’s an interesting turn, though somewhat predictable, and i like how much it’s affecting him.
i got confused for a sec and thought this was a Chandler POV but nvm its the devil herself, goodbye. you don’t deserve my thoughts or my words Calathea. i’ve got daddy issues too, that’s no excuse. suck a dick and die.
Ludo sir u gotta face it...things are not going to get any easier and pretty soon you and Cyra will have to say goodbye. and adding Saia into the mix does nothing but complicate this shit. *classic fan behavior* bye i laughed. also hi Sampson, fancy seeing u here slkdjfsd.
AND THEN RIP SAIA AND BUBBA in one fell swoop. can’t believe u did this to me. i *really* thought Bubba had Victor potential but then u just said lmao nope and took it all away. i just like genuinely had no idea who was going to win at this point because okay with the final 6... hell actually even the final 7: i knew Lumi wouldn’t win bc pls she literally ate someone. Saia i just never saw as a Victor but i’m still glad he lasted this long. Ludo got an 11 so like...u know he’s gonna die, and Cyra we already knew was doomed sadly, thanks Laney. Calathea,,,,,,could win in theory but i would fuckin riot and i think i’m not alone. and that just leaves Hesson and Bubba, and there’s just no way Hesson wins? but then Bubba died and i was like? okay so now we just have doomed Cyra, Ludo with an 11, evil Calathea, and...Hesson? who will win? genuinely no clue.
oop and then Checkhov’s ankle came back and murked Cyra, which like...fucking sucks I loved her so much, more than Ludo I think, but also at least he didn’t have to watch someone kill her? idk that’s really not better because he just couldn’t save her and he had to leave her behind. so yeah nvm that’s not better at all. only thing that would be worse would be killing her himself and ofc he would never do that.
WAIT i forgot this was all in the same chapter fuck. i thought it ended here and then the finale was in the next one. i was not prepared to write about this part in this review but here goes.
okay I genuinely cannot overstate how much I love this. you just simply...omg. ppl can say what they want about this story, and I have my own opinions too, there were parts I didn’t love and parts I skimmed over bc of gore or what have you, but oh my gosh. what you did with Hesson in this story was simply amazing. first of all, you just understood him from the first, I knew immediately from the intro that you were going to write him well. and the fact that you were able to make me genuinely love him? it’s hard to remember now but I really did not care for him at the beginning; I thought I had made a good character and was excited to see what he would do but I was rooting for him to fail and get his come-uppance. but then somehow, very early on, you completely turned me around on him and I genuinely just wanted the best for him. I was so invested in his story and his journey through the Games. his alliance with Meridian...gosh that feels so long ago but it was so beautifully heart-breaking. the fact that they really had so much in common but their friendship was built on his selfish lie, and then she was killed right in front of him before he ever got the chance to build anything real with her. in a way, maybe it would’ve been worse if they’d gone on growing more attached, but I really think it was worse this way because he just had to accept the guilt that the only person who’d ever truly cared for him had done so based on a lie, and there was nothing he could do to change that. that POV with him right after the bloodbath is possibly my favorite thing you wrote for him. just the moment of him literally falling apart, losing his mind on live television and all he can think about is how his parents will be saying that he’s not good enough. and then the tension in the Career pack, the hatred between Hesson and everyone else, because if literally anyone else had listened to Hesson that D11 was a threat, maybe Mir wouldn’t have died like that. and if anyone else had been paying attention and realized they’d gotten separated, 11 never could’ve attacked the two of them. and everyone else is still acting like he’s overreacting and blaming them when it’s not their fault, while he just has to live with it. but no one else really gives a shit because they don’t even really want him around, and so the tension just keeps building and building, until it finally splits the pack in two and he makes his worst decision, basically murdering MGC himself. not out of malice...just pure fear for his own life, fear that the pack won’t back him up, and that ever-present doubt that he’s just not good enough. and it’s like...he kinda accepts like okay if everyone’s gonna treat me like I’m the villain, I should just be the villain.
and then we get to this finale. and you fucking killed it my dude. I honestly don’t give a shit about Calathea beyond being glad she died, so I’ll just move right past it. the comparison between Ludo and Alaban...perfection like genuinely I love this part so much. Hesson’s arc has been so amazing and dynamic and then here at the end...I mean in a way, it was always going to be them. I mean that in a more abstract way, like of course there are 24 characters and there was no guarantee whatsoever that these would be the final 2. but like...the only person who’s ever really mattered for Hesson as a character is Alaban, and Ludo is the absolute closest stand-in in this story. the one who “stole” the Career pack from him, the one who outscored him, more popular, more capable, more qualified. so beloved that his ally was ready to give her own life for his if it came to it. and who does Hesson have? literally no one. the only person he could even consider calling a friend did so under false pretenses and got murdered because she was with him. and to Hesson, that’s Ludo’s fault too. if he hadn’t ignored Hesson, if they’d actually taken 11 seriously, she would’ve been okay. to some extent, it was Ludo’s mistake, and it’s proof that Ludo wasn’t actually perfect. it was the one thing that Hesson did better than Ludo, but rather than get any credit or acknowledgement or even an apology, he was shut out. in Hesson’s mind, he had been right, and he was shut out for it. to Hesson, Ludo is the reason that the Games went completely wrong for Hesson. he’s the reason Hesson couldn’t lead the pack, the reason Mir died, the reason the pack hated Hesson, the reason Eleven was able to target him, and even by some twisted logic, the reason MGC died, because she was also killed by Eleven who Ludo neglected to deal with. Hesson came to the Games to prove himself better than Alaban, and he has failed at each and every opportunity, but as always instead of looking inward, he foists it all off onto Ludo. so that’s what I mean when I say it was always going to be them. for the most fulfilling arc, Hesson ultimately has to confront his insecurity, whether that be by literally facing Alaban or in some other symbolic way, and Ludo is how he does it.
so here they are, facing off. the final epic battle. I had no idea what to expect. i mean, until now I had never considered that Ludo could win, but I had also not really considered that Hesson could either. I was hopeful but never actually believed it would happen, I just kept waiting for him to die every chapter but it never happened. and now the final fight. if Hesson beats Ludo, he wins the Games and becomes a Victor and proves himself, and all that is well and good, but what’s more important is that if he beats Ludo, he beats Alaban, and no one can say that he isn’t enough. it’s not just his life at stake, it’s everything he’s ever wanted and everything he’s always been told he couldn’t have. it’s everything he is. he just has to win one more fight.
and then. he dies.
ugh it was just, I’s perfect. as much as I wanted him to succeed, as much as it broke my heart to say goodbye to him...this was the better story. I don’t mean for Ludo, but for Hesson. how fitting, how ironic, how fucking tragic, that he wasted his entire life trying to be the best and trying to prove that he wasn’t what everyone always said, only to fail at the very end. he’s always been second best, and he died exactly the way he lived. it’s the most predictable thing to happen in this entire story, and that’s why it’s so fucking devastating. what a waste. what a horrible ending. what a fantastic arc.
I’ve only had two kids’ stories finish so far, but I think this will forever be one of my favorite arcs. you kept saying I didn’t have to review, but I just needed to get to here so I could tell you how much I loved what you did with him, and how glad I am that I sent him to you. no one could’ve done better, no one could’ve given him more. this was the perfect story and the perfect end for him. i love u so much babe. thank you.
optimisms chapter 42 . 10/23/2021
lol the little “Fmr.” after her title, i love it. this bit wasn’t my favorite, to be honest, i think it felt a little rushed and i wasn’t really sure what was happening the whole time, but i do love the ending. just the tiniest bit of redemption for Livia, though she still made a whole lot of mistakes, she did save Lucien and Fulvia’s lives in the end, so good on her for that.

oh i forgot we have a Lucien POV after that. Lucien stop you absolutely can think ill of the dead; it’s basically all i do :skull: sry Lucien but you will never feel safe again i guarantee it. okay maybe i can’t guarantee that but i *highly* doubt it. but don’t kill yourself, there’s still...okay well maybe not a lot to live for but some things to live for. like Fulvia. okay good he realizes that too. oof tho that line “maybe if he had killed himself he could have actually been something besides a face and a name” normally i would say the sad truth of it is that no, he wouldn’t he would’ve just become another statistic, because that’s what happens way too often with death by suicide. but actually if you think about it, we know and remember all the celebrity suicides and other accidental deaths, they don’t just become a statistic, yk? would their legacies be as big as they are now if they had died naturally? idk. yikes.

oh wait this was an interlude. i didn’t realize that oops i thought this was a Games chapter. okay moving to the next one!

re: ur A/N, yes u do hate Lucien, ur just in denial and should accept it.
optimisms chapter 41 . 10/23/2021
ur so valid for semi-summarizing; tbh i don’t even count it as a summary at all bc u wrote so many words and so many arcs and obv i’ve read the whole thing so i can say with full knowledge that it was still a great story.

cannot believe calathea is still alive (i mean i can cause plot but gdi i want her gone so bad). meanwhile, chandler is gone which makes sense bc he’d kind of outlived his usefulness for calathea, and saia finally got his first kill! i honestly wasn’t sure if he would bc there is also potential in an arc where he never gets a kill and feels inferior for it, or he sees the way that killing impacts the other Careers and ends up being glad that he never did, so I really wasn’t sure if he would, but he did. of course, now we’ll have to see how long he’s able to keep that from weighing on his mind.

the reveal of calathea’s brother was interesting. i don’t have a lot of thoughts, probably because i don’t really remember what i thought at the time and now going back to do my review, i already knew so i don’t think much of it. i do love it from a character creations standpoint, great way to add some extra depth to their relationship.

Bubba and Lumi are sad but for very different reasons. Bubba’s dealing with the aftermath of killing someone who doesn’t fit his serial killer moral code, someone who he can’t rationalize into thinking they deserved it. Meanwhile, Lumi I’m ready to see go, unfortunately. I loved her so much in the beginning but she doesn’t do it for me anymore.

THEN WE HAVE HESSON i love him so much even like 4 months later bye he’s simply the best. yeah you just keep rationalizing to yourself if that’s what it takes to let you think you’re not the villain in your own story, to keep yourself sane. OMG and back to Meridian ahhhh it’s been so long i almost forgot about her...but i Didnt and i’m sad again thanks. gosh that was simply the worst and yeah Hesson maybe u could’ve avenged her if you had stayed and fought instead of running away u coward jk i still love u.

Hennessy is probably my fave of this group at this point, which uh is lucky for me because now the other two are dead :skull: rip silverdawn. okay but i legitimately loved this ending for them, first of all the c24 reference is awesome but also just like...realizing that she’s falling for someone and she even *wants* to, but also realizing that if she lets it keep getting more serious, she could end up losing her own life because she’s not willing to let Danika die, and she wants to live even more than she wants to fall in love. And then Danika gets her revenge but still can’t save herself, and Hennessy having to kill Danika to make it quick...ugh it was so sad. and then Hennessy/Checkers alliance? i actually really vibe with it. i love new alliances forming close to the end of the Games, it always makes for really interesting relationships.

so close to the final 8 :nellhype:
optimisms chapter 40 . 10/23/2021
okay i never actually finished reviewing this which is shameful and i’m not gonna finish today either but perhaps i can get closer yet. these won’t be super long because yk but yeah lets go!

Lucien is still sad, which is valid, he’s going thru it. i hate that Lucien feels guilty for his mother’s difficulties bc those are entirely her problem and her burden, they shouldn’t be his at all in any way, but that’s where we are. he didn’t choose to be born, she chose to bring him into this unhealthy situation.

I really like this idea for an arena area, hallucinogenic type beat, would be really disorienting and probably also really anxiety inducing because you’re suddenly very vulnerable. you’re supposed to be on your guard, but when you can’t tell what’s real from what’s not, how can you possibly defend yourself against anyone. it’s like the tracker jackers in the 74th, that stirred shit up real quick and made Katniss super defenseless for basically the only time in the two stories. v interesting idea. anyway, everyone’s sad now because they’re just thinking of home and how they may never see it again, which is majorly depressing. also the idea of a final 8 interview w ludo and cyra’s parents sounds so interesting lol, i know we don’t actually get final 8 interviews but omg. almost as entertaining to me as the idea of hesson’s final 8 interview :skull:

you know me, I don’t do the graphic stuff so I didn’t read a lot of this chapter, but as I said in the previous one, I was sad to see MGC go :( loved her lots. i loved her less as the story progressed, just cause other characters came to the forefront and i enjoyed them more, but she still meant a lot to me.

die calathea die. also chandler i don’t want to play with you anymore.
darthnell chapter 23 . 9/13/2021
Ahh Lumi ;-; She is a. Sad child. "Nobody cared about the girl genius who cascaded in to catastrophy." Stopp that's such a good line bruhh.. Well.. I guess the apathy is better than her being bombarded by eggs in the Capitol. I'm glad she's decided she wants to survive at least a little bit, even though volunteering was counter to that goal.. Ooh her and Bonnie and Sable.. I feel like that maybe won't be the most stable of alliances, given how unenthusiastic Sable seems to be about having Lumi as an ally, rip. LMAO Lumi can see how enamoured she is by Bonnie already, rip.. O h oof the reason why Lumi knows poisons.. Ba b y.. /gently holds/ Lumi's aready lying to them about her background which is fair but oof.. Yeah bit nervous about this one yeet.

Vex... I have forgotten about you oops. Damn bitch, he's so picky about allies.. WHEEZE Bubba and friends intimidating him so bad, I'm crying hjfdhjf. Vex really went and said "I will try not to pee my pants when I see you guys in the arena" :skull: I guess we can say that the other tributes are perhaps. Vexing him a little bit. Ayeeee... Also for some reason, Shuki trying to be intimidating is funny to me, and the fact that it Worked is even funnier jdfhjdf. Ok so he sucks at throwing knives too, rip. And not only that, he doesn't even want to use a weapon bc his mommy said violence was bad... Like. Yes but also. Hunger Games, honey. He is going to be so incredibly dead.

Career time yesss : Meridian is still doing the airhead act omg.. LMAO the rest of them being too nice to kick her out bye. Oh my god she's annoyed with them all for goofing off.. And Hesson's the tolerable one. hESSON. HJFDHJ WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY HJFDHJFD. Damn, Hesson actually being a good leader? I love him for that tbh. ;-; Even if he's playing them (which, let's be real, I would love that even More).. God, I'm trying to imagine if Hesson's brother were here instead.. I feel like it would be a very differnet pack. Oh shoot he's tellig her about Alaban.. oH AN DHES LYING JHDFHJDFHJFD AHHAHAH FUCKER. I LOVE HIM. Like.. tO BE FAIR. Mir's got shit up her sleeve too like. She's faking her inadequacy to play the long game, so like. Not like she can get mad at him for it if she finds out lmao. I'm curious if Hesson's picking up on her act, bc she doesn't seem to be picking up on his... "She doubted her mother ever held her as a baby" hELLO?! YOU CANT JUST DROP THAT AND PRETEND LIKE ITS OK GOD.. OW? ;_; A h her going on about Mads is. Sweet ;_; LMAO "That would make everything worth it. But yeah, Hesson's handshake was nice." AHAH I love that. Ooh, I wonder if she and Hesson will end up splitting together once it gets down to that in the arena.. :0

Aw happy Otto ;-; I like that he's enjoying himself here, but it sucks that he's gotta compensate for not having friends back home in the middle of death match preparations, oof ;-; Rip so they were still laughitng and making bread scupltures while Lucien was getting his teeth ripped out ? Ouch. ;-; Lmao ripp of course the kids don't know what they're doing. Garroting people, Ig that's a start. Oof he's questioning his place in the alliance? Fair, but at least it's not like these guys have the structure of a Career pack or anything. Bye of course Otto fucked it up somehow :skull: LMAO floccinaucinilipilification.. Classic. Why yes, my clown ass still do not know how to pronounce it :D I love how everyone but Jo knows what it means too :skull:
darthnell chapter 22 . 9/13/2021
O h my god, you have no idea how glad I am to hear about the friend thing.. So they didn't abandon Curie, the Capitol just changed the rules.. Asshole-y of them but. Dude I was heartbroken ;-; Lmao Bubba being the personification of sugar.. Yeah Curie wasn't a fan of the ice cream place back home meanwhile Bubba worked there.. they were not meant to be allies. Otto Checkers and Jo :0 Why am I not surprised that Curie and Otto found each other.. They have similar Vibes hfdhf. Omg Checkers with the breadman, bye.. Aw Curie joins in on the bread-mashing.. Nice to see them breaking out of their constraints for a bit here ;-; Bro yes eat the Capitol bread, it is Good ;-; Curie will defintiely need all the carbs they can get for the arena, rip ;-;

Ooh Danika and Silvana going at it about ethics.. Lol I can see where meat-eating would be an issue between them. Ooh so they've added Hennessy to their group ! :0 Feel like he definitely needed that ;-; Oh man, Danika do be kinda attracted to Silvana tho :eyes: Rip I would've mistaken their banter-flirting for legit arguing.. I can see why the boys would be confused when they start giving each other eyes wheeze :skull: They don't necessarily seem to be a perfect match here, though - aside from the meat-eating, it looks like they've got some stuff to deal with. "Good girl" dANIKA WHEEZE HJSDFHJFDHJ.. She just Went There, didn't she hjfdhjf. Also rip Elowyn breaking up with Silvana the day of her birthday, oof. Well now she's out here holding hands with Danika so.. Elowyn can deal hjfg.

Aw Magnificence.. ;-; Man, the being deaed thing really affects every aspect of her life, poor thing.. I'm curious if that like.. developed as a result of her trauma ;-; Also, I imagine the additudes at the Academy didnt help, oof. Aw Crya is trying to help.. Damn, poor Magnificence just seems constantly in a state of mental turmoil.. Like that can't be good for her ;-; Aw man, now everybodys joining into the convo and making it a Thing, oof. They're just trying to help but. ;-; Mm Ludo's right, she really does need to eat if she actually wants to do a decent job in the Games. I can't blame her for not wanting to burden her parents with the knowledge of her condition but also. ;_; Bye Hesson, ever the asshole jhfdjhfd :skull: Ok, I'm glad she started eating, that was needed for her. Man, that was a trip ;-;

Man, Calathea is defintiely a fun one. Makes sense why she wouldn't be enamoured by the Capitol either, she's got her game face on and nothing else hjfd. Lmao bye her judging the Careers, and the kids.. Oof it was perhaps a mistake for the little ones to sit next to someone so dangerous. I'm curious how things are gonna go down between her and Chandler too.. Like theres this tension between them that will probably snap once they get to the arena yeet. Fhjhjd Calathea already having experience with all of the weapons, bye.. And the steak knives, babe.. Like she
s not wrong, they Could just start shit now but. Yeah not a good idea overall. Ok her analysis of the Snows is interesting too, she's quite perceptive.. And the bit about her mourning her lost childhood ahh ;-;

Oh my god. Oh my. Fucking god. OKay first.. Of Course Coriolanus has a fucking torture dungeon his house, whY WOuLd hE nOT FJDFJ... Good fucking lord.. and then Lucien nooo.. Noooo :'C God, I honestly did not think that Coriolanus could be That Bad but like. Holy shit dude I'm hjdfhd. God. That was.. horrifying? He just. He just Did That and left Lucien bleeding out in the fucking basement like dude is gonna fucking Die if he doesn't get medical attention Yesterday, jesus. Like. Avoxxing his own son, holy shit. All for saying the truth, that the kids didn't want to be there. Jesus christ..

Oh nooo Livia.. Livia Knows ;-; She Knows something's up ): Also I'm glad she's taking back her last name (not like she's got much else, rip). God, she's just. Used to hearing Coriolanus torture her son? Good lord.. ): And she can't do anything to stop him either ahh ): Oh oof, she thinks Lucien is dead when he doesn't respond to her noooo ): And blaming herself for all of Lucien's suffering because she was selfish in wanting a kid.. ahh :c I mean personally I think the person more at fault here is Coriolanus for being a heartless monster but alas. Yes, running is long overdue, y'all need to get the fuck out of there, Blease... ;-; Linds that was Brutal like holy fuck
darthnell chapter 21 . 9/13/2021
Garrick not liking the Capitol, that is definitely not surprising lol. He is definitely not having a good time here so far.. Ouch him and Sable are.. so awkward, rip. Def not alliance material. Lowkey curious what she's writing though :0 Omg Lobooo.. Man, Lobo is really out here just Collecting people lmaooo.. Oh my god he's got More.. He got Silvana aw ;-; Silvana, Danika, Lobo, and Garrick.. Interesting group ! Lobo is being relatively chill about this whole thing now, I guess he just needed his people. Looks like Garrick was a good pick too.. Stronk boy hdfhjfd. These guys could end up being a real threat in the arena, I wonder if they'll snag any other allies.

Ooh Sable with Bonnie :0 that is also an interesting pair. Those two seem like Complete opposites wheeze.. but hey, opposites attract ! Ooh poetry.. maybe that's what she was writing in the morning lol. Aw she's worried about seeming like an infatuated creep.. Sorry hun you. You kinda are :v ..Personally I would still think it was off if she were so infatuated with a boy instead :skull: BYE HER BROTHER READING HER POETRY ID DIE JHFJHFD. That's free bullying material hjdfhjfd. Ooh Sable is highkey pining after Bonnie now.. Okay I can see how she'd be attracted to her confidence ;-; (Lol, goes to show that infatuation does not last) ..Well, maybe it'll last for the rest of Sable's life here :skull: Aw okay, Sable's a bit too real here, liek outside of her infatuation thing, she's sweet ;-; I like Sable/Bonnie better than Sable/Linnea hfdhfd.

Bubbaaa :eyes: Ooh Bubba and Shuki :0 .. Kinda makes me worried for Shuki but I'm curious to see where that goes.. Ooooh the Watty story :eyes: "Confused at best and an absolute tyrant at worst." fHJFDHFHD Lord that's a description if I ever saw one.. Hm yeah I can't say that I am sad to see Watty gone lmao. Oh my god wait I was not expecting that byeeee oh my god... Watty really said "here's a plot twist for u" and then Bubba went "lmao no I am the plot twist" and fucking stabbed him, I'm crying hjghjjhgf... God, that is. Incredible. Ok like.. Man, Bubba is interesting, he doesn't like that he's gone out and killed people for "coping reasons" but also doesn't regret it.. Like he's more focused on the impact that killing had on himself than the actual killing. Fantastic. Oh my god Shuki. Shuki no. Shuki what are you dOING BABE NOOOO HHJHFHFD.. STOPP I KNOW THEYRE LYING THIS IS NOT GOOD.. Oh my god and Bubba just. Up an dconfessed murder byeee.. aUX TORTURED SOMEONE?! "Murder isn't for everyone! (:" I'm crying.. Ope Aux is. Looking at Bonnie, inch resting. Ahh Bubba's a cynic on love, rip. Can see why, though.

Oh my god, Saia is nervous about... not being bullied? Oh my god. He's just like, "Why aren't they bullying me, they should be but they're not" honey.. ;_; Also Hesson and Ludo butting heads hjfdhjfhj okay yeah that absolutely makes sense hjfdhjfd. Arguing over leadership too.. That sounds about right. Honestly, as much as I love Hesson.. Ludo would probably be a better leader, I feel. Though if his anger over little things is such an issue.. hm. Also. Is Saia crushing on Ludo omg... God he's so baby ;_; LMAO "Not everybody is in love with you" "That's their loss then" LUDO PLS HJHFDJD.. Hi I love him ;_; Ig Ludo decided to be the bigger man (haha) and step down.. God Hesson being the pack leader is going to be an absolute trainwreck, and I say that with much love hjfh. Saia is lowkey so nervous around everybody, it's precious but also ;-; He's such a genuine lad. I love these Careers so far though, they're all Excellent ;-;
darthnell chapter 20 . 9/10/2021
"I was born here" hjfdhjfd Shuki you loveable dumbass.. I'm sure you were Not. Byee Jo believes them :skull: 12 is gonna be such a mess this year, and they are absolutely Not wining, thank you Haymitch. Aw sad haymitch hours.. God, Shuki is kinda Dumb.. "we're in the Capitol now, so surely things are good and your dead family is not a problem, right?" Friend... Homie. Bye Haymitch calling them out.. "I'm just really passionate about my heritage" JHHJF BABE.. Aw both Shuki and Jo seem like.. lowkey excited about this ? Sad cus they're like gonna die but at the same time since they're gonna die, might as well get what you can out of it wheeze.. Fjhdh like the interviews and the parade, they're so hype about it compared to the usual 12 tributes.. It's kind of cute of them? Like they make an interesting pair together. But yeah, as soon as we get to the death match part, I can't imagine either of them having a good tim e;-;

Checkers ! ;-; Oh no Checkers being uncomfortable is something I do not vibe with ;-; Bye Checkers's dad sounds like. A real excellent guy ;-; Oof the Capitol being Too Much even for them.. It's valid. Must be a werid thing to suddenly be praised for something you're usually bullied for ;-; ..And then having it turned into a fad is. It's just very on-brand for the Capitol. Oh nooo Checkers got a shit outfit noooo :C The fact that they don't want to complain though.. ;_; That's such a mood, oof.. Ugh, they're having such a bad time, I want to scoop them out of this mess ;-; "Checkers had only been in the Capitol for a few hours, yet they could already feel the light burning inside them beginning to fade." nOOOO NEVER PLEASE NO ;_; I Don't want that a h h.. Ooh omg.. please save it Checkers please.. YES GOOD.. Get rid of that ugly shit, yes Checkers.. make it your Own ;_; Fuck yesss. I'M proud of you, Checkers, that was Gorgeous ;-; 3 Stan Checkers, ok ? ;-;

LUDOOO Ahhh.. Omfg he wants to gush about Cyra byeee ;-; He's scared aww.. ;-; Ooh that outfit seems neat bruhh.. Stan Ludo ok ;-; Man, I love the personality that's showing through fo rhim.. like he's not arrogant, but he's not gonna look a gift horse in the mough djhfdh. Omg Crya being shy.. Baby.. ;-; "He had the tendency to make sure nobody important-looking was around whenever he complimented her." ...Ouch? Bro. Ahh I love their banter though ;-; And I like that Cyra was made a knight instead of a princess or something, it's Goode ;-; Oh no its "naked and coal-dust" year for 12, I see :skull: But Ludo wanting to chat with Cyra as long as he can.. ;-; JHFDJFDHJD "I'd be a horse with you-" /cough/ furry /cough/ okay I'm kidding but I'm also wheezing honey.. hjdshjfdhdh. He likes her laugh a w ;-; Good lordt, they're in fucking love, aren't they? I know they are, I can See it, bro.. this is going to be so sad and I'm going to cry, what the fuck... ;-;

Rip Silvana's not too happy about all this.. LMAO prison Eloywn being hot bye.. Ok I can see why she hates her outfit, it's got very artificial vibes, rip ;-; Man, she really does not vibe with Otto, rip ;-; He seems far too optimistic in her eyes, which is fair because they are simply not in a good situation. LMAO Silvana wishing she were a hot villain, that's so valid honestly. But yeah, she is really not having a great time, the poor thing.. Ooh Dannika ! : they're Vibing omg.. Okay, I'm glad for that honestly bc with the attitude that Silvana's putting out right now, it doesn't seem like she'll be getting any allies soon enough. But Dannika.. ;-; There seems to be a bit of a connection here already :'0 I'm curous to see where this will go; Dannika's an intriguing lady so far ! And Silvana comparing her to Elowyn :eyes:

FDHFDHF Sapphira is so salty omfg.. Big oof ;-; At least Cressida is having fun ;-; Aw Sapphira getting good viebs from Magnificence.. Very valid ;-; Ooh their outfits are neat, classic D1 looks, I feel.. Well, the wedding dress may be a bit different, but they're definitely showstoppers. Ludo and Cyra too, bless.. Aw and Cress recognizes Ludo ! ;-; Three got good outfits this year, good for them.. And Four aww.. Crista's analysis is ;-; Rip D5 but we love the confidence. And we knew from Silvana that Six was a mess this year, rip. Ah yes, the classic tree look with Seven.. Bye Sapphira straight-up wondering why Garrett is flexing musckes he doesn't have hjdhjd :skull: Ahh the Eight outfits ;-; I'm glad Checkers is embracing theirs at least. Rip Nine's look.. Ten seems to be more of a hit, especialtl judging from Cressida's reaction, bless. The Elevens are fun in general, I enjoy them very much ;-; And Twelve.. the biggest hot mess :skull: Sapphira being "almost" happy jhfdhjfd rip.. it's true though ;-; Her emphasis on her own fame is kind of sad to watch ;-;
darthnell chapter 19 . 9/6/2021
Hesssonnnn.. oh no he's sad now.. well, his family treating him like a stain on their reputation for years might do that to a guy. Rip. Oof he is not internally nice to Sapphira either aw. Meanie. Or Magnificence hdfhjfd oof. "How that works with two girls is beyond me." God he's so stupid. I love him. Hm he's being polite now, but like... only because he's nervous that the others know his secret. Hmm. Scheming. Excellent. Ooh the little questioning.. I bet Sapphira can tell that he's got secrets, but does she care? Not enough, at least not yet. Hm Hesson knowing he did a bad.. well he'll either have to deal with it later or not at all, so /shrug/ jhdfhjfd. Fuck Alaban lives, I guess hjfd. Ooh his llittle interactions with Cressida.. she's so precious, it makes him seem all the more sinister ;-; Again, I love it.

Ohh man, Bonnie and Hennessy.. Girl has literally no fucking clue bye hjfdhjfd. Poor Hennessy is just so distraught over everything, damn ;-; The cider thing.. like first off Grisselda, what the fuck, wanting to make his family pay for a ridiculously expensive train carpet? They live in District 9, there's no fucking way they could afford that what the fuck.. Man. Rip that reveal went poorly for Hennessy.. poor guy needs to forget about August as soon as possible unless he wants to spend the rest of his thoughts and energy over some useless asshole, smh. As for Bonnie.. well, maybe she'll find some more friends once they get to the Capitol lmao.

Lobo oh my god.. this guy is fucking. Everywhere at once, I'm screaming.. First he's carsick, now he's... eating soap? Honey.. Okay like, I guess since throwing up tastes nasty, I could understand wanting to taste something else, but this clearly was not an isolated incident. Kid is just fucking Strange, that's the truth hjfhjf. And Dannika.. those are some interesting interactions. I'll bet that she was definitely judging him there, and I'm curious what conclusions she came to... I'm not so sure if Lobo immediately trusting her is a good idea but. His fucking funeral, I guess jhfdhf.

Ahh Chandler and Calathea.. Okay so Calathea's playing up the flattery card already when it comes to the Capitol, smart of her. She's definitely being more stubborn than she needs to be when it comes to Chandler's help though.. I guess she really doesn't trust him. Ahh the Chandler backstory.. man that's Cruel ;-; Life has really dealt that kid a poor fucking hand, oof. All he's trying to do is support his family, and I can definitely imagine Calathea's father offing Chandler's family if he doesn't try hard enough to protect her, rip.. I guess Calathea either doesn't realize that or doesn't care, both of which are oof. Okay, I'm glad they eventually did agree to team up but. Yeah, I'm curious/worried about how long that's gonna last, yeet.
darthnell chapter 18 . 9/6/2021
Bye Snow's divorce.. "Everything is normal and nothing is wrong, of course my wife loves me, why do you ask?" And poor Haymitch, getting stuch in the path of his wrath.. Big oof. Lmao Snow's opinions of all the tributes are Fun.. "Bubba seems bland" Alright. Sure. We'll go with that. Fhjhfd. Also like the way he doesn't care enough about the majority of the tributes to actually analyze each of them, bye jhhjfd. It's so like him jhdfjhf.

Ahh Liana and her cats ;_; I'm jealous of them hjfdhjfd. Her trauma though, not so much hjfdhjf. Man she makes me emo though ;-; like the way she hates herself and keeps pushing it away by throwing herself into things that will only make it Worse (ex: gamemaking), unless she can completely detach.. Yeah ;-; Ooh shoot Minerva.. Girl what are you gonna do with that cat honey.. ;-;
darthnell chapter 17 . 9/6/2021
Shuki aww.. very baby. I forget how old they are, but very baby ;-; Looks like they've got a little bit of a fibbing issue there.. it brings to mind Oriol from TC ahh ;-; I feel like it's gonna end up biting Shuki in the ass as much as it did Oriol, rip. It seems hard enough for them to keep track of what they tell to whom; like it would be one thing if they did a good job with their little web of falsehoods, but it seems more innocent than malicious this way ;-; Ahh man, Shuki's unwarranted optimism in their goodbyes.. yeah oof.

Jo omg.. I was definitely not expecting that from D12 of all places but that was really sweet? And the bit where he found his dad in the audience but didn't recognize him cus he was also in drag.. and when his dad revealed everything, it was a nice heartfelt moment ;-; Definitely one of the best turn of events for that scenario ;-; And then of course he gets reaped, poor lad. Well, if there's one thing the Capitol will absolutely love, it's a drag show, though I don't think that'll be enough to let him win (again, we know I know who won, but even if that weren't the case, considering this is the year after Haymitch won... yeah ;-; ). Anyways wooh intros ! :D This is such a fun cast (some probably more than others oops), I'm excited to see them interact !
darthnell chapter 16 . 9/6/2021
These two... Ohhh man, these two.. I can honestly say I was not expecting them at All, holy shit. I'm? I love them? Okay first Calathea.. girl is fucking Wild.. her dad is certifiably insane and it seems like he's successfully transferred that over to his kid with the weakness/strength mentality.. I thought she was going to be tragic, and she is, but in a completely different way. I was not expecting her to embrace it all so wholeheartedly, oof. Like she's straight-up just executing people because daddy said so like bruh.. Bruh. No fucking mercy god damn.. She's gonna be an absolute devil in the arena. Her trust in Chandler though, that's interesting. I wonder if that will be her downfall... Ooh and her getting reaped, it looks like she's maybe thinking about that. Her killing method is point-blank, which won't be too great in melee, oof.. God, the two of them are so interesting, I love it..

And Chandler himself.. Good god, he's fucking terrified of her, which is fair, he probably should be. But the camaraderie or whatever it was that she seemed to sense in him.. He does not return it. Yeah, her horrors have become his normal, but I don't think he's gonna do a good job of protecting her, maybe on purpose.. (though if he were to make it back, Calathea's dad would probably have him killed for it, rip). Ohh man and he did it and volunteered.. this is definitely something. Okay, I have to point out some parallels between these two and Cyra and Ludo.. maybe more like contrasts actually? Like Cyra and Ludo's families seem hell-bent on having the two of them destroy each other in the arena, while Calathea's family (aka her dad) is insistent on Chandler protecting her in the arena. And it looks like both pairs are going to be doing the opposite of what their families wish, and.. Idk, it's just a really neat set-up here ;-;
darthnell chapter 15 . 9/6/2021
Okay Dannika.. I didn't think too much of her, but she's got the potential to be interesting. The whole thing about how she had to get used to slaughtering cows, that shows she's got experience with killing and emotionally handling it. And the way she flirts with Barb but has no intentions of actually returning Barb's feelings.. Kinda manipulative, though she's not really gaining anything from it except like.. attention. Judging by her goodbye though, she doesn't seem too hopeful about this which is fair but. Idk, she could be Fun and she could just kinda be There.. we'll see !

Aw, Lobo.. he's cute ;-; The Victor's Village came aw,, it's like DnD ! ;-; Ooh he picked Haymitch to play as, that's prolly like bad karma for him hfdjhfd. I can't tell if he's got a little crush on Mauricio, or if they're just really chill and affectionate friends. Either way, they're good and valid ;-; I've got no clue how much hope there is for him (barring the obvious fact of the victor's identity, which I know lol). As for Lobo in the arena.. I'm just gonna say oof now hjfdjd.
darthnell chapter 14 . 9/6/2021
Bonnieee omfg.. that is one way to start an intro hjhj I'm glad she didn't end up being pregnant, that would uhh suck (rest in peace Teresa and baby ;-; ). Man, she is.. I guess the resident arena hoe jhjf I mean that in the most loving way possible ;-; I also really love her name, the alliteration is Lovely ;-; Oh man that fight with her mom.. Oh my god and her answering the question and listing off the namesss omfg girl.. I love that though, that's iconic dfhjfdh. Overall though, that.. surprisingly went better than I thought. The argument, I mean.. Not the best but definitely could've been worse ! LOL the "oh fuck" hjfdhjfd I love that bye..

Ahh Hennessy.. Man, he seems to be really living up to the name jhfhjf ;-; Ohh man August, r i p.. Ahh that is a brutal story ;-; Ohh no he was verbally abusive and still Hennessy is just pining after him.. boy you deserve better ! You really do ! ;-; Okay, "August leaving him to be a metaphorical pile of skin on the ground" byeeeee jhfjhfjdjhjh that and the Elowyn name drop :skull: I'm screaming I love it jhfdhjfd. O h my god Bonni o.. ohhh man big fucking oof. Biiiig oof. The way her making out with August is gonna mean nothing to her and everything to Hennessy.. Ohh man this could get ugly ;-; Oh no a dead brother too, oof ;-; Ahh Hennessy nooo ;-; Man, this poor sad child. :C LOL Hennessy being all mad because "This isn't how I wanted to die, WHERE is my alcohol overdose :C" Man, I am really curious to see his and Bonnie's interactions after this...
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