Reviews for The High Cost of Living
Rein Tenebres chapter 8 . 10/21
Hmm. Interesting path.
Seems more like Sakura is taking on Sasuke's identity.
Inkdagger chapter 7 . 10/17
*breathes deeply* *Shivers with excitement* *screams silently again* YES GIRL YES! Darn I really gotta start my sister on this cause itachi rocks! also I don't understand about yamato arugh! what is it? i feel like young naruto at school- i don't get it! please indulge me at some point : D
now for the endless questions:
I wonder how itachi will train sakura? will she become proficient in genjutsu? she has the controll for it, how about weapons? what does itachi fight with besides ninjustu? I think sakura (after getting back into the swing of things) could be pretty scary as a kenjustsu master, maybe like the sword she uses has some special significance, like it's carved with her nindo or the people she's lost or something idk.
what about her parents? if sakura trains inside the old compound, do they notice her absence? her coming home exhausted and bruised? do they ask many questions? does she lie or brush them off? do they have to contend with danzo's anbu and the fact that a high ranking criminal is in the viliage? can they even tell?
If sakura leaves to train with itachi, do her parents miss her? do they show unexpected support? do they try to protect her or keep her home? does she have to promise to write home, but keep the letters cryptic enough that danzo can't track her? does he even care about a missing civilian?
and the biggest question i have: Will Sakura learn to summon crows? because... idk i think that could be waaaaay cooler than slugs for pittys sake
oh, on the topic of slugs: does itachi need to find tsunade to heal his eyeballs at somepoint? or will he take them from danzo when he dies? will he go blind eventually and just deal with it and still be super op because well, he's itachi uchiha? will naruto meet (dare i say) Itachi-sensei (oh my gosh wow, don't know if i like that or not, hn...) and how will he react? will he try to kill him? will kuybi take over and epic battle happen? i know little long term plotting so it's really all up to you
ja ne
Guest chapter 7 . 10/15
this is so good I kinda wish sasuke did actually die
Inkdagger chapter 6 . 10/9
aw man, an atempt on the hokage's life, itachi back in town, emotional stuff, rounding up the ole gang, mah boi yamato... wait a minuet... wow okay you're actually like- wow basically everything i suggested at some point HOLY COW! bro! you can't see the grin on mah face right now but that's awsome! how'd you pull all that off?! how? how? how? what is this majic formula cause i need to know like im stuck writing my own story and i will take all and any tips please- bro this is so cool!
(and aww i keep forgetting gaara's dead...) but also well getta see kakashi and jeraiya and asuma and anko? and all(or few)! what have they been upto? basic servalence something more undercover? political nogotations? strange how one death can butterfly effect so much? hey this is off topic but: how long do you think a newly feild promoted kohonan jonin could last against an angry anbu kakashi? a min tops perhaps? oohh has kakashi gotten depressed in suna again has he found suna aligences and started the foundations for a rebellion and will this make the akatski move diferent?
ja ne
Darkvoid1888 chapter 6 . 10/9
Please tell me that danzo is dead lol
Gordon's Ramsay chapter 6 . 10/8
Stuff's getting crazy. Danzo's about to do some shady stuff.
Inkdagger chapter 5 . 10/7
MA BOI YAMATO! YeaY! I hope he stays good and danzo doesn't get to much power over him also: sakura's new goal is neat, will yamato help her too? and will she become missing nin? maybe she'll eventualy be able to eather find tsunade for power and/or assainate danzo? I miss kakashi already even though he wasn't to prominent, perhaps if sakura and naruto become missing nin they can have a hunt to try to get the gang back together and form a force to defeat danzo (maybe itachi will join?) idk im just spouting ideas cause that's what i like when i get comments
sorry this review came real late but i haven't gotten the chance to read this chapter yet,
ja ne
Gordon's Ramsay chapter 5 . 10/5
Glad to see another update. Looks like things are gonna settle down for a bit, but the tension is there. Anyway have a good one as always.
Inkdagger chapter 4 . 10/4
heck no boi! danzo nuhuh- you don't deserve hokage you old geezer! I hope itachi or kakashi or maybe the ghosts of the four hokages offs you soon...Die you fiend! and your elders too! kohona deserves better!
Oh my gosh- does Itachi know of sasuke's sacrifice? holy cow I kinda want to see that.. tears i think will happen, maybe. and nooooooooo! jiraiya! tsunade didn't help you out? is she with orochimaru now? and will temari become the sunagakure leader now? will sakura find a new profession to look into aside from house wife? will naruto have a new goal, will he meet minato/kushina prematurely (or did that already happen I just read so many different fics in a short time that I forgot?)
anyway, that's alll im gonna ask for this time
ja ne
Gordon's Ramsay chapter 4 . 9/30
Seems like my last review was deleted or something, but good chapter and nice story so far.
Gordon's Ramsay chapter 3 . 9/29
This story moves quick, which is actually very welcome when the site is full of poorly written fluff nothing-burgers. Writing is pretty good and dialogue feels natural. Good job.
Inkdagger chapter 3 . 9/29
wooooooooaaaaaaaaaahhh... naruto, boi, that just got dark. man, wow... bravo.. holy crap, I can see this almost being an alternate kakashi and rin after obito's death; provided kakashi was a jinjuriki, actualy that sounds really cool, im gonna go look for one of those now. Just a thought: what does the rest of the kohona 12 think about the happinings on team 7, do you think naruto will go rouge and deal with akaski or will he have to be put down? like a mad dog; will parings be a part of this? and will iruka make an appearance? and maybe lady tsunade? holy crap i have so many questions, but i guess i'll have to wait and see. in the mean time- homework! (yeay) and maybe i'll get round to updating my own story... one day...

all in all? see first sentences, bravo, holy crap, well done!
Inkdagger chapter 1 . 9/27
oh my gosh, wow; this takes me back to when I was first reading the manga and I thought they had actually killed off Sasuke, I remember staring up at the ceiling just thinking '..nooooo... they wouldn't... would they?' oi, i like this probably more than i should.. morbid child... anyways because I always like it when i'm given coments with writing prompts or suggestions, here's one for you: perhaps next chapter you could have it from ero-sanin's pov, maybe he's comparing minato's team 7 to the little (okay not so little anymore) hatake's ?