Reviews for The Long Way Home
Senni chapter 5 . 6/8/2003
I really thought I had reviewed this earlier! Anyway, it's very good so far, though I feel awful for Sam, having to go through all this *after* everything that happened to get to Mount Doom. Update soon! Oh, and I hope it doesn't take *too* long for Sam to get to Minas Tirith...what if the others are already gone? (you're probably laughing evilly as you read this, but please update soon. Cliffhangers are *bad*).
Amrunofthesummercountry chapter 4 . 6/8/2003
Well that chapter was an emotional rollercoster ride. First near tears because of Frodo's anguish. Then when I got to Merry's little speel ("In the name of world peace you must dine with us." Classic!) you got a laugh out of me. Poor Frodo...poor Sam...poor everyone! Dang Ring! I hates it!
Actias luna chapter 1 . 6/8/2003
I am finding this story rather compelling and heartrending and do hope the angst doesn't drag on too long and that Sam's separation from the other hobbits is not a permanent condition.

It does seem like someone, either Frodo, Gandalf, or Galadriel would sense that he was still alive. Does Sam still have the glass and Sting? Or did the Orcs take them?

Anyway, good job so far, and thank you for not going into vast amounts of detail about the torture.
Aly Teima chapter 5 . 6/8/2003
Oh No! NO, no, not my sweet Sam! Oh, if Frodo knew what was happening to him he would um, freak out (to put it midly) who's going to help him? I want to strangle those orcs, that had to be hard to write, I can't write LoTR fan-fiction because I can't torture Sam, even in fiction. *Sniff* even though angst is good.

Please keep writing, please? I know it's difficult when there isn't a lot of encouragement but, from this one reader, it would mean a lot to keep going with this great fic. You're very talented.

-Aly Teima
TTTurtle chapter 5 . 6/8/2003
This story is starting to get very interesting! A very interesting angle, and the possibilities are many.

I must say I was hoping that because of their closeness Frodo is not 100 per cent sure Sam IS dead, but of course, if Gandalf tells him that he saw him swallowed up I guess he must believe him...but is there a little doubt in his heart?

I like the way you are showing what is happening to both Sam and Frodo. I am now very impatient for the next installment :)
Amrunofthesummercountry chapter 3 . 6/6/2003
Hm...I rather like this! I felt compelled to review because for some absurd reason this fic has only recieved 2 reviews. I think that its very well written and obviously you've read the books, which is a plus in Amrun's book! Oh, but you left us a cliffie, you tricksy little author you. I hope you continue soon. I think this is quite original. You don't see many solo-Sam (hey, kind of sounds like an action figure, no?) fics out there. Its always a pleasure to read one, especially a well written one.

Bronwyn chapter 3 . 6/6/2003
What a terrific story so far! It's great seeing Sam (my very favorite character!) finally get to star in his own tale of woe. It does get a little tedious at times reading nothing but angst-ridden Sam caring for Frodo stories (although I do enjoy those as well!)so it's been a great change of pace reading about Sam. I look forward to more chapters!
Aly Teima chapter 1 . 6/3/2003
How can no one have reviewed this

yet? I love your stories, yellowrose!

I adore Sam and everyone always just

shows him looking after Frodo.

Sure, I like that, but Sam needs looking

after too! You are so good at

characterizing him. I can't wait

to read more.

-Aly Teima
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