Reviews for Gamer of the Void
Guest chapter 43 . 11/13
Can’t wait for the birth

It’s gonna be a monstrous baby

in strength of course not in appearance

With how high his charisma is and momos sexy adorableness the kids gonna cute right outa the pussy
robvalur chapter 43 . 11/7
Getting a video of the author twerking is more likely than getting a new update.
Ricee chapter 43 . 11/6
miss this fic
Guest chapter 1 . 10/28
It is good till Dxd last chapter . Saying I am going to be chairman to them. Is he insane . Why would other factions even appoint him chairman . Yes you have the biblical factions support but what about hindu faction which was strongest in canon mind you
leviadams084 chapter 1 . 10/26
hi I love your fanfic so keep up the good work and be safe
Red Riding Cape chapter 43 . 10/25
Great story, thanks for all the work you put into it.
Guest chapter 36 . 10/23
Yeah, there are countless hot women across countless worlds, but the mc is willing to overlook the fact a woman is a psychotic serial killer because he wants her in his bed. This chapter made me realize what a dick he really is. It’s disappointing.
Iqmalzz chapter 43 . 10/23
Quite excited for how you'll handle the whole Crimson Demon and Demon Lord affair~
Sadinhuu chapter 38 . 10/14
Wow , 30k words and it felt like 1k
Apollodorus13 chapter 43 . 10/11
This whole thing is fantastic but i cant wait doe the Lalatina scene. I was hoping you would use the edging collar on her and work her up and give her an ultimatum where you would only take it off if she did something extremely degrading. Like walking around in public with skimpy “armor” made of nipple pasties or getting her to beg for it in front of her noble family.

Although, seeing how vanilla you are even with the other masochists of DxD im not really holding out too much hope that you’ll indulge that particular fetish.

Other then that though, its one of the better smut with a plot system stories ive read.

Keep up the great work
Verdauga chapter 31 . 10/10
Verdauga chapter 30 . 10/10
Well, hello there.
Sadinhuu chapter 12 . 10/9
Tenno .. And multiverse ...
BlackhawkRookie chapter 43 . 10/1
Finally finished binging the whole story. I have to say I've massively enjoyed it. Can't wait for further chapters!
Verdauga chapter 29 . 10/1
I like Tara, and I'm more or less eh on the pregnancy.
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