Reviews for Gamer of the Void
Zabuza Momichi23 chapter 36 . 3h
well it was a fun read so far :)
loganlovell8 chapter 36 . 20h
you could still add Sylvia, just remove her dick. she has a body that shouldn't be passed up. but could you plz add her somehow? you of course don't have too its your story.
Zabuza Momichi23 chapter 14 . 12/5
definitely like the side character haha. fun reading her.
Raptor Felix chapter 36 . 12/5
please, update! it's amazing!
LordZarcon chapter 11 . 12/4
I don't think becoming a devil would benefit him much but the devil world has unique resources he could use and if he did make his own peerage, i imagine the system would jump at it to give bonuses.
Selacha chapter 36 . 12/2
So I just found this story about three days ago, and I just finished binging it. It is insane and I've loved every second of it. This is probably the best Gamer fic I've ever seen, and I can't wait to see what happens next.
T-B-R chapter 36 . 12/1
hope Tara gets more action, maybe evolve into a cute Arachne
LordZarcon chapter 8 . 12/1
Is he able to quick equip his armour and weapons?'
LordZarcon chapter 5 . 11/30
If he levels yua enough he could go full hunter with a companion.
LordZarcon chapter 3 . 11/30
That was hot, gj. I hope he treats the girls like people and not just conquests.
LordZarcon chapter 2 . 11/29
Is there a reason he doesn't have a race on his stats?
LordZarcon chapter 1 . 11/29
If your inspired by TheDarkWolfShiro is this going to be an evil MC?
Slapperman chapter 25 . 11/28
BrotherCaptainSheperd chapter 2 . 11/26
Brah I read Cunning Linguist as cunnilingus hahahahha
LifeGivesULemons chapter 31 . 11/23
On Hibiki:
Don't you just love when you make a minor character for just... a joke, some background, or exposition... and SUDDENLY you've written 6k words about them and they are your new favorite toy.

Author: Okay, background character #6. Your job it to walk up tom Mc, say line, and never appear again.
#6: No I don't think so...
Author: No, you don't even have a name!
Hibiki: I do now!
Author: damn it
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