Reviews for Fate: Grand Eroge
A guy chapter 4 . 11/24
Now that I re-read it, the "Beast Whisperer" title will be a lot useful for Ritsu' (Beasts as love interest XDDDDD)
Soulbow109 chapter 9 . 11/26
Really happy to have found this fic. The idea of adding dating sim elements to FGO just sounds entertaining in itself considering all the interesting characters and potential pairings. Look forward to future shenanigans.

So far really love how things are going with Ritsuka and most of Team A. Really love their interactions so far. Aside from Beryl(for reasons you know), I really hope they have happier lives and endings in this story then in canon. Although I initially felt that the bonds grew a little fast between the girls and Ritsuka considering the reasons you gave I can see it happening. When you finally find a bit of warmth and light after being in the cold dark for so long you tend to want to hold on to it. Again I wish them happiness.

Considering how it seems Team A will live I want to ask. Will the Lost belts also happen? Hopefully I didn't miss a Note on this.

Glad to see that things won't be too one sided with Enkidu being summoned. Most would go that route so was a little worried but now just excited. Had mixed feelings about the Trap clause but considering your reasoning once again I am now looking forward to it more. I believe all the other fics I read with Enkidu had him as male or undetermined so having him unquestionably female peeks my interest a bit. I tend to like fics that have ideas or elements I haven't read before.

Look forward to the next chapter.
Ivan Tridelan chapter 8 . 11/25
My own thoughts on the matters:

Genderbending issue: D'Eon and Enkidu can shift their own genders at will, both were nebulous to begin with as part of their own backstory. Astolfo is a cross-dressing male, but he's definitely male and as one reviewer mentioned, would require an entire history re-write to make him female. Making a whole "Trap Ability" is unnecessary.

Enemy Power levels:
Saber Alter doesn't really want to win in the first place, and you still have Mash to block her Excaliblasts so the addition of Enkidu just makes canon win easier.

You are severely overrating the effects of Mad Enhancement boost in Orleans. Vlad was massively boosted in Apocrypha (Defender of the State skill and base parameters were both boosted by being in Romania), he's normally mid-tier AT BEST. He also hates his Dracula legend and would fight against its use. Martha and D'Eon were both fighting against their orders given Martha's nature as a Saint and D'Eon's loyalty to France, ME was necessary just to prevent them from turning on Jalter and it actively impedes their fighting styles in the first place. Camilla I can see boosted, and we see in Zero what ME does to boost Lancelot (who's too skilled to see ME as anything other than a powerup). Atalante is a skill-oriented fighter so ME impedes her style. So that's really just Lancelot and Camilla who can see it as a straight power boost, and Vlad but at best he's comparable to Apocrypha Vlad, definitely NOT "almost twice as strong"

Rome and onwards we start seeing Demon Kings, so I won't comment too much there. But Enkidu should be capable of winning solo up to that point unless she gets ganked by a whole squad of enemy Servants.
Redgrave Antony chapter 1 . 11/25
Also I forgot to say which class each Master was going to summon were already decided based on the quantity of magical energy each one had(Kadoc had the lowest capacity and as such got Caster)among other characteristics and individual preferences etc
Redgrave Antony chapter 8 . 11/25
About Reality Marbles Elite Magi can make their own if they want to it doesn t require any alien mindset and Shirou's personnality is not "warped" or "distorted" he is just traumatized

For this kind of fanon you should check the Spacebattles thread on what is canon and what is fanon in the nasuverse

Btw will Gudako join Chaldea?(yuri is always good and I ship her at least the not crazy version of her with Musashi)

And how are you gonna deal with the crazies like Kiyohime or those like Tamamo and Nero who already have Hakuno and those with different versions like the Saberfaces
Redgrave Antony chapter 7 . 11/25
Also Enkidu with small breasts just search for fanarts of him(btw isn t he considered taken or just not interested in any romance?)
Redgrave Antony chapter 9 . 11/25
On one hand I hate harems but on the other hand this is so good...

Please don t have too much girls in the harem, only one or two would be best also will Enkidu perceive that Lev is evil thanks to the Counter Force?
PlayingRascal chapter 2 . 11/22
Holy fuck this was hilarious. Looking forward to the rest of this chaos filled fic lmfao.
bahrithariq chapter 9 . 11/22
I have a really good time reading this for real though it's unique, hope you will regain your drive to write this
The 7th Emperor of the Daleks chapter 9 . 11/19
Not a review but congrats on getting that TV Tropes page that you wanted
Zero chapter 9 . 11/14
Please dont lose time with flamers and jackasses .
This is a good story.
Please continue.
Zero chapter 8 . 11/14
Maybe enkidu wouldnt be able to solos the singularities... but he surely will give a good hand.
Zero chapter 7 . 11/14
Zero chapter 6 . 11/14
Mages suck.
No wonder why kiritsugi killed them.
Zero chapter 5 . 11/14

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