Reviews for Smugglers - a Shadowrun Story
Guest chapter 192 . 7/25
Guest chapter 191 . 7/11
Guest chapter 190 . 7/4
Guest chapter 189 . 6/27
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Guest chapter 187 . 6/15
iceman66 chapter 187 . 6/17
dude, loving the series so far, and spirit samurai seem like an interesting challenge for the crew to deal with.

I've got but one simple request,


so sorry, its just... i need more nadia in my life, shes one of the best characters yet.
however, just to ensure no players think their greatest fan has forgotten about them.

Marius, you german marvel you, just continue to gush about tech, if those heathens are not understanding of the artform of machinery, let them rot in their ignorance. whatever people may say, milling to 1/10000th of a milliliter and retaining that prescision after accounting for heat stress of assembly is nothing short of a man made miracle, engineering is awesome.

tads, the hero of the motherland always saving the teams collective asses, im sure vadim will turn out great if just different sort of shaman, i love seeing her learn about the greater world around her(but im struggling to find out if shes going to become jaded to the world at large or wear her heart on her sleeve, either way its interesting).

kai, he gets a lot of flak for getting the team into trouble, but i think hes probably helped a lot more in aggregate terms than the few major missteps.(i just love when you get to talking,i honestly have no idea if your crazy schemes will work or just one crashing down in flames and you probably have no idea either which makes it so much better. either way its really entertaining)never change my khan.

Shimazu, you remind me of a friend that passed away a couple years ago... your drive and instinct. its hard to 'like' the you the same way as the others when the memories come back. but to me you dont elicit 'fun' in the same way,but a subdued form of sorrowed happiness. its weird but you're still cool.. you stand by your words and your friends. a bulwark against all. Strong and defiant, the japanese terminator has come into town. Respect

Hunter, our resident decker-make-due. I am dying to find out more of his backstory( i mean, model minority right there has literal tons of backstory potential and the suspense is killing me) but sometimes feel the poor guy gets shortchanged by the crew. just because hes green doesnt mean he doesn't have feelings too! Note to the others; hunter is a treasure and must be protected!

Last but certainly not least Aswon. A Name, A message, A life philosophy and a Warcry.
He is Aswonnuff said)
Guest chapter 186 . 6/6
Angelus warriors/Spawn/Symbioid
Guest chapter 185 . 5/30
Asteroid M(s)-Krakoa- Savageland(s), Danger/Cerebra, Planet X Attilan(Zero-Techno-organic-Technoarchy, Phalanx, Barbuda, Builders Mulitple Man

Superego seed
Guest chapter 185 . 5/30
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Guest chapter 183 . 5/17
Guest chapter 183 . 5/16
Guest chapter 182 . 5/9
Guest chapter 181 . 5/2
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