Reviews for A Cadmean Victory Remastered
Listorel chapter 1 . 5/31
A good fanfic, though everything is too simple for the hero. The only thing I didn't like was some kind of love relationship, sometimes too intrusive. Well, the dynamics of development suffers as a result.
Jaoheah chapter 1 . 5/25
I am listening to the audio book on spotify, and I like to read along with it, but it appears that the audio book is a mishmash of the original cadmean victory and the remaster. I tried to read along with both versions, but I can't.

Is it possible for you to upload a version of cadmean victory that matches the audio book?
PrGlitch chapter 23 . 5/22
for some reason whenever I read harrys inner monologue I read it in the way joe golberg does his inner monologue
AReader chapter 107 . 5/20
I liked the beginning of this story and have stuck with it until this point expecting to see some sort of change. However, to me at least, the last half of this story is lost amidst the incredibly obsessive and possessive relationship displayed by Harry. His behavior towards Fleur is justified throughout the story as an extreme love of the perfect dream. Yet Fleur is not really treated or addressed as a real person, just some happy 'sunset' to be achieved. There is no romance in such a notion and it certainly isn't a real relationship, Harry has more camaraderie with Katie, who he professes to care about but is seemingly fine with stringing her along and toying with her feelings for years. This is all loosely explained by the idea that Harry had a bad childhood and thus would have trust issues among others. While that is likely true I feel it has been dealt with in a ham-fisted way and none of the characters, through chapter 107, have shown any sort of growth or any real inclination to grow. The pattern just repeats, Harry treats those closest to him poorly, but assures us as the reader, through his internal dialogue, that he cares greatly and has the best intentions for them. In the few times he is confronted with a real potential of Fleur leaving he just panics and begs and she acquiesces. Harry faces no real challenges from his enemies, nor does he face any personal challenges from his friends that would actually force him to grow and confront his trust issues. This could have been an issue that was explored, discussed and potentially overcome through character growth and progression, though at this point it seems unlikely that will occur.
A-Reader chapter 68 . 5/19
Good story so far, but why so many pet names? It feels a bit overused.
deniedmachewman chapter 38 . 5/20
You made a mistake in this chapter as a history fan I noticed it but you probably wouldn't Salazar call Epheseues a Byzantine city but Byzantine to refer to the late easter roman empire wouldn't have been used until the Renaissance. So Salazar a guy born 1000 years 400 years before the fall of the empire would have used Byzantine. Just nerding out also lol.
kenxdgryt chapter 72 . 5/4
epic start
Zasha the Cat chapter 60 . 5/2
Is Fleur sayinggoodwhen she saysbonne »? Bonne isn’t used like that, so it kind of sounds like she’s describing something or someone (someone she’d referred to with feminine pronouns since bonne is the féminin) as good. It’s a little confusing. I would putbonorbien », but even that doesn’t work great
Inmsodiac chapter 57 . 4/30
It feels really weird to read that it's just about midwinter in Scotland, but the sun is getting up before 7 am. Doesn't the sun rise only at around 8 to 8.30 am in winter in Scotland?
Love the rest of the story BTW, but this detail bothers me.
Steve-Arkarian chapter 89 . 4/28
Harry gives in and then Sirius shows up... ROFL
(I know that didn't happen but it's funny to think about.)
Steve-Arkarian chapter 72 . 4/27
Maybe it will come up later, but, Harry has been to the Room of Requirement numerous times and never tried to call for portraits of the other founders... Will he?
Steve-Arkarian chapter 42 . 4/26
I'm always amused when they use paint thinner on Walburga's portrait. It obviously wouldn't be helpful for stripping or moving particular aspects of a portrait (charm-wise), and I have no idea how you might go about getting rid of her portrait in your story (if it ever gets removed).
Steve-Arkarian chapter 4 . 4/25
The story is good...

But for the last paragraph of this chapter, I don't see the Dursley's EVER allowing anything to do with magic, including magicians who don't actually do magic, to be around their house or them. So, Dudley having a magician out of birthday or something... Odd.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/17
ugh is that stupid focus on the riddle smile really going to be a thing? its a fucking smile...
Christian Schachinger chapter 24 . 3/18
love it so far, thanks for this story. Truly brightens my day (although it robs me of my sleep)
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