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Chris chapter 17 . 6/16
Oh come on. You can't stop there.
Chris chapter 11 . 6/16
I wonder what would take place if The Leewit and Harry met Kimball Kinnison and Clarissa Kinnison (ne MacDougal) of EE Doc Smith's Lensmen series or maybe "Storm" Cloud of the Vortec Blaster set of shorts (which combine into a pretty good novel of the Super Science genre).
Chris chapter 9 . 6/16
Orbital Mechanics can be extremely counter intuitive when you start off. I once figured the orbital velocity of the Moon compared to satellites in geosynchronous and low earth orbits (LEO). I was quite surprised to learn it only has a orbital velocity of about 1600 mph compared to around 18,000 for LEO. I had thought that with the relatively vast distance it has to travel that it would be much faster. Learning that allowed me to understand why accelerating in the direction of your orbital velocity actually slows you down but raises your orbit so things behind you can catch up. Then you decelerate and drop back into the faster orbit and do whatever you needed to do, like maybe docking with a satellite.
Chris chapter 7 . 6/15
Mentioning Dumbledore makes me curious what will happen to Ron and Hermione with him not there. Also what will happen to the Wizarding community. Maybe the Dursleys were in a terrible accident or maybe were attacked by Deatheaters, and are dead?
Chris chapter 5 . 6/15
I wonder what ever happened to Maleen. She seemed to have a thing for the Captain but he ended up with Goth right?
I wonder if Harry will learn to make Vatch hooks. Or wouldn't it be cool if he could actually catch a small one and make a pet out of it, kind of like Xander did with Gaknar in some of the stories. Thinking back, the vatch on a hook idea was pretty well run through by James S. I'd love to have a pet Gaknar. I could make a bundle at haunted house exhibits and Halloween parties.
Chris chapter 2 . 6/14
And now I want to re-read my copy of "Witches of Karres". It's sitting there on top of my copy of James Blish's "Cities in Flight" which is sitting on top of my copy of Heinlein's Expanded Universe.
Bucio chapter 17 . 5/27
A new chapter, where we see The Leewit educating the rest of the crew on how to block themselves from being read by River, first Wash and then Simon, curiously with the mention of the use of Latin, it would be funny if Mal, Zoe and especially Jayne, too knew Latin.

Also seeing Simon read the medical files on The Leewit's Tablet, and with both of them having an idea of how to help Inara (which will earn them Mal's undying gratitude), that and it would be pretty hilarious to see Inara and The Leewit, chatting about their boys, maybe even with Inara teaching her a few things and vice versa.

While at Hogwarts, after Albus' "Heroic" rescue, they arrive at the hospital wing, where Tonks and Madam Pomfrey are, who is amazed at the "changes" in Harry-S (compared to the original), with the Nurse, approving of the interest and knowledge of The Leewit to heal, surprised (her and Dumbledore) that Harry and his friend have a new skeleton, and that he no longer has the scar (advantages of being a clone, apart from the fact that Harry, the original, no longer has that problem), with the Synths easily creating an alibi for their questions, with everyone having lunch, while Albus tries to find out more about Harry's friend; and with the Wizards left terrified and shocked, as Harry-S smoothly reveals how his family treated him, while Leewit continues to plot interesting new forms of revenge against the Dursleys.

Poor Albus, and let McGonagal find out, he gets an "I told you so" because the teacher warned him about the type of people the Dursleys are; or The Leewit-S's reaction, knowing that it was the Headmaster who put Harry there, though refraining from doing anything to him, partly because she still hasn't mastered the original's abilities, and hearing the Headmaster's reasons (and why thanks to that, they, the clone and the original, met Harry), apart from making Tonks swear not to reveal anything she learned about The Boy Who Lived.

On where Albus could put the Synths, perhaps using the original Potter House (since the house where they died, was perhaps just a shelter/hideout), which would give them space to practice (and contact or travel to the Institute, to let them know they're okay and update them on Harry's situation, or even bring in reinforcements, our favorite Synth Sisters, Sally and Linda)

Good luck and keep it up
keichan2 chapter 17 . 5/25
OK… I read the first three paragraphs, then decided to re-read the previous chapter: I obviously didn’t remember it well enough!
It didn’t help, but I had also forgotten about Fawkes taking the clones, so it prevented future bewilderment… ;-p

Thanks for the new chapter!

I hope to read more soon!
Chi Vayne chapter 17 . 5/25
Great to see this continued
Oxnate chapter 17 . 5/25
My favorite part of this was that you had a funny dinosaur scene that didn't just copy and paste Wash's scene. Because we know he must have done that more, but no one else bothers to come up with anything else.
firelordeg chapter 17 . 5/25
thank you for sharing another fantastic chapter as well as for all the time and effort put into this story please continue to update as soon as life allows
CMVreud chapter 17 . 5/25
With the words of some streetwise people: Dis gun' be gud.

And finally some Leewit again. YAAAAY! I missed these two sooooo~ much.
WearyCurmudgeon chapter 17 . 5/25
Why would Dumbledore act surprised when he had Mrs. Figg spying on them and keeping him abreast of the situation?

Also he said in canon; "You had suffered. I knew you would when I left you on your Aunt and Uncle's doorstep. I knew I was condemning you to ten dark and difficult years", combine that with Mrs. Figg's reports...

It might be show-acting to the rest of the crowd (useless vs. The Leewit's empathic abilities), but it's just not feasible that he didn't know.

(In canon Madam Pomphrey should've noticed the malnutrition and other issues when Harry became her patient in 1st Year and reported it to her Boss to take action. Yet nothing was done and Harry got sent back to Durzkaban anyway.)

It requires a level of gullibility and obliviousness to reality that can't be justified for someone who's been in a major political position ever since the end of WW2.

You don't survive in such a spot if you're a brainless moron.

And yes, the skeletal replacement gets a whole new light shone upon it courtesy of the info bomb Synth-Harry just dropped.
Guest chapter 17 . 5/25
I kind of want to see the reactions of Dumbledore co for if/when the original Harry and The Leewit pop in on their others.

Especially since it would allow Harry to get the truth that was hidden from him. I mean, just the reaction of 'sudden twins'.

Also suspect that Pompfrey is going to ask "Is THAT why you had to be treated for severe malnutrition?"
And Harry's reply being along the lines of "Well yeah. Especially as if I didn't do the cooking, cleaning, and gardening I wouldn't get fed. Or if I said something about magic. Or if Dudley blamed me for something he did again."

Just all kinds of lovely alarm bells.

It'd also be kind of funny if the Dursley's had already gotten in a bit of trouble, thinking on it now. Like say a returning networking family that Vernon was doing a meeting dinner with, impress the boss or a client. Whatever. Comments about the meal was 'simpler' or some such, not necessarily insulting even. Bud Dudley just comments something that reveals that the last time they were there, it was 'the freak' doing the cooking. Plus something about it being 'all he was good for' and the like. With some pointed questions about if that was the case, then where was he now?

All kinds of pleasant issues that the Dursley's will not be able to get out of easily.
Joshua the Hand-Written chapter 17 . 5/25
I love it. I sense big things in the future.
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