Reviews for Choices
Mimiyuh chapter 1 . 4/28
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littlemissdelirious chapter 1 . 10/29/2020
Hi! So happy to see a Wicked fic from you! There's so much great introspection here, and it's impressive how much change and growth you were able to depict in such short bursts. I especially liked this line: [Always safely hidden away from the real world, Elphaba challenges her, asks about Galinda's thoughts and opinions and wheedles and pushes until Galinda finds to her great surprise that she has opinions. If asked, she couldn't explain it, but it feels wrong. Dangerous.]

There was also a lot of great description in the first part. The first few paragraphs really play on the senses and it's quite immersive. And I like that, early on, Glinda has to work to restrain herself, and a lot of the habits that make her a good ruler are ones that she's imposed on herself. She was in training to be Glinda the Good her whole life and it's simultaneously inspiring and so, so sad. I also like the shift to referring to her as "Good Witch," then back to Glinda as her emotions overtake her. Great job!