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NateJRyan chapter 2 . 11/29
I love it. Can't wait to see if there's more
MrMateusz chapter 2 . 11/16
Are you going to continue this? The only wolfenstein x doom crossover on fanfiction?
Butcher Squad chapter 2 . 11/9
To Guest 200 Bitch

That's sound like Warhammer 40K overkill style to me and I like it. Think about it. The Nazi did commited a countless genocide on Jewish and many ethnic groups in this timeline. In our timeline, the Nazi kill almost 11 million people including 6 million Jewish. In Wolfenstein, from 1940s all the way to 1980s timeline. I can assume it's gonna be 200-300 million and perhaps more than that due to classify information that they try to hide but Slayer/VEGA and Resistance would recover more Nazi war crimes.

In other words, it's only a matter of times for those nations under Nazi oppression want to give them a real payback. I like the idea of using religion to inspire people around world to rise up and kill Nazi without fear. Make it a holy crusade. Why not? Slayer and VEGA reveal to the whole world that Demon of Hell is real and Nazi sign the contract with the demons in order to win the war in exchange for consuming Earth. Like you said. Any true Christian or other religions around the world will see this action as a total betrayal of all humanity. The only punishable for the Nazi including their collaborators is death(purge the heretic in 40K style).

For the German, once they learn the truth about the Demon and Nazi war crimes. It will lead to a civil war. They will start to overthrown their leader in order to save their nation before situation get escalated. They don't want to fight Doom Slayer, get nuke by Allied or become part of Aryan Demonic Cultists. And trust me my friend. The Fuhrer is stubborn enough to open the portal to hell as a last resort when losing in World War 3 against the Allied and Doom Slayer. Once the apocalypse has started. Million of German would be kill and get caught in a crossfire between Nazi, Demon, and Allied.

This payback would create a deeper scar and great shameful for million of generation to all German races no matter how much they try to ask forgiveness from people around the world or try redeem themselves. It would be total destruction of Germany both culture and everything they have built. All vanished from the brink of an eyes. Millions are death. Infrastructure reduce to rubble. People around world call them a demon race. Discrimination to extreme point.

But yeah. This is what I would expect how story would be.
Guest 200 Bitch chapter 2 . 11/8
To Guest

I don't want to see any innocent German civilians be killed. Doom Slayer, BJ and Resistance won't hurt German civilians off course(as long as they don't do anything stupid). However, I'm afraid in this alternate timeline of Wolfenstein it will be those other nations under Nazi occupation that want some payback(kill for justice). German civilians still going to be a victim(get caught in the crossfire) in this timeline either they feel guilty or not for supporting Nazi holocaust or help summoning demons for consuming Earth. Remember when I talk about Christian Pope declared Nazi and German race as an heretic for summoning and worshipping demons for helping them win WW2? A possibility that Christian Pope would broadcast and use propaganda to make people uprising and overthrown Nazi regime, especially in Europe. This is where the scariest part begin. People would start attacking Nazi soldiers, Gestapo, and even German civilians/businessman that travel abroad without hesitation or fear. They will grab whatever they can find(guns, knife, molotov) and start killing them. No mercy. No pity. No holding back. Destroy their factory. Destroy their shop. Destroy their property. Breakthrough every concentration camps to free all the slaves. That's enough the hurt the Nazi.

For example:
Resistance in Europe
"You kill my family and destroy my country. The Pope said that killing Nazi will make me go to heavens. Guess what? He was right. You're not a true Christian, you damn Aryans piece of shit. You're just a demon in human disguise try to act tough. Hey. Look at me. "Gun point" Look at me demon! Don't ask me for forgiveness. That's God job. But sending you to him is up to me. "Bang!" Next!

Russian Resistance
"Use flamethrower for public execution" Burn the heretic!

Australian Resistance
"Machete cut SS officer head off" Demon cunt!

Chinese Resistance
Nationalist Army: We successfully destroy those damn gun on our Great Wall of China. Those German Demons would be very piss off right now but it help us gain more people.

Will Japan become demonic cultists since they also facist?
For Japan, if demons was able to manipulate Emperor. The demon will grant him a power(and perhaps immortality) and we all know what happen next. The Emperor might transform into something like Davoth with Mech Samurai Suit but more evil. With Japan is under demon control. Opening a portal of hell in Japan would be easy. It will be Hell on Japan. Million of Japanese would be kill or transform into a mindless zombie and demons. Slayer would have to fight his way to destroy the portal and kill this Demon Emperor for good before things get escalated.
Arms Dealer chapter 2 . 10/28
How to kill Nazi(in ):

Shotgun Shell witj Meat hook
Micro Missile and Heavy Cannon
Plasma Heat Blast
Frag Grenade
BFG9000(100,000 Nazi in one room)

Glory Kills
Stomp their head
Rip off their spine
Break their arm(and bones) and stab it in the mouth
Break their neck
Blood Punch
Crack their skull
Rip off their limbs
Doom Blade

Last resort (if Nazi become demons)
Russian Overkill(kill anything on sight)
YamiYugiYuki chapter 2 . 10/4
Ah this is wonderful. I have played through the first two stages ( before you get the cannon) of Doom Eternal and I have to say it's very cathartic. Cant wait to find out what happens next. I love these cross overs they are always a treat
Guest chapter 2 . 9/21
To Guest 200 Bitch

I highly doubt that both the Slayer and VEGA will like having the entire world to be so prejudice against the entire German country? Sure, the FRICKIN Nazis deserve to be hated and get brutally killed. But, what about the German Citizens or even SOME soldiers actually didn't like or have nothing to do with the Nazi's sinful actions?

And I highly doubt that they will like the demons either. So, the Slayer/VEGA should tell the world that they shouldn't let them be too blind by prejudice that they actually kill the innocent germans. Because, they could be no better than the evil nazis or demons themselves if they attack the innocent ones.

I'm not defending the FRICKIN Nazis or the Demons. They will still be Rip and Teared for their sins. Just don't want the actual innocent germans to get hit in the cross fire!
Guest 200 Bitch chapter 2 . 9/16
Since Nazi make alliance with Demons. Slayer have many good reason to rip and tear every Nazi and send them all to hell. (Kill Nazi and they were reborn as demon and be kill again by Slayer)

There's a possibility that Nazi might start Hell on Earth by opening the portal in Berlin, Germany if they couldn't stop Slayer. Oh great. What an idiot. So that mean, Nazi would bring destruction toward Earth. With millions (perhaps billions if it get escalated) has been killed by demons thanks to Nazi opening a portal connected to Hell. I mean the Nazi have already kill a lot of people in this timeline (holocaust). And now they're helping demons to consume this Earth.

What would happen if VEGA and Slayer revealed the whole world about Nazi and demon from hell to the public?
It will make the whole world shock and awe. I think the whole country of Germany would be called Satanic nation. Any Christian will never accept German and the Nazi. The Christian Pope or any extreme religion around world would declared Nazi and the whole German race as a heretic. They must be purge thanks to their foolish action. We gonna see more Anti-Nazi movement. And the worst part? We going to see Allied soldiers shot any German civilians try to flee from demon because they think they're demon in human disguise. Dress like Nazi? Demon. Speak German? Demon. Killing Jewish? Demon. Calling yourself Aryan? Demon. Wearing swastikas? Demon.

Are we going to see people around the while want some payback with Nazi?
The Nazi did make a lot of enemies. I can see many countries want to set a score with Nazi for the destruction of Earth especially USA, Soviet Union, China, Poland, UK, France and the rest of the world.

Germany is this timeline would face a huge problem and humiliation and guilt for the rest of their lives. Not only they're responsible for killing millions of Jewish and other ethic group. They're also responsible for demonic invasion. People around the world would never forgive Nazi and Germany for what they did. We going to see people continue discriminate and insulting German. For example, Nazi Demon, Reich Demon, Facist Demon, Aryran Demon, German Demon and so on.

Will Japan also be the next target?
If Slayer find out that Emperor also make alliance with demon. He will travel to Japan and kill this fake God Emperor for good.
Zhorvak chapter 2 . 9/10
Man I have to say, of all writers I've seen on this site, you are the best when writing VEGA's dialogue, character and personality
Rose rich 2002 chapter 1 . 8/26
Man your doom fanfics are the best
Guest chapter 2 . 5/14
Please update
Guest chapter 2 . 2/5
Even if the slayer kept it a secret BJ would realise how similar two are and how similar two look
Guest chapter 2 . 2/3
As for the preator suit

There’s actually a doom eternal alt skin that looks more like the 2016 suit, but with the arm blade and shoulder canon attached, so I’m imagining this slayer looking like that
Guest chapter 2 . 2/3
I’ve had a fun idea for a scene in a crossover like this

Doomguy should give one of his slayer dolls to max Hauss, I feel like that’s just be a really sweet moment, and it seems like something the slayer would do
superpierce chapter 2 . 2/3
glad to see this updated great chapter.
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