Reviews for Cicadas' Night Parade
Isae chapter 12 . 1/12
Nice, more Kanbei and Rika banter. "Mii..." "Stop doing that. You don't sound cute. You're like forty years old." LOL

Is this Natsumi Natsumi or Rena Natsumi?

First Rule S, now Rule T. I wonder what the logic behind the rule letters is.
Isae chapter 11 . 1/4
I guess Rika isn't his mom, then. I'm looking forward to seeing more of their interactions, though.

Cyborg ninja, huh? Can't say I saw that coming, but it should be interesting.
Isae chapter 10 . 12/30/2020
Ah, some good old-fashioned holiday incest. And I guess Keiichi killed Teppei at some point?

Don't have much else to say yet, but it was nice getting a glimpse into Satoshi's psyche.
Isae chapter 8 . 12/22/2020
Well, that happened.

Ah okay, so she's Satoshi and Shion's daughter. And the old woman IS Rika? She shouldn't be that old though...

I wonder if you're going to gift us with another holiday surprise. Pull a Ryukishi and ruin Christmas.
Isae chapter 7 . 11/28/2020
"We're better than this." Well, referring to yourself as 'we' is always a good sign.

This seems to actually be Shion. So what happened to the real Mion? Maybe Mion really is Kanbei's mom. Or the child's mom, if it wasn't Kanbei.

I guess Rika should be showing up pretty soon.
Taiboss chapter 7 . 11/26/2020
Well, Kanbei seems like a happy man.

Two chapters in one day for me, woot! You're doing great!

So Kanbei might or might not be the actual son of Keiichi (who still might be Mion's son, because screw "erased mom's indentity"). Question then is what happened to true Kanbei, if Kanbei was taken in by Satoshi and grommed to enact revenge on Mion for... idk, killing Shion? She doesn't seem to exist so far, maybe you've got the split personality thing going on. Also poses the question that thing happened if "there was no incident". Did Satoshi frame Keiichi? If so, how?

In any case, we now know that Kanbei and his still-unnamed GF suffer from throat-scratching-disease, whatever name it has here. He's been taking pills, but it doesn't seem to be working that much. Still think revealing her identity would reveal something big, but not sure what...
Taiboss chapter 6 . 11/26/2020
Miyuki :D I'm glad I have so much influence over a writer as good as you. Seeing her as a femme fatale who sexually assaults Kanbei is... weirdly great. Though, isn't it unethical for the prosecution and the leading investigator to be a couple? I wonder if that bites him in the ass later.

So, is the black-haired girl supposed to be Rika? If not, who else...

And Kabei is having weird revelations... Hmm, is he gonna think he was played? Not quite sure, I'm expecting a mean twist soon...
Isae chapter 5 . 11/23/2020
Okay, so Keiichi isn't dead, just in prison. And I knew Satoshi was shady.

So did the Sonozakis make Makana dye her hair green? It's kind of an amusing thought.

I'm interested to see the results of the trial, although things are obviously not going to end well for Kanbei no matter what the ruling is.
Taiboss chapter 5 . 11/22/2020
Well that was depressing.

The very negative portrayal of the Sonozakis is nothing new for you, but watching Gou, it makes one wonder what exactly the Sonozakis do in canon. Are they really only the owners of Okinomiya?

I didn't catch how old Manaka is supposed to be, but I know children in the court is a bad thing. I got serious McMartin preschool trial vibes here. Also chucked at classic American terms like "Your Honor", a term that got imported into German as a loan translation, despite not being what judges are called in German.

Your naming order is also inconsistent... Is this a thing you would turn into a clue or not...

So Keiichi is apparently still alive, just in a prison cell because, in Kanbei's eyes, a crime he didn't commit. Wonder what that was. Also rip Mion is Kanbei's mom hypothesis. Well, to be fair it's only Manaka who said that, so who knows.

Also, I only read the summary now, so now I'm very interested in how Rika starts figuring into this. Guess Kanbei loses the trial and full of despair gets a chance, after which the next chapter starts.

No more thoughts, sadly. I wish I could speculate more, but so much is muddy as hell so far.
Isae chapter 4 . 11/15/2020
I'm guessing the fact that blonde girl's name never came up is going to turn out to be important, whether it's because she's related to someone we know, or if it's a name Kanbei would recognize.

Also, the Yatagarasu is a time traveler, just because.
Taiboss chapter 4 . 11/14/2020
Oh wow, I forgot to review this until I got the notification for this chapter. Next chapter I'll try to do them on a chapter-per-chapter basis.

So, eh, yeah. What is there to say? We have Kanbei, presumed son of Keiichi, having inherited his charm (I still love his harem in Kyon: Big Damn Hero) and also to some extent his sense of justice. But well, only to some extent. Still think that Mion's his mother, but who knows

Now the question so far is: did we start out differently, or was there canon divergence? Because Rena and Rika's abscene so far do pose some questions on their whereabouts. Satoko and Satoshi seem to be there in one-piece, and Satoshi seems to have experienced one or two or three traumas if we assume he once was Canon!Satoshi, else he would not be as jaded. As for Satoko, hard to say who Sayaka's daddy is- maybe it's that guy from like the end of II, or maybe it was someone new. Or maybe it's Keiichi. Mion (or Shion as Mion) meanwhile seemed to have also gone down a bad path with her seemingly being an untouchable, actual gangster boss. The line that she ruined Keiichi's life, apparently in a publicly known case, seems to imply for me that she drove him to suicide, which would justify a thirst for revenge.

Now I have a hunch blonde girl will not disappear quietly, nor do I believe the person under the hood of anime batman (I refuse to call him anything else. Blame Code Ment) is someone we don't know. I feel like we're still too early to make actual hypothesis, my speculation could change every chapter.

Now we still are in Chapter 1 and we know from part 1 that Kanbei getting the photo is a rule. So the next few Chapters are worlds where he goes down a different path, maybe? Maybe doesn't become a prosecutor, but investigates the thing on his own? Also other perspectives? Sayaka should be teenage age or so by 2016, so maybe we'll get her as a focal character soon.

Also the marriage with Nana broke apart. :( She was dumb, yes, but her chemisty for Kanbei was funny.

Anyway, that's it for now. You'll get more rambley speculation next chapter.
Isae chapter 3 . 11/11/2020
So Kanbei is screwing every (blonde) girl in sight and dying internally. That sounds about right.

Oh, it's Miyuki. I wonder if she's going to be important? You said you don't like to use her much though.

This Satoshi scares me.
Isae chapter 1 . 11/6/2020
I see we’re doing bite-sized chapters this time. It’s probably for the best.

This disoriented but excited feeling of starting a new Cicadas story is always nice. If this is the last in the series, then I guess it’s the last time, though.

“The difficulty is below average.” Good, then I might have a chance.

“Shirakawa-go” Is this Hinamizawa with another name change, or do they both exist here? (After all, the VN bafflingly made it sound like they both existed.)

Okay, so Kanbei is Keiichi’s son with a mystery mom. Rena? Rika? Anyway, I love him already. And he’s under the care of his “uncle” Satoshi and is studying law. Keiichi was killed (?) by Mion for unknown reasons and Kanbei wants to get the truth out of her. ...I guess.

Cicadas makes me wish this site had a highlight function so I could highlight stuff that might be important later...