Reviews for Julie and the Phantoms one shots
Spirit Week chapter 13 . 11/27
at Los Feliz High School in the Hallway near the Lockers .

Carrie Wilson was handing out Posters Flyers that her Group is performing

That Next Day at Spirit Rally .

later that day after Carrie Wilson was handing out Flyers out to everyone

but Elena wasn't invited to Carrie Wilson's Spirit Rally .
Movie Premire chapter 12 . 11/27
at Julie's House .

Flynn had an Update on the Movie Premire is coming up at

Miami Beach Club Red Carpet Premire .

Austin Moon booked the Limo to pick them up from Juile's Driveway .

later at Julie's House the Personal Driver Pulled up at Julie's front

of her Mother's Studio and the Girls got Dressed into their Brand new

Sparkling outfits to go into their Special Limo to go to Miami

to play their Music at the beach Club
Music Premire chapter 11 . 11/27
at Los Felix High School in the Hallway in the Lockers .

Elena Gilbert was handing out the Music Premire Poster Flyers to Everyone in the Halls .

Elena was Exitced to go the Music Video Premire in Paris .

but Elena and Caroline went over to Julie's House to get Ready to go to Paris

to Walk down the Red Carpet
Following A chapter 10 . 11/27
one Morning at Julie's House .

with the Ghost band was sitting down at the Table eatng their Lunch

they had Streamed Dim Sims and Fried Chips with Hashbrowns .

later Elena was sitting on the Couch with Caroline still half Sleep .

when Alex Mecer and Reggie Peters with Luke Patterson

were walking towards the Couch to Watch Tv

but the Volume got Loud

and Basted The Ears Drums .

to wake Caroline and Elena because they were watching the News on the Tv

because it Said
( there was a Car Drove over the Wickery Bridge
last year on May 23'rd where Elena's Parent's had Drowned near old Miller Road

later Elena's Adoptive dad Grayson told Stefan to save Elena's Life and Mistaking her For Her Doppleganger Katherine Pierce)

later after Elena and Caroline was wake and watching

the last moments when Elena's Parents Died .

at Julie's House .

Elena almost told them about the Moment Between Her and Ian

but she Didn't tell them Everything about the Kiss between Her and Ian .

Flynn arrived at Julie's House to book a Flight to Hawaii to Relaxe .

and Flynn got the First Flight for Elena and Julie to Hawaii for Vacation .

later Reggie Peters said that they want to go to Hawaii with the Girls

but Julie and Flynn with Elena and Caroline to have a Spa Day with the Girls

in Hawaii
Spirit Week chapter 9 . 11/27
at Julie's House in the Living Room .

when Julie was getting Sleeping Bags for the Girls

because they were Staying in the Guest Room Flynn got their Beds ready

for the Girls Sleepover at Julie's house .

later at Juile's Mother's Studio .

Elena goes to their to sit down on the Couch .

and Elena walks over the loft to Grab the Sunset Curve Demo CD

and she walks towards the Stereo and puts the Cd in to listen

but something gets a lot Strange until the Cute Ghost appear into the Studio .

later Julie sees Elena in her Mother's Studio .

Elena later sees the Band in the Studio

because Elena grabs her phone to Search that Sunset Curve

Died in 1995 when they were 17 in Hollywood Club Scene .
Beach Party chapter 8 . 11/27
at Julie's House in the Living room .

Caroline Forbes and Flynn Taylor were

talking about what music to play at the Beach Party at Miami

back at the Austin and Ally's Music Factory .

Trish de la rosa the Manager Books a GiG at their Beach Shack

when the Guest Arriving at the Beach Shack walking from the Stairs

including Julie Molina and Flynn Taylor got the Projector to flash in the Ghost to perform
on labor day chapter 7 . 11/27
at Los Felix High School in the Halls near the lockers .

Julie and Flynn made Bunch of Posters Flylers for

Celebration of Sunset Curve Band got another Recoring Deal at Miami

because their Manager Flynn brought them Tickets to Miami

for the Christmas Bash Party
Music Tour chapter 6 . 11/27
at Los Felix High School in the Hallway Near the Lockers .

Julie Molina and Caroline Forbes was made Fylers for the Upcoming Music Tour

for Sunset Curve and Julie was Paractiing the Songs from Their Set list

for their upcoming Music Tour in Miami and then Toronto

and then Julie went up to her room to get ready for their upcoming Music Tour
Following A chapter 5 . 11/26
at Los Felix High School in the Hallway Near their Lockers .

Julie and Caroline were planning a Stakeout Party to Celebrate the Band

their First Gig at Georgina Sparks's New Mansion at Miami Beach Club .

later at Julie's house ( Selecting Music list )
World Tour chapter 3 . 11/26
at Julie's House in Los Angeles .

Before the World Tour Whlie Julie and Flynn were getting ready for their

biggest time of their Lives on the Road .

but Caroline Forbes and Carrie wilson were Booking a Tour Bus with Bunkbeds

where Julie and Flynn both had they own Bunkbed .

and as for Sunset Curve Ghost Band were also had their own Bunkbed as well .
Music Awards chapter 2 . 11/26
later at Julie's House in los Angeles .

Julie and her Sunset Curve Band where making a Music Board to write down

their best hits Songs on the music Dart Board .

Julie wrote her best Number one hit Song called Wake Up

That her Mother wanted her to play on the Piano
Movie Party chapter 1 . 11/26
at Los Felix High School in the Hallway near the Lockers .

Julie and Flynn made Flyers to have a group the at the Hollywood Themed Movie Party

at Georgina Sparks 's New Mansion House .

later at los Felix High School in the Hallway near the Lockers .

Carrie Wilson is Georgina Sparks's new Friend

because Carrie used to be Friends with Caroline and Julie with Elena and Flynn
Guest chapter 18 . 5/27
Schreibst du noch mehr von julie and the phantoms?
Guest chapter 12 . 5/27
Bis jetzt ist jedes Kapitel super, mach weiter so
Guest chapter 16 . 5/26
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