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ManwithaPlan113 chapter 6 . 2/7/2021
And so the adventure continues! And soon we shall see the Blades...what’s left of them anywya
ManwithaPlan113 chapter 5 . 1/29/2021
And so the story continues and our favorite angel boi here is going to shake Skyrim to its core
ManwithaPlan113 chapter 1 . 1/29/2021
This is where the fun begins

Todd has done it again. He’s sold Skyrim to the Primarchs that crazy bastard
Cegorach chapter 5 . 1/28/2021
"They both dragon-gods"
[Angry Void Dragon noises echo in the distance]
E chapter 5 . 1/20/2021
I like this. I don't know how you plan to incorporate 40k into the backstory of TES, you know with the fairly defined way time in TES works. I assume Saguinius is just an unreliable narrator on tbis front, and we're in another dimension that's just closely tied. That's what makes the most sense to me. Maybe you'll keep it ambiguous. That could work well too. I think I'm alright with shouts being fairly similar to gameplay appearance at first, as I've always rationalized the discrepancy between lore description and gameplay when it comes to the Thu'um as you get to the lore levels of power over time and training, or that the power is consciously determined every use (so Unrelenting Force could just knock someone over, or it could flatten a city). Sanguinius is already fairly powerful, but it would still be awesome for him to really go all out with the voice at somepoint. Maybe personally learn the why behind the restraint the Greybeards practice. Though, to be fair, he's not some rookie adventurer, so he's probably already got a lot of that experience.
Guest chapter 5 . 1/19/2021
FlameDaemon0 chapter 5 . 1/19/2021
loving it so far man keep going
Varvasnukka chapter 4 . 12/6/2020
Honestly a primarch, and Sanguinius at that, is just ridicilously op for skyrim, but this has most certainly been interesting so far. Will definitely keep my eye on it.
Guest chapter 4 . 11/29/2020
E chapter 4 . 11/29/2020
Alright, finished. Didn't see anything else that could be construed as erroneous. I think I've adapted to the way everyone treats him, so that doesn't really bother me anymore. And upon review of some interactions with him in 40k canon, your style is pretty in line with that.
I also think his internal dilemma with divinity is pretty well written too, feels like how he'd react. Especially after the Heresy. I like the bolding on words in the dragon tongue too, adds some power to them.
As a side note, long chapters are great. You're not prone to writing massive, heart-stopping paragraphs, so it's not a slog to read through more words. If you write more per chapter in the future, I'll be happy.
Overall, good shit.
I await more, as always.
E chapter 4 . 11/29/2020
Quick mid chapter note so I don't forget: I'm fairly certain Horus did not have any ranged weaponry equipped during the fight aboard his ship with Sanguinius. I've checked his wargear and I only see his maul, power-claw, and armor. If he did have a ranged weapon, it would probably be a wrist mounted bolter or otherwise, very unlikely to be a stubber of anykind as far as I would assume. Bolters have small rocket propelled grenades as rounds, so they'd detonate instead of just remaining as a slug inside Sanguinius' body. I only mention, because it seems like Sanguinius is specifically stating that the shot came from Horus, which is were my confusion stems from. Either I've forgotten a piece of his wargear, which is entirely possible, or you have it in there for the thematic representation instead of accuracy. If that latter is the case, and you'd still like for a bullet to be lodged in him but you would like to be more lore-accurate, you could say one it's an injury sustained earlier from another traitor. Not really a big issue or anything, just figure I should point it out in case you missed it.
E chapter 4 . 11/29/2020
You're completely right, pretty much everything was off the top of my head and I obviously paid for it. It's obvious I should brush up.
I wasn't attempting to talk down or anything, just trying to hit some of the general points as I didn't know how familiar you were. I figured either you wouldn't be in the know and you'd go check out the wikis for some fun reading, or you'd be better versed than me. I was pleasantly surprised.
This is just in response to the A/N, now I'm actually going to read the chapter.
Someguy the anon chapter 4 . 11/29/2020
oh so everyone doesn't get boned by Mr. Red Chicken? that's good
Lilacs chapter 1 . 11/23/2020
Pog story bro love your prose real sexc of you to write this 3
OwO chapter 1 . 11/23/2020
damn ówò, thiws iws gweat so faw. I'd juwst advise uwu'we vewy vewy cawefuw with magic awnd teh thuwum. I down't know how much of teh TES wowe uwu know, but magic awnd teh thuwum iws extwemewy powewfuw in TES. Wike, wowwd destwuction wevew of powew. Skywim, teh gawme, does a tewwibwe job of showing thiws. In teh gawme, unwewenting fowce, used by teh dwagonbown, cawn knock ovew sowme dudes. In teh wowe, uwu wouwd bwow off teh top of a mountain. Whewn Miwaak awnd Kohnawiik fought fow Tamwiew in teh fiwst age, i bewieve iwt was, they wewe so expwosive in theiw powew as they cwashed thawt they sepawated teh continent of tamwiew awnd made teh iswand sowstheim. Magic cawn, in sowme cases, be awmost as powewfuw ow mowe. Ovewaww, i'm juwst saying down't have sanguwuinus stomp evewything. Thewe awe pwenty of peopwe awnd beings who couwd *vewy* easiwy kiww him even though he's a pwimawch. Teh avewage sowdiew pwobabwy won't duwu much of anything, but thawt dwagon shouwd have bewn much mowe of a chawwenge fow him, uwu know as iwt's a demi-god, immowtaw chiwd of the god of time. If uwu wawnt a bettew wepwesentation wowe wise of how scawy awnd powewfuw dwagons awe fow nowmaw sowdiews, check out how they'we shown in the ewdew scwowws onwine. Uwu weawwy need an awmy tuwu kiww juwst owne, ow an expewienced dwagonbown. Skywim juwst makes iwt easiew tuwu kiww thewm because gamepway mechanics, iwt's nowt vewy wowe fwiendwy, even tuwu how teh wowe thawt cowmes fwom skywim awone descwibes thewm. I cawn see thiws dwagon being suwpwised by sanguinus awnd thewefowe the fight went easiew, but in teh futuwe pwease pwease PWEASE with a chewwy on top make thewm mowe of a thweat. Uwu've bewn good abouwt sanguinus' canonicaw abiwities so i'd appweciate iwt if uwu duwu teh same fow TES univewse. If uwu have gaps in youw knowwedge, check out teh wiki. They'we supew infowmative. I'd say a genewaw wuwe fow powew scawing uwu couwd fowwow iws thawt youw avewage pewson shouwd pose wittwe tuwu no thweat tuwu sanguinus, anyone with a wittwe magic couwd technicawwy hawm him but sanguinus iws pwobabwy going tuwu be good enough at combat tuwu avoid iwt, any enemy with the voice couwd easiwy kiww him if he doesn't take iwt sewiouswy, any weawwy powewfuw magic usew iws awso a sewious thweat, a dwemowa of any kind iws genewawwy woughwy equivawent tuwu youw avewage daemon, awnd a powewfuw non-wowd daedwa iws wike a daemon pwince, whiwe daedwic pwinces awe equivawent tuwu fighting a chaos god (witewawwy impossibwe fow someone wike sanguinus). I'd say thawt's a faiw scawing fow the avewage case with saguinus *at thiws moment*. If akatosh has awso gwanted him teh thuwum as iws impwied, he'ww be as cwose tuwu a god as hiws fathew iws by teh end of the stowy as he'ww essentiawwy be a divine. He couwd awso get weaw powewfuw easiwy by getting powewfuw awtifacts ow by weawning magic based own aethewius, which iws a cwean awnd safew (souw wise) awtewnative tuwu wawp magic, but no wess capabwe of being powewfuw. Maybe uwu even have him mantwe tawos wike iwt's impwied iws happening in skywim fow the nowmaw pwayew chawactew awnd he wetuwns tuwu the impewium an actuaw god. Thawt wouwd be awesome. I shouwd say, too, i'm TOTAWWY nowt twying tuwu wwite youw stowy fow uwu, juwst twying tuwu give uwu sowme (BETTEW) ideas fow being wowe accuwate shouwd uwu wawnt tuwu UwU. Feew fwee tuwu ignowe me awnd make whatevew uwu wawnt canon, i'ww pwobabwy juwst enjoy iwt wess.
aside fwom wwiting suggestions, gotta say i wove how the stowy iws wwitten so faw. How peopwe think abouwt sanguinus iws a wittwe uncomfowtabwe at times, as iwt seems wike gwown men become chiwdwen in fwont of him. Nowt juwst in the humbwed way, wike seeing someone so obviouswy pewfect wike him wouwd duwu, but wike they get aww affectionate awnd tweat him wike theiw dad hsjskssdjskkene ebejui sorry gimmie a second. Juwst something abouwt how wawof acted was odd tuwu me, seemed a wittwe ovew done. Nowt weawwy a huge pwobwem, but iwt juwst seemed oddwy intimate fow how thiws stowy iws tagged. I weawwy did wike sanguinus' chawactewization awnd the diawog though, iwt was vewy wepwesentative of juwst how awe inspiwing he iws. Had juwst the wight amount of cuwtuwe shock tuwu be vewy entewtaining.
ovewaww, i'm intewested tuwu wead mowe. I saw a chaptew 4 thawt might be upwoading as of now, but i'ww wait awnd see if mowe cowmes out soon.
untiw then, i await mowe, as awways. Wait, what duwu uwu mean, "gay peopwe" õwõ?
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