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Lady of Ultramar chapter 3 . 11/18/2020
Love it! Can't wait for more!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/14/2020
Great story so far!
E chapter 3 . 11/13/2020
Damn, this is great so far. I'd just advise you're very very careful with magic and the thu'um. I don't know how much of the TES lore you know, but magic and the Thu'um is extremely powerful in TES. Like, world destruction level of power. Skyrim, the game, does a terrible job of showing this. In the game, Unrelenting Force, used by the Dragonborn, can knock over some dudes. In the lore, you would blow off the top of a mountain. When Miraak and Kohnariik fought for Tamriel in the first age, I believe it was, they were so explosive in their power as the clashed that they separated the continent of Tamriel and made the island Solstheim. Magic can, in some cases, be almost as powerful or more. Overall, I'm just saying don't have Sanguinus stomp everything. There are plenty of people and beings who could *very* easily kill him even though he's a Primarch. The average soldier probably won't do much of anything, but that dragon should have been much more of a challenge for him, you know as it's a demi-god, immortal child of the God of Time. If you want a better representation lore wise of how scary and powerful dragons are for normal soldiers, check out how they're shown in The Elder Scrolls Online. You really need an army to kill just one, or an experienced Dragonborn. Skyrim just makes it easier to kill them because gameplay mechanics, it's not very lore friendly, even to how the lore that comes from Skyrim alone describes them. I can see this dragon being surprised by Sanguinus and therefore the fight went easier, but in the future please make them more of a threat. You've been good about Sanguinus' canonical abilities so I'd appreciate it if you do the same for TES universe. If you have gaps in your knowledge, check out the wiki. They're super informative. I'd say a general rule for power scaling you could follow is that your average person should pose little to no threat to Sanguinus, anyone with a little magic could technically harm him but Sanguinus is probably going to be good enough at combat to avoid it, any enemy with the Voice could easily kill him if he doesn't take it seriously, any really powerful magic user is also a serious threat, a dremora of any kind is generally roughly equivalent to your average daemon, and a powerful non-lord Daedra is like a Daemon Prince, while Daedric Princes are equivalent to fighting a Chaos God (literally impossible for someone like Sanguinus). I'd say that's a fair scaling for the average case with Saguinus *at this moment*. If Akatosh has also granted him the Thu'um as is implied, he'll be as close to a God as his Father is by the end of the story as he'll essentially be a Divine. He could also get real powerful easily by getting powerful artifacts or by learning magic based on Aetherius, which is a clean and safer (soul wise) alternative to warp magic, but no less capable of being powerful. Maybe you even have him Mantle Talos like it's implied is happening in Skyrim for the normal player character and he returns to the Imperium an actual God. That would be awesome. I should say, too, I'm not trying to write your story for you, just trying to give you some ideas for being lore accurate should you want to. Feel free to ignore me and make whatever you want canon, I'll probably just enjoy it less.
Aside from writing suggestions, gotta say I love how the story is written so far. How people think about Sanguinus is a little uncomfortable at times, as it seems like grown men become children in front of him. Not just in the humbled way, like seeing someone so obviously perfect like him would do, but like they get all affectionate and treat him like their dad. Just something about how Ralof acted was odd to me, seemed a little over done. Not really a huge problem, but it just seemed oddly intimate for how this story is tagged. I really did like Sanguinus' characterization and the dialog though, it was very representative of just how awe inspiring he is. Had just the right amount of culture shock to be very entertaining.
Overall, I'm interested to read more. I saw a chapter 4 that might be uploading as of now, but I'll wait and see if more comes out soon.
Until then, I await more, as always.
Guest chapter 3 . 11/13/2020
Great story so far! Well writen and with few errors, the third chapter is almost unreadable due to the software gore, otherwise great story (guessing that it was a problem with the site and not the author).
LuckyLambda chapter 3 . 11/15/2020
please keep this up, this was a fantastic read
Grocamol chapter 2 . 11/14/2020
Gotta say, this is turning out to be pretty good
a sanguinary gaurd chapter 3 . 11/14/2020
this is a fun story
MuffledCornet chapter 3 . 11/13/2020
I wonder how the glorious hawkboy will react to him being considered the son of Akatosh
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