Reviews for Harry Potter and The Demon Empress
Diamantes1 chapter 1 . 7/20
Can you write the first option please? The one with WBWL and Harry's twin sister one?
IbisFighter chapter 1 . 7/7
Harry getting multiple wives? I'm done with this story, feels like a parody. Get laid and keep the hormones out of the fic
Guest chapter 22 . 6/28
I like pansy’s reaction and their deal.
subhogue chapter 11 . 6/21
Gonna be honest, not feeling this story that much. When you title a story Harry Potter and... usually the reader expects Harry to be the primary main character. Maybe I just haven't read far enough yet, but that isn't really the case with Harry taking up more of a secondary role.
EricFreak chapter 22 . 6/20
A fun chapter thanks
Azure-hearted chapter 1 . 6/19
I’m sorry to say this but, a lot of the tropes your using are cringe worthy, but not all is lost, your ox character unbalances the plot. And by doing what you have done with Harry further unbalances the other aspects oft the plot
Paxloria chapter 22 . 6/15
Thanks for the new chapter, I'd been waiting for a long time.
This is my favorite of your stories!
Stratos263 chapter 22 . 6/15
Good luck Nazarick
Guest chapter 22 . 6/13
I would like to see a one-shot of Galadriel in DxD
Tito Sixot chapter 22 . 6/14
thx for the chapter3
Malhavoc Shadowlord chapter 22 . 6/14
Can't wait to watch Umbridge poke Galadriel and draw back a bloody stump.
david.teague.3950 chapter 22 . 6/14
Hey Pauly, I got a question/idea for you. Once you're done with this story or maybe even Harry Potter The Demon Who Lived, maybe you could do a different HP/Overlord story one where Mysterious magic makes it so that Harry is able to be in Yggdrasil when he's asleep, makes friends with Ainz Ooal Gown, and during his time there he gets a free Gatcha which allows him to create 4 NPCs. Since he can't join the Ainz guild, he gets help creating his own NPCs from them. How you develop them is up to you, personally I'd make them all be corrupted Sailor Scouts: Mercury the most beautiful imo, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus. Harry's Race is Demon maybe Incubus but he has skills with healing, resurrection, and crafting for Potions. When Yggdrasil shuts down, Harry is back in his world, but with his job class powers, and his NPCs, let loose the Kittens of War.
Spacemonkey777 chapter 22 . 6/14
I can imagine Galadriel walking her upcoming Hogwards army through the Gate into Nazarick 1st floor where they would get hands-on practical training battling untold armies of Undead. Then once they are proficient enough walk them through Floors 2-7 with increasing difficulty having thousands of Nazarick's monsters fight and/or spar with kids as they are more and more entrenched into the realization that something is seriously HORRIFYING going on with the Nazarick Family as monsters likes of which should exist in a mortal realm growel at Galadriel's feet before obeying her orders like happy puppets. Especially once the likes of Gargantua starts throwing boulders at them and kids that die get resurrected on a whim using 10th Tier True Ressurection from a dog-headed maid with resting breaks in between on something called Floor 8 Outdoor Baths before swearing allegiance at 9th Floor Throne Room with hundreds of level 80 monsters present like Ainz did to Jircniv in Light Novels!
4Alucard chapter 22 . 6/13
Short but sweet. Hope to see more and I am looking forward to that one shot
blazes207 chapter 22 . 6/13
I don't know who I want to fight Voldemort out of galadriel or Harry. this story is so good. thanks for the update
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