Reviews for To See You Smile
Batmarcus chapter 11 . 1/21
What a sweet ending! Also, didn't expect that daughter...daughters? Anyways great ending is it bad I sort of want to know what happens to Reis friend now though she's entertaining.

Great work!
Capo chapter 11 . 1/21
Nechroz chapter 11 . 1/21
Well thanks for writing this story which was quite a good trip If I am allowed go say it
WrighteousRighter chapter 11 . 1/21
A short and sweet story. Also, you might wanna be more specific at your ending AN there. I nearly thought it was Shoto.
Savageverse chapter 11 . 1/21
Or you could do an epilog
The Doc K chapter 11 . 1/21
This was lovely, thank you for making it!
yomunot chapter 11 . 1/21
This was a good fic, thanks for taking the time to write and share it!
Shadowhell1992 chapter 10 . 1/18
I just love it when deku shuts Endeavor down with words and facts not a punch to the face.
And dad might coming in with "oh by the way I'm sleeping with your mum" right before deku faces off love it.
Ruizenban chapter 10 . 1/17
good as hell, i need more 3
RandoFox chapter 10 . 1/17
I love it
RandomReader867 chapter 10 . 1/17
Thanks for the chapter!
McLoggernaut chapter 10 . 1/17
Is ThE fOoD eVeN gOoD?! lmao great resolving of the issue!
Anon chapter 10 . 1/15
That was it right there! Allmight took the fight right outta endeavor by telling him about his retirement. Can’t beat a man that’s retired... 10/10
avidreaded chapter 10 . 1/15
Alternative negotiation tactic would been to offer to be an egg donor. No more than 4 eggs total. No more than 1 per year. exactly as clinical and cold ad Endeavor. Not like he couldn't use that number 2 money to find a suitable surrogate carrier.
LoamyCoffee chapter 10 . 1/15
*Blinks* That was completely random of All Might, but ties into the story.
Am I surprised that Midoriya didn't try and punch Endeavor? Little bit, but it felt funnier.
Excellent work.
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