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BlueWater5 chapter 75 . 8/14
Oh, Ron - trying to joke without first thinking of who he’s telling it to - I think Alina once said he could be cruel sometimes. And then to pull Harry into something knowing Harry’s limitations. Harry, of course, wants to just be a normal kid getting into normal trouble. Loved the line from the Death Eaters that they weren’t sure which side Snape was on. Was it truly a coincidence when he garbage can fell? Great cliffhanger - I hope the next chapter isn’t delayed too much.
MuggleHarry16 chapter 75 . 8/14
a cliffhanger... how could you?! Thanks for the chapter! really hope you get the next one up soon!
Dumbledore-The-Phoenix chapter 74 . 7/30
For some reason I fell behind on reading, which meant I got a lovely triple chapter just now! Thanks for pushing through the hard stuff for your adoring fans.
Another Guest chapter 74 . 7/25
I wonder if Harry will get around to learning more about his own and the Professor's ancestors, and about former Potter Manor (if it still exists)...
Another Guest chapter 74 . 7/24
...Awww, Lucius taking care of his friend is heartwarming! :-) They've come a long way.
BlueWater5 chapter 74 . 7/22
Nicely written banter between Harry and Draco. Good point about the Potters being related to everyone if all the families are interrelated to some extent.
KM chapter 73 . 7/14
I’m sorry to hear that you have long Covid. Absolutely sucks and I hope you start to have more good days than bad ones… as for this chapter! The angst. I love it. I absolutely loved the scenes in Harry’s room. So well written and I felt just how nervous they were! I secretly do want Severus to take Harry away and hide from the world to be honest. Voldemort is gone. They deserve to deal with life in peace. But I knowwww it’s not in their nature at all. Lol. Ok, I love to hate Williamson. Like a lot. (Well now that Draco is out of Azkaban obviously) I feel like you’ve made him to be such a bad guy, even though he’s an Auror and I LOVE what you’ve done with Kingsley. That he’s actually a good Auror. Samson though, I just can’t figure him out… the note is so so curious to me as well, and I can’t wait to find out that piece of the puzzle and what it all means… also this book, I’m trying to remember. Harry took it? Yes? Like a few months ago and then found out from someone it wasn’t a good book to have lying around so he put it randomly there? Ah. I think I’m going to have to reread some stuff lol. Not that I mind, I love this story… alsooooooo. That last line of the chapter. I’m nervous. Like what is waiting for him? Is Harry ok? Is someone at his house? Ahhhh. Ok I’ll wait to find out. I’m nervous though. Ah. Okayyyy thank you and can’t wait for the next one! :)
Another Guest chapter 73 . 6/27
The Professor has found himself an awesome girlfriend with a nurse's compassion and nerves of steel who (as of now) has not freaked out about everything that happened!
It's lovely how the three of them are becoming more like a real family!
BlueWater5 chapter 73 . 6/26
As Severus said, it’s amazing how quickly someone can go from hero to suspect, especially someone with a checkered past. As always, nicely written conversations, especially between Severus and Kingsley.
I’m sorry to hear about your long Covid. I hope you fully recover soon.
KM chapter 72 . 6/14
This chapter gave me so much anxiety from beginning to end. And it might be one of your best! I think I finally have a theory about what is going on. Someone is out to get Draco. But also kind of Severus. Or drive a wedge between Severus and Lucius perhaps? Ok, probably the last one but they’re using Draco to do that? Maybe I lied. I have to go back and reread and see if I can figure something out. But I hope Draco is ok, sounds like he’s in for a rough time, again. Poor guy. And Harry! Ah. I sure hope he’s just in a panic and something else isn’t wrong. But also I love angst so I mean, just don’t kill either of them. Lmao.

Thank you!
KM chapter 71 . 6/13
Ok what is happening! Ahhhh… ok is the old lady also Mae’s neighbor? Or was that an old man? I’m so concerned either way and who put that note in Severus’ coat? I assume it was that guy who bumped into him, so who is this guy. Was it even a guy? Did they use polyjuice? I have a lot of questions and I will patiently await to see how this unfolds as always :). I feel like something big is going to be happening very soon but I hope Harry doesn’t bare the brunt of it. I mean Severus either, but Harry’s going through enough right now I feel like. Anywho. I loved the parts with Harry, Severus, and Mae being a family of sorts! And cannot believe how much Mae is willing to trust Severus and Severus is willing to trust Mae with everything about him. You love to see it. It makes me so happy for them!

Thank you :) I hope to get fully caught up asap!
TheOneWithAQuill chapter 72 . 6/11
You certainly have a talent to write even the dark scenes with a flair! Great job!
BlueWater5 chapter 72 . 6/10
Wow - an action packed chapter! I loved how Severus and Harry bantered on the coin. Poor Harry, with two interrupted messages via coin and unable to do anything except worry. When Hala warned Severus to get everyone out, I'm surprised he instead had them back further into the room. Where did Neville go after he left with Draco and Hala? Nicely written action sequence. Yes, unfortunate timing of publication, but also timely.
Guest chapter 71 . 6/2
i vote for integrating the bone marrow transplant into the story. Also could the magical treatment innovation Severus is working on be a way of magically "fixing" the bone marrow?
Ellise chapter 71 . 5/24
Great chapter again! And I’m so glad that you’re not cancelling the bmt thing!
Ok I would really really love to read about bmt in the storyline itself, the entire thing
And especially from you, it’ll be an amazing plot
I’m sure you’d do justice to it
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