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Hildygirl chapter 47 . 7h
Each chapter just gets better and better, interesting last name the social worker has. Mmmmm
TheOneWithAQuill chapter 46 . 5/11
This was an interesting chapter, things are much clearer now. Thanks for the update! Looking forward to read Harry’s side of the day, too.
BlueWater5 chapter 46 . 5/11
It took Severus long enough to put together the clues that the kitten was an animagus.
Nice portrayal of Severus' exhaustion.
I hope Minerva apologizes for putting Severus under the bus.
I also hope an adoption is in store.
Guest chapter 1 . 5/10
I just have one thing to say—Hala Khatib—movie Orphan. If you know, you know. It is a strong suspicion, since the lake flooding thingy.
Ellise chapter 45 . 5/10
REALLY EAGER for the update today!
KM chapter 45 . 5/6
Wow! Thank you so much for this little bit. I really enjoyed it, but I also really enjoy the medical aspects of stories, a lot. It was a very enjoyable read. It also reminded me of a point I didn't say in the last review. I was curious as to if you planned on having Severus just straight up adopt or become Harry's guardian. I know it's a moot point as he is an adult in the wizarding world and they have the medical proxy in the muggle world but I just wonder if that would make some sort of difference to Harry's mindset. I feel like he's always expecting Severus to just tell him he's too much and walk out on him (even though we know he would never), even if Severus literally went across dimensions for him (well not this version but still). I do wonder if it might help Harry overall... Idk just thinking outloud lol. Anywho, loved this scene. While I agree with you not putting it into the chapter, I am very happy you shared it with us! :)
KM chapter 44 . 5/6
Ok hi. I feel like this chapter really made all this so real for Harry now, I know it did for me lol. But while he went through all that stuff last year, this really just is so different and now they are in a new environment that Severus doesn't even have any control in. It's all just very real. Harry being in Red made me lol and I enjoyed Snape's comeback. Was cute. Ok, I loved the conversation between Severus and Jessica. She is a jerk, and I love that Severus, while tired and stressed, said the thing he needed to say to her. She doesn't know him and stop judging him GOSH the guy has been through a lot. But she did have some info to give and I can't wait to see what happens with this doctor... Is he magical? Hmmm... Feel like he should ask Alton probs... Ok I had a thought, but I don't remember when the cave article showed up with the two guys at the hospital butttt are the two guys at the hospital the ones from the cave? hmmm... I actually think I may need to go back and reread some stuff. My brain has been absolutely fried for a bit and I'm finally getting back to myself so I may need to refresh. Ok I'm going to read this deleted scene I accidentally started the other day and cannot wait to go back to. Thanks :))
Blue Fire chapter 45 . 5/2
Man where to start. I have no words. I really really liked the whole setting up his space. Makes it seem so... real. My... relative... got?
KM chapter 43 . 5/1
So sorry about the death in your family over the winter if I hadn't said it previously. I hope you have a good week honoring her.

This chapter! I have been ugly crying for the past twenty minutes. omg. The flashback Severus briefly had to his other Harry's last weeks and you even mentioning what Severus was wearing. Who knew picturing that man in sweatpants would make a gal cry so much but here we are. Idk why that stuck so much with me but I guess it's because I certainly hope you aren't going to make him, and me (lol), go through that again. And and and Severus sending Harry's friends in to be with him before he left. And the gifts they brought him. You are always really good at the gifts in this story. I still get emotional over what Harry gave Severus for Christmas and the watch Harry got for his birthday. Ok Minerva and Severus' chattttttt Ok I've missed them, and her and I absolutely love the way she is with him because he needs her snark and sass to keep him grounded. I just love their friendship so much. On the topic of friends. I must say that I am very happy we don't have to be suspicious of Alton here, and not being concerned about Voldemort is nice.

Ok, I'm done for now. I really enjoyed this chapter and I weirdly think I needed that cry so thank you haha!
Another Guest chapter 45 . 4/30
You decided well posting chap 45 too, with a nice rounded chap 44 and this reader happy to be treated to a double post with an extra deleted scene to explore! :-)
Another Guest chapter 45 . 4/30
My opinion on your question is: leaving it out worked well because it made chapter 44 focus on the new social/environmental aspects of Harry's therapy, which in terms of writing is progress in character development, as well as the support team aspects of the clinic being a new experience for both characters (and relating to the also new perspective of Snape's self-care needs as a parent). By focussing on the positive aspects in the new environment, you also gave the chapter an overall positive impression, which worked well as a break of levity in an overall difficult situation. I think it was a good choice to progress new aspects in this chapter instead of repetition which previously mentioned side effects to expect (which we will also see in action ;-)) or detailing the treatment schedule, so chapter 44 could preserve its own different "flavour". While hurt and languishing with side effects also have a place in this story, I think that by expanding upon them in chapter 44 it would have lost its positivity and sense of progress, as well as its dynamic feeling of being thrown head-over-heels into this new situation.
What's new and important information to me in chapter 45 is how the relapse treatment is different from previous treatment (starting from "That's a very good question, Harry"), and that there are new side effects e.g. concerning reproductive organs. As this chapter is not part of the main text, I'd recommend including in a future chapter a paragraph that recaps this information in a condensed manner...? I still think it's a good choice leaving this information out of chapter 44.
TheOneWithAQuill chapter 45 . 4/29
Although it was a deleted scene, I for one loved it. You could have included it in the original chapter. It was worth reading and I enjoyed reading about the treatment regimen.
You must be a medical professional in some capacity to know everything in such depth. Always a pleasure reading from such well-informed and wonderful writers.
Gingerme chapter 45 . 4/29
LOVED the bonus chapter! I'm an RN so I'm a sicher for medical stuff too, and might be a tad biased, but I enjoyed it. Honestly reading the chapter I was disappointed when I realized you weren't including more of the medical stuff. So I was pretty excited to see that was included as a bonus!

I have a two month old right now so I generally get behind and catch up on a few chapters at a time... I think this time I started at 39? Your writing is soooo good, the part where Hermione's dad gave him the book, ugh I had to stop because I was bawling (remember, 2m old, sleep deprived and hormonal... But still it's soooo sweet!) I love how youve managed to write a story about a more neglected/abused harry, and incorporate some of the failings of the characters in the books, like being unsupportive, but also manage to build this amazing little family/community for him. It's not black and white, it's messy, but it's so realistic and sweet!

Random side note from a former night shift nurse; if you're looking for ways to push frustrated characters over the edge in a hospital... Those tables are obnoxious, they don't move when you want them to, they are loud and clunky. They hit the bottom of the hospital bed and get stuck (super inconvenient when your patient needs to get out of bed quickly to do something like pee or vomit), iv poles have to be plugged in and people often forget to unplug them when they get up, especially at night, and IVs get ripped out causing blood to go everywhere (not usually ports, but I've had the IV tubing disconnect and blood literally be pouring out of the patient before).

Also, with central lines (ports), nurses draw the labs, often (but not limited to) in the very early morning before the doctor's arrive for rounds.

Your portrayal of the hospital was fantastic! I could totally see it and I've been on units with very similar layouts! You always do a fantastic job with the medical stuff, I just thought I'd offer some little details that might be helpful or fun to include. Please don't take offense, take it or leave it️

Also, showering while having an IV infuse is a complicated process that could very well require the help of another person in the bathroom with you. Obviously that could be a great part of your plot/Harry's struggles, or you can just pretend that he's able to shower as is (or even pause the IV for 5-10 minutes, I've done that for patients) if it's not helpful.
Ellise chapter 45 . 4/29
This review is about the deleted scene:

Honestly? I would have been really disappointed and dissatisfied had you not included this scene in the story. Having said that, thank you for writing it.
I really appreciate the scene being there because that is the essence of this story—Harry’s fight against cancer. Just like in Choices where his each treatment was described, I was expecting the same here. Without the medication and all described, it would have been incomplete.
I’ll tell you why I love this story—simply because it’s so real. I come here to read about how Severus and Harry take the knowledge of the treatment, how they together deal with it.
When I had clicked on the story, the summary I had in my head was: “Severus comes to AU to take care of the cancer-patient-Harry.” And that’s exactly what I would like to read—all the medical jargon and Severus and Harry’s relationship growing. Of course, the side plots of the attacks and Death Eater and DMLE are very interesting. too. But primarily, it’s about the father abd son, and cancer.
Especially when you do so much research about it and write it so well, I don’t want to miss on anything.

Also, I love the description of the hospital and the ward. I even got to learn new things from your writing today. Child life specialist and the likes. I absolutely adore your writing!

And yes, thank you for considering my earlier request. Do it in your time, whenever you get the muse.

Can’t wait for the next update!
Guest chapter 45 . 4/29
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I really like this story in general and also enjoyed this specific chapter/deleted scene. Thanks a lot for writing! I wish you a good time with your family next week and look forward to the next chapter once you’re back :)
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