Reviews for A Flower for the Soul
avidnarutofan chapter 26 . 26m
A fight between Harry and Dumbledore would be epic.
SiriusOrionBitch chapter 26 . 58m
Interesting stuff! Another great chapter! Thank you for writing and uploading, take care,

YDdraigGoch94 chapter 26 . 1h
Poor communication kills, if it's between Albus and Harry xD

One day, they'll need to have a frank discussion and lay all cards down on the table. Because right now, I can't fault Albus for his line of thought. Harry's actions scare him, and he will act in a manner in he sees fit.

Now, if Harry admitted to Tom's former presence, explained that he's gone because Voldemort killed him, and now he's free of any Horcrux shenanigans, and THEN Albus tries to kill Harry, then it's on Albus.
Otagema chapter 26 . 1h
Nisu Nisu
Guest chapter 25 . 3/1
Ok you've actually managed to surprise me. Plot twists have been rare in this story but this was good. I like the ruthlessness here. Hopefully bella is dead for once, would be a different pace than your other stories.
DaDragon562 chapter 25 . 12h
Well damn that was cold but at least Harry gets shit done

Avada Kedavra with Bella taking out Voldy's top enforcer, destruction of another horcrux, now we got

Harry's scar

What do we have left? Nagini? Voldemort? shit, looks like all the well known horcruxes are done for.
DaDragon562 chapter 23 . 13h
"special quil"" what a fucking moron, if she tried harry would kill her
DaDragon562 chapter 22 . 13h
Is it no longer a Gamaya or more a Avian form Veela Fleur?
DaDragon562 chapter 21 . 13h
Can't wait for Umbridge's come-uppance
DaDragon562 chapter 20 . 14h
I enjoyed introduction of Aline and even Voldemort admiring Harry's prowess
DaDragon562 chapter 19 . 14h
I loved how he handled it especially the Arcturus interaction. Felt more natural than most of these painting scenes
DaDragon562 chapter 18 . 14h
I like seeing Harry mourne healthy manner wise
naruto chapter 25 . 3/1
great chapter keep it up
DaDragon562 chapter 16 . 15h
Oh no, Tom is dead...
DaDragon562 chapter 15 . 15h
Nice fleur harry reconciliation, curious what moodys plan is
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