Reviews for As The World Falls Down
Guest chapter 1 . 2/6
Rhys with a weapon arm(please use the Cybperpunk 77 rocket arm please just with borderlands wackiness). As for eye, Killzone robot red eyes would be cool. Could even have both eyes augmented do the the damage with his right eye losing sight over time.

I would like to see the next part, but this time more along the lines of Rhys being a businessman and bounty hunter(PTSD can have lots of effects on people, but in this case powerlessness should be able to lead his psyche towards doing his best to not be powerless with a goal to reach, and a vault hunter status{mainly the strength to deal with those trying to take things away} is a good level point for that goal). Robotic minions, a weaponized arm, a business to aid in that, and a goal to correct the things Jack had done(Terraforming, Robotics, cybernetics, Turrets, and Food growing{Greenhouses}).

I mean could get gauge in this for a brief period just for the expertise in teaching him so long as he can pay her, Axton can be another for the fact that could help just to complete a mission in the area which Rhys can help with in exchange for information(mainly the turrets, specifically, small tactics with them), Maya could come in through sheer luck seeing him passed out and help him to a doctor(and him giving her a rundown on everything that he knows along with telling her if she needs help call him), Krieg I honestly have no idea how that would work which might be funny to see, and as for Salvador can't really say anything that can make sense unless for dual wielding.

Fiona would likely be haunted by this in much more ways then can be described. Too much open interpretation which a second chapter would clear or narrow down quite a bit.

Sasha yeah seems the same as the game except this is realistic.

The one thing I do want to see change is if Fiona and Rhys meet Rhys really does need to be different from the game because the main cause of grudge for him is dealt with, and the time would heal that even more. This entire episodic venture should change them, and how they act.

I was a bit disappointed with Borderlands 3 with the fact that Rhys is a wimp still when there is a good deal that should have proven otherwise. He should have been able to fight for one, should know how to fight large scale battles for the fact that he does have access to Dahls Database, robots, and people that can fight(vault hunters and regulars that learn in the field with passing the info up the chain).

Either way this is a good start if you do continue.