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Thunder Dragon chapter 6 . 11/9/2022
That is fair, I would however be grateful if you put my request on some forums for someone to take up to be fair.
omnimegalander chapter 1 . 11/7/2022
Thunder Dragon, let me preface this by first saying how much I appreciate your reviews. It's been quite a while that I feel like I've had real honest-to-god feedback. I'm also honored and flattered that you hold so much faith in me that you believe me to be capable of handling such a massive challenge.

However, I apologize for this, but I must decline your challenge. Don't get me wrong, it's not because I dislike any of the series in there: I'm fond of the original Dragon Ball, and I have played Street Fighter before. However, I am not as equipped in Darkstalkers lore, and I honestly worry that if I do end up taking your challenge, I'll end up doing a disservice to all involved franchises. I have no idea how to play with all the ideas you have, and I worry that I'll just botch it up with my limited knowledge.

Again, I apologize if this disappoints you, but I don't think I'm quite ready for such a gargantuan project, one where my knowledge is rather lacking and would be detrimental as a whole. However, I do sincerely thank you for having so much faith in me as an author, and that I'm flattered you think so highly of my work.
Thunder Dragon chapter 6 . 11/7/2022
Someone call Iron Chef, Because Kirby would be an awesome guest in Cooking Shows and a competitor in cooking contest.

Good job on making Ben and Julie dig more into being responsible parents. I loved that small moment right their.
Thunder Dragon chapter 5 . 11/7/2022
Really good moments of letting Julie have her time to shine and kick some After re reading all these chapter I honestly hope that we see more Star Warriors. And if I may I hope we see you tackle some original arcs. For Kirby I hope you adapt some of the games but in the style of the Kirby Anime.

For the Ben 10 Alien Force side of the crossover. I would love to see you tackle parts of the show that were never covered. Such as the Dragons. Check the Ben 10 Wiki and their is something you can use involving Dragons as an example. For There are also Mythical Dragons in Ben 10 Classic Continuity living on Earth along with Alien Dragons.

Here is what I could find from their.

A sect of Forever Knights would stop at nothing to destroy dragons.
Dwayne McDuffie once claimed more of this species would be seen in future episodes, but this did not happen. and There were no plans to revisit this species in Omniverse because no one wanted to revisit that arc.

Here are sources from that websight.
Crew Statements
Derrick J. Wyatt
File:Dragon Aliens Different From Mythical Dragons.
File:Mythical Dragons Exist.
File:Dragons Excluded in OV.
Thunder Dragon chapter 3 . 11/7/2022
Oh yes, Max went out like a boss. But he will be back. And man the good guys are going down.
Thunder Dragon chapter 2 . 11/7/2022
And here comes the rest of the gang.
Thunder Dragon chapter 1 . 11/7/2022
Here comes the set up. I like the good start.
Thunder Dragon chapter 6 . 11/6/2022
Here is my challenge.

It is called Super Saiyans, Street Fighters and Darkstalkers.

It is a Dragon Ball, Street Fighter and Darkstalkers series Crossover.

It is rated T to M.

The Genre is Adventure/Action

Super Saiyans, Street Fighters and Darkstalkers Part 1: The World of the Story and the Main Characters. The Earth is the world of the Darkstalkers Games with elements from the Darkstalkers expanded media to further flesh out the world and the Darkstalkers characters with elements of the Dragon Ball Multiverse for adventures in space and in the Demon World.

For example all the alien races in the Dragon Ball franchise are in the story in outer space. Also the Demon World of the Dragon Ball Multiverse is merged with Makai of Darkstalkers and it was sealed off by The Supreme Kai's but the seal starts to break in modern times.

Also the Saiyans are not on the edge of extinction because of Pyron's arrogance and love for battle which the Saiyans provide him.

But I would also take a look at the world of Street Fighter in the Udon Comics for inspiration for the Street Fighter Elements.

Here is list of recommended expanded media for Darkstalkers.

Darkstalkers by Udon Comics.

Night Warriors: Darkstalker's Revenge - a 4-part OVA based on the second game

Vampire Hunter: Darkstalkers' Revenge - A single volume manga by Run Ishida based on the second game. It was localized by Viz as Night Warriors: Darkstalkers' Revenge - The Comic Series.

Vampire Hunter - A two volume manga by Takeshi Fujita based on the second game. Each playable character has a chapter devoted to them, plus a final Donovan VS. Demitri chapter.

Vampire Savior: Tamashii no Mayoigo. A five-volume manga by Mayumi Azuma that focuses on Lilith trying to find an identity other than being a fragment of Morrigan's powers while surviving Jedah's tournament. Features manga-only human John Statley, who lets Lilith stay at his house. It has an online English translation which I recommend you look at.

The main character is Broly. First when baby Broly was being exiled to Vampa he is somehow transported to Darkstalkers Earth and he grows up on the Earth. However this all changes when he grows up. Broly has to wonder who he is and what he can do and where he comes from.

For the Darkstalkers characters go with how they are depicted in the games but you can take inspiration from the list of expanded Darkstalkers Media for the characters who do not appear in the games.

Super Saiyans, Street Fighters and Darkstalkers Part 2: Broly's childhood powers and adventures. Please have baby Broly be found and taken in by the Catholic Nuns who took in Felicia. Broly and Felicia grow up together as siblings. This affects Broly on a personal level as he is a practicing Roman Catholic and he seeks to control his strength, his anger, and his immense power and he also wishes to help people.

Broly hates having to hurt people and he loves working and playing with animals but he has to wonder where he comes from, who he is, who his birth parents are, how he is so strong, and why he has anger problems. These questions will haunt him until he gets some answers.

Broly's first teacher is Jon Talbain's master from the Udon Comics who sets him on his path to control his strength and inner beast, and helped develop his fighting style.

Broly's second teacher and final teacher on Earth is Gouken from Street Fighter who teaches him how to meditate and curb his darker impulses and also the Ansetsuken Shotokhan style. Broly trains with Ken and Ryu under Gouken.

Broly has adventures based on the Dragon Ball movies Dragon Ball: Curse of The Blood Rubies and Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, and Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure.

Broly also on his travels meets and hangs out with Chun-Li as she is another childhood friend of his.

These events put Broly on the map and his fame on Earth and gets the attention of Makai. During the World Martial Arts Tournament is where things change.

Broly meets Ryu and Ken again but in the finals Broly goes Oozaru with Broly winning the tournament. Realizing the bullet that was dodged Broly is told the truth about what happened. This starts Broly's trauma and his worst fears and sets him on his path of Self Control, Holiness, and Discipline.

Broly getting involved with the Darkstalkers and also the events of some of the Street Fighter Games pushes the Darkstalkers in the games to train and get even stronger to keep up with the Saiyan protagonist.

But the downside to this popularity is Broly occasionally attacked by monsters from Makai for either food, a fight, or use him as a potential weapon. Morrigan Aensland is interested in Broly as a fighter and also sexually, and later romantically. Her role in Broly's life is that she can be either a seductress and a love interest, a gadfly messing with Broly, a reoccurring opponent, and also a trickster just messing with him.

Dark Hunters like B.B Hood see Broly as a way to cash a paycheck because the world is scared of him. But Donovan Bain sees a kindred spirit and he is willing to teach Broly to help him find control.

Now for Broly's childhood powers. Starting out Broly has the standard Saiyan biology and abilities along with his canon power level of 10,000. Broly also has a berserk fighting style that resembles Adaptive Wrestling and the healing factor of Z Era Broly along with his Z Era Broly's ability to survive a planet busting explosion and also the depths of space. He still has Super Era Broly's ability to increase his strength with his anger and as he fights and Broly also has the standard Oozaru form and Oozaru Broly.

But Broly still has problems as there has to internal conflict as well as external conflicts for Broly's growth.

Broly at his best is a Gentle Giant and Tarzan character who likes being around animals but he hates fighting or hurting people unlike most Saiyans as he is afraid of killing someone and losing control of his strength and anger as he has a bit of a temper. So Broly is trained in martial arts and meditation.

But that is not all. Broly like all Saiyans even in childhood is prodigy of combat mastering the Tiger, Monkey, Crane, Snake, Leopard, Mantis, and Dragon Styles of Shaolin Kung Fu.

South Dragon Style is a mashup of the various Shaolin Animal Styles. Students work on a paired striking blocking exercise and practice form techniques. North Dragon Style is different. There are many martial arts that require acrobatic leaps, dynamic athleticism, or the strength to break boards, bricks, or other inanimate objects but Northern Dragon is not one of those arts.

Northern Dragon teaches students to stay firmly rooted on the ground and with good reason. Being grounded to the earth allows the generation of power from the feet on up. What this means is that as an art firmly rooted in the earth the main physical concern will be building up the strength and endurance in your legs and core muscles that will allow you to maintain a stance for longer and longer periods of time. That’s why it's a practice; a discipline. Anyone can do it given the commitment to the practice.

Broly also learns two more styles of Chinese Kung Fu: Tai Tzu and Lui He. Broly also learns the martial arts of Akido, Judo, and Taekwondo. And their is an actual martial arts style called Shotokan Karate which Broly also learns. Shotokan Karate was inspired by Bushido and the philosophies of Zen Buddhism. Bushido is not just a philosophy but also a fighting style of The Japanese Samurai. Shotokan Karate did not originate in Street Fighter.

Broly has to train and work hard to gain better control of his strength and his anger.

Until then Broly when angered enough cannot control his anger or control his strength until he starts to take his training in Meditation, Martial Arts, and also takes his Religiosity seriously. Broly also must work to face down and conquer the Oozaru forms as over the course of the story Broly must master the beast within and the full potential and the power of his birthright or become a rampaging monster and risk a bad guy coming along who is strong enough to destroy all of reality.

Broly's later adventures involve him getting involved with the other Darkstalkers.

The Darkstalkers and The Super Saiyans Part 3: Broly adult life, powers, and weaknesses.

Broly gets involved with the events of some of the Darkstalkers Games along with story arcs touching on what the Darkstalkers Games never did and also gets involved during the events of some of the Street Fighter Games and their novelizations of the games plot and characters in the Street Fighter Udon Comics.

This makes Broly well known across the cosmos as he has faced down Pyron.

Broly's character development and story arc as an adult is about him learning what he can do and him controlling his strength and his anger, finding out where he comes from and who he is, accepting and overcoming the sins of the Saiyan Heritage, being a good parent and husband, and working to better his universe.

However Broly in his adult years gets even more power, finds more self control and discipline in his adult life as he trains even harder.

And when you go into Broly's adult life you must gradually make him evolve in power. And when Broly has better self control he becomes stronger in his adult years he gains a reputation as one of the most powerful beings in existence.

This is because eventually Broly gets the Dragon Ball Z era and Dragon Ball Super era Legendary Super Saiyan transformations and all of Z Era Broly's transformations from across the franchise and his strength as an adult in his base from Dragon Ball Super: Broly and then give him the power he has in his base and in the Legendary Super Saiyan transformations.

When Broly becomes an adult he also gets the powers from his original Dragon Ball Z incarnation's official Super Saiyan transformations that Z Era Broly had from the video games that do not involve Z Era Broly being mind controlled along with Broly getting more from Dragon Ball Z. But all of Broly's Dragon Ball Z Era's transformations are now scaled to fit Dragon Ball Super Broly. Also the Legendary Super Saiyan transformations are also scaled to fit Dragon Ball Super Era Broly.

Here are the recommended games. Dragon Ball The Raging Blast series, Dragon Ball Z: Dragon Battlers, Dragon Ball Heroes, Dragon Ball Super Heroes, and Dragon Ball Kai: Miracle Battle Card.

In Dragon Ball Z Broly gains and eventually masters all these transformations and their abilities to find self control and master the beast within: Oozaru, The Wrathful Form, Pseudo Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan Second Grade, Super Saiyan Third Grade, Super Saiyan Full Power, Super Saiyan A-type, Super Saiyan C-type, Super Saiyan 2, Super Saiyan 3, Super Saiyan 3 Full Power, Legendary Super Saiyan, Legendary Super Saiyan 2, Legendary Super Saiyan 3, Golden Oozaru, Oozaru Broly, Super Saiyan 4, Super Full Power Saiyan 4, Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Limit Breaker.

In your version Dragon Ball Super(With Broly having to face titans like Pyron who returns stronger than ever and guys like Jedah Doma and other cosmic threats)Broly gains and masters these transformations: Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan with the mastered energies of a god, Super Saiyan Blue, Super Saiyan Blue Perfected.

When Broly finally masters and controls himself he gains and perfects the last Transformation of Z Era Broly, Broly God. This must be a gradual growth and each transformation ties into his character development and he has to work to master them.

Broly with all his training and new powers is more of a beast than in cannon and in his adult years Broly develops and masters all the other abilities, techniques, and transformations of his Z Era and Dragon Ball Super Era incarnations.

See Hulk VS Broly(Marvel VS Dragon Ball)DEATH BATTLE!, as well as all the official power boosts of the listed transformations and use that as a template for Broly's strength in the story.

But despite this incredible power Broly still has weaknesses.

First; Broly's tail can still be grabbed and unless he strengthens it he feels incredible pain and even when strengthened it can still be grabbed.

Second; all of Broly's Dragon Ball Z Era's transformations are now scaled to fit Dragon Ball Super Era Broly. So for Broly they are last resort options that could cause him to destroy reality. Broly has to hold back unless he is in a location that can take his power and meets a challenger who can take it or is just pure evil.

Third; Broly is terrified of losing control of himself and his powers and his anger so he always holds back because Broly's worst fear is losing control and killing everyone and becoming like the original Dragon Ball Z Broly but because Broly also has all his Z Era's transformations including those from the games boosting his already immense strength and with all of his new powers he could be worse.

Fourth; The Super Saiyan 4 Transformations risks Broly turning more violent so he has to work to master those forms savage and violent impulses. This also applies to Broly's Wrathful Form but the Wrathful Form also causes Broly immense pain and the form is unique to him. Also if Broly's tail is cut off he cannot access Super Saiyan 4 and it's variants or his Oozaru forms.

Here is the reason why if Broly loses his tail he cannot access Super Saiyan 4. Super Saiyan 4 is the union of the Super Saiyan and The Oozaru forms and Super Saiyan 4 is the form of a Saiyan who has overcome the Feral Mind of the Oozaru and has mastered The Golden Oozaru and Oozaru Broly forms to reach the Apex of Primal Saiyan Power. Cut off the source of that power and it cannot be accessed.

Also if Broly is to deep in his anger this can leave Broly vulnerable to opponents just as strong but more skilled. And Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan forms and at the peak of his anger runs the risk of becoming a mindless monster who in his berserk state who can potentially destroy reality!

Broly must seek to tame and control his unstable and endless energy along with his anger problems until then Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan forms has to burn out some of his energy or risk self destruction. And even when Broly masters his energy and power he is still aware of what he can do to others and to the world if he loses control so Broly holds himself back unless the situation calls for it.

But Broly eventually will master himself, his powers, and conquer his inner demons.

Super Saiyans, Street Fighters and Darkstalkers Part 4: Parings. Broly can potentially get with Morrigan Aensland, One of the other Cat women in Darkstalkers, Chun-Li, or one of the other Female Street Fighters or with Cheelai after helping her to get out of Pyron's grip.

Jon Talbain can get with Felicia. Donovan also finds a lady as well.

Super Saiyans, Street Fighters and Darkstalkers Part 5: The Super Saiyan Awakens. When Broly becomes an adult in Dragon Ball Z you must go into a altered version of Dragon Ball Z where things get even crazier. Not only does Broly have to deal with Saiyan Invaders but Pyron who has enslaved his species and Pyron serves his canonical role in the Darkstalkers story but also Frieza's role in Dragon Ball.

But because of Broly and Felicia all the Saiyans turn good and are not on the edge of extinction because of Pyron's arrogance and love for battle.

Super Saiyans, Street Fighters, and Darkstalkers Part 6: Broly in Saiyan Society.

After the mysteries are solved and the final battle is won Broly decides to teach the Saiyans what he knows as he feels like he has done enough to save the world and it is time to teach the next generation of defenders. His wife, Jon Talbain, Donovan, and some of the Street Fighters decide to tag along to help as well.

When the Saiyans turn good and after Broly masters his powers and himself Broly trains all of the Saiyan Warriors to master the Oozaru form and the Pseudo Super Saiyan state and learn the various Martial Arts styles Broly has learned and their philosophies. Broly also brings Christianity and Roman Catholicism to the Saiyans to try and pacify and reform them.

For the Good and Pure of Heart Saiyans, Broly show's the Saiyan's how to reach and master the standard Super Saiyan States, Super Saiyan 4, and it's variants and the Super Saiyan God forms.

That is the story of The Super Sayians, Street Fighters, and Darkstalkers.
Thunder Dragon chapter 6 . 11/6/2022
You are really doing an exemplary job on merging the Kirby Anime and the Ben 10 Alien Force series I love it! It is awesome! Now seeing as you are such a good writer I will be sending you a challenge after this review.

But for now Review! I love the fact that Kirby is fitting in so well with his adoptive parents and how he is such a an adorable little bundle of energy and power and Meta Knight is as awesome as he was in the show. I look forward to some more elements to the games.
Kamencolin chapter 6 . 10/24/2022
Keep up the good work
foxchick1 chapter 6 . 7/30/2022
I am excited to see what will happen next.
Whywouldidothat2230 chapter 6 . 7/26/2022
RonaldM40196867 chapter 6 . 7/5/2022
Kirby should be entertaining.

Love this.
Knightmare Lord chapter 6 . 7/4/2022
Oh, so Marx is like The Batman Joker?
zakzilla789 chapter 5 . 6/19/2022
Is the next chapter coming out soon
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