Reviews for Optimistic Game: Revised
MZ1116 chapter 50 . 10/2
This is literally porn
Legi chapter 21 . 9/26
WHAT KIND OF SICK F IS THIS?...I'm all for it though the Plot Twist is fun and having characters gain some type of trauma is meh but THE PLOT TWIST
AlexianBlithworth chapter 50 . 9/26
I'm surprised people really forgot that good ol' wholesome segs is 10 times better (most of the times) than kinky stuff...
Anyway, great chapter, adorable girls ftw.
Zaralann chapter 50 . 9/24
This was pretty darn good!
AlexianBlithworth chapter 4 . 9/23
This Gamer's Mind earns the spot for the 3th worst one out of all the gamer fics I've read.
Guest chapter 50 . 9/21
Please update Lightnings Vestige
Apple424 chapter 50 . 9/22
That was very wholesome and cute I loved it.
Reader 451 chapter 50 . 9/20
Nah, I expect Winter would have the daddy kink. I mean they don't call him Irondaddy for nothing. Weiss had Klein and Winter as parental figures, in canon she never seemed to care about having that spot filled because of that I suppose.
Also Yang at the end. What a degenerate... lol
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 50 . 9/22
reid thawed her icy heart
Numbet1ebaystoregmail chapter 50 . 9/22
BloodyParty chapter 50 . 9/22
shypunk chapter 50 . 9/21
thank you for an enjoyable chapter and for writing
Darkestcalling chapter 27 . 9/21
story is getting convoluted mc doesnt seem to really have any willpower /control or even intelligence hes pretty much just a system slave gamer at best hes basically admitted hes acting almost nothing like how he normally would and his thought process glosses over details and just keeps following quests prompts like a pig to a slaughter house almost every confrontation so far with him literally has nothing to do with his skill to win he just dopes up on stat boosts drugs and potions ect like an idiot and even now hes basically living cause plot is keeping all the enemies at he can barely win by stupidity and everyone stronger wants him to grow so they can use him even the system is abusing him the story is good but it's just getting annoying with the mcs personality and actions
Darkestcalling chapter 26 . 9/21
mc is just getting annoying
kmate1222 chapter 50 . 9/21
Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss! Weissy in the baggy!
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