Reviews for Optimistic Game: Revised
Toastdude1 chapter 52 . 9/27
i was re-reading this fic again and noticed that you mentioned that you like seeing support more in feedback and reviews rather than numbers so i wanted to "do my part" and show some love for this fic granted i dont have much to say other than i love it. from chapter 1 all the way to currently chapter 53 it's been a joyride reading through this fic and i really do hope you dont lose motivation or inspiration continuing writing this. tbh tho my main point for writing this review is to "shed some light" on some of the negative comments i've seen for on this fic. giving feedback on a fic that you dont like is not everything is for everyone and it could even help the author out in one way or another but some comments on here are so blatantly targeted hate that its funny. SEVERAL comments from chp1 through 20 include literal shit talking banter, like ok? if you clearly hate it as much as you do, why tf are you still here? none of these comments are any form of feedback you're just trying to downplay someone else's work for what type of benefit? actual feedback from someone who dislikes something is good but shit like this is 100% cringe AF. glad to see alot off the feedback to this fic is positive tho. anyway, GD.
demissedwaifu chapter 53 . 9/23
Well, I finally catches up after a week, and I gotta say, goddamn I loved every second of this, Reid and Ruby interactions were so pure and beautiful, it made me eager for more and more, and how you handled the pacing?, story building?, characters?, bravo!, I'm sad that I catched up and can't continue to just read more, but it's time to wait.

Thank you for writing this, I can't wait for the next update ;_; flustered Reid was kinda cute, take care! Also!, More fluff 3
Pvtcheeks chapter 29 . 9/20
Okay…you just got your ass handed to you and almost fucking died, almost got you girlfriend and her sister(and father hell her uncle too) killed, and youre still witholding your fucking stat points…because it FUN. You egotistical prick, I hope she dies so you actually learn. Dude, you are literally putting their lives in danger by not distributing your stats.

Hell you could be in a dungeon right now experimenting with golems, magic, just about fucking anything yet you either forget, or simply refuse for mothing more than plot.

Its starting to get highly unreasonable because for everytime you say “I’ll be overprepared” youre almost completely underprepared. Your flaw says DURING BATTLE not before, not after, not while your horny, eating, reading, or any fucking thing else. You simply are what seems to he incapable of learning and you can’t blame the system either because its doing its job just fine.

Plot armor makes for a bad read especially when the almost entire first half is a banger. I’m honestly starting to wonder if you fail purposefully just to gain attention when the only way you get out of it is when the author uses some random luck event that makes no sense.

For example, Yang appeared and somehow was strong enough to hit the thing hard enough to by him time…when it took him AND Qrow to physically hold it in place…see something there doesnt add up, you are telling me Yang was strong enough to cause it to turn away from the only dude it was worried even if just for a split second? From the power level you described Yang should have been nowhere near strong enough to even make it flinch my dude, based soley on the information YOU gave us bro stat wise hell even if we throw in her enhancing herself with aura. If Reid couldnt do that how is she supposed to be able to?…like the story is good man but give me someway fo make that believeable because it just seems like your creating fake tentions out of nowhere for them to really achieve nothing and its kind of ruining the story if I’m being brutally honest.

You flesh out the characters well, you have an interesting take on the Gamer genre, well written dialouge, nice descriptions,good battle scenes, and you just are stompin on it by making random crap up to give a false sense of urgency for growth and stuff. You said multiple times, hes stronger than things on his level, he has extra stats, fire magic is a hard counter for the Geist type, he has less magic expendre on fire, it just doesnt make sense I dont want the story to just repeat that samething until ends which seems like is whats starting to happen…its a great story man, dont feel like it needs tension 24/7 for it to be attention catching.

I’m NOT trying to flame you in anyway I’m just trying to point out things that would seem very off putting or cause to drop it for readers because I wanna see that it makes us the readers and you the author happy. At the end of the day its your story and you can do whatever you want with it and I’m just a reader who has liked your story a lot so far and doesnt want it to fall off… Have a good day all
Pvtcheeks chapter 21 . 9/19
Okay dude…Every. Single. Fight. Has someone getting their head slammed into the ground…I’m not even joking, and it’s now becoming a bother. Add a little more varity my man, not everyone needs an anime headslam in their fight scene. And I’m not even saying this to nitpick because IT IS in everysingle fight without fail.
Some Powerfull Random Guy chapter 53 . 9/12
Just finished binge reading this and I gotta say, been a while since I've seen a gamer fic actually go far in these parts( both in number of words and quality). Sincerely hope this keeps going until the end. Toodles.
badboyelsanto chapter 26 . 9/12
So what the autbor is going for is that the mc will never be stronger than any titan he fights and only wins because of shonen powers right?
badboyelsanto chapter 26 . 9/12
Might as well name this book “drug devouring mage” no?
badboyelsanto chapter 22 . 9/12
The way he is so obsessed with money you’d think he has the sin of greed.
badboyelsanto chapter 21 . 9/12
Recommended level: 100-120
Boss level: 416, author gotta be trolling
badboyelsanto chapter 21 . 9/12
Recommended level: 100-120
Boss level: 256
Would you look at that
badboyelsanto chapter 20 . 9/12
Golems are inorganic, why cant he just yeet them into his inventory?
badboyelsanto chapter 18 . 9/12
Way too forced man, this is terrible honestly
badboyelsanto chapter 17 . 9/12
Why is the author making so many overpowered original characters in a fanfiction? I don’t think that’s how FF works
badboyelsanto chapter 16 . 9/12
Tame the mini toe bro
badboyelsanto chapter 16 . 9/12
The mc js too laidback for someone that was far too close to death with the WEAKEST titan
Author, i really hate what you are trying to pull here, even though you didn’t use the hand to make a clone of mc, you literally are doing the same but in a different body. I hate whenever a story goes in that direction, it’s predictable and makes me feel angsty, I read OP MC so as not to have these anxieties, and you ruining it for me. Character development is nice, but this is not it chief
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