Reviews for A Blade Forged In The Ashes
lector007 chapter 58 . 10/5
sinplefemente glorioso como sienpre
001Charlemagne chapter 57 . 10/3
It has been a long while since the last update, glad to see a new chapter out
keybladelight chapter 58 . 10/1
Now that is a plot twist man I wonder how EMIYA is taking this hope proto Arthur help EMIYA to go back and save Kyoko.
kusanagi29 chapter 58 . 10/1
Uff que buena conclusión tuvo este capitulo, todo de inicio a fin estuvo muy emocionante mas con la conclusión y el suspenso sobre lo que pasara mas adelante después de todo lo que ocurrió en este evento...esto se va a poner muy interesante.

Buen capitulo señor autor
fangs of death chapter 58 . 10/1
Great cahpter. I did not see Kyoko order to archer coming what so ever/
Dasgun chapter 58 . 10/1
Quffy chapter 57 . 9/30
Holy crap this story got even better
ahsoei chapter 58 . 9/30
Wow, it has been a long time since last update that I lost track of the happenings. So Iroha's Servant is Prototype Arthur/Saber, and Madoka is sort of a pseudo-servant?
Armando Noriega chapter 58 . 9/30
Brutal and it's incredible uff I stayed with it. Want to read more.
The Walt chapter 57 . 9/25
Archer: Huh, déjà vu
ErwinvonBeckendorf chapter 6 . 9/25
Great chapter

Shouldn’t he not also say something about the holy grail that was corrupted?
The Walt chapter 3 . 9/22
Why do I feel Aoko Aozaki just saying to the incubators "Get out of my planet or I will fasten up the heat death of the universe" I doubt it would happen but it would be funny
keybladelight chapter 57 . 9/12
Hey have you seen the new madoka movie I wonder if you gonna make the devil homura movie arc in the futur.
Shinigami200 chapter 3 . 9/12
Actually thats not true he can copy/analyze Divine constructs for example he can copy Avalon and Excalibur weapons such as Excalibur and EA are NON REPLICABLE he cant copy EA because 1. It predates the concept of a sword and Shirou can only analyze swords with the concept or a similar concept as swords if EA predates that than it’s impossible to analyze EA it’s actually easier for him to project his entire Arsenal than to understand 2. Its only made for Gilgamesh. Excalibur is a different case ther is no real explanation(at least to my knowledge) for why he can’t copy it perfectly we know its not cause it a divine construct because Avalon is a divine construct yes there is a reason why he can copy it perfectly but Excalibur ir specifically non replaceable, the most he can do is a downgraded version of excalibur that would kill him(he said this while he wasnt at his best) and he can only do it ik his reality marble
Super Guest chapter 57 . 9/4
Thank you Zeus for resurrecting this story.
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