Reviews for A Blade Forged In The Ashes
Guest chapter 1 . 11/28

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kusanagi29 chapter 56 . 10/24
Uff buen capitulo señor autor, si no me equivoco creo que el servant que invoco Iroha es Arthur Prototype, se ve que se vendran cosas muy emocionantes en los siguientes capitulos :D
Guest chapter 56 . 10/17
Whens Kitsu meet Mami and Kyoko again and see Kyoko got a new sister. w
keybladelight chapter 56 . 10/18
Did you make saber artoria or proto saber Arthur appear in your story if you have then it will be wicked to see archer EMIYA vs Saber proto Arthur fight and meeting.
PersonaNinja Lux chapter 56 . 10/17
Arthur appears everywhere in my current read list kewl
KRCustom chapter 56 . 10/17
And then, there was Arthur. The male one, surprisingly. Neat.
Mernom chapter 56 . 10/17
OK, someone HAS to be messing with things in the background. I don't think it's Oriko, either. She wouldn't have access to something like an armor piece that can be used as a catalyst to summon a Saber class servant (Arthur, if I'm not mistaken). Even Precognition has it's limits (you need to know what actions you can take to change the timeline to see what effect they would have. If she didn't know where to find it, she wouldn't be able to check what effect it would have.)
Leviathan1914 chapter 56 . 10/16
Leviathan1914 here
I think the reason why Oda Nobunaga has stats that isn't below B rank is because she's currently in Japan which means she gains more power due to empowerment from her home country.

Because I just checked her stats and needless to say she does have some C rank stats.
mega1987 chapter 56 . 10/16
proto-arthur is in the house...

then we got nobu as the enemy archer.

i dunno WHO to cheer for.
Mernom chapter 55 . 10/10
Very nice story, overall. It's mostly well written, and it can act as a decent gateway into Magia Record lore for those who are only familiar with the original anime.

There are few cases of typos, missing letters, or even outright incorrect words used in places, but they are not TOO common.
Mernom chapter 47 . 10/10
Didn't Kyoko use a command seal on archer already? Or did it reset when they traded ownership that one time?

This seems like a massive exploit. Command seals take a LOT of Mana to create, it shouldn't be possible to simply gain 3 new seals every time you gain a servant contract. The power needs to come from somewhere.
Mernom chapter 28 . 10/8
Grand Order meet Magia Record.
Mernom chapter 22 . 10/8
That's Madoka's dad, isn't it?
Narty Naz chapter 55 . 6/16
Gnilbis chapter 55 . 6/13
who's this the new illya,good thing gilgamesh isn't here to take her heart
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