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Hman10110 chapter 36 . 3/28
Omg please please keep it going this is the best game of thrones fanfiction I have every read
archicane chapter 40 . 2/22
Depends on the type of horse archer. Are these a. Mounted archers that ride to battle, dismount, and form up as archers? Or b. Horse archer that fires while mounted?

For a. it would be a cost benefit of deployment. Archers can move faster with a mounted knight while leaving foot soldiers behind, but the mounting and unmounting would be a delay to a rapid strike group. Plus the horses would need to be guarded farther in the rear.

For b. there is a lot to learn for mounted archery. The bow requires two hands to fire, which leaves the steering of the horses to using legs or shift in weight. Harder for Bran. The horses could be trained to follow a leader and to stay in a herd, relieving the mounted archers of some horsemanship skill level required allowing faster training of a regiment. Fireing while mounted is also a challenge. The Mongols fired only when all four of the horses hooves were off the ground. Something that requires expert timing and horsemanship AND someone to think to time the shots just so. Arrow holstering can also be an issue, the movement of a horse is different to that of a foot archer. You don't want the arrows bouncing out while you ride. The size of the bow is also a factor. English longbows would never work while mounted. Short bows would limit the range of the horse archer and the penetrating power of the shots. Too weak a bow and it won't pierce armor and be less than useless in battle. Against unarmored enemies like the wildlings or undead they would work great with a light bow, but against Lanister armor, you will need a heavy draw strength or chisel tip arrows heads or both. Crossbows can work, but the reloading speed drops significantly. Recurve bows can add power, but that sounds like a new technology. Could be gift Renly sends, but that would need Bran to tell him he is trying to mount archers on horses and note the problems of horse archery. Mixed weapons with a bow and some close combat weapon may be needed. If the horse archers get caught in close combat, they could be wiped out if they only have bow training. There is also the cost. Mongolian horse archers would have two bows, extra strings and 3 reserve horses to rotate out when the first mount tired. There is also the question of cost of arrows. Some of the great horse archer armies could fire a shot every 10 seconds. Hundreds of arrows could be fired by each archer in a battle. Recovering the arrow is an option but much like Russia and Ukraine are realizing right now, ammunition can run out quickly in a prolonged war. Another factor is the horses themselves. Heavy war horses aren't required as size is not the factor. Light armored horse archers could ride without armoring their horses, aiming for speed and maneuverability as their main focus. Most importantly is the battle tactics employed and with what units. Until they actually battle test a strategy, they may not know the challenges they will face with whatever deployment of forces they use. The great horse archers of the Sasanids the horse circles of the Mongolians and later the plains tribes in the Americas took time to perfect and lots of lives spent in the process. The power of these forces in open field once perfected is intense. A circle of ever firing fast moving horses that attack and retreat at the same time while always protecting their flank and rear, able to rapidly avoid any counter attack be it ranged or close combat. The Parthian shot should be a goal to introduce to really make the wolfs teeth effective. Combine this with feigned retreats and whole enemy cavalry units of heavy horse could be wiped out. There is a reason the Mongols conquered the largest territory in human history. If you have the time and patience, check out Hardcore History podcast of Dan Carlin. He covers the Mongols in a multi part podcast.
archicane chapter 38 . 2/22
What plans does the King have for Jon? The show has him riding a dragon. Does he plan to have Jon wrest control of one from Dany using warging? Will Jon found a new Targaryen house as lord of Dragonstone? Love this story so far! Never stop writing!
archicane chapter 37 . 2/22
Can't wait to see where Randyll is headed off to! Is he going after the Kingslayer, sneaking into Kings landing, going after Tyrion in the Vale, or crossing the narrows sea to chase after the dragons?
Hello chapter 41 . 2/4
Another wonderful chapter. I have to expect Stormlords to go ape-shit being put under the command of a bastard. Should be fun. :) Oakheart is a good pickup, adds to legitimacy and is honorable.
victor1975silva19 chapter 1 . 2/6
sin jon en el muro este cairia
Drakena chapter 15 . 2/4
I want to hug Satin he deserves cuddles
MoonShadow1417 chapter 41 . 2/3
One of the best fanfic I read in a long while! Please continue writing! On the side note, where are the direwolves? Still at Highgarden?
Costin chapter 41 . 2/1
As usual great chapter and your attention to even the small details like cooking, cleaning, linen is exemplary. Very interesting to note the speed of the Westerlands due to their food.

Pity about Ser Barristan but expected.
Guest chapter 41 . 1/29
Ladguymandude chapter 41 . 1/30
love this chapter and cant wait to see how the story progresses
Liberiin chapter 41 . 1/30
Now I'm looking forward to Renly and Daenerys' meeting, I hope the kingdom is already stable when she arrives and she sees that the people love Renly and hate her because of her family.
kaizkaizkaiz chapter 41 . 1/30
Thank you, literally binged this entire story in two days. I love your writing and love this story even more.
Foxy-Floof chapter 41 . 1/30
This is a fascinating chapter. Renly needs to shore up his banners' loyalty quickly. Although a lack of bloody flux might help, it pales compared to the current bout of injured pride. The petty nobles and knights are so hard-headed after all...

Here's hoping that Renly can kill or capture Jaime and eliminate the entire host, otherwise he's up a creek like Robb Stark was.
Kalstorm99 chapter 41 . 1/29
good chapter.
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