Reviews for The Prancing Stag (ASOIAF SI)
Costin chapter 11 . 12/2
Well I suppose there's nothing wrong with Renly trying to switch Barristan from Danny to him, indeed Renly expected in cannon that Barristan might join him and I suspect he indeed will.

Still I don't quite believe this is true. I think Rhaegar found out the Others were going to return and that to defeat them he needed a third child and he was willing to do whatever is needed for that: Though I don't think he raped Lyanna or even misled her.
Inoeth chapter 28 . 11/30
More excellent setup. I can't wait to see the story/war really take off over the coming chapters.
Guest chapter 28 . 11/28
Hey again, this is the reviewer who reviewed your mass effect story a few hours ago. This story is another gem, tyvm for sharing! I don’t have an account but I check my favourite stories often. I look forward to more chapters if/when you’re ready. Ty again!
dearAjax chapter 28 . 11/29
I LOVE Satin Flower and I hope he finds his much deserved happiness with Jon soon~
Thx for the chapter ️
Herohunter chapter 28 . 11/29
Well it took House Tyrell no time at all to try to start manipulating the guests, I'm honestly impressed.
Jakemudd chapter 28 . 11/26
Love how detailed you are and how well you flesh out your characters. Well your Renly is probably right about changing things technologically or socially, but maybe he could move towards some military innovations. There’s few things more deadly than highly disciplined and motivated soldiers. Maybe Roman bathhouses aren’t the only thing that could be brought to bear. I’m not talking Roman legions in Westeros as such a thing is just as unlikely as firearms. But some of there siege techniques and training techniques employed by Marius and others could work wonders with the peasant levies of Westeros. Just a thought.
Guest chapter 28 . 11/24
Will you be continuing The Fourth Council Race or has that story been abandoned?
sdsd chapter 28 . 11/23
That's not really true, about the pearl clutching religious authorities banning bathhouses during the Renaissance. It also had a lot to do with the fact that they were gradually being turned into brothels, which were sources of STDs. Men would openly cheat on their wives with these bathhouse prostitutes, then have sex with their wives and pass on whatever diseases they received. The idea that the church didn't care on whit about public health is wrong; they did. Cleanliness was directly correlated with godliness, and this is true in nearly every culture. The church was actually fairly good about public health as a lot of hospices were opened by the Hospitallers, a religious knightly order. I can understand that you might not have good interactions with the church or other religious people, but the church was often a source of good for the general public.
brightsun89 chapter 28 . 11/24
I love this fic! Renly and Loras relationship is so adorable! I can't wait to see the Stannis confrontation! You are a excellent writer keep it up! Love it
RainbowSkyLights chapter 28 . 11/23
There's a thin line between an open secret and something everybody knows. I think Alyn just crossed it.
Guest chapter 28 . 11/23
This is a great chapter, im kinda upset that you gave Jon a short d*ck, but its your choice.
Guest chapter 28 . 11/23
I love this chapter. The part wit Ollena was great and I look forward to see Satin become a spymaster. Jon got some lessons from Garlan and I also enjoyed the part with Arya and Margery. Margery show Arya that being lady doesn’t mean you don’t have a personality and at same time she got intel about Renly. Two of them are well matched.
Ladguymandude chapter 28 . 11/23
Hell yeah, long chapter and we get to see some scheming margaery, great job my guy every chapter seems better than the last
jayod chapter 28 . 11/23
Lol. Margaery played Arya like a fiddle. I hope this blossoms into a genuine friendship between them. Looking forward to more. Great job
Foxy-Floof chapter 28 . 11/23
Oh wow... this was one hell of a busy chapter. Nothing earth-shaking, but by GOD, a ton of character digging!
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