Reviews for The Prancing Stag (ASOIAF SI)
Basker chapter 26 . 10/7
Omg the artwork of the Tyrell siblings is just stunning. Thanks for sharing that artist!
I loved this chapter, it felt like it was a hundred words long. It was over in a blink! That’s how you know it’s especially good. The little lesson of war was great and an apt metaphor for the Tyrell family. I wonder if any of Renly’s retinue will be able to see through Margaery’s mask?
MACE hahahaha I’m dead that Renly’s impressive entrance managed to make the impression he wanted. He uses what he’s got and he does it shamelessly.
I can’t remember what Loras was supposed to promise as the envoy… definitely a marriage but what else?
Looking forward the next update! And omg I need to see Loras receive his sword as soon as possible please hahahah
Imperial warlord chapter 26 . 10/7
Awesome chapter.
Ladguymandude chapter 26 . 10/7
Can't wait to see how renly interacts with olenna, Great chapter as always
Caver Floyd chapter 26 . 10/7
So the true invasion of the Riverlands has begun. But the Mountain should be ahead of Jaime, and we haven’t yet heard what the outcome of sending so many more men to “bring the king’s justice” to him was. If they succeeded in defeating the Mountain, then they could act as a harrying force to Jaime’s army as he moves west to Riverrun, which will likely change Robb’s whole campaign.
iacopo.passerini chapter 26 . 10/7
Grandissimo capitolo!
Vediamo un pò come il nuovo Renly Baration agisce e si prepara!
Di certo stavolta la situazione è favorevole al più giovane della dinastia ... adesso però potrà unire gli eserciti del nord e del sud! Poi sistema suo fratello e la sua strega!
RiverlandsReborn chapter 26 . 10/7
Good chapter! Unsurprising that the Tyrells are intelligent, cunning folk. I liked seeing the war further north in action as well.
Valkorion510 chapter 26 . 10/7
Nice. But check out my story too.
fireball900 chapter 17 . 10/3
Did you just para-quote In a Pale Moonlight?
iacopo.passerini chapter 5 . 10/3
Ottimo capitolo! Sempre più bello!
iacopo.passerini chapter 1 . 10/3
Ah bene bene vediamo un pò che succede!
Di certo Renly se la caverà e forse vivrà!
Tachikoma's Aunt chapter 24 . 9/27
. . . Jumping to the conclusion that Allyn / Allyssa was a transman seems a bit presumptious to me. With Westerosi gender politics being what they are, I'd give it a 50/50 chance of the natives actually being right about their gender.

Saying this as a transwoman.
IAMLORDTHORNE chapter 25 . 9/26
This is my new favourite story in the Game of Thrones fandom, it was a fantastic read. You are to be commended for your writing style. I hung on your every word. Decisions you made that I disagreed with or disliked were written in such a way that I either came to your side or was written so successfully that I couldn't help but agree with you. I don't know if it was a plot device or if you truly have run for office several times, either way the government honestly is lacking without you. As someone with a background in politics you definitely have the mind for it and the ability give this story. Anyway I have no constructive criticisms for you and that has never happened, in fanfiction anyway. I might have missed a few typos or grammatical errors but even so this was wonderfully written. I am also very proud to have a such an inspiring pro-LGBTQ story. As a gay man I am hopeful that this story paves the way for future writers to follow in your footsteps.
IAMLORDTHORNE chapter 14 . 9/26
Wow loving this story, hate that i have to work. Its already way past my bed time but i just couldn't stop reading.
IAMLORDTHORNE chapter 1 . 9/26
I am elated and vexed about this story. I was just complaining that there were to few Renly SI's on FFN only to literally stumble onto this story. I have no idea how I haven't found it since its almost a year old but Thank you sincerely for writing this it was exactly what I needed when i needed it.
Inoeth chapter 25 . 9/21
Another set of excellent updates. I look forward to seeing how this continues to play out.
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