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a-grey-flower chapter 13 . 3/11
Hi Ben! I kind of tore through the whole story so far without really meaning to. :) I figured I would post a review now that I've caught up, with a focus on this most recent chapter.

First, holy smokes what an original and intriguing idea! Three Tributes taking to the streets of the Capitol for mysterious rendezvous? I don't think I've seen that before (though granted I haven't read too many of these yet), and I can see why you were excited to write it! The kiddos you chose were also quite interesting - three of our eighteen-year-old males who could not be more different from each other, and there was such wonderful contrast in not only their situations but also their perceptions. Ham, well, he's on brand, I'll give him that. I really felt for Levin - particularly reading about his sense of self-blame. On one level it's almost ridiculous - how can he possibly be at fault for something like that? But then I think it's a very real thing to want to blame ourselves for things outside of our control. And Mr. Beau (genius lyric callback by the way), I most admired that despite this chapter being a huge reveal about his family's backstory, you were still able to keep the air of mystery in his vignette - from the description of the office to the contracts we have yet to see him sign. Having been given so many answers, I still leave with questions. Well done.

Your descriptions are luscious. I could swear I see colors as I read, even though the text is black and white. And you take your time with them to allow us to see it as you do. Small callout, every single one of those drop-off points contains mention of plant life or greenery - even if I hadn't perused the borrowed time weebly, I would have known we were dealing with a rather different brand of Capitol.

The consistency, the pacing, the measured reveal of backstory - this all speaks to a great deal of careful planning. As I write my story, I find myself planning on more a chapter-by-chapter basis, sometimes saving future ideas for later. Which, for what I want to accomplish, is what I'm perfectly happy doing. But if you told me that you had an end for this story already in mind, I would believe it without question, and that is admirable. It makes your world rather richer.

This is marvelous, and I'm truly happy you reached back out to me! I'll end by saying that I CAN wait for more, because I know writing of this caliber will be worth the wait.

Out and over ~

Ripple237 chapter 13 . 1/5
Ham: LMAOO 2 seconds in and Ham is already being extra horned up. Love that blush gave him that smirk. He's a bit of a flirt himself. Anyways, yeah what is happening this guys? I am so nervous but excited to find out. An engagement? This is spooky. Love that Ham is still like hmm maybe sex wouldn't be so bad. He has a brand and he will stick to it goddammit. DAMN IT REALLY WAS FOR SEX. Good for Ham I guess? This apartment description was so nice btw, it really do be visually stunning.

Levin: damn it do be sad how you want to leave a place so bad but then all you want is to go back when put in such a horrible situation like the hunger games. Also this description of the street lights and atmosphere fucks, it's so creepy and eerie I love it. Sheeesh. The capitol really let this man get jumped before the GAmes. I'd say this probably eliminates Levin as a competitor because it seems like he got really fucked up. I'm not super interested in levin but this was brutal and it did make me sympathetic. That was rough ):

Blush: Hi Blushhhh. OOO I didn't think about a possible meeting with Cronus. This is gonna be so juicy. Love the backstory drop with his family. I love how you write blush and all the metaphors and figurative language here is so effective and I just think it's neat. I am envious of your scene descriptions sir. I think that's one of the hardest things to do as a writer and you do it so effortlessly. Gorgeous. Love Blush's little wink to the receptionist. He's just so neat I love him so much. OOOO Cronus...I love this. Love the mask love the vibes of this whole area. And that little detail about this Cronus just being another generation to carry on the deal just like Blush? Ugh so good and so fascinating. OOO NEW DEAL. This is so fascinating I am living for this development. What a choice to make. And that last line of dialogue with the song lyrics? Brilliant. Wow I adored this. I wonder how Blush will deal with his choice going forward. If he does win, he could feasibly help out his siter and his mother, but would he? That amount of wealth and power is something else. It's the promise of that power that led Constance to make the deal in the first place. It seems like the Beauregard family is doomed for this cycle of power. Im also wondering if the same new deal was offered to the previous tributes? I guess we'll never know if they took the new one because they're all dead. So fascinating. I adored the pov, this was so good and I love how you write Blush and I cannot wait to see what happens with him next.

Mine: Blush
SEXY: Soba, Valerian, Catriona, Abraxas
Like: Xena, Ham, Dewey, Ithaca, Enya, Vailea
Neutral: Jair, Argentella, Manon, Naomi, Quang
Meh: Ty, Levin
UGLY: Oren (but objectively sexy)
FireflyLlama chapter 13 . 11/12/2021
Hello! I have been excited for this chapter for a while; you've mentioned how much you've been looking forward to this chapter and after how we saw these three boys heading off last time, I have been eager to see what was in store. And boy was I not disappointed at all!

Ham: This took me by surprise a little, but in a very good way. It was very much in-line with Ham's personality and I adored seeing Rufus in there too, but I hadn't been expecting this encounter at all! Wow. You also write in such an eloquent way, even with raunchy scenes you manage it so elegantly, it's impressive. Things are looking quite nice for Ham at the moment, although I am sure your big brain has a reason for everything that you do, and I am curious as to how this came about and why. I wonder if things will continue to be all pleasure for dearest Ham, though I suspect that certainly with the Games approaching, he won't be having much more time to enjoy himself quite so much as he did here! Also this was some strange form of incest going on here with Rem's tribute and Rem's inspired, but I bet Rem was loving it anyway and hey, it worked!

Levin: Oh no, I had an awful feeling that Kiran wouldn't let Levin get away with the secret he knows about his father's murder and here we saw the cost of knowing the truth. Poor Levin, he really didn't deserve that! He's had a bad time even before the reaping, and as you mentioned in this POV, there had been a time when he felt like District Seven was a prison for him that he wanted to escape, so him now wanting to return to that place shows just how bad a time he is having now. And then at the end, saying he didn't want saving...oh man. That is so rough. I hope things get better for this poor lad, though I can't see the Games providing the escape he needs.

Blush: Oooh this was very cool, I enjoyed. You revealed a lot of juicy information about Blush's family situation and the reasoning behind his volunteering. For a Career he didn't seem as though he really wanted to volunteer and I had gone along with the idea that he was pressured into it, but oh it is so much more than that! Cronus the benefactor is such a neat concept, and then you went and threw in another twist with the newly proposed contract! What a decision to make, although I would totally back Blush in choosing the new contract because ew his family. And having Cronus say the lyrics of that song at the end was just pure artistry, ugh I loved it. I have no idea who you'll make Victor, but Blush's arc would certainly be an interesting one to uncover more about the covenant and see how Blush's potential revenge plot goes. But we shall see!

This chapter was definitely worth the wait; anything you write would be worth a thousand years of waiting! I'll always be here to lap up whatever words you put down, so no complaints from my end! I'm excited to see what more you have in store!
Remus98 chapter 13 . 11/7/2021
Hello! It’s me again, the person lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to read this masterpiece in advance. When you first told me the idea, I was awe-struck, but actually seeing it play out? Brilliance, pure brilliance!

Hamza: he’s living his best life, isn’t he? It does admittedly feel a little bit odd, seeing my child getting it on with my inspired, but I’m not complaining. You would know that already, though, as I’ve been raving in your DMs about this particular scene since its conception. I’m a fan, what can I say. I appreciate art. Because art was what this POV was! The descriptions, both of Rufus’ “unimpressive apartment” (Blake will whop his ass, and I support it) to the abs galore was so well done. How you manage to make things come alive is beyond me. You could make a kitchen sink sound sexy tf.

Also, now that Ham has found himself in bed with a capitolite, I’m eager to find out seducing a career is next on the menu. I can’t wait to witness all of the decadence he will no doubt indulge in before pre-games come to a close :skull:

Levin: oof, this was rough. We know from his intro that things weren’t quite as they should regarding his father’s death, but meeting Sylvester and seeing the influence Kiran has even in the Capitol was more brutal than I had imagined. The fact that Levin was taken from the remake center just to be brutalized alone is OUCH on the highest level. On a lighter note, I really loved the imagery of District Seven we got at the start of the POV, and how the trees seemed like a prison until he got away from them and found that there were much worse places. Smol bean. He deserves better.

Also, being the worldbuilding nerd that I am, I found the line “…taken them closer to the training center than he’d expected” very interesting. Makes me wonder what the distance is between the remake center and where they’re staying.

Blush: oh shit, things are going down. I remember being very curious about Blush’s motives behind volunteering when reading his intro, and meeting Cronus here made me even more intrigued. The name made me think of timekeepers, coming from the god of time and all that, but I doubt there’s a connection. Either way, the covenant in itself own is a super neat concept. I lowkey want Blush to win simply to see what his victor arc would be like, and to learn more about Cronus’ identity. Something tells me this revenge angle won’t do him good in the long run, but we shall see.

Also, loved the animal motif in Cronus’ office. That’s yet another detail that you didn’t have to put in, but that made everything seem so much more vivid and wondrous. You’re making me want to visit all of these places so bad. Ugh.

Loved this chapter! Might have been one of my favorites so far, and that’s saying something.

So so so excited for training! Until then.
Remus98 chapter 12 . 11/3/2021
Ben! I’ve finally dragged myself out of university hell to read this chapter, sorry for the delay.

Regarding your opening a/n, there’s not a lot I haven’t said already in our DMs, but know that you are loved and appreciated. Take all of the time you need; I will be excitedly awaiting what comes next however long it takes :heart:

Vailea: I only have one word for this POV - GORGEOUS! Everything about the way you described each outfit was a masterclass in description, I drooled the entire time. The fashion show element, in general, is such a fun idea (and mirrors my installment of the echoverse in a neat way, seeing as both of our kids are walking rather than riding chariots). It fits so well with Mx Epithet and their background, too. As for Vailea - I’m a dumb child who didn’t realize that the opening part was a flashback/memory, so thought she was actually in a Capitol courtroom before understanding finally hit, but I appreciate the layers it brought to her characters in retrospect. I think her uncertainty makes her a lot more appealing than the more confident version we saw back in District One. It makes me interested in seeing how she interacts with the careers, beyond the short snippet we got here. The dynamics there are going to be a lot of fun, I think.

“The boy had opted to go completely shirtless, his well-built body decorated with swirls of coal dust and obsidian shards that appeared to grow from his skin. He’d kept the coat on as well, but it was tossed almost carelessly over one shoulder.” I FREAKING ADORE THIS WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT MY SON IS SO POWERFUL UGH GOODBYE.

Abraxas: A part of me feels bad for saying that I didn’t like him all that much in the intros, because he’s actually adorable? Shame shame shame! People should throw rotten food at me as I walk through the streets (I pray to Jupiter that you’ve seen Game of Thrones, because this is going to be real awkward if you don’t get the reference :skull:). Anyhow, I related to the message of always drawing the short straw, as I know you do too, which might be the reason behind why he feels so much more special after this. It’s the same thing that happened when I first encountered Ithaca - I felt a switch in me turn on that said, “You need to be protected!” It helped that there was some humor strewn in there as well, in the form of him complaining about the plants having to be killed when Levin threw those seeds. Smol bean.

Jair: Much like the previous POV, I found myself liking its titleholder more than I had been expecting. I think it has a lot to do with Jair alone vs Jair in company, because although I see why it was necessary to have him on his own for the intro, I definitely prefer him when he’s got someone to bounce off of. The fact that Ithaca was drawn to him feels both surprising and not surprising at all; on the one hand she’s a sweetheart who I wouldn’t have thought would go for something so seemingly gruff, but on the other she seems to be the type of person who wants to be on good terms with everyone. Maybe Jair can be the one who doesn’t make her feel like the second best :plead: Then we had the moment that will surprise everyone - Darrel coming to snatch up Blush, Levin and Ham. I’m very excited for their adventures!

I’m sorry to hear about your struggles with this chapter, but it’s not noticeable in the writing if that’s any consolation. As I said in Vailea’s POV, everything about it was simply gorgeous. I need to take some pages out of your book, me thinks.

Can’t wait until next time!

Lots of love, your friendo Rem.
FireflyLlama chapter 12 . 10/26/2021
Benjamin! Scold me at once for taking so damn long to review this wonderful chapter! Sigh, life is busy, but I should be better, I apologise.

Moving on from my terribleness and onto your brilliance! Oh gosh, I loved this unique take on chariots! The runway was such a fabulous idea; it really brought something fresh to the usual process we are used to with pregames and I love you for doing that. There was a nice amount of tribute interaction here too, with potential alliances starting to form and some general scoping out of the competition. Very lovely stuff!

Vailea: I don't blame her for being wary of others; in life in general it is difficult to trust people, but that is only increased in a fight to the death situation! I wouldn't say everyone is untrustworthy, though I wouldn't say she should completely trust anyone anyway because at the end of the day everyone is likely going to want to survive and in the arena you just don't know what lengths people will go to. It was interesting to see a bit more into her backstory; the memories of the court proceedings was a great snippet I haven't seen anything of before! Damn, that's a lot to process too, eek. The Careers are starting to come together, Blush turning on his charm to connect the group, which wasn't surprising. Vailea seems a little caught in the middle; she struggles to bring herself forwards, yet she also doing want to fade into the background. Hopefully she'll find a solid middle ground somewhere that works for her. Looking forward to seeing how the Careers continue to react to each other, especially when it comes to training! (also omg Enya and Soba in the background. They are too cute, I cannot! AND SHIRTLESS HAM IS EVERYTHING)

Abraxas: Aw, he is still so sweet and still filled with his own sadness, bless him. Clearly Argentella is finding it difficult to process what she discovered last chapter and I do not blame her one bit; that girl can rage as much as she wants to! Oh baby, thinking about the plants that died to make the costumes, SO WHOLESOME. He's looking for allies, which is a smart move, however I'm wary of his choice so far...Oren and Abraxas was not an alliance I saw coming. I wonder how Oren will react if Abraxas wants to pursue an alliance? I love how you were able to achieve so much in this pocket of writing without any dialogue; it was excellently done!

Jair: I hadn't thought too much about Jair since his intro, but now you have set up a super cute friendship that I am undoubtedly going to have my heart broken over. Why must you cause me such pain? WHY. I'm not overly convinced on victor vibes between the two of them, but it is still early days. It's nice to see a little bit of optimism with them and I can see myself perhaps getting attached to these two. All that cuteness and then that mysterious move... Blush, Levin and Ham on a secret mission? What does Darrell have planned with these boys? So many questions... I hope we find out because my curiosity is like HELLO THERE SECRETIVE PLOT. You are well known for great little plot twists so I'm very much excited for more!

There is no trouble with the delay because you always keep us well satisfied when an update does come. Your writing is always a joy to read and I'm very hyped for what is to come!
Alecxias chapter 12 . 10/25/2021
Woo! Finally had the time to read this before going back to work! I loved the twist in this chariot chapter. There’s no expense spared for a Quell I see!

Vailea - INTERACTIONS! INTERACTIONS! Vailea’s trial backstory sounded mysterious. Maybe there is more to her than I originally anticipated. Everyone in the group just micro analysing each other and Tyson is just like ‘my name tyson.’ I also can’t pass up that slight pang in her heart when she met Naomi, u ok girl? You feel something hmmm. ((Also shirtless Ham. That is all))

Abraxas - A glass runway? Ooh sounds dangerous. I like how he’s thinking of allies already but at the same time he knows that it may not be a good idea because of his past. This poor boi is going to get himself hurt, especially with Oren who might not even be receptive. Although I think that’s good for him in a way. The Sevens outfits tho

Jair - Ithaca and Jair are honestly so cute together and now I’m worried for their safety. I love them Ben and will be so upset if you torture them. I’m very curious about the call-outs. Very very curious. Hmmmmm

I’m very curious indeed!
Ripple237 chapter 12 . 10/23/2021
Vailea: This was a beautiful opening couple paragraphs of pensive thoughts and retrospective. I loved learning a bit more about Vailea's backstory and the descriptive language was absolutely stunning. Oh shitttt a RUNWAY? Echo really said "ok but make it fashion" and you know what? I'm here for it. It's more dramatic this way AND it is definitely more fun to watch than chariots. Who knows how many tributes will fall or how many will look completely ridiculous! Oh also, loved the descriptions of her and Blush's fits. Dripping in rubies, bathed in blood, that is so big brain and I can clearly picture it in my head. They snapped. Ok I'm gonna be honest...I remember almost nothing about the Twos so I'm gonna have to go back and remind myself later lmao. I loved how you write Vailea's internal monologue. It's really captivating and fun to read, and I found myself liking her a lot more after reading. Also hi blushhh. Nice to see him vibing and being his suave ass self. That last interaction between him and Vailea was so interesting and I am excited to see what sorta shit goes down within this career pack.

Abraxas: Really liked how this whole POV included no dialogue. I like spending time in the mindscape. Abraxas is really going through it huh? Emo ass. Oh yeah that shit with Argentella was fucking wild. I'd say her response was definitely warranted, but I'm worried for her a little. It's not good to be in a mental state like that so close to the Games. Ooo I loved that little line about how many plants had to die to make the Seven outfits. It was a tiny detail I really appreciated and it means a lot more than just it's surface level reading. That's some good writing right there. I'm glad he started to psyche himself up towards the end there, composing himself. Argentella certainly cannot relate at the moment.

Jair: Wow the runway was over really fast! I was kinda expecting there to be more drama surrounding the actual walks BUT then this whole thing with the boys happened? What is going on? Blush is one of the dudes who went...hmmmmmm. This is a very interesting development I must say. You sir have got my attention and I cannot wait to see what's going on and if it ties into the subplot. As for Jair and Ithaca...they're fine. I liked the descriptions of the tribute's other outfits, they were really creative. I know Jair is strong and Ithaca is charismatic which could be a fun combo, but as of right now, neither of them are that interesting to me, ESPECIALLY with the subplot and other interpersonal shit in the other districts.

Overall this was a fantastic chapter and I am once again reminded of how talented a writer you are.

Mine: Blush
SEXY: Soba, Valerian, Catriona, Abraxas
Like: Xena, Ham, Dewey, Ithaca, Enya, Vailea
Neutral: Jair, Argentella, Manon, Naomi, Quang
Meh: Ty, Levin
UGLY: Oren (but objectively sexy)
Alecxias chapter 11 . 10/21/2021
aaaaannndd here i am, all caught up in the meantime. Look at me go.

Argentella - what a twist there! Argentella is definitely giving off the cool vibes, she’s worried slightly about the games that’s understandable but now her family’s killer is her mentor? Jeezo that’s harsh

Soba - okay this one was kinda cute, Enya and Soba are lowkey cute together. i feel that they sort of help each other's social weaknesses, they encourage each other to the fullest and they don't bring each other down. Soba's reactions are too cute

Catriona - well, i suppose they're not going to be allies then? I love the whole narrative leading up to the confession, it was like Catriona was in control and then she just loses that grip when Valerian was like 'yeah i did it, and?' i can imagine the frustration that she must've felt. it was nicely done, and i can't wait for them to fight it out.

this was a fun chapter, i liked everything about it really, and I'm not surprised that Valerian got the top spot, I do like his character a lot. looking forward to the next chapter!

Alecxias chapter 10 . 10/20/2021
A lot have certainly happened in this chapter. I will admit it took me most of a train ride and then reading it in bed and then falling asleep and then reading again to finish it ;-;

Echo - well that was an exciting POV. That’s the same monster from Rem’s story right? I vaguely remember that. I see the visions are getting stronger and stronger? I will get it eventually, I may seem lost ((it’s because I am)) but I will get it lol

Heron - I’m vibing with these two, I’d be confused as anything if that happened to me and on top of my near death experience? Echo in this POV is so fierce like hella, they’ve become so badass

Calanthe - ooh that’s the first I see the powers of timekeepers. Quite cool actually. I like how Calanthe is unlike any of the presidents I’ve read. She’s accepting and relaxed, doesn’t resort to straight up anger, although she probs would in a heartbeat.

Echo - I feel like I’m getting evil echo vibes here, is that just me? Are they trying to comprehend that timekeeper power and attempt to steal it? I would like that, that would’ve awesome

Devyn - you blazed through that Reapings! Love it. I love Devyn and her probing ways but the other two guests were having none of it! We’ll see more of Devyn no doubt.

Blake - these two are just the cutest. All the fluff I need from this story. I’m love them so much I will die for them. I can’t wait to see my inspired interacting with them

There’s that! I’m now one chapter away from catching up and that feels good!

Alecxias chapter 9 . 10/19/2021
And here we are! The last of the tribute intros and phew that was a nice read! I can’t wait to read more and I’m nearly caught up! I can’t wait to finally catch up

Naomi - this here is the clear example of parental pressure, loving every minute of it, I relate so hard. The household is very Asian culture, and Naomi has all that pressure building up that I fear she too will explode from it all and make rash decisions. I can sense that she’s developed some sort of complex to be perfect too from all this parental pressure

Enya - aww Enya girl…there’s guilt there and it’s explained and I feel has manifested into that intrusive thought that keeps coming and coming ((side note is that Artemis?)) I do feel sorry for Enya because guilt is no joke, it likes to eat away at people. I hope she stays strong, I’m adding her to the list of tributes I would cry about if they died

Abraxas - this poor lad, maybe I sense a possible weakness of being used in the games and that’s sad to think. Maybe he can ally with people that wouldn’t do that, although it is the hunger games and those type of tributes are few and far between. I’ll be waiting to see what happens next

Quang - I’m getting Eugene from try guys vibe from him; sexy, fierce and proud of it. I love how he still thrives for perfection, the quality of that same parental peer pressure lingers even if the parents aren’t as overbearing. Quang was defo a surprise when you revealed him and I can’t wait to read more about him!

I cba doing a chart just now because I’m on my phone but you can tell from my other reviews how much I liked the tribute from how long their comments were lol

Alecxias chapter 8 . 10/18/2021
God morning! I fell asleep around 1am and Gavin woke me up at 6.30 ugh we’re now going to get breakfast and go to museums so there’s that I guess. Anyway enough about my mundane

Dewey - i don’t know about him quite yet. He seems the type that cares about his brother and yet somehow has that irresponsible streak. Is he selling crabs illegally? Is that a thing? Anyways I can’t form an opinion yet

Levin - in a tribute cast that’s like ‘murder and revenge’ Levin is quite wholesome in that his form of revenge is just going to the press. It’s nice to see, but I fear he’s too kind for the environment he’s about to be plunged in. Poor lad.

Ithaca - what a darling girl you are. I feel sorry for having to read you in the hunger games. Ithaca strikes me as a team orientated person and would most likely be the glue that tries to stick everyone together. Her need to be loved and cared for is so valid that it hurts thinking of possibilities that it’s never going to happen.

I was waiting for you to introduce characters that I’d be like ‘nooo why then why did they have to die’ and I think I have found some already c’:

Alecxias chapter 7 . 10/18/2021
I will be bowing down at this chapter and finishing the rest tomorrow 3

Catriona - the minute I saw Farroukh Zarei I kid you not a tiny little burst of excitement exploded in me. Although the last name didn’t register in my head, that’s beside the point. I’m loving the future interaction between Valerian and Catriona, it’s either gonna go one or two ways I feel. Valerian being like ‘yeah I killed him so kill me now I deserve it’ or ‘yeah I killed him so what you gon do about it’ exciting stuff

Oren - there was a brief moment where o thought I felt sorry for the boy, living in such a toxic environment where he was the target of bullying from his brothers but then he goes and punch an innocent child? Like dude not cool. I get that he’s all angy but that’s uncalled for? I guess it just perpetuates the notion that you grow up to be like your parents. Hes a juice bag for sure tho

Vailea - hmmm I’m not sure what to think of this girl. She seems plan almost. Career like for sure. Although seeing the others so far I can see her as being the leader and the one that keeps everyone in check. I like her steadfast attitude

Also goodness there’s a lot of dead mums.

Alecxias chapter 6 . 10/18/2021
I’m now only 5 chapters away look at me go

Valerian - ooh can I just say that I’m jealous that his nightshift finishes at midnight. I work from 7pm all the way to 7.30am the next day. I’m a bit salty lmao. Also working in healthcare I do relate to his feelings (obviously not to the point where I would actively kill problematic patients) but I sensed that once he had a taste of feeling like some sort of ‘hero’ that he would spiral out of control and he does. I can see the guilt eating him up, lovely, just what I love.

Tyson - I’ve read this POV so many times lmao I don’t know why but somehow he feels so inadequate (story wise) compared to the other tributes now. He’s just a gay that wants to be loved, is that hard? ((I’m ready for my 24th place)) also Vodka? Good choice, like father like son (((also also I’m just wanting to read sexy dorm room frat boys sue me)))

Hamza - pecs and abs ooft Ham is very sexy and I cannot. Rem boy he’s amazing. I can’t wait for him to sex up the capitol. He’s bringing sexy back. Also his wee aside that’s like he was insecure about everything and then BAM he’s hot now and can sleep with anyone on demand ooft such a power top (or bottom I don’t know yet)

I’m loving all the tributes so far, it’s very nice and they’re all varied in their own way

Alecxias chapter 5 . 10/18/2021
Here I am with another review. If I had known that I can read fast and retain some semblance of information I would’ve caught up ages ago! I am sorry for reading chapters so late na don’t properly keeping up to date, you know how stupid busy my schedule is T_T

Argentella - a homeless Robin Hood? Interesting. I’m curious about the murders and she’s very whimsical. She might cause some havoc and I feel like she fights injustice.

Blush - I was like ‘why does that last name sound familiar?’ Initially I thought it was the orphan’s name in Series of Unfortunate Events but that was Baudelaire. Then I looked it up and found Violet from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory lol. as for the guy himself, I liken him very much to Xena, they both have something to prove they’re just going about it in different ways. I can feel Blush being a ticking time bomb though.

Manon - woah woah witchy rune tribute. I love witchy rune tributes. Manon I feel is tamer than the other ones I’ve read or maybe I’ve only read one other one? Idk I’ll need to look into it a lot more but I love the concept nonetheless, it’s ironic that she’s trying to stop time and yet the whole story is time related. I low-key like her, she has anger and it’s justified I feel.

Also that 100th Quell Twist tho. I’d love to see that. Also it’s weird that I’ve known the 125th twist for so long and now only finally getting to be like ‘I KNEW IT’

On to the next one!
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