Reviews for Borrowed Time
dyloccupy chapter 8 . 6/29/2021
KING! of first off, apologies for the lack of reviews! but know that i’ve loved every single intro ;-; this entire cast eats!

i have to start with my son levin, bc like? THIS WAS AMAZING?! when i read this for the first time, i had to take a moment bc i was just so emotional. the atmosphere and mood of this intro was so peaceful yet melancholy?! it was so perfect ;-;

AND HIS MOM AND THOSE FINAL WORDS! IM?! yeah im still in awe. thank you again for this king and i can’t wait to see what you have planned for levin!

as for the other kiddos:

D6 obviously owns me! i just love what haiden and dawn came up with, so i can’t wait to see what you do with this fascinating pair! their backstories, the drama, their mindsets…yeah watch out y’all!

blush, enya, and soba are also some of my faves from their intros! seriously, i enjoyed them all! mainly bc of your amazing writing, let’s be real here! QUANG is also a fave! AND HE WAS A SECRET TOO! we stan!

ugh these intros were just so good, i can go on forever about them ;-;

again, many apologies for the lack of reviews during these first few chapters, but know that i shall be doing my best to review every chapter from here on out! keep up the amazing work!
Ripple237 chapter 9 . 6/26/2021
Oh wow, the final intros! Congrats for finishing this huge milestone! This story has been great and I'm so excited to see all the characters again for the Pre-Games!

Naomi: Oh I see, she is very similar to Blush in terms of the family legacy type stuff. However the main difference being that Naomi's family never managed to get a volunteer spot. Blush has some other stuff going on. I wonder if they will bond over this or beef over this? Only time will tell...anyways I loved the first part of this POV. So many fantastic lines and I think the idea of her being the youngest and therefore pushed the hardest is neat. She's the last one. I really liked how you showed that there was kinda a hierarchy with how the kids were treated based on how they did in training. That is so fucked up but so career like! I really like that simple little twist. Other than that Naomi is a pretty standard career tribute striving for perfection and honor for her family.

Enya: This was a beautifully written POV. I loved the flowery prose and the descriptions and the way in which you divulged exactly what was happening here. It was extremely sad to read about, but it was written so well. Enya's clearly going through some shit. The trauma of something like that is rough. Her family must be well off if they can afford therapy. Or maybe since she was her teacher, it's for free? A very interesting dynamic there that I hope we learn more about. I feel bad. Enya is just trying to overcome her trauma and now she's gonna be in the fucking Hunger Games. Time heals all wounds, but there isn't enough time left for her. Also I hope we find out why she's also called Artemis because that's such an odd nickname.

Abraxas: Oh boy a few sentences in and it's already hitting very close to home. Some beautiful prose here though. The "ghost of alcohol?" Oof I feel nothing but pain. awww he has his lil plants. That's so nice. It's kinda cool that D8 has all this greenery now! This panem just generally seems a lot nicer than most so good for all the folks ig! I really like Abraxas's outlook and how the plants reflect that. While he was manipulated and taken advantage of, he was still able to get something out of what happened to him and try to appreciate life a bit more, and I love that. That's such a good mindset to have. This boy deserves the world. I saw some similarities here between Crossland from D&D in Abraxas and honestly I think I subjectively like Abraxas better just because of the promise of new growth and hope. He's just really doing his best and that's all anyone can really.

Q: A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES? A surprise 19th Tribute? I was not expecting this at all wow. Much to think about. Wow there is a LOT going on here. A family that got rich on Peacekeeper weapons and one of them who wants to be an actual Peacekeeper? D3 has certainly changed in this era and it is really interesting. The whole stuff Berylle was a little hard to follow honestly and she's really gross for trying to get with a 15 year old so fuck her. What was more interesting was the stuff at the end. A guy obsessed with Capitol culture and make-up is kinda fun and I liked that little twist about him. He seems to have a lot of enthusiasm, I wonder if he can keep that up following getting reaped for the Games?

CONGRATS FOR FINISHING INTROS LETSS GOOO. I really enjoyed all of them and I'm excited to see you transition to Pregames now! Im hyped to see whatever your talented brain can come up with. Below is my final tribute chart as of intros. I don't really have any super strong feelings about the majority of the cast other than those who are in my highest tier, so Im excited to get to know the others a bit more as the Pre-games begin!

Mine: Blush
SEXY: Soba, Valerian, Catriona, Abraxas
Like: Xena, Ham, Dewey, Ithaca, Enya
Neutral: Jair, Argentella, Manon, Vailea, Naomi, Quang
Meh: Ty, Levin
UGLY: Oren (but objectively sexy)
Ripple237 chapter 8 . 6/26/2021
It's been a hot second but Im back back again. Also thanks for the review responses! You really dont have to do those but you do anyway 3

Dewey: Oh I have heard a bit about this mans concept so Im not sure how exactly Im gonna react? Let's see. I love the descriptions here, really gives off the vibes the coast and of the sea. I can almost taste the salty air and smell the fish. I really liked the backstory of the fish fry place, that was something really cool I haven't seen from a D4 character before and I thought it was neat. Dewey is definitely struggling with expectations, but it seems it is more of a struggle of the fact that there aren't any expectations in the first place. A very sad life. The line about being friends with alcohol was really good. Dewey is interesting, and considering all his backstory, I wonder what motivated him to train and how he managed to get the volunteer spot, especially for a quell. Perhaps his motivation is just to be free of expectations then based on how this POV ended? But ultimately the Games is just one big expectation and being Victor doesn't make that go away. Interesting stuff.

Levin: The opening description here was stunning. Painter characters have been done a lot and I have to write a few in BV actually, so it comes with the inevitable challenge of super good imagery. Idk if I will able to do it, but you certainly were able. Good stuff. AHHH YESS. Forest fire stuff and firefighter D7 stuff is something that is so underappreciated and I love it whenever it shows up! It is simply so neat and I like it a lot. I appreciated that having a dead parent was done in a more unique way for this character. Oh boy it looks like we've got ANOTHER mystery on our hands. It seems like so many tributes this year have murders to solve in their home districts. That is simply a lot and they aren't really gonna have time for that because they're gonna have the Games to deal with. Oh interesting so he's planning to just yell at people during the Reapings? That seems like a very roundabout way to try to get justice. Like, you can't try to have a court case in the middle of the reapings? The peacekeepers could just fucking shoot you and that would be that. Not many braincells...or maybe I'm just being too harsh but it's just a lot.

Ithaca: Already triggered by this name lol I will simply continue to be triggered by it for the entire story but I will do my best to overcome it. OOF opening two paragraphs already hitting hard. I think this is something that a lot of people can relate too. It's like alone together or something like that idk. Regardless, it's one of the sad and hard parts of socialization and I really feel for her. Oh wow those sports still exist in Panem? That's very interesting, but I think all the stuff about socialization was more interesting. Her self-doubt and analysis of these interactions was really cool and I liked having a character so scaled back that really focused on the little things. This was a really nice POV and I know we're so close to being done with intros! I think next chapter actually, I shall have to read soon!

Mine: Blush
SEXY: Soba, Valerian, Catriona
Like: Xena, Ham, Dewey, Ithaca
Neutral: Jair, Argentella, Manon, Vailea
Meh: Ty, Levin
UGLY: Oren (but objectively sexy)
FireflyLlama chapter 9 . 6/22/2021

I am very proud of you for getting to this stage, especially after the unfortunate IT issues, so you have absolutely slayed it! And another fabulous chapter, let's get into it!

Naomi: First of all, I adored the first sentence, it really set the tone for the rest of the POV and gave you a hint at her character straight away in an effortless way. I feel for this girl, the pressures her family have put her under are immense, especially when she is now the first to succeed and be selected as the volunteer for the Games. It must be both relieving and also even more pressurising at the same time -so much to handle! I like how she isn't overly arrogant like many Careers are -she knows how hard she has worked and where she needs to be. However, it seems clear that perhaps her parents dreams aren't synonymous with her own...

Enya: I have already told you how incredible this was, but imma shout it for the people at the back. YO, BEN SMASHED THIS ONE, ENYA WAS PERFECTION, YA HEAR ME?! Ugh, brilliant. I'm still grinning. You captured her emotions so perfectly, there was an air of calmness with subtle notes of her anxieties. Mina was adorable, exactly how I had imagined her! And then I can't speak about the thing that cannot be spoken about at this moment in time, but you already know my feelings on this and it was just so brilliant I cannot wait for more. So excellent job; I of course expected nothing less from you, king.

Abraxas: what an adorable little romantic plant boy -I love him so much, he must be protected at all costs! It must be heartbreaking to be used like that -damn you Firth, you horrible creature. He seems so defeated, but at least he has his plants to keep him going. I can't see him winning as of yet, but it is early days and he may have some good skills to show in pre-Games -though I bet he'll have a good knowledge about edible plants and whatnot which could be useful depending on the arena (although with the short time will this knowledge be needed? We'll see...)

Quang: A SURPRISE 19TH TRIBUTE?! You kept that one a secret... I think he is quite a refreshing tribute, I tend to see a lot of tributes from poorer backgrounds so it is nice seeing someone from a richer background who isn't a Career. Damn, his ex went off with his brother IN FRONT OF him?! That is so rude. Ew. Some lines you don't cross... He seems quite elegant and I'm sure he would fit right into Capitol life if he became Victor, though I can't see him succeeding at the moment, he seems a little fragile for the Games. But we'll see what he has to offer!

INTROS ARE DONE! Wow, I love that. Your writing as always has been stunning and I am so insanely excited for pre-games!

Here is my final chart for intros:

Mine: Enya
You are quite brilliant: Ham, Soba, Valerian
I am very fond of you: Catriona, Levin, Ithaca, Tyson, Blush, Abraxas
I like, I like: Quang, Dewey, Argentella, Xena
Keeping an open eye: Naomi, Oren, Jair, Manon, Vailea
Remus98 chapter 9 . 6/22/2021
We’re here! The last intro! You did it!

Naomi: let’s talk about the Legatus family. I thought they were really cute at first, her parents being all supportive of her volunteering and showing how proud of her they are… until she told us they disowned one of her siblings for being non-binary?! That’s fucked. Naomi’s parents should join forces with Dewey’s and Tyson’s so I can push them all off a cliff in one go. Anyway. Naomi. She’s not an instant favorite, but there are some things that intrigues me about her. She obviously has a lot of anxieties about the Games, and even though she wants to volunteer she seems to want to do it under the right circumstances. The way she eats up praise is a bit meh, but she’s got enough going for me to like her.

Enya: therapy session! I always like getting to see these, they tend to bring out very interesting aspects of characters. This one was no different. From what it gave me, I can tell that Enya is a very dynamic character already. She has a sad side to her, blaming herself for her mother’s suicide, which she shouldn’t. I get it though, it’s easy to take on the blame for bad things happening to people you care about. I find that “if only” is a quick mindset to jump into, in real life and fiction alike. To contrast that, she has a feisty side as well, if that inner monologue is anything to go by. Those layers makes me very intrigued to see which route she goes for in the Capitol. So many possibilities for where to take her. Eeek!

Abraxas: a boy and his garden. That part came as a surprise to me, I wouldn’t have expected someone from the urban jungles of Eight to care about ferns more than people. It makes sense for what he’s been through, tho. He’s very valid for having given up on humanity. Firth treated him like shit, so here we are. Still, Abraxas is a smart kid, and I think he would be able to open up to someone if he got close enough to trust them. Maybe an ally or two? I know a few tid bits here and here, so I won’t say too much, but I’m definitely excited to see more of what he can do. He didn’t grip me the way some others have, but that’s honestly fine. Some grow on you later on. I’ll put him into’ neutral’ for now.

Quang: nineteenth kid! The secret is out! I’ve been excited about reading him for quite some time now, and he really didn’t disappoint. There are aspects to his character that does strike me as typical, such as the ‘self-centered rich boy’ he’s rocking, but there are also other aspects to him that contrasts that, elevating him from a trope to something unique and special. I think his sister and their shared love for make-up is definitely part of that. It’s cute, how he went from the model to the mogul, and I don’t actually mind how snappy he is with Tu? It comes from a place of love, that’s obvious. Oh, and I love how this POV almost went through sections that talked about his life via his family members. Lovely!

Favorite: Blush, Valerian, Enya
Love: Tyson, Quang, Catriona, Ithaca, Soba
Like: Xena, Naomi, Dewey, Oren, Argentella
Neutral: Vailea, Levin, Abraxas, Jair, Manon

I’m proud of you friend, onto pre-games!
symphorophilia chapter 9 . 6/21/2021
king that chapter was AMAZING and i am so excited to meet this nineteenth tribute as well, definitely did not expect that!

so far i think naomi feels rather textbook career for me but i admire her resolve and her diligence, even if it stems from a desire to surpass a family legacy thats six times ended in tragedy. she seems like a more mutable and stoic personality than what some of the others are sure to be, although im interested to see what her perfectionist tendencies lead her to in engagements with the other careers! for now i'm pretty neutral leaning with her, but it was neat to hear about each of her siblings and the turns taken for their lives, as well as explore the complicated politics of careerdom in a games-supporting family, as always, and it really says a lot about how normalized the system is that most of this pov could be so mellow in terms of atmosphere despite the fact naomi is literally volunteering for a deathmatch. her nerves are understandable Dx i feel for her!

enya's pov has to be one of the most hard-hitting in the story so far. my gods she is just a lovely character. so full of sorrow and melancholy, her life impacted severely by the trauma of her mothers death - much like naomi, her family history hangs like a weight over her head here, and the guilt that's been eating at her due to all the what-ifs circling about in her head was hauntingly real. i think shes one of the most relatable so far, and i love that she's been able to find some points of connection in mina and quentin, as it reinforces just how much of a difference a support system (even a small one) can make in the life of someone lost or struggling. i really am scared to see what she goes through in the games as ive already gotten attached Dx

abraxas is definitely one of the more backstory heavy characters in this story, and what a backstory he has! scapegoated and used by someone he looked up to and truly felt endeared to, whose very presence in his life drew him further into criminal dealings until he finally saw the truth of firth's manipulations. i don't think i've ever actually seen a tribute with this particular sort of background actively be the one to sell out their fellows so that actually makes me double interested in him as im curious to see how he will mesh and engage with tributes in the capitol, or potential allies. the bit about gardening relaxing him/his having a soft spot for plants and what they represent (flourishing beauty) is a lovely little addition that actually gives me a really nice glimpse into his mindset im kinda attached to him too ngl

and then ofc we have quang himself! as someone who has experienced similar relationship betrayals his backstory struck from the get-go - its a horrible thing to realize youre being used, catch your lover cheating, not to mention spy her in the arms of your own brother! the rift it seems to have made between q and his brother is even more painful, as they both were clearly in the dark about it all. im certainly not accustomed to seeing fashion culture in the districts explored very often, so its neat to see an otherwise ordinary district kid experimenting with makeup and whatnot, especially because - as quang himself asserts - its usually seen as showing favor toward the capitol. its rather refreshing that theres no political undertones here. his relationship with his sister is adorable and i genuinely love the way you portrayed family dynamics in this section ben, the interactions were too good!

sorry for the shorter review and the radio silence, ill go back through and get some thoughts out on all these intros soon here Dx congratulations on finishing intros though, they were a blast to read and i can already tell you have such a dynamic and fascinating cast! it'll be hard to see most any of them go Dx from just these early sections, i have to say my favorites are probably soba, jair, ithaca, enya, abraxas and levin, with a shoutout to oren who i find fascinating but cant bring myself to put in love/like tier. thank you again for accepting val and catri and writing them as brilliantly as you have. i love you king! until the next xx
FireflyLlama chapter 8 . 6/11/2021
Hello I am here and ready for some BT! Almost at the end of intros, wow! You've done well, especially given the unfortunate circumstances. Anyway, let's get crackin'!

Dewey: firstly, I'm just going to say that I love your descriptions of District Four. It took me right back to my young teenage years when I was (probably unhealthily) obsessed with the fishing district. Here you've really brought the setting to life and I loved that. As for Dewey, I totally see why he is rebellious -his parents are so awful. Imagine being so backwards? Ew. We do not like that one bit. I feel for this guy, it must be horrible trying to live up to expectations only to have it all thrown in your face. His wish just to live life authentically as himself is something a lot of people take for granted, so it is very humbling to him -not sure whether he'll be able to with the Games, but we'll see!

Levin: so we have an artist here, very nice. The descriptions of his painting at the start of this POV was again just lovely; very calming and easy to picture. Aw no, his Dad's death was sad, although a heroic death I am sure so that brings a little peace to it. Levin being strong for his mother is very wholesome, he seems like a nice boy. BUT THEN IT WAS NOT A HEROIC DEATH - IT WAS SABOTAGE! Oooh his plans to expose Kiran during the reaping -I can totally get behind this plan, unless there is the small chance that it was not Kiran and then oops, I guess? His mother's words about Levin having forgotten himself was really thought provoking too, I liked that. Interested to see how the reaping goes down now...

Ithaca: Damn that first bit hit hard -being liked but not a favourite? Wow, that sort of stuff is actually so much more emotionally draining than some people could imagine, so feeling for her there. Again, lovely setting here with the natural farming landscapes of District 10, I do seem to enjoy this district quite a lot, maybe it's because my inner desire to be a farmer still exists? Who knows! Ithaca seems very nice and a hopeless romantic is always sweet, though she seems at the moment perhaps a little too gentle to succeed in the arena, though a potential romance could be on the cards perhaps? Then again with the twist, there won't be much time for tributes to form many emotional attachments.

Another excellent chapter, as always my dude. ENYA IS NEXT OH MY GOODNESS. I AM SO EXCITED I WILL WEE.
Remus98 chapter 8 . 6/9/2021
Echoverse Tuesday! We did it, friendo.

Dewey: he’s a good kid. There’s obviously a lot of pain to him, with his parents treating their own child so horribly because of something as harmless as sexuality (I guess some people will never escape that toxic mentality, ugh), but I’m glad the brothers managed to come together away from them. It’s almost a twist on “found family” but with blood relatives, in that they grew up together but came together again after they had all fled the coop. Does that make sense? Whether it does or not, I enjoyed Dewey a lot, more than I thought I would. His relationship with alcohol might become a problem later on, depending on how long he sticks around, but I’m choosing to be optimistic. He’s got training, after all, so I bet there’s some strategy about how to cope with such things in the arena. Maybe a tip or two from one of his mentors. We shall see.

Levin: this was big sad. I’m not sure why I didn’t see it coming, as his quote is all about not being able to form genuine smiles anymore, but here I am with a shattered heart. Losing someone close to you is never fun, and although I’ve been fortunate enough to never have to experience the death of a human family member so far, I can only imagine what pain that must force you to face. Especially when Levin seemed to have such a beautiful relationship with his dad. What makes it even sadder is that what seemed to be an accident was actually murder (Val/Catri type beat) and that he now knows who’s behind it all. Making a scene at the reaping might not be the smartest move, but I understand his need for retribution and he’s valid for it. He’s not a favorite, but from what I know about his pre-games arc that might change!

Ithaca: relatable content. Her wish to someday find someone who will complete her resonates with me, as you know by now, so I was hooked from the first sentence onward. I found a lot of similarities between Ithaca and myself, in fact, such as being liked by a lot of people but never feeling like the favorite. That’s such a central aspect of my everyday existence, and although I know there are a bunch of people out there who share that same sentiment it’s always nice to be reminded that you’re not alone. Ok, idk how this became a therapy session. Moving on. I liked Ithaca a lot, as you will see in the chart below. I adore her spark; she goes about things in a way that makes her almost endearing to read. It’s impossible not to root for her. The way she forgives people is cute as well, even though that can become dangerous. And Junie :plead:

Favorites: Blush, Valerian
Love: Tyson, Catriona, Ithaca, Soba
Like: Xena, Dewey, Oren, Argentella
Neutral: Vailea, Levin, Jair, Manon

Another excellent chapter! You’re doing so good.
Annabeth-TheTributeThatLived chapter 3 . 5/30/2021
Okay, so you were right. This chapter was definitely a wild ride and it kind of hurt my head. I'm not feeling entire blog reviews anymore tbh (I'll meet the tributes all in their own time and it feels unfair to myself, you, the characters, and their creators to speculate on how I'll feel about them ahead of time), but I will say that the blog itself is gorgeous. I love the color scheme and the layout, and the font is out of the ordinary while still being readable.

Now the chapter! While it was definitely a bit of an acid trip like you promised it would be, it was still very clear, and I was more than able to wrap my head around it. I don't really have any definitive grasp on what the Quell twist might be. Maybe it's just because I'm tired and it's late, or because my mind is on summer vacation, but I can't wrap my head around it. Something with time... I'm sure that once it's revealed, I"m gonna feel like an idiot. But I'm excited nonetheless!
Annabeth-TheTributeThatLived chapter 2 . 5/30/2021

There is an insane amount of clock imagery in this chapter, and I don't want you to think that that went unnoticed. The mentions of the physical clock, the comparison of Calanthe to a pendulum, the last name Cogsworth, THE TITLE OF BORROWED TIME? Exquisite. Eleven out of ten. I love that for you. As for Calanthe herself, I think you characterized her really well. We saw so little of her in regular canon (especially book canon), but your interpretation of her as a woman in her sixties was still completely believable to me. There was a lot of her grandfather in her, but still enough of her own character.

I'm not super sure about the earthquakes. I'm fairly certain that it's not anything manmade since Calanthe doesn't know about it (unless it's something to do with another rebellion?), but having it just be a regular natural disaster feels too easy. Whatever it is, I can't wait to find out :)
ladyqueerfoot chapter 7 . 5/19/2021
L: lol what a crazy evening ben ur not gonna believe this my grandma told me she was having a heart attack even tho she wasn’t and just wanted my attention and to be a bitch and i almost wasn’t able to write my review? that’s so rude of her smh

B: deadass can she have the decency to postpone her death until after ben’s bday

L: i really thot her ass was gonna die and then bens bday would be tarnished as grandmas d day smh

B: no one deserves to be subjected to such an unfortunate day

L: would have been cool if she died tho tbh being verbally abused is exhausting and i wanted to buy a new computer

B: incredibly convenient segue, speaking of death and verbal abuse, CATRIONA AND HER DAD! cat’s such a bad bitch !


B: BRO YOU KNOW I GOT YOU! [daps you the fuck up] my GOD catri’s metal as fuck my guy AND she’s a detective that’s SO SPICY!

L: and her dad being the bitch valerian killed? OKAY ITS TIME FOR A FUCKING DRAMA IN THIS SEWER? like okay yes catri is so cool i have a crush on her

B: YEAAHHHHHH! WHEN THE DAD’S NAME POPPED UP I WAS LIKE OOOOOOO… AND THE PLOT THICKENS… i’ve gotta say dawn’s and haiden’s brains are fucking GIRTHY for this one DUUUUDE catri’s out for this twink’s ass and he doesn’t even know it

L: and also i am a farokah or whatever the fuck his name is simp like um…. He said i am a drug dealler but i will not be doing any drugs fuck bitches get money i love my probably gay daughter she is a spiteful little bitch but that is the way i raised her and i am a good dad but a shit person pls RESPECT MY FUCKING HUSTLE! And he is just… eveverythinG? Dream dad methinks? Nah im a mommy issues bitch but also CATRI detective okay i have such a fucking HNNGGGG idk im gay i love women with bad attitudes

B: AMEN! AND AGREED! However there is something i need to discuss and it’s that one scene where catri’s dad is like. shouting at her? I don’t think i caught what his deal was at that part it was freaky bruv

L: listen at first i was like ugh child abuse but then miss dawn and mister haiden and i made a tier list of the worst father’s that our children have and i was like “should catri’s dad be there” bc at that point i sort of knew their whole deal and they were like nah mr zarei is valid he’s just… not the best dude and i said aight bet… so i do not think he was actually mad at catri there which just makes it more interesting in my opinion

B: gotcha gotcha, i hear that. bad dad moment but overall he’s valid. it would be epic style for catri to have more flashbacks of her dad in future povs, to unpack what seems like a really complex relationship. She’s super goddamn attached to him which makes me interested in finding out why

L: YEAHHH methinks dead mom means attached to dad? Idk i got calathea in marake vibes but at least catri’s dad didnt abuse her! And then also… the repetition “do it for your old man” idk bro its 70 degrees out here so i must be getting chills from this FUCKING WRITING! Because MMMM that sexy sexy repetition and then… its always the quiet ones like yes catri you have done a great job it is indeed valerian… plus remember that she volunteered so HMMM


L: something tells me she fully volunteered to kill val and you know what? I kind of stan that for her like yes bestie u take down that twink for the same reasons he had to take down ur dad but also um…. Bestie live for urself methinks? Ugh there is so much depth to catri she is actually a queen i am in love with her and like so much of me wants her to kill him but also he is my boyfriend so he should kill her and realize he is a shit person ugh head full many thoughts haiden and dawn besties you have fucking done it again you smart bitches i stan u both ALSO BROOKE NEW IDEA

B: amen amen there’s many possibilities than can unfold. im putting catri right next to valerian in my love tier she’d fucking hate that. ALSO WHATS UR IDEA


B: AHAHHA YESSS! I’M SO ON BOARD FOR THAT! I think catri would look at him for two seconds and then go back to scheming about how to take down valerian

L: yeah i think she would not give a fuck about soba tbh but i think he would respect her hustle


L: THEY DO BOTH BE ALPHAS… and u know who else wants to be an alpha?

B: oh do tell me dear linds ;)))



L: yeah because i fucking hate him as a person… but as a character let me just say he is fucking phenomenal and fascinating. Like rarely do we get into the heads of high school bullies usually we’re just shown to hate them and i still do hate oren but i UNDERSTAND where he is coming from yet that does not at all redeem him it just makes me think “hmm! This is an interesting point of view!”

B: yeah, i can respect your line of reasoning. but personally, even after getting in his head, i couldn’t really sympathize. To me his mindset read like “oh everyone in my family acts like a major fucking douchebag to me and I HATE THEM FOR IT! So what am i gonna do? BEHAVE THE EXACT SAME WAY TO EVERYONE ELSE!” i was like… u hate it… so ur gonna do exactly that…? King what

L: yo you do vbe making points that he be a hypocritical little bitch but at the same time like… maybe that’s all he knows yanno? Violence and shit that’s’ what he’s been taught and since he didnt have a mother figure he’s unable to show love and compassion since he’s never been expected to know what those words even mean

B: LMAOO yeah that’s very true, i’ll concede. i personally prefer my bullies with a maxxed up self-loathing stat so when oren displays a personality trait besides “bitter” i may change my mind.

L: and that is so valid! I think that self loathing is definitely nestled inside that young man somewhere, it’s just a matter of it arriving.. That being said ben it was so well written i am such a fan sorry brooke hates men who are toxic and has standards unlike me

B: BAHAHAHHA WHERES THE FUCKING LIE! Regarding how oren and soba would interact… oh it would be SO fun. i bet oren would try to get up his ass but severely underestimate the fact that soba never skips arm day bruv

L: NO LIKE THIS WOULD BE SO FUNNY HE WOULD TRY TO FUCK WITH SOBA…. Nah man nobody fucks with a PIKESVILLE MAN! So then soba would fucking body him he would not even miss and i bet oren is short as fuck so soba would just destroy his ass it would not even be funny ! let soba kill oren challenge and then valerian is there and they cuddle WAIT and then valerian is like “see, i told you its sometimes better to just kill people instead of letting them bother u” and then they eat pizza and drink hot cocoa and watch brokeback mountain

B: BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN OH MY GOD T_T LMAOOO that’s such a funny ass scenario

L: yeah let soba be a murderer (ben dont he will be so sad)

B: (ben pls no ;; my son is a sweetie if he could somehow not kill anyone and win the games anyway taht would be super preferable)

L: (valerian does his dirty work and then kills himself bc hes ran out of people to kill and cant kill soba bc who in their right mind would do that and i know valerian isnt but like who kills soba when soba is god xx)

B: (YUP WHAT LINDSAY SAID) [clears throat] um okay so vailea

L: the third bitch with a dead mom of the chapter! A theme methinks? Anyways… vailea is also in this cast the rumors are true

B: so many people in the cast And soba it’s crazy. The nerve! so vailea’s the designated volunteer with a fuck ton of siblings, a dead mom and also shit father?. the domestic trauma package deal

L: not to be annoying and make everything about soba again but like im about to… so vailea is out here like boo hoo i have two sisters my exact same age BITCH SOBA IS A QUADRUPLET AND HE IS NOT COMPLAINING HE IS BEING PROACTiVE [Clears throat] anyways! Um… yeah she felt again very stereotypical which is how i felt about all the careers besides blush thus far. Maybe her and xena will get along?

B: yeah i totally hear that. i thought the repressed memory thing was interesting, the circumstances of that case be murky as fuck. Which made me think of catri being a detective. It would be dope as fuck if catri could somehow solve that mystery for her but i have no idea how she’d be able to accomplish that when her only lead is a bitch w broken memory. And i dont even know how they’d get around to interacting in the first place but yanno it was just something i thought

L: yoooo they do be similar in that regard but like… i dont know how do u make a case that is more exciting than “my district partner forced my drug dealer dad who doesnt even do drugs to overdose and die and shit” like what happened to vailia’s mom? It better be this level of spice tbh

B:: BAHAHA FACTS. I’m not even sre how she and soba would get along really i feel like they would have a really superficial polite relationship. Like he’d treat her like a quiet customer

L: yeah i dont think that she would even be a fan of him tbh… omg but valerian and soba cooking dinner haiden and i have been discussing and valerian would make desert and soba would make soup without his brothers getting in the way


L: i have um… a oneshot planned… its like really soft its kind of gross how soft it is anyways! Ben… this chapter… mmmmmmmmmmm very good writes esp the first two but the vailea was good too! The fight scene was beautifully written





Brooke’s chart:
mine(and also linds’s): soba
aww...: jair
ok!: xena, argentella, ty, hamz, vailea
the fuck: manon, oren

Our sweet charming boy who deserves the world: Soba (9)
My heart grows 4 u: Jair (10), Xena (4), Oren (5, but i also hate him)
Well u are in the cast too: Argentella (8), Ty (2), Ham (12), Vailea (1)
Weird champ: Oren (5, he also goes here tbh)
Girl bye: Manon (12)

L: we be caught up? Methinks?


L: IMA POST WE DONE DID IT [slaps ur ass platonically and not while soba is watching bc ew]

B: [slaps ur ass back platonically] ok bye ben see u whenever u drop the next chappie [blows u a birthday kiss]
Ripple237 chapter 7 . 5/19/2021
Oh also Happy birthday ben! Ig you can consider me catching up as your birthday gift from me lol.

Catriona: BROOO? SHES HIS DAUGHTER? Oh how delicious a thread the fates have spun for both her and Valerian to be reaped. What a tasty meal. Oh this is gonna be the shit show and Im so here for it on god. Mhmmm this POV is so well written and there is so much subtlety to Catriona's character and it is all really interesting. Her relationship with her father is so intriguing and I really want to dig more into it and see what else is going on, especially if there is a lot more abuse than she's letting on as of right now. I love that she's like... a little detective sort of working to track down Valerian. God this is all so complex and interesting and such a fun dynamic and it really do feel right out of a killer ass detective or crime show. It's soooo gooood man. It almost seems like its not really justice for her father, but more like a ghostly haunting of someone who was a bad influence that she cant escape. There is so much to unpack with her and I WANT MORE NOW NOW NOW NOW. Easily my favorite character in the story so far honestly, Top 2 with Soba.

Oren: Wow the opening 2 paragraphs were so amazing with the descriptive language and it really captured what its like to be bombarded with shit like that, especially in a family setting. It's really easy to sympathize with him, considering he is 17 and his brothers are still acting like they're all little kids. That IS infuriating so it's no wonder he's in a perpetual state of fury. The line about his friend group was so fucking sexy and so poignant that I audibly went OHHHHH. Ahhhh so this mans is a straight up abusive bullying asshole. Mhmmmmmmmm. I really liked seeing this side of things because a lot of SYOT characters are the victims in the classic 80s style bully-victim dynamic. The bullies always have some serious issues going on at home that explain their behavior, and this certainly explains it! Bullying begets bullying. I also liked the musing on masculinity and "strength" and how that factored into everything about this character. This is all so interesting doing character studies like this. From a personal perspective, I HATE him, but from a literary perspective, I LOVE him. Just wanted to make that clear before I put him in my low tier lol. While I do sympathize with his situation, that does not make his actions ok. A rough home-life doesn't mean you get away with bullying others. It explains the behavior, but it doesn't justify it.

Vailea: Ohhhh nice fight scene to start off. I do love me some career sparring scenes. I think the situation with Ren is SO CREATIVE Actually, Idk why I never thought about the possibility of the chosen volunteer being reaped and then having their thunder get stolen by another hopeful, upsetting the process. So interesting. Also there's some murder mystery backstory? Will this get revealed as we go on? This is now the second tribute with a mysterious murder backstory and idk how to really feel about that. Plus Im a lil confused about this trial of her aunt and uncle. Were they convicted of the murder or something else? Idk the family drama is a LOT so it seems like Vailea and Blush will have that in common. Hopefully we find out more because rn im just confused. A lot of the tributes this year have mysteries in their backstories but Catriona and Valerian benefit from being really fucking cool and having 2 sides of a story that we get to see collide.

Mine: Blush
SEXY: Soba, Valerian, Catriona
Like: Xena, Ham
Neutral: Jair, Argentella, Manon, Vailea
Meh: Ty
UGLY: Oren (but objectively sexy)
Josephm611 chapter 7 . 5/19/2021
Catriona... Dawn's girl? Imma predict... lesbian? and maybe angsty? *checks blog* hmmm maybe not angsty but i am excited for her
WOAH I DID NOT SEE THIS COMING AND I'M SO INVESTED ALREADY. LIKE WOW. Sure, her father was a drug dealer, but he was still her father! And now that he's gone... of course she's gonna be angry. Of course she's gonna want revenge. So ironic how Valerian started with revenge and started a new cycle of revenge but anyway. I don't like I /love/ her exactly since I use that word to refer to ones that tug at my heartstrings or resonate somewhere special? But I'm stupidly hyped and invested in her.

I have so many conflicting feelings about him. On one hand, he's such a bully? But you built up the reasoning and emotional motivation behind it in a way that makes my sympathy for him dominate even though he's kinda terrible in his own right. i have him in "Like," though it's moreso that I'm simultaneously crazy invested in and also offput by him and it balances out to be right about here.

ok i started reading and thought "so she's the analytical, cold career" but NO she's got this searching for answers aspect to her and it immediately sucked me in. I love how composed she is around her mean sister. I feel like it's more common to have one that talks back? So there's something so fascinating about that. Like she doesn't mind not feeling full dominance all the time. She's smarter than that. She's better than that. Like she knows what she's got and doesn't feel a need to prove it to her sister.

Happy Birthday again! Gosh these are all so good I'm not indifferent on any of them

My Boy (*sighs and shakes head*) — Jair
Love — Soba, Valerian
Crazy Invested in — Catriona
/Really/ Like but I'm not Committed yet — Xena, Blush, Vailea
Like — Argentella, Oren
Waiting On — Tyson
Not My Type :( — Manon, Hamza
Ripple237 chapter 6 . 5/19/2021
Valerian: At first I was like oh boy is another D6 druggie because emo edgelord e boy but I liked the medical turn it took! Nice flip of my expectations there. Oh and ofc he hates himself for some awful shit he did in the past. Based on his FC, he must have felt obligated to hate himself for ambiguous evil crime. OHOO so we got ourselves a lil vigilante on our hands? Im getting major major major Dexter vibes and we love to see it actually. This was a beautifully written POV, you clearly have a great grasp on who this character is and it really showed. This is a really fucking cool backstory for a D6 kid to have and yeah as I kept reading, he's super fucking Dexter, maybe even Dexter-inspired? Either way, I thought this was so cool and I really liked that you made it believable for a vigilante to exist in this world. Some of the edgelord shit is always gonna annoy me to some degree but thats nothing compared to everything this character has to offer. I'm really interested to see what he gets up to in the Capitol and in the Games. Super creative character and wonderfully written.

Ty: Ehhhh I dont really have too much to say about this mans. Party-boy frat-ish Career gay boy. The homophobia and found family trope is getting tired to me when it comes to syot tributes, like, we've seen enough of it. I don't really think another homophobia storyline is all that interesting. I'm not really sure what else Ty has to offer. He said he had "demons" but I'd like to actually see those. For now, he just seems like a laid back career with the tragic homophobic backstory trope. Hopefully there's more going on with him. Regardless of all that, party boy characters are just not my personal taste.

Ham: Ohhhh I really like how you wrote the first half of this POV. You really portrayed the mysterious and manic pixie dreamgirl moment that Ham seems to be having with everyone in the mines of D12. I kinda love that though. The mysterious and alluring co-worker in the dingy mines of D12. I also just loved the writing that described the morning of him waking up. It was really well-worded and very sensual in nature and I liked it a lot. Based on the blog, I really thought Ham was gonna be super campy and annoyingly over the top, but I was pleasantly surprised! I love how confident he is with his body and sexuality and how he takes ownership of himself. He's very sex-positive which is also great, and you wrote it in a way that was perfectly tasteful, getting across the amount necessary without being too much.

Mine: Blush
SEXY: Soba, Valerian
Like: Xena, Ham
Neutral: Jair, Argentella, Manon
Meh: Ty
Josephm611 chapter 6 . 5/19/2021
GOSH THIS IS SO FRESH. Drug Addicts from Six are a dime a dozen, but someone that kills Drug Dealers... WOAH. THAT'S SO GOOD. Like a vigilante character. Now I don't always love the vigilante because I tend towards order personally, but that layer of guilt on top of everything makes him such an engaging character. I adore him.

Tyson... the way i associate tyson with d10 oop anyway
lowkey I vaguely dislike him but not strongly. that brazen, drunk thing doesn't usually tip the scales in anyone's favor for me, and then you add on a layer of dunking on the responsible guy and now i'm not very happy. :(. But the way he's cares for his brother is nice? And he's hardworking. And funny I guess? So I'm a little torn.

Hamza... oh dear... i'm already sighing
welp. i don't hate him. he's not a terrible person or whatever. he's just not exactly my type. but we all knew this coming in, didn't we? don't act surprised. all this sexual liberation and expression stuff eventually got me skimming and... sorry bro. I hate to put him next to Manon on my chart but it is what it is.

My Boy (*sighs and shakes head*) — Jair
Love — Soba, Valerian
/Really/ Like but I'm not Committed yet — Xena, Blush
Like — Argentella
Waiting On — Tyson
Not My Type :( — Manon, Hamza
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