Reviews for Borrowed Time
Josephm611 chapter 5 . 5/19/2021
Argentella... Marie's girl! I remember when the name was a joke at first and I love that it's become reality
Woah. I've mentioned in reviews for other stories before that I usually don't love the pickpocket trope, nor do I usually love the super tragic backstory, but I like Argentella. I love how though she's a pickpocket, her vibe is just /different/ from all the other ones I've seen. I like how her backstory doesn't fully define her and constrain her? And her vibe with the black hood is impeccable. Solid like.

Blush... i love this name anyway now to read
All these tributes feel so fresh! I love it! There are a million reluctant Careers (and ones sent in for their family's sake!) and there are so many rebellious Careers, but I love this wonderful, chaotic, rebellious yet cooperative tribute known as Blush Beauregard. That philosophical undertone is simply stunning, and GOSH ben you make every tribute have such wonderful vibes. I adore it. I absolutely adore it.

Wow. I feel like I've seen quite a few witchy D12 subs recently and just like all the other ones, she unnerves me so much. I legit feel almost uncomfortable just from reading it (pls don't apologize, i feel like you might), which is a testament to your wonderful writing. Alas, I must conclude that I do not like her. I just... don't enjoy her presence.

The twist! Does this mean that pre-games will be longer? or? I'm so curious what this means for the Games!

My Boy (*sighs and shakes head*) — Jair
Love — Soba
/Really/ Like but I'm not Committed yet — Xena, Blush
Like — Argentella
Waiting On —
Not My Type :( — Manon
Josephm611 chapter 4 . 5/19/2021
welp i'm here to start intros! happy birthday ben!

Jair... welp here's my irresponsible messy boy
I usually don't give thoughts until the end of a POV but I had to pop in and say that I love the line "the fallout never fell." back to reading now
Woah. You write him so beautifully. It feels very... /wispy/, which is absolutely perfect. I don't think I was attached to him before, but I'll definitely be at this rate. And that bit at the very end of a past quell twist! OH I've forgotten the twists and turns that come with BT! I'm getting hyped over it all again!

Soba... I've heard a lot about him! Now to meet him!
Ok I wasn't expecting to love him but I do? In my irl friend groups, I'm (unsurprisingly) the one to keep things under control and running smoothly, so I feel for him so much. Maybe he's a bit more profanity-prone than I am, but I just feel like I /get/ him, you know? I love him. What a good boy. And then the twist! I'm super curious how this ties in... did the tributes come from past years? Idk.

Xena... pretty name! Anyway.
I like her too. She looks like a spin on the classic cool, determined Career, but I love how a lot of her motivation springs from an internal emotional need that was never met, the need for a mother. I feel like it's something we don't see often and I really dig it.

Gosh I like all three of them. :pleading_face:

My Boy (*sighs and shakes head*) — Jair
Love — Soba
/Really/ Like but I'm not Committed yet — Xena
Like —
Waiting On —
Not My Type :( —
Ripple237 chapter 5 . 5/19/2021
Hello Bt it's been awhile, but i am ready to read finally!

Argentella: Okkk so at first I was kinda like "ah yes, the pickpocket outerdistrict thief. Been there done that. However...the backstory information about the families and the stuff about stories was really interesting and definitely set her apart from the usual pickpocket tributes. That was interesting but I'd like to see more of her. I do like streetsmart tributes, but orphaned under mysterious circumstances is a trope that can be fun, but idk how that is gonna come into play when shes out and in the Capitol since the mystery could be very well contained to D8, unless there's some sort of family tie to the Capitol that people would notice. Ig we shall have to see.

Blush: ITS MY BOYYYY. Wow in these opening paragraphs you PERFECTLY captured his attitude and mindset about his family and volunteering, all while not giving too much away about his backstory! It's so sexyyyy. The transition into the music was so fucking smooth, explaining how the music moved him, even if it was just a few minutes. Such a killer line, and in congruency with the theming of the story! We love to seeeee ittttt. THE SONGGGG. THESE LYRICS ARE SO FUCKING GOOOD AHHH I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU WROTE A LIL SONG FOR HIM. It's so him and it's just...ah so perfect. I love how you spliced in moments of internal monologue between the snippets of song, especially the part about his family and how he felt about his father and mother. Such amazing word choice there, i loved it. Ok back to the last section of lyrics, I just love how it mirrors exactly what is going on with him and his backstory! The hints are all there and it is so damn delicious. The conversation with Riesling was so good and i loved the nod to the smuggler-life of the bar. So sexy indeed. I loved the way you wrote Blush and his attitude, ESPECIALLY his internal monologue, which you captured exactly how I pictured it. God I love him so much.

the 100th Games: quick detour, but this quell twist is really inch resting, I wonder how the careers fared that year and if there were any secret alliances?

Manon: Oooo we got a tribute with witchy vibes? I do tend to like those very muchly. She's also quite rebellious in nature and clearly very kooky, so she might be someone that would be seen as a threat by the gamemakers. that, or an interesting character to stir up audience interest. I loved how you wrote the description of Manon and the coven and this growing darkness inside her. While I do find myself laughing at her wannabe edgelord status, the way you wrote it was really pretty. Oh damn so she really be killing her own family members and and now everyone in her life is dead? Aight. I cannot tell if this is mental illness or just delusional behavior because yikesssss. The ritual to stop time was definitely interesting considering that there is literal time freaky stuff going on. I wonder if she experienced one of these time phenomena or is just crazy. The tarot reading were definitely interesting and could very well reflect the confluence of two timelines starting to merge into one. Or it just means that she gets some character development before she dies. I have no idea. Uh so Manon was interesting im not really sure how to feel so to neutral she goes.

The twist: TWIST? WHAT IS THIS? Ive never seen a twist like this beforeee. I have so many questionssss. Like, wouldnt this just be a finale after 1 day then? But there will still be a good amount of tributes after a day unless the arena is super small and super deadly...and how will they all get back to engage in a second bloodbath? Does that mean they all get put on plates again and the supplies get restocked and theres another countdown or is it just another fight? And would that be the end or the start of the regular games? Or is this gonna be a cycle where there is a new BB every 24 hours so that the tributes get thinned out really fast? The twist is so vague I have NO idea how the heck its gonna work in practice but it certainly is really interesting. Quell twists usually involve the tributes themselves but this one actually involves the Games. I also wonder if this twist will have anything to do with the time stuff going on. As you can see, I have no many damn questions and I cannot wait to get some answers.

Mine: Blush
SEXY: Soba
Like: Xena
Neutral: Jair, Argentella, Manon
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 6 . 5/17/2021
L: omg heyyyy fancy seeing you here



B: god we are so poggers ADHD WHO?

L: my mom be like “u need an educational therapist bc u dont do ur hw” im sorry could an adhd bitch do THIS? Asking for a friend


L: THEY DID THEIR HW? ACTUALLY! anyways … them,, also i will do this review then do the next if dinner calls oh wait u didnt read 7

B: i literally just got done reading ch 6 as soon as the clock struck 7 so im ready. VALERIAN!


B: bet his playlist is filled with all sorts of edgy shit bUT HES VALID HES VALID. I was surprised to see that he was like a medic of sorts himself! Simultaneously a healer and a vigilante! Cool as shit!

L: YEAH LIKE U SAID YESTERDAY OH VALERIAN HES THE FREAK RIGHT? AND I WAS LIKE NO He is valid and u were like ummm no and i said bestie truest me and like… I DID NOT LEAD YOU ASTRAY? Because he is here and he is so beautiful and smart and resourceful

B: [bows down] thank u dear lindsay i knew i could trust ur judgement for valerian. Ben the way you wrote his pov was really spectacular. That was some really spicey ass imagery and i think the way the pov progressed was very… cinematic… u know ;;

L: please i was at the cinema with this young LAD? Like him being like ughhh sister is DEADD fook you CATRI’S DAD (yeah i say that zarei surname u bitches aint slick mx. haidawn enterprises) but then he is like I AM QUIETTT I AM NOT SUS like bitch u be killing

B: BAHAHA ACTUALLY I DIDN’TNOTICE THAT UNTIL U POINTED THAT OUT. BUT NOW I AM LOOKING. That was such an epic scene. Valerian you go king yesss secure your fucked up sense of justice

L: like… honestly his motives are so pure but at the same time im like bro babe u are dark as fuck you are objectively a bit of an evil fucker like just say u like killing people and leave but also u are kind of doing the lord’s work but also U ARE NOT THE JUDGE JURY AND EXECUTIONER YOUNG MAN? Pls valerian babe

B: ALL OF THAT! YOU’RE LITERALLY SO RIGHT! And since killing the zarei dude he’s upped his body count by (checks the receipts) FIVE MORE DRUG DEALERS like… i know you have a mission to rid district six of this nasty ass plague but like… I KNOW UR ENJOING THIS A LITTLE MORE THAN THE JOB DESCRIPTION ENTAILS… DON’T LIE TO ME…

L: like i know district six is sus but i just want to ask val… did somebody did GOD come up to you and be like “hey you, hey twink! I NEED YOU TO DO ME A SOLID AND KILL ALL THE DRUG DEALERS?” no i didn’t think so valerian sir? like yes ur doing great sweetie but ur off ur rocker and ur doing just The Most are u not tired bestie

B: yuppp…! luckily him having MurderTM experience and being a little slightly insane just a teeny tiny bit will be Incredibly Useful in the HUnger games so. Good on him! Overall i think he’s cool as shit! He’s got a great compelling backstory and a neat ass motive too! I want to see him fuck shit up. I wonder how different he’ll approach killing when his victims will most likely have to be innocent kids and not yanno. Fully grown ass drug dealers.

L: that is a good ending thought i am also wondering that! He is cool as shit i like his motives and if he doesnt kill soba he can keep his rights

B: AMENNNN! Ok tyson time! What did u think bro?

L: okay i was like… gay bitch likes to party… cool. Like idk he felt pretty stereotypical d2 boy to me… BUT WAIT? He likes it up the ASS? NO WAY? This is so new and innovative in twenty twenty-one! Some people are gay?

B: STOP IM GIGGLING. He’s invalid I don’t make the rules! His character was fine but now that he’s gay I can’t see him the same way anymore :/ for legal reasons this is a joke. I liked Tyson just fine and by that I mean i was pretty neutral on him. Like. nice! U feel?

L: well i didnt like him because im actually homophobic jk jk i agree i was just like okay he is there! He is just doing his best i guess? He has friends? They like him… getting drenched in puke sounds pretty gross but i dont really hate him yanno? I was like… okay yes white boy give me nothing

B: PFFT. yeah yeah i get where you’re coming from. The opening scene for his pov made me think of that vine of the kid going “mm vodka! Straight down the hatch!” and then he starts choking on it. I think it’s great he has friends! But i agree that tyson’s a pretty standard character and a pretty standard career

L: he’s like bell… but less Bell if that makes sense? Like he is just an average dude with a wild side but its not wild enough that i get attached to him and simp

B: MM YEAH. Tyson is koolaid with a little bit of alcohol mixed in for funsies. Bell is koolaid with not only alcohol but arsenic and also gasoline

L: but we cant all be incredibly hot and sexy like valerian and… HAMMMMMMM


L: (THANKS) what did u think of the horny bitch

B: AW HAM :heart: i was very much looking forward to his pov i couldn’t wait to bear witness to the goofy horny antics but it was very much less goofy antics than it was just horny which made me a little sad i won’t lie :((

L: okay bestie im so glad u felt the same way i didnt want to have to match ur energy and u be like omg this is the best tribute in the world and me be like well actually… yeah i thought he would be a bit goofier than i saw today and not have me leaving like “Wow! This dude sure loves his penis!”

B: Hammy: Sexually attracted to his own reflection in the mirror. NO BUT FR LMAOOO. Linds have you watched deadpool.

L: yes, i have watched deadpool

B: I WAS EXPECTING HIM TO BE LIKE THAT! Incredibly arrogant incredibly funny witty and clever with tasteful horniness! Dont get me wrong i bet he is all of the above and im crossing my fingers that if he is that we get that insight next time we see him mayhaps :

L: yes yes i agree i would love a deadpool kid bye we should make that for like idk xavi or sumn if ham is not that i agree but right now the only impression i get from him is Horny! And like … idk i need more. I feel like we started the POV with probs the most interesting and compelling character thus far (hi val, im still single thanks) and then we got basic career and honry bitch okay then ! i guess its cool he used to not have confidence but now he does
B: bet [puts its on the itinerary] ((ps linds did you get yuly vibes actually nvm don’t answer that.)) AHAHAHA FUCK i liked hearing a little about hamza;s self-confidence journey. That made me mega happy. It’s sweet and kind of wholesome actually. But like u said i Crave More.

L: ((yess)) but like i liked the journey and i would have liked it more if it wasnt softcore porn lmao if u want to be horny u should full commit to that shit

B: linds not all of us can interject our syots with fully explicit smut bruh ;; BEN’S DOING HIS BEST thank you for making it PG king

L: then just DONT DO IT AT ALL BYEEE okay aNyways ben i appreciate u thanks for not making it explicit i hate male genitalia, speaking of which how do u refer to it i will be actually writing smut for my remus nighty eight tribute

B:: AHJDJVHDVHHV “wanker” anyway i hate to say it but hamza idk if u will be a good blind date candidate for our son soba after all :pensive: it’s not ur fault u r the way u r ITS NOT U ITS … UH… ITS NOT SOBA EITHER… IT’S NO ONES FAULT :Heart:

L: yeah umm… soba sweetie u are asexual (he is, i looked at his form) so this is not the man for u

B: (wait let me double check rq) HE IS he is i wonder if that’s a deal breaker for hamza. hm. My verdict on pink dildo boy is that he’s neutral leaning on like because i love me a self-confident lowkey egotistical hoe

L: WE HAVE BEEN SAVED! Pls ofc it is… anyways… he is in neutral for me but i somehow liked ty more but i didnt like ty so? Neutral boyzzz

B: yeah i get you! I personally liked hamz more but ty was still good! I like them both just not enough to be proactive about it. yeas.


B: yes! Reading this chapter after a while of not reading bt made me realize all over again how amazing ur writing is ;; it’s fucking UNF bro. Idk how to describe it but its just got a gorgeous, almost elegant quality to it. Mwah love you king.

L: yess stan ben writing i am a huge fan

Brooke’s chart:
mine(and also linds’s): soba
aww...: jair
ok!: xena, argentella, ty, hamz
the fuck: manon

Our sweet charming boy who deserves the world: Soba (9)
My heart grows 4 u: Jair (10), Xena (4)
Well u are in the cast too: Argentella (8), Ty (2), Ham (12)
Weird champ:
Girl bye: Manon (12)

B: oh fuck manon’s in 12 too. I forgot. I wonder how they’ll get along LMAOOO

L: something tells me not well… either that or they have a satanic orgy (pls ben i would die)

B: hamza’ll be like okay… but can your god give me a bigger wee we xDD

L: and then manon kills him, erotically


goldie031 chapter 7 . 5/16/2021
Hello there ben! I’ve borrowed a little bit of time to review ;) not to be too presumptuous but hopefully this’ll brighten your day a lil bit!

Ok so like the dumbass that I am I did not put together that Farroukh was Catronia’s father. I easily could have looked at Literally Any List and figured that out but nope! I did not! So that came as a surprise to me, but a very welcome one honestly. I loved the use of repetition in this intro – the “get them for your old man” as a mantra is so good. And given that she volunteered… mmm she’s really coming for Valerian and I am here for it! this is gonna be a fun arena dynamic for sure.

Oren is such an angery boi! I think of all the kids I’ve seen in BT he feels the realest; I’m so familiar with the concept of a kid who bullies because they’ve been bullied so to see it come out here is so perfect. Huge kudos to em for creating such a tangible character. I am so curious to see how he does in the Arena – he’s not the kind of person I’d want to be around but as a character I’m hooked.

And then Vailea! One of those kids where there’s for sure more than meets the eye, and loads for her to learn and for us to learn about her. I like how tia set up her backstory with her triplet siblings; she’s the only one who’s gotten the opportunity to volunteer but I think she’ll do them proud! I am for sure curious to learn more about her family, but I think she can rise to the occasion!

A fab chapter as always! Take your time with the next one but im excited to see it when it comes!
Remus98 chapter 7 . 5/13/2021
Hello, my good friendo. I’m excited to read and review another of your fabulous chapters. Thanks for the shout-out ;)

Catriona: this was so beautifully written, Ben. I love how it all revolves around a single quote, and that we don’t actually realize what it means until we see her connection to Valerian. Ugh, your mind! Yours, Dawn’s and Haiden’s minds are all just… idek what to say. Pure brilliance. Another thing I love is that there’s no ‘good guy’ in this conflict. I think a lot of people expected Catri to be the clear villain from the blog, and she still might be, but her actions are justified. Of course she’d want to get revenge on her person who killed her father. But then, Val’s motivations are equally justified, too. I just love the two of them so much, and I can’t wait to see their story play out later on.

Oren: although I don’t enjoy what he’s doing to other kids, I have so many good memories associated with this guy that I simply have to put him in the ‘like’ section. Em and I had a blast laughing in our DMs about you being certain she hadn’t subbed to BT yet when, in reality, she was one of the first people who sent a tribute in. Ah, those were the days. And I think Em did something very interesting with Oren - he’s almost a commentary on bullies, and why some of them act the way they do. Oren, like so many other young men, is a victim of toxic masculinity, and that drives his as much as his dad’s/brothers’ taunts. That last line summed it all up perfectly. You’re doing so good, Ben.

“It’s ok I guess.” IT’S OK I GUESS?!

I never thought I’d read an Oren POV featuring. Remus98 :skull:

Vailea: there are things I like about Vailea, and there are things that don’t grab me all that much. I’ve had the pleasure of reading her form, as well as Oren’s, so I know she’s a well-crafted character. Still, I’m not the hugest fan of her backstory. It’s not by any means bad, it just doesn’t grab me the same way some others have done. I do enjoy the dynamic with her siblings, though, and how they’ve become trainers rather than tributes. And I love how you tied that in with your victor lore, as well, that trainees make for better mentors at the academy than traumatized victors. All in all, a very solid tribute who I could see myself loving later on after some character development!

Favorites: Blush, Valerian
Love: Tyson, Catriona, Soba
Like: Xena, Oren, Argentella
Neutral: Vailea, Jair, Manon

Slight change-up to the chart. I’m a hoe for neatness, and I just didn’t like how it looked with so many names in favorites and fewer in the others, so I added a ‘love’ category. Might change it again in the future, because I’m fickle like that. But you know that by now.

Thank you for the birthday wishes, and for everything else the other night. Still can’t believe you spent actual money on me, you’re very sweet (although I did spent money on something for you in return so hah!). I don’t deserve your kindness.

Love you, always!
- rem
FireflyLlama chapter 7 . 5/12/2021
Bonjour my friend! Time for some lovely BT and another amazing handful of tributes! Aw thanks for the little shout out, it was my pleasure giving Vailea's POV a read, you did an excellent job as always!

Catriona: Ooh now this was a POV I really got stuck into, I love the darkness of the District 6 and the really gritty vibes you created. Having a drug dealing father has certainly toughened Catriona and I think she could withstand a lot of what the arena may throw at her, especially for a non-career tribute. When you mentioned that her father had died of an overdose which didn't seem right I had an inkling that it could be linked to Valerian and then aha, it appears I was correct! Ah I love that link between them, it's so brutal and it's great to see the two opposing sides -who do I side with? I had no particular qualms with Valerian's actions but now hearing from Catriona I'm not too sure... The absolute CARNAGE that I can see happening between the two of them is so exciting, I can't wait!

Oren: oof this guy has a lot of pent up anger and I don't blame him tbh. Constantly being called weak and being made to feel like everyone else is better than you must be tough. But then nooo he lets out his anger on younger kids... I understand why he does, trying to make up for his own feelings of being weak and having that need to prove himself, but I can't say I like this guy very much. I can see his handiness with his fists giving him some level of capability, but I tend to find that fighting on pure rage often doesn't end well and I can't say I see it working too well for Oren, but you never know!

Vailea: so I of course had the pleasure of reading this before release, but I still enjoyed it the second time around. Vailea seems like a tough career tribute, I really enjoyed how you wrote the sparring session, you're very good at action scenes like this. Although shoddy footwork? Risa would never approveThe speech here was also very realistic sounding, I could hear it flowing really well in my mind. Then we have some human touches to Vailea, showing that she isn't just a tough killing machine. Her desperate fight to try to remember her mother's death is a tragic one and I imagine how heartbreaking it must be, feeling useless to have prevented something and also finding it impossible to find justice. Could be a good Career here, we'll see how she fares!

You know I adore your writing, so this was another joy of a chapter to read. Looking forward to the next update and then at some point after that my Enya! Woo!

Much love,
goldie031 chapter 6 . 4/25/2021
Hello ben! This is the most on time I think I’ve been with a BT chapter so that’s a pat on the back for me.

Valerian is a fascinating kid for sure. Morally gray ones are always interesting to me and I think valerian is the definition of morally gray. On the one hand he has his very valid reasons for wanting to take out drug dealers, but the way he does that is through somewhat questionable means. I can’t help but wonder if he’ll see the Games as his comeuppance, sort of, like the universe’s karmic retribution. I am very interested in him for sure. Also – this is a collab with dawn isn’t it? so how does Catriona fit in? much to think about…

Tyson’s a good guy! I think he’s gonna be one of the more normal tributes in the story – though normal is not in any way a bad thing! I like how you set up his relationships with his friends, and the way that he and Brodie have both a friendship and like a mentorship. It’s a really lovely thing you’ve got going with him and I’m excited to see how he fits in with the rest of the pack! Time to start thinking about who might lead it…

And then there is Ham! It’s funny because I read this chapter right after reading Kallatole… if I had a nickel for every time I read a chapter with a throuple in it this weekend I’d have two nickels, which is not a lot but it’s a bit weird that it’s happened twice XD Anyway Ham might be the most remus tribute to ever tribute which is not a diss I just find it funny. I very much appreciate how he didn’t always have the confidence he has now – it’s such a realistic trait for a kid and really fits Ham very nicely. Also he doesn’t like clothes asdfghjkl I love that.

A very strong group of kids overall! Huge congrats on hitting the halfway point of intros; you should feel very proud of that. Great work!
Remus98 chapter 6 . 4/25/2021
An update! I’m so ready!

Valerian: I have loved this POV in both versions you let me read, let’s start off by saying that. I know you struggled a little bit with getting his voice right, and that you were uncertain about a few of the elements of character - and let’s be honest, who wouldn’t be daunted when faced with such a beautiful, complex backstory - but I think you hit the nail right on the head. I’m putting him in the ’favorites’ section for a reason. Sure, Haiden (and Dawn) did an amazing job with Valerian and how he interweaves with Catriona, but you managed to display it in such a way that I’m hooked whilst still having questions. I’m super intrigued to see where you take him. From the little I know, it’s about to be a wild ride. Exciting!

Tyson: here he is, the man I’ve been waiting for. I think I’ve loved him since before I read this chapter, just based on the conversations I’ve had with Alec about him. HE’S JUST SO DANG HOT, and he has a well-crafted backstory as well. But you know, priorities. Anyway, I enjoyed getting to know more about his backstory and personality here - he’s had a hard life from the looks of it, but such is the unfortunate reality for kids with homophobic parents. I’m glad your version of Panem is more open minded than our own world, but there will be rotten eggs however progressive society is I guess. Sigh. On the upside, i liked hearing some more about career culture in Two, with the tryouts and dorms and such. Very near, very neat.

Hamza: where do I start? I think it has gotten past no one, at least the people we speak to regularly, that Mr Ham is a filthy [fill in the blank]. In part, he’s a better version of Dathan, in part, he’s wish-fullfilment. Whichever way you think of him, though, I was so excited to see how you would approach his less-than-savory tendencies. To the surprise of nobody, you hit it out of the part. There’s something just so sensual in this POV (I’m jealous because I write m-rated things on the regular and still I’m not on this level wtf), and how you managed to remain tasteful even with all of the explicit things going on around him. I just love everything about this, Tyr and Orisha deserves the world. Ham better win so he can go back to them :)

Favorites: Blush, Tyson, Valerian, Soba
Like: Xena, Argentella
Neutral: Jair, Manon

You know I’m a massive fan of your writing. There’s some stylistic choices you make that I wouldn’t, but as we’ve spoken about before, that’s a matter of personal preference and not a matter of quality. I think you’ve done a banging job with BT so far, my favorite’s section being the double of any other rn is proof of that.

Can’t wait to see what the pre-reapings have in store for us.

Ily, and happy writing!
Firedawn'd chapter 6 . 4/25/2021
Hi Ben! It's been a hot minute (: but I am back now! Your last chapter was brilliant: love Argentella, no not because she's Tella, but the thieving and pickpocketing stuff is so fun. Blush is also fantastic, and Manon... oh man. (':

But onto this chapter!

I love Val. Like, it's a given that I do, because I've loved him for so long now, but I adore him so much! You've portrayed him so well? Especially with his guilt and feeling like he deserves retribution, so prevalent throughout his POV which emphasises his conflict between his unresolved pain and using the only method he can to deal with it, too. I just wanted to draw out this line - "A sentence he had no right to carry out. Or did he?" - which is so good. It's so perfectly ambiguous. I loved it. And HI FARROKH ZAREI. THE HYPE IS SO REAL. Please, I'm so excited for this. "When would his retribution come?" What an ending! I can't wait to see what you'll do with him and Catri. ;-;

Ty... well, I loved your writing here: you really showed his dynamic with his friends so well. Hmm gay careers and rejection from family just sucks but I've seen it a lot, so it isn't doing enough for me. Solid character, but not quite my taste, due to him not really being very charming for me, and his despondency. I'll stick my opinion of him in neutral for now, but we'll see if things change.

Ham! Please he's such a ho.. lmfao, love it, and it's really quite sweet. He is sweet. (': And please Mamtha these names are cracking me up. His backstory's super solid and that bit about him knowing he's weird, but not caring at all very much encapsulates his character so well. Very dynamic, I enjoy him.

Thank you for writing!
FireflyLlama chapter 6 . 4/24/2021
Welcome back, my friend! Good to break out of jail and eee what a nice chapter to break out with!

Valerianoh my goodness I LOVE his concept. The whole vigilante vibes really get me excited. The tying in with the general brutal perception of District Six worked well and you get a really gritty taste to this POV which was fabulous. He obviously has some blood on his hands so we know he won't be new to killing before the Games. However, his reasoning has some morality to it, mixed with the usual personal motivations for somewhat revenge, so this makes him less bloodthirsty than righteous. His awareness of the questionable righteousness of his actions gives him more humane touches and makes you curious to see how he handles the idea of killing someone in the arena instead of the usual targets. He's one that stands out to me at the moment, I don't think I'll be forgetting him.

Tya Career but with a little roughness around the edges. He's not spoilt and rich like many, and he has his own personal struggles which makes him a little more human and less of a trained killing machine. His interactions with his friends was nicely done; I find your speech is very realistic and you can really imagine the scene in your head. He clearly has potential in regards to his physical skills; he seems like he trains hard and has a strong motivation and determination inside him. The discussion of the twist was nice too and it reminded me of how excited and also scared I am for it!

Hamwell even if I didn't know this was Rem's tribute before I read this, I would have figured it out pretty quickly! Got to love our little Rem and his dirty mind haha. I love how you described everything in this POV. It was sensual in a sweet and subtle way; nothing explicit but you knew what was going on and you didn't need to imagine too much extra. Very sophisticated there my dude. Not much to give away about Ham's potential in the arena, although if you follow any of Rem's suggestions then it will be eventful for sure!

As always your writing is inspiring and I love you very much. Congrats on making the halfway point and I look forward to the next chapter!
dyloccupy chapter 5 . 4/23/2021
ok argentella! we have a bit of a street thief vibe! always a classic, if not overdone. the tragic family inn addition was nice! she’s a bit curious and guarded. the last few lines were really nice tho!

love love love blush! the chosen family volunteer is another classic backstory, but the underlying bitterness and desire for chaos is super dynamic and gets me excited! and then blush singing at the bar! we stan.

manon...we love a witchy bitch! the loss of her family, especially her brother, has set her on such a complicated path. the summoning ceremony was confusing and wild and intense and i’m intrigued to learn more about the impacts? curious about this d12 coven leader!

ahhh and this twist! i assumed it had to do with time but having a second bloodbath that could include all 24 kiddos again? iconic.
BradiLain chapter 5 . 4/20/2021
next on my list of day off reviews is you, my knight. luckily for me, i am only one chapter behind so i'll be able to move on to all of the other things that i'm behind on! happy four twenty BLZAE ITTTTT BOIIIIIS

argentella is such an interesting name, i love that already. and her pick pocket vibes remind me of aladdin so i already think that she's on the way to be a favorite for me. like, when characters are thieves i don't tend to like them very much, but there's something different about an orphan girl that just takes little bits where she can. her curiosity is also endearing to me, i think that's cute. she doesn't scream arena potential to me, but at the same time i think that being sly and slinking into the shadows without people noticing could be a skill of its own.

argentella 17yo d8f
tl;dr - little orphan pick pocket
likability - 7/10
arena odds - 4/10

blush is a cute name too, that's two for two. i love him? like, singing at a bar, riches that are not set in stone. i too belong on a stage, so tributes that sing or dance or act always hit a soft spot for me lmao. i cannot help myself. ALSOOOOOOOO that twist? no allies AT ALL? that would be hella rough, wouldn't it?

blush 18yo d1m
tl;dr - the boy who cried while he sang
likability - 9/10
arena odds - 9/10

i am not quite sure what to think of manon. i feel like everything around her was interesting - losing her father and her brother, being in a witchy coven that's hidden in the woods, doing blood sacrifices. she wants to turn back time, but why? even if she did, she likely wouldn't be able to save her family, right? i think that i like her but i havent developed as solid of an opinion.

manon 18yo d12f
tl;dr - witch in the woods
likability - 6/10
arena odds - 6/10

a second bloodbath? ohhhhhhhhhh man. that will definitely be an interesting one. will the tough tributes risk injuring themselves in the first bloodbath just to die in the second one? will tributes make more hasty decisions knowing that they have a huge chance to die twice? i'm in love with the idea, dude. i can't wait to see how it works out.
ladyqueerfoot chapter 5 . 3/13/2021
B: hey ben it me and linds giving u a duo review because we’re sexy like that

L: either that or we’re lazy… too be determined. I think sexy tho

B; both, we have range

L: just like the tributes that were introduced in chapter five of borrowed time #segway

B: actually u start

L: okay! Umm ima just call her tella so that i dont have to say as many letters but umm… it appears we have a bit of an edgelord on our hands. Did u also get red riding hood vibes?

B: BRO YEAH! It’s like the whole independent explorer black hoodie deal. She’s a little mysterious and cool, like u said an edgier version of red riding hood

L: yeah she is v explicitly nOt LiKe ThE oThEr GiRLs, but i didnt mind it all that much, like looking back, tella is better then my initial impression of her, idk she grew on me like a funky orphan wart

B: NOOO NOT THE FUNKY ORPHAN WART! argentella’s not like other girls she steals and pickpockets and she’s homeless and her entire family was #murdered

L: WAIT THAT REMINDS ME OF WHAT I DIDN’T LIKE! Her whole family died and her main concern was “i hope they dont put me in a group home” like yes bitch foster care in district 8 probs sucks mad balls but i would be more concerned and upset that theres a shit ton of corpses everywhere and everyone i loved just died. Corpses probs smell shitty too

B: smell like peepee poopoo garbage! i get the panic she felt in that moment though but you’re right the priorities were like… ? i wonder how she felt about her family. Like was there anything going on there or… it would be cool if that was revealed later down the line if there’s something there

L: yes! this! Wonder if her family is like toxic. Wouldn’t be all that surpised tbh. And then like… i feel like she is very self sustained, almost selfish. This bitch wont be getting any fucking allies and thats on period

B: LMAOOO! I kind of dig the selfish bit, it’s necessary to survive the way she does. Also there are like parallels between her and jair which i thought was cool they’re both wanderers in a sense, drifting aimlessly and shit. Pretty pog.

L: yeah but tella seems less friendly than jair imho. And like as for arena chances, i dont have much belief in tella because surviving on the streets is way dif then surviving 24 hours with soba pikesville

B: YOU MADE POINTS! all in all i’m not smitten with argentella but she’s very chill! I honestly hope i grow to like her more!

L: i agree! I am neutral on her as well but i think she will move up to like once i see the way she interacts with people


B: linds is a slut for district one motherfuckers who sing jazz. who are also submitted by ripple237.


B: i bet lavish sounds like a dying horse singing

L: well blush sure doesn’t! He sounds mad fucking pog! We stan a fucking baritone!

B: YOOO RETWEET! Bruh blush is a work of art real talk. He’s so charming and alluring and there seems to be a whole pool of secrets just swimming under his skin. Something shady’s going on with the Beauregard family and where they got their money o_o

L: YES! These beurebitches be fucking sus as fuck i have to be honest! And i liked how benny boy didnt directly say it, he just hinted at it with the song lyrics? Honestly stream oh miss beau on spotify and apple music it is the best song ive ever heard i think it makes sense that lorde hasnt released a new album because after i saw that id quit music

B: IM PEEING LETS GET MISS BEAU NO. 1 ON THE CHARTS BABY! I also STUPID enjoyed the way that blush has a really strong distinction between his facade and his real feelings. Also that quote that was like “Blush’s life was not his own” that made me go waahahhhh. rich career tings am i right

L: ima record a cover at some point LOL… and yes um i agree with that 1000 percent! Like okay chuuni looking bitch but also it made sense and whatever the fuck is going on with his family def has to do with blush not feeling like he belongs to his own life. Im so fucking hooked on this concept and im not even going to front it, part of the reason i loved this intro was bc it reminded me of sapphira’s (poorly written) intro, and i just stanned the fuck out of the way you were able to potray him

B: this a million times. Call me a patron because i sure as fuck do be swooning for blush. i just like how he’s a silly little boy trained in weaponry and murder but he’d much rather be singing jazz at a dusky nightclub. Kisses blush on the forehead.

L: YES AND HES LIKE THE EMBODIMENT OF JAZZ TOO! Hes so fucking smooth and classy like okay blush pop the fuck off! He really is so fucking vibey and what i love abt will’s tributes is just how they all have a theme that flows between backstory and personality and for blush it was jazz music and that general era. Was real fucking neat to see

B: period luv innit xx ;-; so as you said that other night, maybe blush can be the second character of bt. i adore this british bitch to bits

L: yes, he’s no soba but he’s close.



B: so the biggest thing i got from her pov was… witch!

L: she’s a witch! It’s true! I also got that… and she has her brothers skull?

B: yo whatever floats her boats of goats or something

L: i couldnt read her pov without nervously laughing what the fuck is manon’s deal LOL why is she the way that she is

B: I was gonna call it district twelve worldbuilding but actually im 99% sure the coven is a completely separate affiliation. Girls night out lets recite incantations and perform blood sacrifices and other occult shit

L: yeah like this tbh didnt feel like it belonged in panem. Like am i being a hypocrite because i subbed a tribute once who got their dick cut off to create a sexless society free of gender roles? Yes, yes i did. But still manon felt more absurd than that. Like yes, district 12 is established in canon as poor as fuck, and i know this is 50 years post canon but it just didnt feel like district 12 or panem at all, it just felt like manon belonged in an entirely different world

B: manon not canon?! XDDD /JJJJJ but yeah i get what you mean. She came with some intense worldbuilding and it was interesting, i just found it difficult to hook onto her character when she was kinda just tragic backstory witch bitch

L: i wasnt even interested i was just confused as fuck tbh… like i wonder if she has a personality besides being creepy as fuck. Ben i wanna make it clear im not dunking on u as an author btw, i just thought manon was weird as fuck and i duidnt really understand her and the lore she came with

B: yer super valid for that. That also pretty much concludes my thoughts for manon.

L: yes same. Her and blush both came with lore but blush’s makes more sense for panem and therefore i love him and dislike her

The twist:

L: YES! So fucking sexy! Like i been knew (pls let me flex this is one of the few things i can flex) but it was such a good twist… so fucking cool

B: on god bro. I felt like i should’ve expected it considering the theme but im stupid and i didnt’t. Anyway it’s big brain as fucj. Exciting and i’m sure that mx epithet is out here working their ass off to jam pack this whole 24 hour canoodle with exciting shit for the capitol

L: ECHO! I miss them so much lol. Cant wait for soba to deck everyone in one day! Ugh his mind

B: YESSS this shit really will only be lasting for a day. Soba clutch up! Fastest W in all of panem hunger games history!

L: nah im p sure the first games lasted like an hour or so but soba is a modern legend

B: yeah can we get an OWA OWA

L: i suppose… OWA OWA

Lind’s chart:
Our sweet charming boy who deserves the world: Soba (9)
*FOAMS AT MOUTH*: Blush (1)
My heart grows 4 u: Jair (10), Xena (4)
Well u are in the cast too: Argentella (8)
Weird champ:
Girl bye: Manon (12)

Brooke’s chart:
mine(and also linds’s): soba
LOVE LOVE: blush
aww...: jair
ok!: xena, argentella
the fuck: manon

B: ok that concludes our sexy ass review

L: bye ben i stan u! Thanks for writing!

Good shit linds. [daps u up in a homoerotic fashion]

Thanks brooke [rejects dap bc i dont swing that way]

Kills u

U wanna post because i posted last time

Okay bet should i add this part too

Ok bet. Bye ben love u
optimisms chapter 3 . 3/13/2021
Ahhhh the last prologue! I'm reading these in the order they were posted so I'm splitting between this and EBW so that I don't get anything out of order. This was awesome! I think I've read it before because I think we read it on the VC when the cast list was revealed, but it was still a nice read this time around.
I noticed something that I found interesting, idk if it's on purpose or if it has any relevance at all but in EBW, Echo is in charge and hates Rom bc she thinks he is only there bc of his family and his status; and in BT, Darrell is sort of in charge and hates Echo bc he thinks they are only their bc of their publicity and fame. Interesting parallels esp because both Echos aren't in the same position in those two dynamics, one is the hater and one is the hated.
I'm a sucker for the storytelling device where we see the same scene from a different perspective, so this chapter was chef's kiss from me, just like EBW 4. Lots of answers but also still lots of questions. It's all so very intriguing and awesome and I know I keep saying this but I can't wait to learn more!
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