Reviews for Linewalkers
liluzumakivertt chapter 24 . 8/29
When will there be a new update
Guest chapter 27 . 7/25
Why doesn’t tobirama also give the location of the uzumaki compound in konoha since the senju clan created it for them so the uzumaki clan can visit senju and be comfortable. Naruto doesn’t uzumaki clan have two locations: uzumaki island nation, uzu no kuni off southeast of hi no kuni and the uzumaki compound in konoha. And does the uzumaki compound hold anything for naruto? Kushina and minato could hidden their things in the uzumaki compound for naruto and kakashi. Are there more bonding moments with naruto and kakashi where they actually spend quality time together, and kakashi tells naruto they are sibling by adoptions. Kakashi can explain to naruto that he will tell naruto his parents’ names when he is an adult. And hiruzen’s laws regarding his parents.
jamthacreator chapter 27 . 7/16
This story is awesome! I'm excited for the next chapter! Keep it up!
mitchmccord94 chapter 27 . 7/12
Read the entirety of this in about a week. Interesting story, hopefully the author returns soon!
EnderReaper12 chapter 27 . 7/7
just discovered this story and i have never been more intrigued by a stora in my life, please continue it
Wheresmydoseofinsanity chapter 27 . 6/12
Read it all in one go. Hooked from the get go. Looking forward to the next one. Good story
brookemcalley2008 chapter 27 . 6/6
I have really been enjoying the story so far and it is my favourite. Could we please get a part 28
Bear0927 chapter 27 . 6/5
This was outstanding! I can’t wait for the next chapter.
EatsBooks chapter 27 . 5/31
Awesome story, love it!
Courtney Sheldon chapter 27 . 5/27
I NEED more
Brandon Wilkinson chapter 4 . 5/25
Kakashi giving him gifts warms my heart
ChibiChula chapter 17 . 5/4
Is it weird that I want to cuddle Shisui so much this chapter? Poor guy finds out awful stuff, then gets teased by his favorite bois. No worries Sui-chan, you'll definitely have someone to love eventually. Author-san knows better than to kill you off, unlike Creator-san. ;p
ChibiChula chapter 15 . 5/4
Ah... Here's the scene that made me think that, even though this is a Gen fic, it's a great setup for another fic set in the future or an AU fic where they definitely end up as a threesome. *smirk* Their future synchronicity only helps further the impression, lol. Of course, Tobirama might end up a bit concerned about Naruto never having kids in that case, but I'm sure they'll think of something... Don't mind me and my daydreams. _;
ChibiChula chapter 11 . 5/4
Hmm... I'm rereading this fic and now I'm wondering once again what you're going to do in the future. I remember you responded to someone that Naruto wouldn't have mokuton in this fic but then his chakra affinities match Hashirama's in this chapter. You could go either way, I guess. Wouldn't put it past Hashirama to have somehow passed on the ability during that dream when he said he was passing on his legacy to Naruto, lol. Then I wondered what Naruto's and Tobirama's response will be to Tenzo. It could be another opportunity for Naruto to gain more family, of course. However, I suspect Hiruzen will end up with his own poltergeist activity (if he's still alive by then) once Tobirama finds out Tenzo's story. _Danzo will probably end up afraid of his own shadow (again, if he's still alive by then) once Tobirama learns Tenzo was part of ROOT and has that seal on his tongue... So many fun things to consider!
Guest chapter 27 . 4/20
I love it, ty
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