Reviews for Harry Potter and A Galaxy Far Far Away
murgel chapter 15 . 12/3
It's such a brilliant chapter again!
I love the number and direction of plot hooks you planted within the last 2-3 chapters.
This promises so much for excellent reading stuff and storytelling.
I pray, that your muse will not leave you for many years.

Thank you very much for your great work with your fun and fascinating stories, especially this one and its SG counterpart.
gaharbert chapter 15 . 12/2
dang. this is great. I love it i cant wait for a new chap
thanks for your story
Starman800 chapter 15 . 11/30
I am enjoying this story very much. Is there any chance that Hermione will follow his instructions and pop though as another love interest? Maybe someone unexpected like Daphne Greengrass lol. That would be a twist. The force told her to do it. Or both of them had vision and went together to seek out there new Baby Daddy. Lol. Looking forward to new chapter.
Soul Sendant chapter 13 . 11/30
This is some seriously stupid bullshit and definitely a waste of fucking time let me sum it up. Harry becomes a retarded waste of space engineer ? and businessman who who lets himself be guided and used, however other people or the force or his magic whichever you prefer, want him to be. It's a very short story that focuses on a simpy weakminded bitch Harry who has no real goals or direction outside of what others want for him and useless pod races and building his own Droid army and selling weed with Jabba the fucking hut. an utter disgrace to both Harry Potter and StarWars
Soul Sendant chapter 12 . 11/30
another mistake about how magic works by this fucking retard
Soul Sendant chapter 12 . 11/30
yeah that's the dumbest shit ever time to destroy the retarded PA bot as it wants to raise his kids but sorry no stupid piece if shit Droid is gonna be a good parent or even a choice if someone has braincells whuch this author definitely does not
Soul Sendant chapter 11 . 11/30
and the starwars universe has rockets and shit already its juts not widely used as they are already advanced beyond such low level tech, but this author can't be bothered with using his brain and just makes up all kinds of retarded reasons for this or that
Soul Sendant chapter 11 . 11/30
retard author must not realize that the 1400kmh is capable of sonic booms. anything you fucking idiot, that can go faster than the speed of sound can create a sonic boom not just jets and rockets
Soul Sendant chapter 10 . 11/30
only this idiot author would write a slow paced super super, tiny, short story that never gets anywhere
Soul Sendant chapter 10 . 11/30
decided to stick around and share how disappointing and retarded this pile of ignorant shit is
Soul Sendant chapter 9 . 11/30
must have been what another ten years as it takes a year to do a fast planet survey and the retard author said they had only finished a couple so this is all nonsense that couldn't happen in a single year going by the authors own written ignorance.
Soul Sendant chapter 9 . 11/30
It's a light Saber almost exactly the same as a sword, you dumb pice of shit except the light Saber is just better seriously no intelligence was put into this that is for sure with stupid as remarks like it's a light Saber nothing like a sword except it Is a sword and the fighting styles are sword fighting styles you retard.
Soul Sendant chapter 8 . 11/30
more dumb bullshit wasting time getting nowhere at all the retard has even made his home base on such shitty useless planet
Soul Sendant chapter 8 . 11/30
story hasn't gone anywhere yet that's worth a damn and already talking about kids while pretending it's to keep his species alive? this is definitely retarded bullshit and I'm out it's too dumb only ignorant kids could enjoy it
Soul Sendant chapter 7 . 11/29
The stupid sentient personal assistant constantly being referred to as PA is retarded and lazy and not a female entities name.
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