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Rextrw chapter 5 . 5/23
Please update
TeamDinoWin chapter 1 . 3/21
Speckles: Cy my old friend, get the champagne and crackers. Gareth just finished ANOTHER Final Fantasy game!

Cy: Are you joking Specks. How many does that make now? Square Enix really must stop putting the word FINAL in all of their titles!

Gareth: FF7 REBIRTH. Oh my Dino God what a mixed bag of great and terrible that game was. Only took Team Dino 67hrs to finish! It’s actually a really good game if you skip all the cut scenes and mini games.

I couldn’t play the piano to save my life back in school days and I certainly couldn’t play it in Tifa’s bedroom! And by the end I was like, “No Mog I will NOT catch your sodding Mooglets. Do it yourself. This isn’t what I signed up for.” Don’t even get me started on Chocobo Racing!

At this point, and only if I’m clawing at the walls and desperate, I might write another chapter called: Dino King Homecoming. But it’s little more than another “Where Are We Now?” Interview at present.

Not much else comes to my mind now. Other than I probably should have left the Speckles Project at The Speckles Chronicles! Oh, how time plays with us all. Laters, G and WD.
Rextrw chapter 1 . 3/6
When you are you going to continue doing the story of going after junior. It's now been three years since the last update of a chapter? Are you busy with something? Pretty please.
TeamDinoDie chapter 1 . 3/2
And 3…2…1…

With a massive jolt White Dino wakes up. He is traumatized, confused, struggling to breathe. In his desperation he cries out his vessel’s name.

“Gareth, Gareth.” He yells. Gareth comes running into the room where the Dinosaur God slumbers…

“What is it? What an Earth is it my Lord?” Gareth asks.

“Oh, G it was horrible. I had this endless dream that I was trapped in. I dreamt that in the summer of 2020 we saw this South Korean Dinosaur movie called Speckles the Tarbosaurus. The scene where his mate and companion Blue-Eyes dies destroyed us. We quit smoking and spent over three years of our lives writing and publishing fan fiction about it! Some of it was okay, and some was just bloody dreadful. What were we thinking?”

“And then for some reason we started publishing our nonsense to some phone app called Twitter. But that got us too close to the actual Paleo community. They hated us and got us banned there for life. So we came back to fan fiction and kept on publishing like lunatics.”

“Finally we finished. And then some Troll came out of nowhere and tore us a new one. Said some really terrible things. I couldn’t stop crying again. So I had a shower and went to sleep! Oh thank GOD it was all just a dream.”

Gareth looks at White Dino and says sternly, “Er, sorry to break it to you but that actually happened!” White Dino looks at Gareth, mouth agape. He looks at the person reading this, “OH CRAP!” He yells.

Time’s Arbiter is trying desperately to read the morning papers! He looks at them both and shouts, “That’s it I can’t take anymore. Can I please go back to living in Speckles/Junior’s head for another 1000 years. You two are UNBEARABLE in the mornings!”

Team Dino promise not to post again until we finish Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. And as we are as bad at playing video games as we are writing fan fiction this might be a while!

Now go and save some Dinosaurs. Real or CGI. Gareth and White Dino out.
TeamDinoLive chapter 1 . 2/27
Team Dino have a new statement to make…

We cannot express in words our sorrow and shame at what has taken place here this month. We’ve said horrible and cruel things, used real swear words and engaged with trolls.

This did not come without cost. I have lost several nights sleep, felt like human trash, cried a few times and required many headache pills and showers to feel right again. However, and with all due respect to the naysayers:

I’m a can-do-saur not a can’t-do-saur. So, you’ll never guess?

I’ve made the whole thing into another chapter for the Speckles Project! And I will be adding it to “Life After The Speckles Project” soon!

If anyone else comes by this way and tells us what to do with an iron pipe…

We will HAPPILY fold you into the narrative! Welcome to Team Dino young one.

You have potential. Embrace the madness. Gareth. White Dino. Time’s Arbiter.

PS: There is a final post at the end of the new chapter. It’s very personal so I won’t show it here!

I am sorry for all that I have said and done, I truly am. But there has to be light at the end of this tunnel, there is no alternative.

The God of Dinosaurs demands it!
SillyMadeUpName2 chapter 1 . 2/24
Do you know what’s funny? I’m not a FanFiction writer! What is also funny is that you accuse me of stuffing this review section with crap to pad it out and get attention, and now you are doing for me! So here it is:

The White Dino; Time’s Arbiter; The Author; RandomFan; WhoIsTheWhiteDino; WhoWasTheWhiteDino; Gareth Speckles. They are all me.

In case you didn’t notice, I have been playing with myself for some time!

But my real name is Gareth Peach. Care to tell us yours?

And I have no intention of stealing your internet name because you just got an AI to do it for you. How could any of us know who is real or fake now?

Maybe the Speckles Project was a waste of time. But I had time to waste.

Thanks for the constructive criticism. Kindest regards. G and WD.

Every end has a beginning. Every beginning has an end. THE END.
StegosaurusStan2 chapter 1 . 2/23
I meant to say that you're a self-admitted troll, Raptor
StegosaurusStan2 chapter 1 . 2/23
Honestly, RaptorBater/Time's Arbiter/2StegosaurusStan

At least stick with a name that you actually came up with instead of stealing mine

Also, I didn't even know about that Sand Job show from Amazon

Plus, your whole edgy thing of "oh fanfic writers are ignored" is such bullshit

There's plenty of them who enjoy recognition and the ones who become outcasts are outlier
StegosaurusStan2 chapter 1 . 2/23
To Time's Arbiter/RaptorBater/RandomFan,

I know its you juggling all those identities on account of you being a self-admitte
Don't impersonate me, jackass

I saw that you changed your name to 2StegosaurusStan

Very original

Now go fuck yourself with an iron pipe since its probably the only action you'll ever get. What, with you having an micro-penis and all
2StegosaurusStan chapter 1 . 2/23
Hello everyone. I’ve a confession to make. Having so completely torn apart RaptorBater for sounding a bit like masturbator I just found out something.

The new season of Grand Tour on Amazon Prime goes by the name of SAND JOB. ‘Cause, you know, it sounds a bit like HAND JOB! Fckn hilarious geddit!

The only difference is, someone got paid thousands of pounds to come up with that. FanFiction writers don’t get anything. At best they are ignored, at worst they are hated and reviled. They become an outcast to their friends and an embarrassment to their family.

And at night they either cry themselves to sleep, or they don’t sleep at all. I don’t know why they do it I really don’t? Anyway, I was wrong to criticize something I couldn’t possibly understand and I won’t do it again. (That’s weird. Can I hear Folk music?)

You see, those imaginary friends of his are far beyond anything he can control or comprehend.

And I think I just volunteered to be the next vessel. Oh fck, I think I can hear knocking at my door…

PS: As you rightfully pointed out I have used that RaptorBater name to friggin’ death. So…

I will take yours. RandomFan2StegosaurusStan. Thanks bud! And please, PLEASE ignore that disgusting rant from earlier. That was Time’s Arbiter. He’s a bit of an arsebiscuit! Enjoy them!

Welcome to Life After The Speckles Project. Sucks doesn’t it? Hopefully March will be cheerier!
RandomFan chapter 1 . 2/22
Team Dino have a statement to make…

There is little point in asking for forgiveness for what we said. It was unforgivable. However, we will only meet you halfway on this one. All we did was write personal FanFiction and upload it to FanFiction. A million people do that a year.

We did NOT ask Google to put up all those links to our work. We did NOT ask Google to put up that link to our Twitter feed. Nobody asked our permission either. And, as always, they got tired of us and slammed the door in our face.

Now the whole thing has fallen to rage-bait and trolls. And I feel the Speckles Project was one great big waste of time. But, I will be damned if you are expecting me to delete everything. The Dino King page wasn’t exactly brimming with content when we got here.

That is all we have to say. After this you will never hear from Team Dino again. Goodbye.
RandomFan chapter 1 . 2/21
Like I said. This whole thing was always going to come crashing to earth in a blaze of cliches and flame wars. Here’s another one for you:

White Dino/Time’s Arbiter punches a mirror and stares at the broken reflection of their fractured selves. I HATE YOU they scream at themselves. Blah, blah, blah. Every end has a whatever…

If you like funny sex jokes you should read Steam Room Fun. Masterpiece that.

Anyway, feel free to shit over this as much as you want, I can’t even be bothered to take it seriously anymore. I’m fucking sick of it personally.

GAJ is three years old and still people beg for another chapter, like that’s ever going to happen.

And this is why I quit internet forums in the first place. Everyone hates, everyone blames, nobody helps. Just hide behind a fake name and have at it. Are you gonna write anything original?

I ALWAYS become that which I despise, ALWAYS. A self-defeating loner from cradle to grave.

You have me bang to rights. I’m just surprised it took the lowlife scum of internet this long to get here. Time to leave. UP YOURS.

A pissed off God of Dinosaurs.
StegosaurusStan2 chapter 1 . 2/21
Ugh why is RaptorBater so annoying.

They're not a funny troll and you keep repeating the same joke over and over again. Like, you're not even doing a good job at being a troll. Ha ha, their name is a pun on "masturbator" ha ha "funny" sex joke ha ha dying of laughter here /s

Plus, this story's like 2 years old. They should go find other comments sections of other stories to bloat with his unfunny and frankly nonsensical drivel

Them and their 2 imaginary friends that they keep referring to in every post they make
Guest chapter 1 . 2/21
The Dino King is kinda a niche choice to do a fanfic of

But not like that's a bad thing

I was just surprised because I don't see a lot of fanfiction for this movie

Have a nice day
Guest chapter 1 . 2/20
Glad to hear that you resolved everything with Power Master fella

I feel bad for him because he's one of those fanfic authors who's infamous enough to have a hatedom that's larger than the amount of people who actually like his stories, but people like that malicious troll are outliers even in said hatedom. Most of said hatedom just leaves negative reviews on his stories, with all of them "mysteriously vanishing" (read: he deletes them) within less than a day. Regardless of how big his hatedom is, he didn't deserve to have someone give him an actual death threat

That being said, he still has enough fans to enjoy a small degree of success as a fic writer, so I'm glad he's happy writing his stuff.
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