Reviews for Semper Vigiles
Stonerguy420 chapter 60 . 11/25
Every time eliza makes an appearance and isn't killed makes me wanna punch a wall
Stonerguy420 chapter 1 . 11/24
Bringing Eliza and her daughter's ruined it for me and when you had Eliza get armor back to save Cyrus anfter he was captured by maxtac I didn't even finish hate that was hoping something would happen and force him to kill Eliza her daughter's and the rest of the hated that you added them or at least the way you did. He should have killed her for treason if nothing else
Talon5Krrde chapter 26 . 11/23
Eliza and Casey, but after Casey is Noble 6 - Also, with a recovered AI. Cortana is supposed to have a "sister"...
PoofyOhio chapter 20 . 11/18
Why the fuck does Cyrus even care about V, they’ve spoken like five times.
Fire Dragon King chapter 48 . 11/9
The more I read the direction this story took the less and less interested I become.
Poundweed chapter 62 . 11/8
I was looking for a nice cyberpunk crossover, didn't care with what fandom. And while looking for copper, i found gold.

The sheer amount of detail in this fic is mind numbing, the story building, the characters, the expansion upon the foundation given by the CD Project Red, all of this is of the highest quality. While there are some parts i wish were done a bit differently (more interaction of Johnny with Cyrus and Chamber) all of those are just personal preferences or wants.

While i doubt you will confirm or deny this (and obviously, you shouldn't), i sure do hope you add Casey like you said was possible in that one chapter. Sadly, i wasn't there at the time to vote, but it would be cool to see 3 spartans destroy megacorps and bandits alike.

I really liked the part where Cyrus isn't omnipotent and even he can't be everywhere at once (the Dana moment), which makes him even more likable. Moreover, you can see character development in him, as at first he didn't care for anyone, and now will do anything in his power to defend his loved ones.

Also, the grammar is so good. I rarely see any typos or mistakes, and even if I see, they are not frequent at all, which only adds to the pleasure while reading.

Your fanfic is of the highest quality, and as it looks right now, you don't plan on slowing down. I will wait for updates on this work with great interest, because considering what i have already read, you have a lot planned for the future.

P.S. Please, more Luna, we need more of fluffy wolf doggo cuddles 3
vernacularthecynic chapter 5 . 11/1
anyways good fanfic for a writer that seems to be about below 21 when the story was written in 2020 lol
vernacularthecynic chapter 4 . 11/1
Cyrus is a Spartan III so he really shouldn't have this much of a personality. Even more 'cuz he's a headhunter. Cuz aren't headhunters the guys ONI calls in to level Insurrectionist bases that have insurrectionist families inside them?
crazymexican chapter 62 . 10/27
This is one of best story I have read here on this site. I hope to see the end of this story. Keep up the great work.
Zjay chapter 53 . 10/23
im weak "spartan white"
williamkillian98 chapter 4 . 10/22
This had me thinking of “I Really Wanna Stay At Your House” by Rose Walton
williamkillian98 chapter 1 . 10/22
Update please
AXL999 chapter 62 . 10/22
This has been quite the ride so far can't wait for the next chapter.
XxWildHeartXIIIxX chapter 62 . 10/21
Good story, keep it up
DLTA-BOT chapter 13 . 10/20
I feel like... I don't have anything against SIs. To a degree, every writer puts a piece of themselves in their stories, but this seems a little too... blatant.

Same thing with edginess. I'm not a huge fan, but I can understand liking it. This story takes it over the edge (ba dum tsss) for me though. Part of what gets me is it seems internally inconsistent, and another part is a lot of this seems aesthetic for the sake of being aesthetic. Not necessarily a bad thing, but if a story goes out of its way to stress how both good and cool the MC is, it's kind of a turnoff. To an extent this reminds me of an older fic, Crysis Effect.

Both of those feed into my main issue with Cyrus to this point: he's edgy and OP for the sake of being edgy and OP. It serves the story inasmuch as when he wants to attack someone, he kills them, end of story. It takes the investment out of the fighting and, as an extension, the character. I feel like it makes them unrelatable. It goes hand in hand with the 'show don't tell motto'... I could keep going but, eh. A lot of people read the story so it works for them and that's fine.
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