Reviews for Kismet: The 73rd Hunger Games
Loveableheart chapter 12 . 1/25
Lukas seems nice so far. He works at a sawmill so that means he might be strong, and that could give him an advantage over the other tributes. Doesn't Zelie know better than to startle someone near a freaking saw? Aww, Lukas definitely seems nervous. He just wants to be on his own and to do his own thing, but now he's going to go into the Games in front of the entire country. I actually relate to his feelings a lot, so that hits home, and it makes me like his character more. Maybe he'll become more comfortable in the arena when he, ironically, can be on his own in the wilderness and just spend time surviving. "The chances of my name being called are slim to none" uh-oh... Well, I'm actually rooting for him! I think he'll grow as a character throughout the story and I'm looking forward to it.

Foster also does lots of manual labor, so she'll be strong, and have that edge in the Games. Oh no, what happened on her birthday? Foster enjoys sitting in silence, so I'm guessing she'll get along with Lukas on the train and during training! Yikes, yikes, yikes, her mom spilled about the affair on her birthday? That's awful for Foster to find out, especially like that. AND NOW her father won't talk to her? He literally raised her, that's horrible. Poor Foster. She's definitely seeming like an independent person, and probably like a formidable opponent in the arena. I think she might give some of the Careers a run for their money!

Mine: Eam (D6)
Would Die For: Nova (D3)
Love: Felix (D2), Shizuka (D4)
Like: Mercy (D2), Miami (D4), Ottie (D5), Roman (D6), Lukas (D7)
Neutral: Vintage (D1), Hysteria (D1), Jamie (D5), Foster (D7)
Dislike: Castor (D3)
Loveableheart chapter 11 . 1/25
Hi, Ty! Sorry it's taken me so long to read the chapters, but I'm so excited to get back into Kismet.

The description of the District 6 factory is so well done, it sounds like it's from the perspective of someone who knows cars and how they get built. And I definitely feel Eam's boredom with eight hours doing that. And I also LOVE how you tie-in Eam's natural curiosity and her storytelling brain - thank you! It's so good to see Mrs. Hull too! And it's fantastic to see Eam's sarcastic, dry, biting attitude. "I wouldn't be laughing if I were them. The questions they ask signify levels of incompetence that I thought were impossible" lmaooo, you portrayed her personality really well. It's nice seeing her family's interactions, and Eam's little note of caring for Railey. Of course, that's all about to change with the reaping soon...

Roman certainly seems resilient! So he's involved with somebody name Jaws... and he has a deal partner, so I'm guessing something with gangs? Or drugs? Both? His friendship with Georgia is great, they seem really funny together. Ooh, yep, morphling. Roman seems like he's seen a lot in life already, so I wonder if he'll be able to handle the Games a bit better than some of the more sheltered tributes? It's awful what happened to his family, and how he has to care for his aunt now. I definitely feel for him. Ew, Jaws is a creep. Roman deserves so much better than all of this. But uhh yeah, I'm glad Georgia was rude to Jaws - he's gross - and I think that reveals some naivety on Roman's part. That might be a problem for him in the arena with the other tributes.

Great chapter! I'm off to District 7!

Mine: Eam (D6)
Would Die For: Nova (D3)
Love: Felix (D2), Shizuka (D4)
Like: Mercy (D2), Miami (D4), Ottie (D5), Roman (D6)
Neutral: Vintage (D1), Hysteria (D1), Jamie (D5)
Dislike: Castor (D3)
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 12 . 1/10
- “but this recent heat wave has made working out in the open nearly unbearable.” oh noes global warming :broken_heart:
- “Everyone on shift eats lunch together. I honestly wish we didn't.” AHAHAHAH
- “My mind searches for the right words to say, but nothing comes up.” oh hes allergic to people fr
- zelie girlboss
- “She knows I prefer to be alone, so why is she invading what little privacy I have here?” lukas wtf be fucking grateful
- “And what if I say the wrong thing? Zelie will probably think I'm a total freakshow.” this guys personality is i have social anxiety :((
- "No, not really," I lie.” JFKNVAJV
- “You wouldn't have to lie if you just asked those guys to move like a normal fucking human being.” hhh
- "Well, I guess that's good," Zelie says. "Considering how nervous you seem about everything else." chill out zel LMAOOO
tl;dr kids emo as hell i dont really care for him

- “I've developed an appreciation for this routine, especially with everything that has transpired over the past few months.” ah sweet
- “It was like I inherited my entire personality from him.” oh nice no daddy issues we love to see it
- “However, that all changed on my birthday.” oh god not the birthday
- "Foster, Emery Santalale isn't your father." bruh
- "He had a work accident that left him sterile." dude did something fall on his dick or something
- "I was frustrated and desperate, so I had an affair with Sorrel Maxon." he sounds like a loser fuckboy
- “Both Magnolia and Emery Santalale failed me that day.” technically they failed u ever since the day you were conceived if u wanna act like that
- “In the days after my mother's confession, I tried to talk to him, but he refuses to speak to me more than what is absolutely necessary.” hes a bitch fo tthat
tl;dr wow that situations fucked up but i dont really have any feelings specifically geared to foster

mine: miami
MWAH: mercy, shizuka
uwu: felix, nova, ottie, roman
neutral: hysteria, jamie, eam, foster
eh: vintage, lukas
please stfu: castor

goldie031 chapter 12 . 1/9
Hi Ty! So glad to see Kismet getting underway again! I love the way you get into the minds of your kiddos and show off their thought processes! Your first person writing is really nice.

I would like to hold Lukas very gently. He is such a sweetheart and a lil socially anxious bean that I would just like to give hugs to and tell him everything will be ok. When he was like “things are simplest when I’m alone?” OUCHHHHH. I love me a good simple boy who just is too good for the world and he is the epitome of that. James why did you send him into the Games? Ouch.

Foster has a really neat backstory! Silver really does not miss with her kids. I can’t help but feel bad for her that like everything that she ever knew came crashing down. I think what hurts me the most is that her father rejected *her* even though it’s not her fault? But all of this is just painful. A broken family ;-; ouch ;-; this sucks for her.

A really great chapter! I feel bad that didn’t have a ton to say but your intros are short and hit like 1-2 points for each kid which totally makes sense. I’m really excited to see what you do with these two. Great work!
Very New To This chapter 12 . 12/31/2021
Great chapter as always!

I can relate to Lukas a lot in that I don't want to be social. I also can relate to him because of his nervousness and bad thoughts about what other people think of him. So I like him.

Foster, wow, that has to be terrible just finding out that your father is not who you've thought is for all of your life.
FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 11 . 10/21/2021
- “I repeat this process countless times during each eight hour shift. Things get boring around here quick.” i can imagine
- “I like to imagine that every car has its own story. Some of them will have more interesting stories than others.” we stan an imaginative legend
- “There's so much that is unknown about the past, and we're left to fill in the blanks. I wonder what it was like to live in a world before Panem.” i don’t see a character thinking about stuff like this often, it’s cool
- “Seriously, how hard can it be to just clean up after yourself?” on god
- “The questions they ask signify levels of incompetence that I thought were impossible.” BYE HOLY SHIT
- "Damn, I really couldn't tell with every day being just as mind-numbingly boring as the last," I say.” im laughing
- “While exiting the factory, I get caught in the middle of a large group of my crewmates. They're all loudly talking and laughing with each other, and just generally being nothing more than a nuisance.” eam’s not like other girls she hates everyone
- “I think working with Railey will be nice for the both of us. She won't be sitting around the house all the time and I'll actually have someone at work that I can tolerate.” sounds like a win to me
tl;dr hmm i really like how sarcastic eam is, but so far that’s all i really get from her. Not enough to put her in the like tier but i wouldn’t be opposed to doing so in future povs!

- “This is where the lowest of the low lives. No one here has enough to survive, and those that do get robbed. But this is home, and it's all I've ever known.” damn that was a banger couple of sentences
- "He'll be mad when he sees that Spark isn't with us," Georgia huffs. "That creep." ew jaws wth
- "Well, I can imagine why," I joke. "Spark's a good-looking dude." bruh
- "Roman!" Georgia chides, punching my shoulder. "Spark's practically your brother. You can't talk about him like that." not that T_T
- “Damn, Georgia punches hard.” girlboss
- “There's Ringo, the sketchy scam artist looking to swindle his next 'customer' with whatever nonsense he dug out of the dumpster.” lowkey icon behavior i respect the hustle of con artistry
- “Georgia always tells me that I shouldn't let Aunt Zola treat me the way she does. She says that I don't deserve what I have to go through, but Aunt Zola is the only family I have left.” that’s honestly so sad
- ty i must say i am really enjoying this pov im very fucking immersed your writing always has a certain ambience that i really, really like
- "Oh, okay," I say. "YO, JAWS!" LMAOOO
- can i put my baaaalls in yo jaaaaws
- "Oh, you're talking about Spark," I say.” damn roman cannot protect other people for shit
- "Oh, come on," Jaws says. "Don't you want to stay and hang for a little while?" ew
- "You were kinda rude back there, y'know?" I say.” georgia was hardly wrong for that bruh
- "That's no reason not to be nice to people," I say.” yes it is. Yes it is.
- “Sure, she has her moments, but she can't be a terrible person like Georgia says.” :(( feels bad for roman, he might be in denial
tl;dr i think roman is a little too trusting and a little too good for the environment he lives in. i mean like it’s very surprising that he’s so naive when he had grown up in the place that he did. but i do like him. i don’t think this bodes well for my emotions in the future but i quite like him as a character

mine: miami
MWAH: mercy, shizuka
uwu: felix, nova, ottie, roman
neutral: hysteria, jamie, eam
eh: vintage
please stfu: castor

FlawlessCatastrophe chapter 10 . 10/21/2021
- “Not only is it already entirely too hot, but the wind is not doing me any favors.“ LMAOO this kid’s internal monologue funny as fuck
- “Mom has been sick for half my life.” bah stupid mom /j
- “But her presence still reminds me that Mom's time is limited.” at this point just pull the plug my guy
- "Nah, I'm picking up for the local drug dealer," I respond sarcastically.” LOVE THiS KID ALREADY
- “Chances are the tribute he'll end up with will be older than him.” laughable
- “Plus, he's a year younger than I am. There's no way that someone our age could handle this well.” oh thats actually so strange to think about
- “Slowly opening it, I see Dad sitting in the chair across from Mom's bed, reading her the front page article of today's newspaper. It's been one of their favorite things to do ever since Mom became too sick to leave the house.” oh fuck thats so sweet actually
- "No, it's President Stone," I quip, stepping inside the bedroom.” ottie has absolutely not an ounce of chill
- "Oh quit it, you two," Mom says weakly. "Did you pick up my medicine, Ottie?" WAIT OOPS SHE CAN TALK? SORRY I JUST ASSUMED THAT SHE WAS IN A COMA. I RETRACT MY STATEMENT ABOUT PULLING THE PLUG.
- "You're rambling again," Dad says. "And I don't think your mother wants to hear all that right now." dad stfu
tl;dr i very much like ottie. He’s a snarky 14 year old and i fucks w that. Very excited to see him interact w other characters!

- “Five days and then it'll be three years since Julian was taken away from me.” omg who’s julian
- “The image of my brother getting his skull caved in by the boot of the brute from District 2 seconds after the gong rang is still burned in my head.” oh- yoinkies!
- “We grew up side by side. We were supposed to do everything together. Now I'm alone, with no one around to fill the void that has been left.“ man fuck its just 3 pm how u gon make me emo rn
- "Jamie, you've spent practically the whole summer in the house," Mom says.” jamie :handshake: ottie : 14 year olds who dont go outside
- “I know she knows that the Reapings are right around the corner, but she's acting like they're not a thing.” yikes denial is certainly a… choice
- but she seems like a good mom
- “I just need to find a good way to cope. Maybe getting out of the house will actually help a little.” haha what about getting out the house and into the games haha
- “But still, what good will just distracting myself do? All that means is that I'm just avoiding the issue.” well you can’t exactly solve it so that’s the next best thing
tl;dr jamie is a pretty solid. I mostly just feel bad for them

mine: miami
MWAH: mercy, shizuka
uwu: felix, nova, ottie
neutral: hysteria, jamie
eh: vintage
please stfu: castor

goldie031 chapter 11 . 10/3/2021
Hey ty! I know i haven't reviewed nearly every chapter but i wanted to drop you a line and tell you that i'm really enjoying these intros so far! You do a really great job of getting into every tribute's head and showcasing how different they all are.

Of this group, I'm definitely interested in the Ones - Vintage's lack of self confidence is interesting and Hysteria already feels like she's having an awakening before she even hits the Capitol. I also of course love little brat Castor and science queen Nova, as well as Mercy and Miami, but honestly all of the kids are so good that I have no complaints. I'm so excited to see the other half that compliments this cast - hopefully I'll be a bit more reliable with reviews this time. All in all, great work!
chcolate chapter 11 . 9/11/2021
Eam's relationship with her family sounds so wholesome, and I love it. She's sweet, and that's not always a good thing in the arena, but I do think she's going to make some allies and cause some angst. Roman is an interesting guy. He deals drugs, but still honestly seems like a decent guy. Definitely not a pushover, but if you compare him to Georgia with how they talked to the same dude, then I think it says a lot about him. Sounds like he could be an underestimated tribute in the arena.
rising-balloons chapter 11 . 9/10/2021
long time no see! haha what a funny joke, i'm hilarious

eam: i like eam! i love the curiosity in her section and how she uses it as a way to entertain herself. and even though she's bored throughout most of her section, there's a certain liveliness to her that i just love. she just feels like a very grounded, fun character to me, and the vibes are too good. i am an eam fan.

roman: i like him too! i think he's definitely more naive than eam, though. his relationship with his aunt... yikes. someone bust him out of there please. i think he should stick with georgia instead, she's the one giving it to him straight. i am nervous another, trickier tribute will be able to take advantage of his good intentions. i hope not, though.

and yay i'm caught up again! college has been crazy for me too, no worries about the update length. i'm the same way. also, can i just say that i love your intros? i'm a big fan of concise writing and yours hits a sweet spot for me. also, congrats on getting halfway through intros, hooray! i'll see you next time ty!
rising-balloons chapter 10 . 9/10/2021
hello i am here to catch up before i *really* fall behind

ottie: i like! he comes across as a very nervous person, which makes a lot of sense given his situation. overthinker vibes from him as well. but overall he does seem like a nice guy and i enjoyed that little sarcasm moment he had with his dad. i bet he's stronger than he realizes, and i'm looking forward to seeing him interact with mr. tomaz.

jamie: uh, yeah, somber is definitely the word for her. ottie's section looks light as a cloud compared to this. poor kid. i'm pretty worried for her already- losing her brother to the games clearly had a huge impact on her, and her being reaped/in pregames/in the arena is already going to be a super intense experience. my favorite part of this one was "i don't feel good enough to go outside" being countered with "you'll feel better if you go outside," that was such a Mom Moment.

anyway! lots of gloom from our d5ers. i liked them both though! see you real soon with d6 lol
Very New To This chapter 11 . 9/9/2021
Great chapter as always!

Now, I could be wrong, but I get the sense that Eam cares for her family, but she's a bit of a loner due to the sentence, "Railey won't be sitting around the house all the time and I'll actually have someone at work that I can tolerate".

Umm, I have a feeling Roman is going to be manipulated and die in the Bloodbath or in the early days of the Games. He's a nice person, but from what I'm reading, he's too trusting and thinks everyone's a good person. It's obvious that his aunt and Jaws are terrible people.
Loveableheart chapter 10 . 8/2/2021
DISTRICT 5! My favorite!

Ottie is so precious, I love his sarcasm and how compassionate he is. He seems like such a heartfelt person and seeing his devotion to his mother is very endearing. I feel like that could pull him some sympathy sponsors in the Capitol, but also could be good motivation in the arena - if he wins, he could afford the best treatment for his mother. His breathing issue does spell some trouble but maybe he'll find a solution in the Capitol before the arena? I'm really excited to see his character grow and how he'll get along with Jamie. If Tomaz is his mentor, it'll be great to see their interactions since they're so close in age but Tomaz has obviously had to grow up very fast. Maybe Ottie will have a brotherly relationship with him? I think he'll do well overall in the coming chapters and I'm sure he's going to charm through his interview with that witty humor.

Jamie is a sweetheart! I am not loving her predicted placement of 24th lmao. I believe in her, I think she'll surprise us and do well! She and Ottie both have intelligence as one of the strengths, so maybe they'll become a brainy duo? I do have a lot of sympathy for Jamie and her situation where she's still grieving her brother (who, truly, died such a horrific death even for Games standards so I feel super bad for her.) It seems like she might be depressed, so I'm not sure if the Games will make that worse or if she'll be motivated to survive for her brother's memory. It'll be interesting to see if she relates to Vintage at all or picks up on how anxious he is. I love seeing those connections between Career and non-Career tributes, so I'm excited to see if it happens! Either way, I'm rooting for her and I hope she finds some solace and happiness.

Would Die For: Nova (D3)
Love: Felix (D2), Shizuka (D4)
Like: Mercy (D2), Miami (D4), Ottie (D5)
Neutral: Vintage (D1), Hysteria (D1), Jamie (D5)
Dislike: Castor (D3)
Very New To This chapter 10 . 8/2/2021
Great chapter as always! Both of these kids are really nice people.
rising-balloons chapter 9 . 7/22/2021
miami: aw she seems awesome. just, like, so sincere and upfront if that makes sense? i love the volleyball and also her name. also her friend's name is bisque, that's fucking hilarious. it also seems like she's the most laid-back of the career bunch, although her mom's intensity might be making that look more exaggerated. so in summary: i love her. go miami!

shizuka: as soon as i saw someone was suddenly expelled i just knew. and then he confirmed it and i felt so smart? shizuka borders an interesting line of confidence and insecurity that was really interesting to read, especially because it seems like the insecurity is what drives him. i am VERY interested to see him and my idiot child felix together- seems like they won't get along but are on a much more similar page than vintage. this is basically a mini-rant about how i love career dynamics and i think this pack will be hella chaotic, especially now that we have the fours in the mix.

two more fun kids! excited for next time as always, see you then ty!
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