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linagabriev chapter 13 . 3/22/2005
[Val wanted a red weapon or toy (the thing he had in Slayers Try)] I honestly can't rememberwhat this is refering to. Is is Ragud/Razud(not sure which) Mezegis?

[It isn't the sword that is with the 'Overworlders' as you call it, but it /is/ the Sword of Light. Hmm… Oh all right. It isn't Gorun Nova at all. It looks similar, but you'll soon see that if used correctly, it has enough power to go head to head with Lina's Ragna Blade.] Is it the Blast Sword you are referring to?

[but it seemed that since they got married, Gourry was paying /much/ more attention to whatever Lina said (I wonder why).] This was a bit cruel if one of the cast is actually thinking this. It's really no wonder he's paying extra attention to this. His daughter's life is at stake!

[The Slayers walked on in silence that continued for days on end. When they were a little less than halfway to the coast, Sylphiel insisted that she must part ways with the Slayers to get back to Neo Sairaag.] Exactly why did you bring Sylphiel in just to take her out? Did she know about Lina and Gourry's marriage and daughter before meeting up with them just now? Why did everything from the time Gourry got captured from Phibrizzo repeat? (Sylphiel appeared, same treasure from the bandits...etc)

Grr. Zel, and Gourry's thoughts at the beginning of Chapter 6 (and before Chapter 7) seemed to be quite selfish. Especially Gourry! He doesn't exactly seem that heartbroken over losing his daughter. Lina doesn't seem all that worried either, but I'm guessing you made it that way because she's putting up the same facade she put up when she lost Gourry.

[Of course, this would have normally given the victim (to the kick) a good /view/, but Amelia happened to be wearing long pants (-_-).] ::sweatdrop:: She always wears long pants when she's in her traveling attire.

[(and what kind of bandits go around with money in their pockets? They're really asking for it)] When Lina beats up bandits while she traveling, (but not in their hideouts) isn't the money always with them (Slayers: The motion picture)? What does it matter if it's in their pockets? This just struck me as strange.

Why exactly didn't Filia just teleport them nearest to the place they would have to cross the sea in to get to Wolfpack Island?

["Hit-a-Dragon".] quite funny. It should have been Hit-a-Mazoku though.

So Filia left Lina and the others, when they really might need her to help save Lina's daughter so she could start her business again? And she left Val with Lina and the others, when he's virtually so far defenseless?

["It would seem that Lina and the others have successfully arrived on your island, Miss Metallium. And it seems… Oh no…"] Is Sallis supposed to be Korin in disguise or something.

So is Angelina a child of Mazolina and the Dragon? I'm so confused. They never finished the story.

[Amelia smiled her Justice-and-Peace smile and answered somewhat perkily, "By singing the Life is Wonderful song! I added a few more stanzas – do you want to hear it?"] Things like this definitely made me chuckle. Very funny.

[Second, if someone finds the courage to summon her power without her consent first, she'll destroy that person along with his or her target.] But Lina has used the Giga Slave several times. I mean, she didn't exactly go the Sea of Chaos to ask permission first.

[Lina was immediately suspicious. "What do you want?" Kollina looked up as she counted off her fingers. "Well, I'd /love/ a lot of things. Like a promotion, or the ability to travel between planes, or . . ."] Exactly how much more promotion does a person like Kollina need?

What would have happened if Lina refused either the decision to go in Liona's place or Liona to go in hers?

[Lina supposed she should say goodbye to Sylphiel and her friends in Atlas City] Sylphiel stated earlier that she went to Neo-Sairaag, and therefore wouldn't be in Atlas City.

[Kollina answered matter-of-factly, "Hide behind the door as you open it."] Extremely hilarious. This scene definitely had me laoughing aloud. I guess Zel and Amelia never heard about Lina's sorcery name "Lina the Pink".

["Forbidden Spells of Chaos ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Written by Lina Inverse 30 A.S (After Shabrinigdo _)"] As creative as this was, it's probably not the greatest thing to compare AC (After Christ as most know it as) to AS (After Shabranigdo). Also for Kollina to look at the book, wouldn't she have to use the Medallion? [But beware when using this spell, for even slightly miscast, and it will result in the doom of yourself, your comrades, and your whole world.] Um...Lina didn't didn't know that would be a result after miscasting the spell. But putting it in a book that Lina read shows she did know, which applies confrontation to the actual Slayers T.V. Series. Also Lina would have known the consequences for casting the Giga Slave would be chaotic imprisonment. Lastly, why would Liona ever had to go to the Sea of Chaos then, if Lina isn't bound to the contract either? It's not as if Liona has cast the Giga Slave yet.

Also, how exactly is Liona going to get anyone to love her when she looks like a 5 year old? I mean as far as I can tell, the curse says she will not change in appearance, but the person that loves her, it can't be a motherly type love. IT's like signing her, her sentence to live with L-sama before the trial even begins!

Anyways, overall great job. It was quite comical at times, and a pretty interesting plot, just confusing at other times as well.
linagabriev chapter 4 . 3/21/2005
You know, Lina never really said that Liona was her obvious as it might be...she never really told them. Nor have the rest of the gang mentioned that Liona was Gourry and Lina's daughter.

[Gourry answered, “Oh I remember! She was 15 months old. She was kind of sleepy, but she said, “…L-shama.” Filia asked, “Who’s ‘L-sama’?”] As a former priestess of the Golden Dragons, and probably being a pretty old person in human terms (young for a dragon), of all people she would probably know to who L-sama refers to. I suppose i have to be glad you didn't make Xelloss say this, but ever Filia saying this, seems to be a stretch for me.

Liona Inverse the Dragon Tamer - I don't remember this name for one of your stories. Is this Liona's quest?

[Korin smirked. She thought to herself, “Interesting who she’s praying to when I can channel her thoughts straight to L-sama.”] Eh? What exactly does she mean by that? Also, to add on to my argument before, why in the world who Filia know to refer to Kamikaze as Kami-sama but not know that L-sama is in reference to the Lord of Nightmares. I'd have to say L-sama is particularly more important than Kami-sama.

Is Korin, Kollina?

On that note, why does Inner Beings affect this story? (Kollina, Mazolina, and Angelina) Aren't the two stories separate?

Again It's Orihalcon not orhalthcon (Chapter 3)

Why is it still separated into Girls and Boys Bedrooms? Lina and Gourry are married. Also just because Val is a guy, he's only 2 years old apparently and doesn't need to go sleeping with Zel. He can still sleep with is mother. Unless he wanted to sleep with the guys, in which case I doubt seeing as Gourry snores, and Zel seemingly doesn't like company.

Is Dynast a King? Or did he just kill the real king?

[If you want to check it out, here’s the link] (Chapter 3) You never gave the link!

[Lina also realized that the sentries were a pair of mazoku, lower-level, but still mazoku, and remembered being told never to pick a fight with a mazoku if you could help it.] (Chapter 4] Yeah, but the way you made it sound in the previous chapter...she didn't know they were Mazoku!

[Realizing that the teleportation didn’t work, and that her power seemed to be at full-power, Filia lent a helping hand and also put up a barrier between them and the mazoku.] I can understand the fact that she couldn't teleport, but why would she be at full power? You'd think a Mazoku lord would be able to seal the place that he was residing in from Holy or White Magic. [So Filia, being a golden dragon, might have had her powers slowly drained away by just being here.”] This contradicts Filia being at full power.

[Gourry put Liona in a sort of “sack” used to carry her whenever they had their hands full with something else while on the move.] Um...what kind of sack are we talking about here?

Anyways, nice job so far. Doe they want Liona or Lina? I've seen these stories before where they wanted to take Lina's daughter to train her to become a powerful Mazoku. Or are they just going to use her as bait?
linagabriev chapter 1 . 3/21/2005
Very nice. I defintely like this so far. I do wish you hasn't rushed and skipped over the part where Lina and Gourry decided to get married though. It could have been in a prologue. As for would seem you have a knack for making kids smarter then they should be. ::sweatdrop:: (Liona knew who everyone was)

Also, So Val is the same age, or older? Since Dragons live long lives and generally age slower than most, exactly how big is Val? Are you taking the side where he generally ages the same as humans until he reaches a certain age where he slows down. I think that's what happens, but even I'm not sure.

Very nicely done chapter though. Very funny moments. Except for the strange glomping Liona likes to do... Why did she hit Val?
Crazy Rikku chapter 1 . 9/13/2003
I thought the whole thing was good!
Filing Sloth chapter 12 . 8/8/2003
Nice job. I especially enjoyed the part where Lina and Gourry finally showed some affection. And Liona finally got to hug Luna. All's well that ends well, huh?

I thought that it was pretty funny that, even though Lina was dead, she was still terrified of Luna.

Let's see... Another story? Is it going to be the rewritten "Dragon Tamer" story? Or is it going to be a new one that takes place between the two?
Stara Maijka chapter 11 . 8/4/2003
Whoa! Luna so scary even Zelgadis is scared of her. Poor Liona!

By the way, according to the last episode of NEXT, Gourry HAS passed into the Sea of Chaos before. he made it through all the barriers, even though Zel, Amelia, and Sylphiel couldn't. As a matter of fact, his reaction to Lina's decision and "death" in chapter 10 seemed rather OOC to me, considering the depth of his feelings when he chased after L-sama/Lina. I would have thought he would have gone just as bonkers and tried to break through to Lina, and that the others would have to restrain him, maybe with a sleep spell, while Lina fought her final battle.
Filing Sloth chapter 11 . 8/4/2003
Luna seemed sort of evil. I don't understand how she would get any tips being as cold as she is. And how could she not want a hug from her adorable little niece? Very cool interpretation of her though.

So, what happened to Xellos? Are we going to see any more of him in the story?

So, if you get reviews, you'll bring Lina back? Well, this is a review, so... bring her back!

I remember asking you to update soon, but this is ridiculous! A chapter a day? I can hardly keep up! So, update kind of soon.
Filing Sloth chapter 10 . 8/3/2003
Ack! You killed her! How could you? And now she's off to register? I guess there's a lot of red tape involved in becoming a servant to L-sama, huh?

We're going to see Luna in the next chapter? Interesting. Well, update soon!
Filing Sloth chapter 9 . 7/31/2003
So, is everything that you wrote in "Liona the Dragon Tamer" still legit. If so, Lina has to be able to get out of this somehow. Hm, I don't know...

Oh, and I was pretty close on Sallis. Well, I knew she was suspicious anyway.

Hurry up and finish! Are you going to have a big bloody fight to the death in the next chapter?
Anonymous chapter 9 . 7/31/2003
Amazing! Really cool chapter, but it getsa bit hard to follow when the story moves that fast. Apart from that, brilliant! Write more soon!
Filing Sloth chapter 8 . 7/29/2003
Nifty chapter. The sea dragon was a nice touch. It's always fun to see minor characters from the show fleshed out a bit.

Hmm, that Sallis seems pretty suspicious to me. First, she's not hindered by the monster barrier, then she doesn't even kill any of the wolves. I'll bet she's Kollina or something. Have she and Kollina ever appeared at the same time? I'll have to go back and check the other chapters to see.

Well, as always, excellent work! I don't know why you don't get more reviews. Your story is really good! I'm anxiously awaiting the next chapter!
Filing Sloth chapter 7 . 7/22/2003
Nice chapter. Don't worry about having to do transitional chapters. They're still important. Even the show had filler episodes. Just take the opportunity to have fun with it!

I like the way Gourry helped Lina deal with her sadness. Very intuitive and very in character as well.

You put Jillas and Gravos in the story! Jillas is my favorite character from TRY and it's nice to see someone else using him in a story (even if he is just slave labor).

Well, keep up the good work and I hope to see another chapter soon!
Filing Sloth chapter 6 . 7/15/2003
Yay! Another chapter. I liked the Slayers thoughts when they were walking down the road at the beginning. Zelgadis really has a one track mind huh?

Liona as a mazoku? How horrible! Poor Lina. But, what does this mean for the second story? Are you going to change the name to "Liona the mazoku dragon tamer"?

Don't rush to get the story over with. Enjoy it. If you rush to get it over with, you'll eiter end up hating it and quitting or it won't be as good.

Keep up the good work!
Spicy Diamond chapter 5 . 7/10/2003
Oh, bad me, I haven't reviewed in awhile. Gomen...

*ahem* PHE! Yea more! I like you plot twists like Ame then Liona getting kidnapped. Don't be afraid to add more character interaction. Playing with words is half the fun! Korin is also a nice original character...she has Xellos like behavior patters. As for your meaning of life I think it fits for the Slayers...Of course add some cheetoes and Dr. Pepper and it kinda works as a good party theme too.
Filing Sloth chapter 5 . 7/9/2003
Wave some food in front of Lina's face and she forgets all about her troubles. The fight against the restaurant manager was pretty funny though.

Poor Liona. She gets tossed aside by her parents in favor of a plate of chicken. Are the Slayers ever going to get around to saving her?

Korin's meaning of life is pretty pointless it seems. But that's the point right? Chaos is pointless.

If you're interested in my take on the meaning of life, read "Slayers: Revival". Specifically, chapter 14.

Anyway, the story is very cool. Can't wait for the action when the Slayers take on the dark lords. Pretty long odds if you ask me.

Well, keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to the next chapter.
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