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Visual Bliss chapter 2 . 6/27/2023
I swear i don't know why this fucker hiruzen has so much faith the villagers would accept those siblings knowing they were jinchurriki and yet still doubt his decision before he made it... This is why a kage or any leader of a nation shouldn't think idealism is something to base ones decisions on
volcasiron30 chapter 59 . 6/22/2023
keep up the good work
handwran chapter 58 . 6/22/2023
i really hope you continue this fic, its top tier like ryugii or the spider or purple days. please please dont listen to these redditor esque flamers that seem to be flooding these amazing fics. I hate crappy fics or not well thought out ones. this is by far a top tier fic and not even close to being bad. the mc is smart, the characters are smart. the fights are amazing. the romance is great. the descriptions are fantastic, the characterizations are spot on, and of the thousands and thousands of fics ive read in my life, this is in my top 5 easily. please please continue it
LongSongSilver chapter 25 . 6/11/2023
yeah ngl, I'm done.

The novel is fine, but I didn't pick up the novel because I wanted multiple chapters in a row of Sasuke flirting with Naruto's sister, not to mention it's just more and more of every chapter focusing on Rin instead of Naruto(OC). it's just excessive for a novel that's not (apparently) supposed to be romance focused.
LongSongSilver chapter 13 . 6/11/2023
I'm sorry this made me laugh more than anything.

in Canada the CRA is the equivalent of the US IRS department, so revenue and taxation.

so hearing everyone afraid of the "CRA" made me laugh pretty hard.
LongSongSilver chapter 12 . 6/11/2023
why does it seem like Rin caught up to MC/Naruto so quickly?

he has the benefit of an adult's mind plus his Chakra which is more suited towards ninjutsu over physical combat, yet out of nowhere it seems like they are getting trained at the same level and learning the same things?
LongSongSilver chapter 10 . 6/11/2023
ngl, MC is a bit wishy washy.

first he has the guts to antagonize Kakashi and get through ANBU training but then he's pissing his pants about the Uchiha's and decides to do nothing because he's just so worried.

biggest complaint about people writing reincarnated MCs is that they make them act like complete soy boys who just can't do anything.
Gfcz chapter 3 . 6/4/2023
SI story where mc cant remember his past is rediculous. Just make it OC or AU, why the whole bait and switch?
XiphosGladius0 chapter 10 . 4/26/2023
What a ridiculous fanfic. Are you a psychology college student? Because that's what it feels like. You've deviated canon into a psychology story where all the characters are broken and are crying all the time because of it. I honestly don't know how you've written over 800k words filled with such repetition of trauma.
Oceankhayne chapter 10 . 4/28/2023
I'm out.
verma wyrda chapter 17 . 4/12/2023
i actually feel like Kiba and rin could do well togheter, especially once kiba truly understands Alpha Behavior, just a thought of mine tho, personally i dont see rin with sasuke, BUT i can still see them as being more like brother and sister, or close friends like the OG after everything that happened, ofcourse for mc we all know its gonna be Hinata, even if mc currently cant see it, even while knowing it was the pairing back in his original world
IAmASaltedFish chapter 30 . 4/13/2023
The story and premise are nice, but the emotional convo's are a bit too frequent, I have no idea if the author is a incompetent writer or if this is his intention but having a emo convo every 5-10 chapters is different from having 5-10 emo convo's in one chapter. Completely destroyed a good story with the drama
Child of Dreams chapter 51 . 4/11/2023
What I'd like to know is why Jiraiya never considers that the prophesied one could be Rin.
Hikari-J chapter 59 . 4/9/2023
I read the entire story over the course of a few days and first, thanks for the entertainment.

I love the characterisation as well as the lore, however my main gripe with the story is the following one : Everyone says that Naruto is borderline S-rank, but we don’t get to « see » it, aside from his fight with Orochimaru.
It seems almost like his growth has plateaued, and that he is learning Doton release without having perfected the Lightning Armor, or the Hiraishin. Basically he is making the mistake of branching out too much.

Aside from that, are we getting close to the timeskip ? Will Naruto ever get a summoning contract and all that ? :D

Anyway, loved the story thus far, even if the world building part of it was… Long. It’s preferable to no world building at all.
Guest chapter 23 . 4/6/2023
The story was pretty good but when you started shifting way from Hinata towards Ino you lost me there. I have nothing against Ino but you already put in all the work to get us attached to a HinataxNaruto pairing that it irks me when you suddenly shift or decide to do a harem of them both. Especially the possibility of a harem. I hate harems and there was no indication of there being one at the beginning of the story.
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