Reviews for Invictus
erozoth chapter 5 . 2/19/2023
Good chapter. Would have been better as first.
Still wondering where the power distribution is going since this is AU (Sage, Beast mode, etc).
erozoth chapter 4 . 2/19/2023
Another bad timing.
So obviously not time travel, for some reason last chapter I thought it was. At this age the Uchia are already done but I guess its close enough.
That drunken episode of a side character, what weird timing for a filler. This is like chapter 10-20 material, we are still trying to figure out the main plot, the start of the story really and then a filler for half a chapter... weird and wasn't good since it was no interesting, i read it trying to figure out how it matters to the story.
The entire first 4 chapters do feel like a prologue, but an unnecessary one, basically what other Re novels do in one chapter this one does in 4-6, we basically get to a point where: Everyone ok? MC okay? OK, Action! start the actual story.
erozoth chapter 3 . 2/19/2023
This chapter was terrible. Not in quality but in pacing and delivery.
Last we read a reincarnation, then this weird things with a lot of random details but no explanation, then TIME travel? wtf.
Reincarnation but the person is having mental issues, why bother? People have normal mental issues, the entire point of Re is to be a more competent, prepared, mature MC. You took that premise and made the MC worse.
The worse part, is an entire chapter of angst, drama, tragedy, and all of that out of nowhere, disconnected from the previous chapter and the flow of the plot.
I wonder how many wondered wtf and didn't make it to the next chapter.
Pato HM chapter 41 . 2/16/2023
Oh God, the amount of references in this fic...
It's beautiful!
I see that you are a Man of culture as well, and you have my highest respect for all the star wars references!
This is without a doubt the most fun I had reading a fanfic, I lost count how many times I laughed my ass off.
Your dialogues are superb, the best part of this story!
Ahmed Khamis chapter 59 . 2/16/2023
a master piece as always. thanks for chapter
Guest chapter 15 . 2/11/2023
Guest chapter 14 . 2/11/2023
all this emo crap id getting annoying... close to dropping this
Agent Frank chapter 18 . 2/11/2023
Yeah this is unfortunately where I call it quits. I know how good of a writer you are now (I've read your other Naruto fic) but this fic is long and I have no idea when it's gonna take the leap. It's tough cause I really like the premise of this story but for the past 10-15 chapters I've been split on the direction you've taken with some of the core characters. Especially the MC.
On a side note, props to you for somehow writing 850k in a little over 2 years. That's mad impressive
Agent Frank chapter 13 . 2/10/2023
Solid chapter, I'm still decently split about the first half of the chapter (Naruto's attack on the compound) but I like how everything was tied into this also being an acceptable way to warn Hiruzen.
Agent Frank chapter 6 . 2/10/2023
Pretty solid story so far, you talked about it in the AN but yeah this is the first pretty shaky chapter so far.
Handers chapter 59 . 2/7/2023
Nice story and really good work on the characterization!
JemeryT chapter 59 . 2/7/2023
Finally caught up. Its been ages since I read something this long. Great work.
JemeryT chapter 58 . 2/7/2023
I'm really hoping Naruto finds a way to access sage mode. It's one of my favourite techniques. Possibly acquiring the snake summons?
JemeryT chapter 57 . 2/7/2023
Nearly caught up. I look forward to seeing this continued and starting your other fics.
FireFox2590 chapter 48 . 2/6/2023
I suspected it earlier but now I think that Ashina is also our main character, but just a past reincarnation of him. Ashina is basically to OC Naruto, what Hashirama is to Rin/Naruto (Canon) and what Madara is to Sasuke.
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