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Remus98 chapter 17 . 4/21
ladyqueerfoot chapter 16 . 4/14
THSIS GHCXTAPTER WAS SO SAD/? why do u hate scoyuttt

ohkauy so so much happtyened and none of it was sex because scout is stUPID

AVARI EATSing disorder moment its giving scouty

career academy ytoxic asf liwkey mallen is better without it shes so hot and having so much fun! go herilopve gaypeople

lol silas and marius are such good parents cas is so good scout is ridiculous her momisso awkward and like... she thot rhodes and easton were dating no scout u throat wrong... u tghoratght so fycimiung wrong...

rhodes doesn't love u LOL he is a grownassman... or maybe the surprise is Rhodes pedo arc rhodes is redacted 2 the sequel and scout fucks her away to the topLOL no if shes gonna do that she should fuck a real victor sorry rhodes 69 xx

i am glad aspra is working with cavara we love when hot girls fuck hot girls

mean help imena

I LOVE SCOUT! she is so dumb and stupid but i love her so much she is just a little baby the title atlas was fun because she has the weight of the world on her shoulder.s.. thats so smart thats so campandslayyy go scout

oplkay bye
Remus98 chapter 16 . 4/4
You’re back so soon! I couldn’t be happier :D

As a starting note, it’s interesting that this chapter is titled Atlas. Idk what reasoning you had behind that choice, but my thought instantly goes to the mythological figure who carries the world on his shoulders. That definition fits very well here, as it felt a lot like Scout is starting to let go of things that have been weighing her down lately, so that’s neat!

Moving on to the chapter — you weren’t joking around when you said this would be an emotional rollercoaster. You recommended that I did not read this in a chair I could fall off of, and I have to say that my bed was a safer option.

That does not mean I wasn’t having psychosocial reactions at several occasions though.

I think what hit me hardest was the Rhodes situation. Him and Aspra have been the two instructors that makes the Atheneum’s hardships worth it (for me and Scout both); now that they are out of the equation, idk how either of us will cope. I’m happy to see more of Easton, I suppose, and get to know her a little bit better, but she’s a replacement in the same way Eliska is. No matter how good of a person she is, what she provides will never be able to replicate the original.

Speaking of Aspra — I was happy to hear that she’s working with Cavara. I really hope that they will resurface at some point soon. I suppose that if Cavara gets better and Scout ends up being chosen to volunteer, they will be mentor and tribute in Eighteens, but that’s so far away! And that does not guarantee we will get to see Aspra :(

Back to Rhodes. I see where he’s coming from; as someone who is a year away from being a legimated teacher, the thought of having a student think of me like that is super uncomfortable. Cutting things off before there is a chance for more misinterpretation of relationship dynamics is definitely for the better. Still, it fucking hurts, and I don’t see myself getting over it anytime soon. The lack of Rhodes in these upcoming chapters will feel like a punch to the gut.

Why, Alison? Why?

Okay, I know why. More Easton, but still. Rhodes!

Moving on, we have Cas. This is an ending I did see coming, so it didn’t catch me as off guard as her split from Rhodes did. The whole conversation about them dating or not very much felt like the beginning of the end, and it was. I think that despite the pain it brought both of them, it was probably for the better. Cas doesn’t deserve being blindsided, and Scout doesn’t deserve to feel tied down. Don’t know how their relationship will develop from this. Probably pain.

Then we have Avari. This bitch. I’m fuming. If you didn’t understand why I dislike her before, then my reasoning better be clear as day now. I don’t care what delusion she lives in, none of what she said was okay. She might have had a bad day, but welcome to reality Avari, the world does not revolve around your lacking self-esteem. Get over yourself.

Am I being unfair? Perhaps, but she was being unfair first.

I will die on this hill.

Lastly, it’s getting kinda creepy how much I relate to Scout. There are so many things she does, especially her emotional reactions to things, that I know are not healthy. Still, I’m in no position to judge, seeing as I know my reaction would be identical. We need to get our shit together, Scout. Ugh, I hate us sometimes (not as much as I hate Avari tho).

Lovely chapter, as always. Your prose continues to ruin my life (in the best way of course).

Until next time!
Remus98 chapter 15 . 3/11
It’s finally here! Gods, I’ve missed AGL.

Apologies for being so late. Uni is killing me at the moment, and my review backlog just keeps piling up, but I couldn’t be more excited to get to this. These characters, this story in general, lives in my head rent free. It’s just so aaaah!

So, Trials. I remember being worried about it last chapter, and though I’ve learned to expect pain from your work, this was a new level of intense. I can see why it took you so long to complete - considering how exhausted I was after reading it, I can’t even begin to imagine what an emotional rollercoaster you must have gone through writing it.

I think most of what made it such a draining read for me (in the best way of course) has to do with Scout being a mess. Listen, girl is valid, but her mental state is all over the place. Scout is scatterbrained on the best of days, so adding even more pressure than usual onto her conscience will naturally make for chaos. At the same time as it gets annoying at times - because I see so much of myself in it, ew - it’s also so beautifully done. It’s so easy to tell from your portrayal of Scout how deeply you resonate with her, and that in turn makes me feel like I’m connecting with you because, same.

All three of us are anxious wrecks :skull:

Moving on. A lot of Scout’s relationships were affected by Trials going on, I felt. Two of them in particular. First is Cas, who barely even felt like a romantic partner in this chapter. He was kinda just there as a punching bag for Scout to push away. It makes me fear for their future, because even though I am the future Mr Lamot, I don’t want them to break up just yet. I’m not certain that they actually will, but the spark feels like it’s starting to dim a bit. Hopefully it’s temporary.

Then we have bichiness incarnate, Avari. I know you keep telling me that she’s a good person beneath it all, but when she’s described as having no emotion behind her eyes, and being shocked when Scout makes it into Top 5, me no like. Scout might be a flawed human being, but I will protect her till my last breath, so Avari is gonna have to deal with my rage. I’m a Taurus, what can I say? Stubborn oxes do not change their opinions when they have been set in stone.

Speaking of Top 5. Remember when I said in my last review that I was excited to see who Scout would “bump out” in order to get there? It didn’t even hit me that it could be Mallen :sob: Wtf, Ali. Why would you hurt me like this.

Also, bye bye Septimus ig. Sucks to be clumsy.

Have I missed something? Probably. You’re most likely waiting for me to say something about Rhodes, but I don’t feel like there’s anything about him that I haven’t already mentioned. He’ll forever be my obsession, I love him the most. The hug was so :plead:

Oh, we got to see some more of Easton this chapter, I enjoyed that! Her interview was fun.

And as always, fuck Akello. That’s all.
dyloccupy chapter 15 . 2/25
yes i pretty much got this chapter in snippets over the past few months! was i still absolutely shook? ABSOLUTELY!

seeing this come to fruition makes me so happy you have no clue. each chapter keeps getting better - seriously lover, you should be so proud of yourself.

your writing always makes me swoon and combust, but this chapter just really got to me. maybe it was bc of the content and scout finally finding her footing after such a dark time, but i got super emotional in the bathroom at work.

endlessly adore you and AGL and scout and the rest of the gang. everything has been perfection.

darthnell chapter 15 . 2/25
Jesus Ali I'm litereally frothing at the mouth but. Imma try to be Coherent jhfdhfddf. First of all CONGRATS THO FOR FINISHING THIS IM SO PROUD YOURE INSANE AND I LOVE YOU 3

Okay I'm writing this as I read bc otherwise I will not.. First off I just wanna say that like. I really love the way your prose and descriptions lend to the intensity of training, and also the way that Scout perceives it. Like cus this is from her pov, it really just strengthens how I as a reader perceive her motivation and drive ;-; V good stuff. Also fuck Akello :V Damn, Easton, no prisoners. She do just be Like That. Ooh Cas and Tarq omg... ;-; hjfdfhd they're so good.. Lmao they're gossiping about placements I'm enjoying this. OK YES AVARI GO OFF DRAG THESE HOES.. STAN AVARI HONESTLY. SMH. Ope they're not including Scout in the girls placement convo o o f.. I just KNOW she's internalizing that ;-; Man I really do love the depth to Avari's character, like I know we're seeing from Scout's pov but I do think her excluding Scout there was intentional (or her comment at least) and just like. Her not wanting to acknowledge Scout as an actual competitor.. Though again, that's her bias I think and not the actual truth. Ooh this convo between Cas and Scout is OOF. hfhd also Scout not liking the gossip just cus their not mentioning her as top 5 JHDFHJFDHJ.. the miscommunication hurts but its also so like. natural? Idk. Man you know these characters so well ;-; HJFDHJFDH CAS THINKS SCOUT LOOKS CONFIDENT FHDHF THATS SO CUTE AND ALSO SO WRONG :SKULL: She must be. Really good at putting up that front :skull: Sop though that whole line is kind of killing me.. "I tend to assume sometimes that you're as confident as you look. Because you should be. You deserve to be, you know?" HE CARES SO MUCH, MY HEART.. Oh no Scout not you ignoring your feelings to try and make Cas feel better ahhh.. man the "what if I don't make it?" really is such a terrifying question for her.. Like. She doesn't have anything else.. ;-; Would be. An interesting AU though maybe not a happy one ;-;

Oh no she's thinking about it again ahh.. Awe, "already lost two days of it"... ok Cas is right. I'm positive that she's been working as hard as everyone else there, if not harder, and she just can't let herself take credit for that ahh ;-; Ooh good on her for prioritizing her health/safety over wanting to do more. She really is a bigger-picture type bitch, I love that ;-;

YEET NOT SCOUT NOT ROOTING FOR CAS AGAINT TARQ, OOF.. GIRL. (Also imposter syndrome do be real... Scout sus jhsdfhJHFDHFDH.. but no I relate too well it Sucks ass ;-; ) Oof Scout v Tarq.. big oofs all around. HJDFHHJF BYE MALLEN SHES SUCH A MOOD FDHJFDHJDF. Scout: "not funny. didnt laugh :V" its ok Mallen I did jhfdh. FDjhdhjfd Avari looking away when Scout looks at her... Prey Instinct. HJFDHJFD. "I'm careful to avoid grazing Avari's hand. It might cut me." JHFDJHJFD I GIGGLED IM SORRY HJFJHFD THE dRAMA- EXQUISITE. Oh no not Scout's thows being off :c Fhjdhf bye why am I now imagining Urban calculating the standard deviation of their throws.. Anyone throwing outside 3-sigma gets cut HJFDHJFDHJFD.. Anyways. Eeeee this was not the best performance for Scout ;-; YeeT not Avari looking at her like she's not even competition ahh man.. ;-; That really is just. Brutal, esp combined with that placement convo form earlier ;-; Well props to Scout for not crying in the shower ig ;-; fdddf. ALso like the whole thing with her needing to beat every cadet to make Seventeens... So I get the need to prove herself but also Seventeens isn't gonna be a class of one dfhjfdhj it would be logically impossible for every Seventeens cadet to have gotten their place by beating Every single one of their peers bc then there would just. There would just be one. And that's the point of Eighteens, not Seventeens... Scoutie bby youve got time ;-; Hhhh god again fuck Akello though. Hate that fucker. "I've only ever been my best, and who wants that, really?" A H H SCOUT NOOO ;-; Mm keep fighting though yes I love that for her ;-;

Oop Avari injured... :eyes: Fhjjd Scout's more used to being injured, she knows how to handle it better lmao.. FDHHFDHDF the Scout-Rhodes banter I'm Living for it jhfdhjf. HJFDHJFD Socut purposefully tuning Akello out; good, it's what he Deserves. Aw Mallen good.. we love and stan Mallen. Jeeesus the Pit sounds highkey terrifying tho HJFDHJDFJH I would Not wanna swim in there bye. Ope not Easton reminding me I should be running too yeet hjdfjhfdhjfd. Three miles after swimming, oof.. YOOO SCOUT ACEING THIS YESSSSS HELL YEA SHES THE FIRST ONE OUT YESSSS HFDJHFHJ.. I love watching her SUCCEED JHJHDJD ;-; Oooh interview time.. fdhfd the Eliska bit though.. I am Curious about Avari's injury still. Mm I am again still so glad you have Scout's interview with Easton and not Akello ;-; "Or to be yelled at. For what, I'm not sure. I'll figure it out eventually." SCOUT HON JHFDHJFD PLS.. ;-; Ooh Easton's little advice bit is good.. I love that.. Aww Scout's answer really is so good ;-; Again, bigger picture bitch. I vibe with it. BYE NOT SCOUT THINKING SHE'D KILL HER OWN BROTHER TO SIN OOF :SKULL: Like.. it's what they want to hear but Still, man... Scout's biases are just. Man, they are so Present JHFHJDFH. HJFDHJFD LIKE DAMN HER ANSWER TO WHY SHE DOESNT WANNA GO INTO PEACEKEEPING GIRL.. The way she has Easton deep in thought after that session though.. Like you Know she aced that hfdhjfdh. I'm kind of scared of her ngl.

Ope shes bloody oh man what she do now.. Ope oh shit rip Septimus.. I bet that's it for him tbh. He ain't making it to Seventeens with a leg like that :skull: OH BYE IT WAS LOWKEY HER FAULT YEET. It be like that sometiems.. BYEEE SHE STILL STABBED HIM IM WHEEZING SCOUT HJSDFHJDHHJHJFD SHE REALLY IS READY FOR THE GAMES :SKULL: Ope and Rhodes telling her today doesn't matter yeet.. Yes i agree Rhodes, please stop worrying Scout ;-; ..Rip that didn't help bc she thinks she wasn't enough ahh ;-; Ok god I love Mallen, she just brings so much good energy ;-; Her confidence in Scout is just really nice to see.. I do wonder if like.. Cas told her that Scout needs verbal affirmation or smthn or if it's just Mallen being Mallen but. It's good ;-; Bye Scout being all "I'm worried that I won't make it ):" meanwhile Sep with his. Shattered leg :V Ooh Cas v Tarq for final two nice nice.. I love this, it's so intense ;-;Ahh Cas wins.. god that was such a well-written fight sequence I was SHAKING HJHFFHD ;-; Like.. IM PROUD OF CAS FOR THAT THAT WAS HARD ;-; Oh rip Scout being nervous again.. Awe omg they're all just chilling and waiting omg..EJSUS ARE THEY MAKING HER WAIT FOR LAST HELP DFJHFD THATS SO CRUEL AHH.. Like someone's gotta be last but. They're obviously not calling the names in order of placements at least. OHHH HOLY SHIT THE TENSION MY DUDE FUCK.. THAT WAS ABSOLUTELY BRUTAL I THIN YOU ALSO ENJOY THE HEAD GAEMS AD MUCH AS VALERIUS HJDFHJDFHJDF GOD... ;-; Their last pick though.. I'm curious what that means, like would that be considered a ranking? Bc if so, lowkey off but she's still here ! ;-; BYE AVARI'S REACTIOIN :SKULL: Okay oof Sep didnt make it.. had a feeling. ...Where's Mallen tho.. :v "You've been having a bad day for two years straight" HJFDHJFDHJ BYEEE DRAG HIM TARQ :SKULL: OH NO MALLEN ISNT THERE IS SHE OHHH NOOOO HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT N O . IM STRESSED.. IM FUCKING STRESSED NOW.. OH RIP MAN, SCOUT IS SO EASY TO DISMISS MALLEN IN THE LIGHT OF HER GOALS.. SHES SO BRUTAL BUT LIKE SHE'S GOTTA BE ;-; .. I bet Avari thought it would be Mallen instead of her.. And tbh I have a feeling Scout's interview w Easton was a huge thing that helped her, like obviously she's got the skills, but there's no way in hell Mallen could've had a better response :skull: Sorry ily Mallen but. Yeah. Ope the contract being revised bc of Cavara.. jhhfd yeet. Also noting Scout saying she wouldn't dream of pulling a Cavara, inch resting... Thots in my brain, Thots... FUCK THE HUG.. AH GOD... "I can't remember the last time I was hugged. I can't remember the last time I deserved to be." SCOUT YOU ALWAYS DESERVE TO BE HUGGED STAHP ;-; Living ivcariously thru Rhodes rn and giving Scout the Fattest hug ;-;

God, that was. That was a fucking EXPERIENCE HOLY SHIT. You really did it again though Ali ;-; You fucking Killed it and so did Scout :sobs: I'm UNBELIEVABLY HYPE for the next few chapters u have no idea god... ;-; I am. Hm.. I am Uncertain now about my prediction for Scout volunteering early and pulling a Cavara but also like. Maybe they'll choose her to go in at 17 :v that would be fucking INSANE but also HYPE FJDHJFDHJ. I also simply was not expecting Mallen not to make it ;-; I'm sad, I hope we still see her in the story, but I'm a bit doubtful since Scout rarely leaves the fkin Atheneum and Mallen won't be there.. ;-; Alas :pensive: It def makes more sense to have Scout there than Mallen, Scout's drive is just incomparable ;-; Ahhh.. god that was genuinely such a good chap, I've missed reading AGL so much Ali ;-; You know this but like still HJFDJHFDHJ You did such an incredible job with this monster of a chapter, I'm. So proud and I love you 3
dyloccupy chapter 14 . 1/18
making up for my sins by reviewing in my delirium:

scout is a girl boss and i love watching her slay! pick yourself up queen, insecure bitches don’t win the hunger games! avari x scout is my otp and can’t wait to watch them kith. cas is okay ig. tarq is hot. cav can peg me.

i want akello to f*** me
darthnell chapter 14 . 9/10/2021
Okay it's time for my review which means I'm Reliving this and I :DD OKay here we Goooo ;-;

Bye I forgot how funny that first paragraph was dfjhj I love it. So honest :skull: Aww Cas ;-; I can tell how bad he's missing training even though it's so brutal. LMAO the "try not being concussed" hjdhjdf she's hilarious. Scout and Cas.. ;-; They are cute at this stage ahh.. so much growing to do still ;-; MALLEN BYE hjfhjffd she's so good. Also Ardana being such a hypewoman for Scout that's so cute ahh ;_; God this training sounds so damn brutal though like.. you really just do such an excellent job emphasizing that. Ah Scout being foreign to cooking and family meals oof ;-; like we knew this but still ouch. LOL her "what if this pear was a human :V" babe chill ;-; HFHFD her dirty joke there bye :skull: that's still so funny jjhfd. OKay like this scene is so cute though ;-; Nost kiss plus Cas being all "I want it to be perfect ;-;" they're so damn baby I'm crying ;-; Ahh and Scout being nervous but not really in a cute way ;-; Yeet.. She's right though, they do need time ;-;

Ahh Scout.. god that's the worst feeling, knowing that you're forgetting something but not knowing what.. Ooh competitions ! Hunting ! :0 I love that.. It's defintiely an excellent training exercise for them, I mean look how far that got Katniss wheeze.. Aw Scout being disappointed at her place in the group.. I can see where she's coming from with it, especially being in the same tier as Denaliw ith this, who, as she said, doesn't even really want to be there. Scout gotta get gud hjfhfd. Oh no Avari being happy.. That scares me very much ;-; considering she's stuck with Akello urgh.. god he's such a fucking ass and I Hate Him. First off, fuck you for making digs about her weight. And second off, I would think that being bigger would be an Advantage; look at Tarq ! Idiot. (Akello, not Tarq, obvi). Ahh and Rhodes and Scout just being like ): like bro me too.. I hate that nobody can do anything. (Not Yet...) BYE RHODES FJDF.. Man, Akello really is the asshole that would take credit for someone's Victory when he really Shouldn't. Man, makes me wish he went into the Games and died lmao. LMAO Scout, "The Atheneum should start paying me." :skull: hjfdhjfdfd I love them though.. their banter is just. Gorgeous hjfddh ;-; Ahh Scout is Trying with Avari ;-; I love that she is, like. she Cares.. Ahh of course they start arguing and shit, man.. Avari's too stubborn to ask for help and is offended that Scout thinks she needs it, so she bites back.. and Scout being all, "Don't you care what he did to me?" was maybe not the Best thing to say, especially since there's no way Avari wasn't gonna take that wrong ;-; God, it just sucks though, like Avari's right about the nature of htem being in constant competition like this.. they can't really be friends if they need to be looking out for themselves so strictly. Oh no Scout being not happy nooo ;-; Babyyyy.. a h :C

Oof the intensity of it all is really getting to Scout.. Plateauing ahh.. Not fun for her, but like she's really pushing herself to the damn limit in every chapter. Ohh no not her weight too ah babe.. ;-; Okay yeah the others are feeling it too, no shit hjfdjhdf. Ope Denali quitting oof.. I mean, let's be real though, we all knew she didn't want it. It was the better decision for her, plus it leaves the more dedicated kids like Scout and Avari better chances. Scout being 6th ! Damn she's too tired to be happy oof. She's too tired for fking everything, even Cas, oof.. ;-; And her being more anxious about being with him too ahh.. Well, at least she's got knife-throwing jhdfhjfdh. Who doesn't love knives? Ooh man, Ardana and Lorcan.. ;-; O h shit the brands.. omfg. That's.. damn. It's very D2 of them jhfdhjfd. Ahh and there they go.. jhdfjhdf. Man, those last couple lines though.. "It tastes like snow and orchids, like things unsaid." Like fuck, I love that? I couldn't tell you what that Means, but I can Feel it, if that makes sense.. Just. Very good ;-;

Oh fuck we speeding thru the Games.. Man Scout can't even give herself a break from training.. She really does have that drive ;-; And Ardana and Lorcan doing well so far, we love that ;-; Oo Scout's got an audience now, oof.. Well, either way she's gotta challenge herself. LMAO Rhodes.. ;-; Bye I love that man jhfdhjfd. Her trainer and her hypeman, as he should be.. we don't fuck with Akello's belittling bs. Ahh working with Easton.. he's giving her the opportunity to Impress, bless ;-; If I were Scout, I'd Panik too though wheeze jhhf. But it really is a good opportunity for her... "As long as it isn't damning." :V Fhjdfh Easton really is terrifying.. maybe it's more cus Scout's afraid of her and we're reading through her eyes, but. The vibe Connects. Mm here she goes.. god, honestly, I'm so proud of her for Doing This, like she's really doing the Most. And ik Akello wouldn't hype her up in front of Easton and the 17s like Rhodes does. Bet Avari wishes she got the chance to spar with the 17s. Ahh and she's doing so well too ;-; Like I'm so proud.. even thought she gets fucking InJURED A H :C Ah god of course she fights through it too, fuck.. God she really went and fucking Won that on a messed-up ankle.. Like god fucking damn girl. "Easton won't remember I beat Vance, managed against Maximus." And the rest of that paragraph, I.. fuck. I don't know if she's right in that assessment but like.. it's such a difficult situation bc yeah, who knows if Scout comppletely fucked herself over by continuing to fight on her ankle light that (and Trials? Oh god..). But alsO. She WON on a shit ankle against Vance. Like even though she collapsed afterwards, she Won that. I feel like Easton will remember that part. Or at least, she Should, imo, like. Idk that's the kind of drive that'll get someone out of the arena, okay. I think Easton will recognize that ;-; I'm sure Rhodes does. Also side note, Scout struggling to rationalize Akello's lies.. that's a good thing because a) they Don't make sense and b) that just means she's not like him. Ok back to the ankle... ahh the Eliska discussion.. And Rhodes of course feeling at fault ;-; Lad.. Oh man, the real question of the hour.. God, Rhodes is so Good. Like I imagine it took so much for him to get over losing the spot but he's such a ray of light for everyone around him ;-; (except for the black hole that is Akello but alas jhfdhfd). And the "I could never see myself taking her place anymore." Idk, it just goes to show what kind of person he is and how big his heart is ;-; Rhodes and Easton being best friends is just Excellent. Ah the fact that none of the other cadets want to train with Rhodes is. Oof ;-; Hate that for him. Tfw ur just too Nice hjdfhjfd. Ok but hold up.. "For the first time, I really imagine myself in that position." S...Scout.. have you really not. Have you not been actually imagining it. Babe... ;-; That. Lines up with something u told me about like. Her not having fucking. Thought about This past Reaping Day and shit like honey.. Ahhh.

Okay trials coming up.. I'm assuming she'll be healed enough to compete, as long as she takes care of herself ;-; Which Means not fighting 17s boys on bad ankles, Scout. OKay, as :/ as Eliska is, I'm glad her words are having a good impact on Scout in this way? Like she Knows she's gotta take care of herself or she'll be out of the running for good here. And Rhodes being all supportive, good.. A h she's feeling hopeful ! ;-; I love that for her, like she's certainly in a position right now where it would be Easy to be overcome by hopelessness, but.. I guess this is where Rhodes comes in. Scout doesn't need someone to belittle her and be tough on her 24/7, she does that enough for herself. What she does need is the encouragement and the positivity, and I'm glad she's getting it from Rhodes ;-; Idk how much longer there is until Trials here, and with her saying she won't be judged differently for being hurt.. Man, idk how she's gonna do it, but I Want her to ;-;

Yay no broken ankle ! :D Oh no Games.. ;-; Well, it keeps her busy. Analyzing them can only be good for her. Cavara.. I miss her too ;-; Ooh Mallen's dropped Cal ? Damb. ..Idk, for some reason, I figured she might not be like.. As driven enough to do something like that ? Idk. Good for her, ig but also ;-; Fjhdfhj the both of them being like "yeah, Trials over all" that they can agree on. No distractions. Okay but the peanut gallery isn't quite wrong, Scout, you are a very self-destrictive person ;-; I mean that with love.. It's not her Fault ;-; Maybe self-depticating is a better word, but.. ye ;-; Ope more Games updates.. God, F in the chat for Lorcan, his FACE being RIPPED OFF?! Bruh. Like hi I Hate that. O h god it took him two hours to die too, and being all alone ? God that's absolutely Miserable, poor kid ;-; Oh my god the interview, I'm. Oh my god holy Shit, they.. they let his family go on and on as he was dying, waiting to get their reaction what the Fuck... Jesus christ that's so messed up. Really drives home the fact that even with Two, the Capitol really doesn't see those from the Districts as like. People. Ahh shit Ardana too ahh god.. ;-; Grudges from past Games, of course ;-; A victor for District Nine? Bye hjhf. Two is not feeling it hjfhjf. And Scout ahh.. she actually knew Ardana this time ;-; Man things are just. Going downhill ahhhh.. Cas is looking not okay too oof.. Idk if its just trials. They tow of them are drifting which is. a h h ;-; Ah and Scout saying she doesn't really want Trials to happen at all, big o o f. The two of them like... they know each other so well and yet things aren't perfect and peachy between them for maybe reasons they don't understand, idk ;-; But. Lots of shit. OKay and both of them understanding how much the other Needs to succeed with training.. Similar to with Mallen, I think this is them understanding that for Both of them, training is more important than them being together. They need training more than they need each other here and ;-; I get it for them. But in the end, I really do hope they still have each other.

Whhhoooo boy that was a fucking Ride ;-; I really do love this story so much Ali, it's so good and excellen ;-; I'm so hype for the next few chapters too, I know you've been super excited about them too which just makes me More excited a h like.. they're gonna be so good ;-; I am just letting you continuously rip me to shreds with this but I really do love every minute ;-; 3
Remus98 chapter 14 . 8/10/2021
Hello! I’m here and ready for more amazingness.

Let’s start off with Scout and Cas. They’re very cute together, I absolutely loved seeing them cook together at the start of the chapter, but I can’t help but wonder if Mallen is right. They’re both such high achieving people, and have their minds set on an almost impossible goal. They can bond over their shared desires, I suppose, but right now their relationship is looking more like a distraction from that side of their lives than anything else. I might be reading too much into things, but Scout said herself that nothing can get in the way of preparing for Trials, and that has to account for Cas as well, to some extent. They could use their similar interests to grow closer, that’s true, but if they both end up reaching the first spot that means they’ll have to kill each other instead. The only way I see this going anywhere positive is if neither of them gets chosen in Eighteens, and they use their love to help one another get over the pain of failure. Or one of them goes into the Games and wins, which could give them a similar bond to Easton and Rhodes.

Speaking of Rhodes: I thought he was used very powerfully in this chapter. The things he told Scout about getting over the rejection of not being chosen were words I think she needed to hear, because there’s a very high possibility that she might not achieve her dream. Her fight against Maximus and Vance suggests differently, but there are still a lot of obstacles to get over before being chosen even becomes a relevant worry. It was nice seeing Easton again though; there haven’t been many interactions between her and Scout so far. She seems to have gotten a good impression of Scout after she beat Vance, despite her ankle injury. At least I hope she did. I’d love to see more of them later on in the story!

I also want to comment on Urban. I had crossed my fingers that he would be one of the good ones, but being a good person seems to have been lost on all instructors in the Atheneum except Rhodes (perhaps Easton too, I’m undecided). He seems better than Akello, but who isn’t? Ugh, why can’t people in authorial positions just be decent human beings?

That brings me to Avari. I reread some of my reviews of Part I earlier this morning and came across the quote “I just love Scout and Avari’s friendship.” How the tables have turned. I think it was a good idea of them to talk, to show Avari’s perspective on training if nothing else, but I don’t see them reconnecting anytime soon. It’s a shame, but it might be for the better? Idk, they have both changed a lot since they were besties, and Mallen seems to be healthier for Scout’s mental health. With that said, Scout needs someone who’s real with her, and Avari tells her how things are without sugarcoating a single word. I’m very torn, but I’m interested to see how their “friendship” develops further.

Lastly, we have the people we lost in this chapter. Denali left training, both Lorcan and Ardana died. I didn’t have that big of an attachment to any of them, so whilst I’m not heartbroken to see them gone, the Atheneum lost three big talents. Sucks to be them, I guess. I’m living for the drama though, so bring it on!

Excited to see how the Trials go, and who Scout ends up bumping out of the top five to remain in training.

Until next time! Love you lots.
Remus98 chapter 13 . 7/10/2021
Hello! I’m late late late, but i’m here here here.

This chapter was a ride. I wasn’t very happy at the beginng of it, because Avari had to ruin the vibe with her presence, but then when she approached Scout i didn’t actually hate it? I’m torn between my instinct to dislike Avari and my instinct to mistrust Scout’s judgment. Idk, the scene put me between a rock and a hard place (and not in the good way). Man, why do these teens make it so hard to pick sides?

Then came the celebration, and I was feeling the party atmosphere here in the tent I’m currently trapped inside. Mallen is always a good time, Tarq is specifically designed to turn me on (with the constant mentions of how BIG he is), and Cal is adorable. ADELA! Miss Lussiana, what are you doing here? Did she jump into the abyss and travel between dimensions? I mean, valid. I would have done the same if I could.

To top it all off, we had the kiss. THE KISS. It’s the one thing I’ve been waiting for since the beginning of this story, but now that it’s here I feel bittersweet. Like, I’m happy for Scout but I lowkey want Cas to be mine? Miss Caverley batter be a generous queen, because I need a helping of Casimir for my wellbeing.

”His hips against mine.” HOLY FUCK ALI I’M AROUSED.

Before I embarrass myself further, I shall round it off. You know where to find me.

Until next time.
darthnell chapter 13 . 7/6/2021
Aliiiii this chapter was absolutely Gorgeous, I adored every minute of it oh my god.. ;-; We are blessed on this day with more Scout content, and even better, more Scoutdacted content who we now know is cAS I KNEW IT WAS HIM AND I LOVE IT THEYRE SO FUCKING CUT Okay actual review time.. Scout and Cas sitting out from training aww they both hate it so muchhh ;-; I hate that for them.. At least for Scout her fingers are gonna heal more easily than Cas's concussion, rip. Ah and Avari being perfect, of course.. Legend status, honestly. Okay Cas being the one to ask if the broken fingers were an accident omg.. He cares so much, that's. So blessed ;-; And he's making good points about being friends with Avari but still he has the right to be like "hey girl What the Fuck" if she pulls some whack shit hjhdf. Also Scout admitting that she pretty much had the same intent with Avari.. yeah oof. Man you do such a good job of depicting how tense Scout and Avari's relationship is.. It's excellent ;-; Avari, always Watchin.. It seems like they've somewhat cleared things up with each other, or at least, they're both eager to put the incident behind them, which is big of both of them, I appreciate that ;-;

Healing Scout ! :D Yay ! ...Eliska hm. Always always nagging about Scouts weight smh. Like I get that it's a problem but she could also like. Not be Like That TM about it, damn girl. Like I hate it but if only there were some way of motivating Scout that wouldn't make her want to cry.. ;-; Also yesss her not being as rusty as she thought ! :D We love that ;-;

The celebration omggg.. Fhjfdhjd rip Cas with the fireworks flashing lights concussion.. But honestly, it's better to go than not, like when is he gonna get another chance? Who tf knows ! LOL they already lost Cas byee that's so funny ;-; Ok them escaping into the bathroom and finding Cal ! (also Cavara's Games being on repeat oof.. It's so Two of them jfdhjd though maybe they do that in the outer districts too, idk) Cal introooo we fucking stannn yes I adore her.. ;-; Her and Adela are lovely.. Fhjfdhj they wanting those free shots, iconic. LOL Scout's Avox joke rip hjfdhjfd. Aw Scout's connection to Cavara allowing Cal to relax there, that's nice ;-; LOL Adela, "Also, I had to throw up." Queen shit. Drunk Scoutttt baby omg.. She's so precious bye ;-; Omg Mallen flirting babe.. HJFDHJFDH Mallen and Cal thirsting after Asherah is the funniest thing omg these gay bitches are in their own world I'm screaming.. AND CAL JHHJHJHJ Cal really said "me and Ashera, enemies-to-lovers, slow burn, 300k" Also omg her and Scout smooching.. bro you really fucking threw me there for a sec, I was like cAL IS REDACTED HOLY SHIT but then I used my eyes and kept reading but gIRL I RLY THOUGHT FOR A SEC JHHHJ.. Also fucking. "Mallen doesn't even hesitate. /Calzone, asshole!/" I fuckin hjfdhjfsdhjfd she's so fucking funny omg.. Lol the Khione mention, rip.. Awe Cas wants to leave, bby.. ;-; The fireworks.. fuck yes fireworksss I absolutely adore this little bit of lore and worldbuilding here it's. So good ;-; D2's relationship with fire with these and then the pyres.. It's just excellent.. Hot girl shit hjhf. Lol that was a pun :V Oh rip concussion Cas having a drink oof fdhjfd. Oooooh he's Noticed her smooching ooooohhhh of course he does hjfdhfd. LOL Scout not willing to get in Mallen's way that's very fair I would not want to get in Mallen's way either when it came to that, I'd Lose jhfhjfd. Ahh the whole atmosphere of the fireworks is so pretty and lovely.. And of course it's Loud and Bright and Jarring too, it's. very D2 vibes ;-;

Ohmy god Cas's family not letting him set off fireworks, but being okay with him training for the Huner Games bye that's hilarious jhfdhjfh why are parents Like that hjfhjdf. Ahh Scout and Cas's banter is just. It's so cute, I love them ;-; They really are just. Adorable ;-; Okay now we need a new name for them other than Scoutdacted since we know who REDACTED is.. Scas? Scoutcas? Scoutimir jhfdjhfdhj. Aww Scout leaving the party to go and hang out with him, babe ;-; Fjdjhd his eyes lighting up when she says she's coming that's so cute.. Stopp this whole thing was so fucking good and soft, I adore that... I am like. Worried about a lot of things though, like.. If Cas ends up being her district partner oh god oh fuck I don't know what I would do. And I KNOW you've got shit up your sleeves for these next few chapters and. W..Why are you so excited about them... It better be cus Akello's getting publicly executed smh jhhjfd. I'm still excited but also fking Nervous dude, like.. Scout being happy but us only being halfway through the year ? Please don't make it change ;-; Scout just deserves to be very happy all the time ok please accept this ;-;
ladyqueerfoot chapter 13 . 7/6/2021
really? during 6 days after pride month
Remus98 chapter 12 . 6/5/2021
Hello! After screaming at you in the DMs I’m finally ready for the review.

I guess I’m gonna start by talking about Mallen. She really do be out here becoming a threat, isn’t she? Here I thought Avari was the obvious frontrunner in this “getting myself killed” race, but it seems she’s attracted some competition. I bet she’s hating it - being beaten by both Scout and Mallen in such close succession. I will say, though, that Avari wasn’t as unlikable to me here as she’s been in the previous chapters. She /did/ seem genuine when she said she didn’t want to hurt Scout, and she was not wrong about Scout playing unfair… Oops, I was supposed to talk about Mallen, nevermind. I loved the line at the end where Scout was happy for her whilst also being jealous and struggling with those feelings co-existing. That’s such a real life thing, and makes for such interesting layers. Loved that, Miss Ali.

Then we have the Lamot family and GURL THEY ARE MY FAVORITE PEOPLE IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. THEY NEED TO BE PROTECTED. Can we talk about how Cas always gets the rough end of the stick? First he was reaped and almost gave me a heart attack, and now he got his head bashed in and almost gave me a heart attack. Okay, maybe it’s /me / who’s continually getting the rough end of the stick. Why do you love making me stressed? Ugh. Moving on, Silas and Marius needs to get the “dads of the year” award because they are out here slaying in these streets. “There’s an easy intimacy in the way their gazes hang on to each other after the other ends a sentence, a care I can’t recall seeing in either of my parents” - same Scout, I’m jealous. It’s pride month and still I don’t have a man to gaze longingly at me. Whatever. I want Scout to move in with these people; she deserves to have a family that treats her well (even tho I don’t think her parents are necessarily the worst people in the world). Maybe she can just change her surname and get adopted or something. Scout Lamot doesn’t sound bad.

Or she could marry Cas I guess, if that was truly more than a crush back in the day. Kissy kissy.

Also have to admit that I was vibing with Tarq this chapter. I loved how he sat unquestioningly by Cas’s side until Scout came, and that he genuinely seems to be a good person. Can’t say the same for Az, maybe it’s time to kick him already? Denali seemed ok, I’ll give her a pass, and I’m excited to maybe get to know Elissa and Martina a litter better at some point. I feel like they’ve been mentioned a lot recently. Oh, and Septimus. I kinda associate that name with Remus, always done for some reason, so I have an automatic bias.

Is that all? I feel like I’ve forgotten something, so I guess I’ll slide into your DMs if I want to add onto this later.

Loved this chapter, and love you. Can’t wait to see what comes next.
darthnell chapter 12 . 5/31/2021
Wow damn those first couple lines.. Scout is Watching Mallen.. Scout is Perceiving Mallen. She is Paying Attention. Fdjhdj. "The raw pride of resistance" that's such a cute line bro omg.. Oh rip Mallen's comment.. :pensive: Scout is now Annoyed. Which, that's fair, it wasn't a cute comment Mallen, honey.. You know she's insecure babe, come on.. No sleepover for you jhfhjf. Ooh Scout very Visibly taking Claudia's place in the bunks yeet.. Ardana ooh :0 Ghjhf what a way to intro her.. "Yeah, all of us kind of bullied Claudia until she tried to commit die #oops" Gotta love that toxic culture there.. ;-; She doesn't seem like she'll be as effected by that type of bullying if she ends up getting the volunteer spot but Scout? At least Scout's got some years to develop thicker skin (both metaphorically and literally lmao hfhjfd).

Hell yeah Cas, he's fkin killing it ;-; Oh wow these lads are really dropping like flies aren't they.. Oof. Running buddy Cas ;-; (I really do feel like it's gonna be the two of them going into the arena together and I'm ;_; I'm not ready). They both definitely have that drive, and I love that for them ;-; Dhjdh Scout acknowledging her previous baby crush on him ;-; It's cute.. Unfortunately none of this has been enough for me yet to determine who [REDACTED] might be.. Though I've told you who I think it's between hjh. Oh no injuries... Ohhh no... :C

Ooh this looks fun though.. What are they playing, extreme manhunt? ..Are you gonna kick Scout off a mountain bro.. "It's the same west, dumbass" WHEEZE HJHJHF.. mock Hunger Games type thing omg that's so fun ;-; Fjhdhfd I love Scout being so eager for this, this really is the kind of exercise she'd love ;-; Az tho.. Az do be kinda feral hjfdhf. Ooh they got Torin, rip.. "Dude, just kill me." JHHJ It's so funny I love it.. And her feeling like a legit Career for the first time aww ;-; Scout and Az being allhype about taking out the big competitors.. Love that for them. They built diff. Ohh no ohhh n ;-; Oh my god.. Az you Asshole smh.. Cass baby you're so stubborn stopp ;-; Also jesus Denali, you just gonna let him die out here so it'll be more "Games-like"? Girl, half the time you're acting like you don't wanna be here, just Leave lmao. Avari ohhh o o f. Big hecking oof there hjfd. Scout.. Scout tried ;-; Lowkey though, I'm excited for the day when she beats Avari.. At like a fighting thing, not as wallsits :skull: jjfdhd.

Ah yes, the bright side of injuries: seeing Eliska. LMAO jk it's seeing Rhodes :pleading: he's like adult but he's baby, y'know? Idk. Sfhfjdhj Scout and Rhodes lowkey shittalking Az.. And Eliska jffhd.. LMAO Scout bullying him for "flirting" with Eliska byeee that's so funny.. Oof Scout simply does not vibe with her hfd. At least like.. As rough as she was, she /was/ kind of a catalyst for Scout's improving health there. Though Scout is doing all the work smh. She's doing so much and I'm proud of her ;-;

Cashouse ! :'0 Yes.. good friends don't let their concussed friends walk home alone, we stan that ;-; Oh my god injured!Cas is absolutely fucking baby I adore him stoppp ;-; Their friendship is literally so good and precious I'm ;_; Fjhfdfh he thought "Scout" was a nickname omg buddy, honey, boy... Literally though like what would it be for I'm.. jfjfd. Scotia? ..Actually that's not a bad name hm. Anyways, I love her being willing to just chill there with him even though there's nothing to do just to make sure he's okay ;-; It's sweet.. LOL the rock pun.. embrace the funniness Cas.. Aw his family is so good too.. Rip Scout being like, "So This is what having a kind and caring family is like. Can't relate." :skull: ;-; I'm glad they didn't let her walk back to the Atheneum in the dark either, it's good of them ;-;

O h Mallen won omg.. yeeT. JHFDHJFDH SCOUT DRAGGING RHODES'S THROWS HJFJ I LOVE THAT FOR HER.. A nice rare little bit of self confidence ;-; It's cute on her. And their entire banter omg.. It's just so good I love it ;-; Like. It's just so many many miles different from how Akello treated her, and I just love seeing like. Scout feeling good about herself. It's nice ;-; I see why you called this chapter "haven" ;_;
Remus98 chapter 11 . 5/22/2021
We are back! Let’s go Sixteens!

Based on the a/n (you’re so sweet ily) I suspect you know what I’m going to say first. I MISS ASPRA. I knew she was in trouble, but I lowkey didn’t think she would leave, until that fateful day you decided to slide into my DMs and apologize in advance. It’s ok, I’ll get over it, I just miss her a lot. She was a breath of fresh air in this story, in contrast to people like Akello (and now Avari, fuck her). At least Eliska seems nice, even if she won’t be able to fill the space in my heart that Aspra held for such a long time. I’ll grow to love her eventuallyl, I just can’t see myself loving her as much as I did (and still do) love her predecessor. There are just some characters who stick with you, and Aspra is one of those.

Moving on to the trials! Man, that was intense. I expected them to be put through the ringer, but not for people to actually crumble in the middle of it. It makes sense, they were asked to do a lot, and in the heat of the Vaults as well (I expect that might have something to do with preparing them for arena conditions? Maybe?). Then we had the wall sits, which was even more intense. I was actually so stressed reading that part? Most of all when we got to the showdown between her and Avari. I’m still not sure about how much of their relationship is Avari actually being a cruel mf and Scout’s insecurities surfacing. I have a hard time thinking Avari would turn on her, considering how close they were at the beginning of this story, but what are her reasons for acting so cold? Idk, I’m deciding to side with Scout for now, even though I think there are personal factors that cloud her judgment at times. At least she has Mallen, who I’ve grown to love so much now. They’re a bomb duo. Iconic!

Speaking of friends, where was Cas throughout all of this? I hope he did well. He better have done well, Ali.

Also, what’s up with Pike. Time to purchase some patience, buddy. That Septimus kid seems cool?

I should probably comment on Cavara as well. It was nice seeing that she got a prosthetic for her arm, and that she’s gotten home to Two safely. I need her to interact with Scout at some point, though. They need to resolve whatever is going on between the two of them.

That’s all for now, I think. Can’t wait for more!

Until next time, you’re awesome and ily.
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