Reviews for The Amaranthine Law
lmei chapter 31 . 2/10
what a great update! looking forward to the next one!
Aidyl James chapter 30 . 2/9
I hope this has a happy ending. I am going on your past stories, and hoping for the best.
VLO chapter 30 . 2/8
Great story that keeps you fascinated until the end. I can't wait jntil the next update.
lmei chapter 30 . 2/8
omg this is so terrible. looking forward to more!
divvycrip chapter 29 . 2/5
Oh this is so good! But I want to know who is following the. And why? Is Miranda right? Was Iris killed.? I’m goon ne so excited when I see the rest of this.
divvycrip chapter 14 . 2/5
This is great, but now there are two things I’m desperate to know... I love all your work and this one is better than most of them. Thank you for sharing this.
Aidyl James chapter 29 . 2/4
Oh Gun, you write love scenes so very, very, well! All thought of the people searching for them was gone clear out of my mind with this bedroom scene.
Aidyl James chapter 28 . 2/4
I think the suspended animation theory is a good one. This could be a kind of sci fi something with Legend of Tomorrow time travel like influence from the point of view that some futuristic virus went back in time and effected this people for a reason. I like the shower scene at the end. Sweet.
Aidyl James chapter 27 . 2/4
What? And double WHAT! Lol.
Aidyl James chapter 26 . 2/4
Aidyl James chapter 25 . 2/3
So be it.
Le Conteur du Diable chapter 27 . 2/3
Shiiiiiiii—eeeeeeeet! How does your brain work?! Glad you steadily upload. This is a slow frickin’ burn.
katie1370 chapter 27 . 2/3
Aidyl James chapter 24 . 2/2
The light a fire together, lol.
lmei chapter 26 . 2/1
oooooh now it's getting interesting!
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