Reviews for The White Witch of Kiara Station
Rose d'Epine chapter 24 . 2/6
I love your story. You are an amazing writer and I think you managed to really write compelling characters without making them too caricatural (unlike Star Trek Picard).
Enid is a well written OC and it was interesting to follow her story. Nothing is black or white and that's probably why I like this story. I also love Romulans so...
(sorry for my bad english).
Ruth chapter 1 . 2/4
Woo hoo! I was really missing the rascal Narek. I really felt he had the sticky end of things. He was trying to save the universe from the red wrigglies and didn't even get a mention at the end of the series!
Guest chapter 24 . 1/5
I absolutely love this fanfiction! Great ideas with a great writing style. You really make the characters feel alive and accurat to the show. The new characters were introduced well and feelt in place.
Moreover I like that Narek isn't portray as a monster, like many other people do. You show his deeps and conflicts and don't stay at a superficial level. (Actually you do this with all of them.) It is nice to see him with Enid who cares for him an sees who he is despite of what the others say or think about him.
I am a bit dissapointed that you don't let the La Sirena Crew interact more with the Tal Shiar or Enid like the short description indirectly promises.

The plot is extreamly thrilling, complex and something new what goes in an other direction then the 'standart' fanfictions (which is good). I was/ am really excited how everything would turn out and coud not stop reading. Some Tng characters also had their apperance which is gorgeous.
The only negative thing about the plot is that at some points simply to many things happen. Like the Synthattak to Enid. For me this development came out of nowhere and would fit more with an organisation which was introduces earlier.

Nevertheless I fell in love with that fic and Enid and hope you will continue the work because there is still so much to explore and many questions to answer.