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LordDial chapter 46 . 1h
I can't say that I'm a fan anymore of this story. I really likes the humour and rhe plot and all that, but without any action, any 'real' stakes or seriousness, it just lost it's wind for me. I mean, the only really serious event was when Jaune got shot for Salem.

And without any seriousness it is still funny and amde me laugh. 'made'. But not anymore. For me it evolved from being funny and some dumb or flat humoir (which I do like) to being just dumb. I can't take any character serious anymore when all is just some kind of joke, even going as far as bending logic or literally making some people move without reason and ridicule them just so something could be funnier. That now only takes me out of it, even annoys me. I sadly don't care for the plot anymore as I only get jokes and dumbed down people thrown in the way of it with no reason to worry for any outcome, as everything is just funny and made to make you laugh. Which is ok if it doesn't go on too long, which it now did in my opinion.
Hope it gets better.
MogtheGnome chapter 46 . 1h
I think it’ll be funny when the J in juniper turns out to stand for Jaune, too - he was accepted into Beacon, and Pyrrha somehow makes it thru initiation, and ends up with the partner who didn’t show as hers .
R-king 93 chapter 46 . 1h
Awesome chapter
Vahn chapter 46 . 1h
The J in JNPR this time stands for John Bark, a dog faunus from vale. Blake naturally hates him.
Odnoglazyy Rytsar chapter 46 . 2h
To buy Neo's silence, bad move Em. I hope she had some lien on hand, or something Cinder gave her before she went mad with Grimm juice.

Seriously Cinder is more pathetic than usual, she's expecting Emerald to try and get info from a man who's brain left the day he was born. And trying to seduce Jaune won't be a good option, considering Hazel would be on Jaune's tail most of the time.

And if she somehow tries to either disrupt the Vytal Festival with her semblance as in cannon, I wouldn't be surprised
that would actually just help Jaune in the long run.

Still good chapters as always, with having Neo be the only one that doesn't get Em killed for treason.
X3runner chapter 46 . 2h
I don’t know jaunes sister illia going under the dumb but very duscriptive name jillia
Iwr1918 chapter 46 . 7h
LOL I love this idea of Ozpin being a grandpa using technology - favourite scene here was Ozpin and Glynda
Uday Sra chapter 46 . 8h
Fisherman56 chapter 46 . 9h
Obviously, "J" in Tam JNPR stands for Juane Arc, from Vacuan branch of the Arc clan.
Dareth chapter 46 . 10h
Can't help but feel sorry for Emerald...
ghost904 chapter 46 . 12h
I have to ask, what has happened to Winter, we haven't seen or heard of anything for a while.
PasiveNox chapter 46 . 12h
ahhaahahaha great chapter
DaDragon562 chapter 46 . 13h
Loved the last few chapters with all the hijinks and laughs and Salem nearly confessing along with jaune being in the tournament. What a training arc lol
CupcakeEvilEater chapter 46 . 13h
the J in team JNPR is Juniper, obviously. Turns out that Jaune's mom decided to go back to school to finish her diploma.
Bucio chapter 46 . 14h
Quite funny, first to see that the world was saved by a computer bug (in one of Salem's attempts, with her learning from her mistake and hence the presence of Watts in her group, hahaha, I guess he doesn't would like to know that despite his genius, Salem only sees him as technical support), as we watch Salem begin to educate Jaune on how to run a kingdom (subtle nod to his future role as her partner - husband -)

And also see how Ozpin is the same as Salem in that aspect (I laughed a lot in that part, and more when rereading and seeing that Ozpin is just as quirky as his ex), with that failure in his PC, being what leads to Ozpin to see the inclusion of the Team from Grimmtopia, as part of Beacon's teams, and fearing Salem's reaction, Ozpin agrees to let Jaune's team participate in the Festival (to Roman and Jaune's horror), while he prepares to break the news to Ironwood and the General's tantrum and take out his justified frustration on Raven.

We also see how Team Ruby, much to their regret, are learning from Tyrian, even if they continue to accumulate detentions, as happened when Qrow was ambushed, when he went to visit them, with Tyrian himself appearing at that time, confirming the growing paranoia of the girls. .

And while Jaune again suffers the montage, and Emerald suffers because of the antipathy of all, and of Tyrian; and surprisingly with Mercury coming to the conclusion that her partner contacted Salem, becoming her spy between them, and while Vernal worries about that detail, Mercury and Tyrian don't care; with Roman having a fit of hysteria, seeing that his clever plan went down the drain, when he received the notification of the acceptance of Team JIZZ in the festival.

And Emerald is still stressed by failing to figure out Cinder's plans, who seems to be in contact with Adam (who has accounts to settle with Mercury and Jaune), and with Cinder's adulation distracting Em, who, to her horror, discovers that Neo listen to everything, and with Emerald trying to buy her silence (it would have been funny if Winter or Gillian were the ones who discovered her), and then have a fit of hysteria, because after everything Neo puts her through, she realizes that everyone already knew that she is Cinder's spy

That and both Jaune and Team RWBY reluctantly admit that Tyrian's torture pays off, as they are the finalists in the tournament.

Good luck and keep it up
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