Reviews for Knight of Salem
GodudamaMaker chapter 48 . 11/24
You truly have a talent for writing in the style you want, every story you write seems to be exploring something different and new. I love this story with its humour!
yaayy chapter 34 . 11/21
I like Mercury courting Blake in here
Logar3 chapter 59 . 11/15
This was absolutely fantastic as usual, Couer!

Loved the whole thing, and the ending was hilarious. Good for you, Pyrhha! :D
maskedkeeper chapter 6 . 11/2
Still don't get this
"the trafficking is evil, but we didn't know about this". like somehow the idea of slaved prostitutes is worse than them.. what did they think people did with the fucking children they were apparently kidnapping.
Gojira Supreme chapter 59 . 10/26
So of your more comedy focused fics, I like this one the least. Though I will say that this one came of as more of a parody. Most of the character's were definitely highly exaggerated in many ways. Only Jaune, Roman, and several other characters come of as sane in any capacity. They are the straight man act in a world of crazy. And the insanity is worth a good laugh. One part I particularly liked was Ozpin and Salem's shared grievances about modern technology. The transition to Ozpin raging at his computer was great. Also, Ozpin being a troll in general was hysterical. Pyrrha letting loose with her grievances towards the end was also good.

Although, I found Salem to be a little hit or miss, veering more towards hit. A couple of times I found her comic overbearingness to be a little grating. The one thing I didn't really find funny though was her thinking the bullheads were real animals. That came of as annoying to me. It's clearly not a real living being to anyone who would look at, or interact with it in any way shape or form.

I did have one nitpick. Salem getting the maiden abilities. Ignoring the obvious age issues (we really don't know if her time is halted or if her curse just keeps her in peak condition), she'd already have those powers anyway, like flight and the elements, because she already has magic to begin with. It really wouldn't do anything for her other than make her more powerful until she dies. (Something that you confirmed will happen eventually in the author's notes.) Never mind the fact that the power would have gone to Cinder the moment she killed Amber, as that is how it works. She already had half, therefore the other half would absolutely seek to reunite with it. And if Cinder had gotten said power, it really wouldn't have changed the fight that followed. Salem would still be much more powerful than her and would have stomped her in much the same fashion. The whole thing comes off as just being for the sake of a joke that I felt wasn't all that funny and really wouldn't have effected anything narratively. Weird thing to point out as it ultimately doesn't matter, but it bothered me for some reason. Probably more than it should have.

Other than that, I honestly don't have much to say about this one. This was, outside of a small handful of instances, a funny read throughout. And the ending itself basically sets up the world for the end of Ozpin and Salem's conflict and all of the issues and casualties it causes. They'll both eventually move on here. It won't solve all of Remnant's problems, but it is a hopeful ending in a way.

Now I am off to read The Self Made Man, a fic that I have been particularly looking forward to read since I found out its gonna be a slice of life fic like Service with a Smile but partly inspired by the Yakuza series.

Best wishes and happy writing.
Detsella Morningdew chapter 5 . 10/24
This is hilarious. I frequently find myself giggling out loud, at the same time as empathizing with Jaune.
MagicaITrevor chapter 59 . 10/17
It occurs to me, rereading this story, that it could make for some good vignettes, like that Drunk-Master Juane story you have a couple chapters in. Might draft an outline of ideas so I can get it out of my head, lol. Thanks for all of the stories! Finally able to start supporting on Patreon after all these years, so thank you again for all 9f the hard work you put into entertaining us!
Guest chapter 45 . 10/8
"a bright yellow chicken" Pffft I'M DYING!
Gyltig chapter 59 . 9/25
Amazing story. I couldn't stop laughing at Team JIZZ.
wearedeadpool chapter 1 . 9/8
pretty good start.
Aetheryna chapter 59 . 9/6
Well, not much to comment on here. Clean and tight comedy story, managed to keep everything moving forward at a solid pace while balancing comedy and plot without falling into the trap of making everyone snarky one-liner machines. I will admit that I found the romance a bit lacking, mainly on Jaune’s side because I still don’t understand his part of the attraction, but it’s a comedy story first and foremost so not too worried about it. Loved all the little bits and how they developed over the story to stay fresh, and the comedy was pretty entertaining.

Finally though, I’ll be able to read Arc Royale and definitely catch all the hints and references yup definitely not gonna miss any.

Guest chapter 59 . 8/31
What happened to the Fall Maiden Fragment that Cinder stole, did she lose it when Tyrian killed her?
TheCrimsonCommunist chapter 59 . 9/1
this one. its my favorite. i read it all in a day. good job mr al’aran you have once again successfully made me not do my homework or study please make more humor fics thank you very muchas gracias xie xie
Theif Lupin chapter 24 . 7/31
Oh no Ozpin is as crazy as Salem were all dead.
Theif Lupin chapter 23 . 7/31
Damn did all that to kill jaune poor winter never will learn about jaunes second semblance “Deus ex machina
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