Reviews for Not every love story gets a second chance
wave.emma chapter 1 . 12/25/2022
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0oKitteno0 chapter 36 . 12/13/2022
Ngl am very interested in how bella is gonna come back from that. Poor Marcus I'd be depressed as heck. I got kinda nervous when Esme was like I'm with you, I was like hold up is this story going from Bella/Marcus to Esme/Marcus. But uh excited to see what you do with this story.
catgrl chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
Ahh poor Marcus maybe Bella will try and find him eventually when she is ready. Hmm Esme leaving Carlisle and Charlie still with Tanya even though she cheated on him. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
kouga's older woman chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
Poor Marcus, I hope he finds some happiness
traceybuie chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
What a sad ending for everyone. :( I feel like I need hugs now. But thank you for writing and sharing.
merniizztat chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
Habra una secuela?... o un epilogo?
Filipina04 chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
Wait, you're ending it here? That can't be right!
1tinac chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
Well I hope Marcus grows to find someone Fantatic.
Glad Marcus said enough ... Bella should be ashamed plating with his heart and mind that way.
Navywife07 chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
That sucks I hope
They work
It out
Elisabeth123 chapter 36 . 12/9/2022
Not happy about this latest chapter and now Marcus is going to end up with Esme?
traceybuie chapter 35 . 12/5/2022
It seems like Bella has a lot of tension or problems with almost everyone. Marcus is patient at least. Those two should get a house and live alone to be able to talk and get to know each other.
I understand her not liking Tanya though.
Thanks for writing and sharing.
kouga's older woman chapter 35 . 12/4/2022
Glad things are settling
catgrl chapter 35 . 12/4/2022
Ahh so Aro is on is private island. Marcus and Bella are with the Roman’s for a while along with Charlie and Tanya. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
1tinac chapter 35 . 12/4/2022
Poor Marcus.
Navywife07 chapter 35 . 12/4/2022
So good please update soon
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